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QB78 & QB79 Basic Valve Tune Power Mod (Part 1)


QB78 & QB79 Basic Valve Tune Power Mod (Part 1)

A very easy way to increase the power of your QB78 or QB79 with this basic valve tune.

Part 2 Coming Soon

QB Repeater Installation Guide

This week, Cameron from Airgun Depot gives a step by step demonstration on installing Air Venturi’s QB Repeater Kit. The QB78 or QB79 Repeater Upgrade Kit transforms your favorite QB rifle from a single shot classic into a Benjiman style, magazine fed, multi shot beast.



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Wiatrówka QB 78, tuning zaworu strzałowego (tuning valve)

Tuning zaworu strzałowego w wiatrówce QB 78. Wszelkie pytania na maila:

airsoft flow valve modification

a simple but very effective modification to increase your gas blowback pistol's fps.

Gun Slicker Tutorial: 2240 Valve Mod

The valve was purchased off eBay. I found it had already been opened and wondered why. Later when I tested it the main seal leaked. I was able to get it to seal by flooding it with Pellgun Oil. I will do a long term leak test. I butchered the job in some ways, but it does work and provides a larger charge of CO2 per shot as intended. To avoid my mistakes be sure to use a cylinder shaped grinding tool and keep it inserted past the port hole whenever the tool is running. This will ensure no damage to the port surface. The idea is to angle the port leading from the valve to the port opening and to have the port hole diameter the same as the O ring ID. Making the hole bigger than the O ring is not good for obvious reasons. All the material removal must be confined to the interior of the valve assembly. The port hole should only be resized to the Oring ID. The number of threads I left is the scant minimum and I would not run this valve off HPA or even bulk CO2 for fear of blowing it apart. You really need something like an end mill to bore the cap don't want to use a regular drill need a bit that will leave a flat on the bottom, but that would increase the charge more than trimming threads IMO and is more pro and probably stronger. I am going to try my hand at another valve and see if I can get it just right. This is only the beginner valve mod. You can also replace the hole transfer bushing and Oring with a custom cut piece of poly tube. You can enlarge the hole in the valve and in the barrel. You can taper the strike shaft on the valve and sculpt a more refined profile on the leading face of the valve. You can change the spring with a longer or softer spring. You can alter the valve mouth and piercing stem for HPA or bulk CO2...etc etc etc. I am running 12 gram CO2 Cartridges and a 14.5 barrel so pushing too much gas will not produce more FPS or accuracy. There is a balance and the real way to proceed is with a chronograph and and an equation that allows for the difference in pressure according to ambient temperature and to take a timed series of shots and plot the output to see what if any improvements in speed are obtained. Then to do a bench shooting test to see how the shots group. Air gun tuning is always about a can't just up the have to increase barrel length and take a host of other small factors into long the valve stays open is determined by how hard the hammer strikes and how much resistance the valve spring provides. You could put in a stronger hammer spring or a weaker valve spring, you could use a hammer spring adjuster to fine tune that...etc etc. Lots of variable...including ambient temp, how long you wait between shots, etc etc.

Cricket Valve stem adjustment

How to INCREASE Power (on your Co2 pistol/mag)

How to INCREASE Power (on your Co2 pistol/mag)
it is about 10 fps stronger so it isn't alot more strond but still
it is for free


more social media sites soon

INTRO:Desmeon - Back From The Dead [NCS Release]
WHOLE VIDEO:Spektrem - Shine [NCS Release]


QB-78 Regulátor výkonu

Plně stavitelný a silný regulátor energie.Matice se jmenuje Prodloužená matice M10.Sedí tam bez úprav.Šrouby matici drží na místě pasivně.Horní je z nulového můstku.Spodní klasický šestihran.

Lane Regulators - Pt. 1-4 Transfer Port Size Adjustment.

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dklic6 Marauder Tune Part 1

Part 1 of the tune

qb79 magazine-funkcion 1

Tray is made of brass welding wire diameter 2mm, dispenser and return the pen is made of steel wire 0.8 mm.Je need him to produce only one type of ammunition, I only use JSB Exact cal. 177

Crosman 2260 to PCP

More to come......

NitroGary0 introduction

Crosman airgun valve modding

This video shows how to mod a valve for Crosman 13xx and 22xx series air pistols.

Tips on how to remove and replace the valve kit on a QB78 repeater

DescriptionTips on how to remove and replace the valve kit on a QB78 repeater

QB78 cal .22 po tuningu

D I Y airgun valve

This is my pcp rifle valve design made from items which are commonly available at home.This air gun valve is simple yet very powerful, it can handle up to 3000 psi with ease.

Crosman 1377 US Valve Update

in this video we give you the news on why your US full power valve is not as fast as it use to be, very interesting i must say


I show you how I reshape my valve stem for better air flow. You should get about 10 to 15 FPS increase. Tools needed are fine grit sand paper, drill, vise, and sharp mini files.

Modifying Sheridan Cartridge Valves

In this video I explain the basic details of a Sheridan PGP and P68 cartridge valve and modifications. I also make a few quick modifications to the valve that will assist in disassembly, reassembly and function.
The Sheridan Cartridge valve was used on later Sheridan PGPs and P68 At and P68 SC and is retained by the front grip frame screw and friction on the exterior orings.
The things I go over in this video are the output hole and wrench flats to help with disassembly.
I am usually opposed to enlarging volume of the air passage but when a paintgun is operating on 12 grams but I find that the enlarging of the exhaust hole / output hole is helpful because then exact placement of the screw hole and the outlet hole are not required to be perfectly 180 degrees. With the slightly enlarged output hole you have a very small amount of play for when the valve doesn't screw together perfectly (seems like they never do).
Find parts for pump Sheridan based paintball markers at
Find history on Sheridan paintball markers at
And find more videos at



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