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Queen & Queen Mother Arrive At Funeral Of Diana Princess Of Wales 1997


Queen & Queen Mother Arrive At Funeral Of Diana Princess Of Wales 1997

In this video we will be taking a look at Their Majesties Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth ll and Prince Edward, arriving at Westminster Abbey for the Funeral of Diana Princess Of Wales on 6th September 1997.
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Queen Elizabeth II Addresses the Nation on Death Of Princess Diana -1997


In what many consider to be one the most defining moments of her 45-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II delivered a live address to the nation about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, on Friday night.

It was only the second time the Queen has spoken directly to her country in a live broadcast - the first being after the Gulf War in 1991.
Queen Elizabeth traditionally only addresses the nation with a holiday message each Christmas, but that speech is always pre-recorded.

The address appeared to be in response to overwhelming public sentiment that the royal family seemed aloof and indifferent to the people's grief over Diana's death.

The Queen spoke for a little over three minutes to a nation still grieving over the loss of their beloved Diana, Princess of Wales.

It was the latest and boldest move in the Royal Family's attempt to curb public outrage over what was seen as their aloof and uncaring response to Princess Diana's death.

Britons and the British press railed the royals all week over their stoic appearances and apparent lack of understanding over just how deeply the princess' sudden death would affect the nation.

Friday's television appearance was seen as an unprecedented show of public grief and media savvy by a queen.

Since Thursday, the royals swiftly changed around their schedules and added public appearances, presumably to curb the harsh criticism lodged against them.

The Queen was originally not supposed to return to London from the family's vacation home in Balmoral Castle in Scotland until Saturday morning, just before Diana's funeral.

But as plans quickly changed and the televised address was hastily slated for Friday, she returned to London a day early.

Members of the public have been queuing by the thousands all week to sign books of condolences and lay flowers for Diana.

Their outpouring of support for the princess and criticism of the Royal Family seems to have pushed Prince Charles and his mother to respond.

One pundit, Henry Porter of Vanity Fair, thought the Queen's appearance showed the human side of a family - royal or not - dealing with the loss of a loved one.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
In the broadcast, she looked very natural, she looked as if she'd had a rough week. This wasn't the stiff, old tyrant that we were led to believe existed in Balmoral by the popular press. She was a grandmother who had a really rough time, who's got a son who must be burdened with more guilt than anyone's felt for many years and two grandchildren who are obviously just completely bewildered and miserable. It's a wretched occasion and I think she rose to it very well.
SUPER CAPTION: Henry Porter, UK Editor, Vanity Fair

Porter felt the nationwide address did what it was set out to do - alleviate the wave of negative press and public disgust driven by colder images portrayed of the royals.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
I do think that it has placated a large section of the population, most of which probably is guided for its thoughts and its political views by the tabloid press, and I think it has placated that type of person.
SUPER CAPTION: Henry Porter, UK Editor, Vanity Fair

For many Britons, like those who gather at an aptly named pub called The Princess of Wales to watch the speech, the Queen's decision to address the nation was a welcomed show of warmth.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
I thought it was a grandmother speaking and not a queen. I was quite moved by it.
SUPER CAPTION: Ruth Fielding, Vox Pop

For others, the fact that it took a week of public outcry and bad press to coax the royals out of their shells tempered the event.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
SUPER CAPTION: David Bowker, Vox Pop

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UK - Diana's mother arrives for funeral

T/I: 10:04:20
Pupils at the prestigious Eton school at Windsor, where Prince William is a pupil, returned from holidays for a new term on Wednesday (03/09).
The prince, whose mother Diana will be buried Saturday after a fatal crash, was not seen. In London, Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand-Kydd, arrived at Heathrow Airport from Scotland on Wednesday night ahead of the funeral for her daughter on Saturday.
WS College gates,
ZOOM IN to parents and boys at gates;
group of boys,
PAN to crowd at gates;
Flag at half mast;
gate to courtyard;
CU sign saying the school will be closed to the public on the day of the funeral;
WS gate and students;
MS students;
GVs Eton;
VS flag at half mast;
VS security and police at door;
Francis Shand-Kidd (Diana's mother) exits, walks to car, into car;
MS car departs with police escort;

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UK - Queen's walkabout at Buckingham Palace

The Queen stopped her car at the entrance to Buckingham Palace
on Friday (5/9), to meet some of the thousands of people who had
gathered outside to pay their respects to Diana, Princess of
The Queen and Prince Philip went to look at the sea of flowers
placed in front of the palace gates, before talking to members
of the public mourning the death of Princess Diana.

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Queen Mothers Funeral Part 13

Part 13



Some of Britain's Catholic community joined the mother of Diana, Princess of Wales, Mrs Frances Shand Kydd, at a Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Friday.

Thousands of mourners packed into the cathedral while several hundred others thronged on the piazza outside, unable to get in to hear the service.

On the eve of the funeral of her daughter, Frances Shand Kydd attended a Requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral in London.

Every corner of the cathedral was crammed with members of the public, there to pay their final respects to Diana at the memorial requiem.

Frances Shand Kydd sat on the front row with the Duchess of Kent and the Duchess of Norfolk.

The Princess of Wales and her mother had an occasionally stormy relationship, but had put their differences behind them by the time of Diana's death.

Cardinal Basil Hume, the head of the Catholic church in Britain, told the congregation that Diana was flawed but loveable.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
I know, Diana, that you will not mind my saying that you were like the rest of us, frail, imperfect, flawed, but we loved you still.
SUPER CAPTION: Cardinal Basil Hume

The thousands inside the cathedral took Communion with Frances Shand Kydd and the other mourners while hymns from those outside echoed round the building.

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Princess Diana - 'SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN ' - Interview

How Royal Family plotted to kill ???? Lady Diana , with PROOF !
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Diana, Princess of Wales, died on Aug. 31, 1997. She was 36 years old.
Princess Diana . Bless her. She will always be the Queen of our hearts! ????❤️????
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☆☆ Charles and Diana divorced in 1996 after four years of separation. Diana passed away in 1997 at age 36 from injuries she sustained during a car crash in Paris.

“Diana continues to be the lens in which we view pretty much everything to do with the Windsors,” he explained. “Maybe one of the reasons she is still so alive in our memories and so much part of the contemporary royal scene is that she’s like a reference point … She humanises the royal family, the crown. Diana does it better than anyone else.”

Jephson shared he still misses Diana, a woman who was spontaneous and unpredictable, all while possessing a charming sense of humour. Despite being a schoolteacher when she married Prince Charles in 1981, Jephson insisted she took on the new role like a pro.

“She was a professional to her fingertips,” he explained. “She made everything look easy and she was wonderfully spontaneous, a very astute observer of people and very emotionally empathetic, yet at the flick of a switch, she could out-royal the royals. She had an amazing aristocratic, regal quality, which set her apart from other princesses.

Jephson revealed that despite Diana being depicted by the press as a lonely princess trapped in a tower, she wasn’t always unhappy with life within the palace. In fact, she was a quick learner who spotted key details even her own security would miss and she wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself either.

“Even if she was in a bad mood or things were really tough, when you couldn’t cheer her out of it, no matter how black the outlook might be, and you can imagine there were some very, very bleak days, you could always persuade her to see the brighter side,” he said.

Still, there was no denying that her marriage to Prince Charles was disintegrating. Even before she married the future king in a televised wedding that attracted about 750 million viewers worldwide, she suspected he was having an ongoing affair with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles.

Jephson said her staff tirelessly worked to ensure the public the marriage was a joyous one. However, tabloids were ruthless in uncovering every detail about the soap opera happening within the castle.

“I remember for years, we were telling the world Charles and Diana were fine,” said Jephson. “That these rumours concerning trouble in their marriage were that, just rumours. Everything was OK, they had these lovely boys, it was a happy family. Yes, their life was tough, demanding and full of sacrifices and duty, but they were OK.

“And even though we knew that wasn’t true, we felt compelled to send that message because that’s what people needed to hear. And to be honest, we had no alternative. We never had to deal with a divorce from a prince or princess of Wales before.”

Diana famously gave a shocking interview in 1995 to BBC where she declared, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Jepshon, who believed the interview was “a huge mistake,” claimed it was a tell-all that Diana regretted doing.

“Her children were the centre of her universe,” he said. “Wherever we were in the world, she would always say, ‘I have to make sure I can phone William and Harry.’ She was always in a hurry to get back to them for their bedtime.

“She exposed them, and rightfully so, to the kinds of experiences that normal boys of their age would experience, like going to McDonald’s, going to the movies or theme parks … She introduced them to her homeless charity so they could see that homeless people should not be feared, but rather supported and understood.”

Jephson found a new life in America, a place he’s called home for eight years. But he still wonders about what kind of future Diana could have had.

“In theory, it should have been a job for the rest of my life,” he said. “But fate had other ideas.”


Elton John - Candle in the Wind/Goodbye England's Rose - Princess Diana's Funeral 1997

Elton John singing Goodbye England's Rose, the re-written version of Candle in the Wind for the occasion of Princess Diana's funeral, in 1997.

The Queen's Speech Following Her Mother's Death

Her Majesty The Queen made a televised address from Windsor Castle on the eve of the Queen Mother's funeral. 8th April 2002.

Recorded from the Today Show - Nine Network Australia

Queen arrives at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were among the final guests to arrive for Baroness Thatcher's funeral. They got to St Paul's Cathedral around fifteen minutes before the service was due to begin at 11am. The National Anthem was played by the Band of the Welsh Guards as the Queen's car arrived at the cathedral's entrance. It is the first time the monarch has attended the funeral service of a former prime minister since Sir Winston Churchill's state ceremony in 1965. Report by Sophie Foster.

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UK - Princes Meet Crowds At Kensington, Queen's Walkabout At Buckingham Palace

UK - Princes meet crowds at Kensington
London - 5 September 1997
The grieving sons of Diana, Princess of Wales, made an unprecedented public appearance at their mother's London home. Accompanied by their father Prince Charles, they shook hands with hundreds of people and looked at the mountain of flowers and messages that have been laid at the gates of the palace. They thanked those who handed them bouquets.
Princes Charles, William and Harry outside Kensington Palace
WS ZOOM into to Harry accepting flowers
Charles placing flowers
Accepting flowers from crowd
Woman hugs Harry
Princes Charles, William and Harry talking to well-wishers;
Well-wishers give flowers;
Crowds call God Bless you;
Princes Charles, William and Harry read tributes;
CU William's face;
WS Charles, Princes reading tributes;
UK - Queen's walkabout at Buckingham Palace
London - 5 September 1997
The Queen stopped her car at the entrance to Buckingham Palace, to meet some of the thousands of people who had gathered outside to pay their respects to Diana, Princess of Wales. The Queen and Prince Philip went to look at the sea of flowers placed in front of the palace gates, before talking to members of the public mourning the death of Princess Diana.
Overhead shot of Queen and Prince Philip walk out through the gates of Buckingham Palace to greet crowds
CU Queen and Prince Philip;
Queen receives flowers
VS of Queen and Prince Philip with crowds talking and receiving flowers

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The death of Princess Diana in 1997

This year marks the 21th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana - a beloved member of the British royal family. While in Paris with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, the couple was killed during a car crash after trying to avoid the paparazzi on Aug. 31, 1997. (Video by Deb Kiner/


Natural Sound
Princes William and Harry joined their father outside Kensington Palace on Friday, their first public appearance in London since the death of their mother, Princess Diana.
Sobbing mourners handed the boys flowers and cried out their love for both Diana and the family.
Their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, spoke with mourners outside Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon, just hours before her unusual live T-V address to the nation.
It was a scene of intense emotion in London on Friday.
Prince Charles and his sons, William and Harry, flew into the capital to talk to the crowds at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana's former residence.
The boys accepted flowers with shy smiles, shook hands and thanked people for the outpouring of support.
We love you, cried some of the crowd.
Just down the road, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived at Buckingham Palace, where they found a large crowd and heaps of flowers in memory of Princess Diana.
The Queen - wearing black - had just arrived in London from Scotland.
For the first time, the Queen had ordered that Britain's national flag replace the monarch's personal flag, the blue, red and gold Royal Standard - seen here being raised on her arrival - over the Palace on Saturday.
It will fly at half-mast all day, another first.
Stepping from her limousine, she spoke with some of the thousands who had gathered to
offer condolences, shaking hands and smiling bravely as she accepted their flowers.
The Royal Family was strongly criticised earlier this week for not joining in the mourning that had swept the country after Sunday's death of Princess Diana.
On Friday, however, they laid that criticism to rest during an emotional homecoming.
From Buckingham Palace, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh walked to St. James's Palace, where Diana's coffin lay inside the Chapel Royal.
Outside St. James's, hundreds of people clutching cameras and flowers waited to greet their Queen.
After speaking with some of the crowds, the Queen and Prince Philip went into the Chapel Royal to view the Princess's body.

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Princess Diana | Forgotten Memories of the Queen of Hearts

Princess Diana | Forgotten Memories of the Queen of Hearts

• Born on 1 July 1961
• Diana’s Christening
• Baby Diana and Her Mother
• Diana with Sisters Sarah and Jane
• 1963 at Age Two, Sitting in Her Carriage During a Family Photoshoot at Park House in Sandringham, Norfolk
• With Newborn Baby Brother, Charles in 1964
• Lady Diana Spencer at Age 3
• Toddler Diana
• Playing in the Backyard of Sandringham House
• Shy Diana
• Six Years Old Diana Pushing Her Brother Charles on A Swing
• Posing Alongside Her Brother Charles at Their Childhood Home
• Posing in A Red Dress, Cardigan, And Matching Headband
• Lady Diana Spencer and Her Guinea Pig, Peanut
• Diana Spencer Leaps into the Pool at Park House (1970)
• Playing Croquet in Itchenor, West Sussex (1970)
• On Summer Holiday in Itchenor, West Sussex, At the Age Of 10 Years Old
• With a Shetland pony at Her Mother's Home in Scotland During a Summer Trip (1974)
• Walking in the Eaton Square During Her Time as a Nanny at 19 Years Old (1980)
• During Her Time Working as a Nursery Assistant at the Young England Kindergarten School in Pimlico (1980)
• Just One Year Later, She Attended Her First Public Engagement with Prince Charles, a Recital at London's Goldsmith's Hall (1981)
• On 29th July 1981, Diana Married Charles, Prince of Wales
• On their way to the Palace
• Diana, Princess of Wales
• At the Braemar Games Wearing a Tartan Outfit by Caroline Charles (1981)
• At the Victoria Theatre in London for a performance of 'Little Foxes (1982)
• At the Formal Naming Ceremony for the New P&O Cruise Liner 'Royal Princess, which was Named after Her (1984)
• Getting a kiss on the Cheek from a Young Boy During a Visit to Nottingham (1985)
• Meeting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome with Prince Charles (1985)
• Receiving Flowers After a Visit to a Girls Public School Near Highgrove, Gloucestershire (1985)
• Is that a Mirror?
• Smelling Flowers at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, Australia (1985)
• Diana in Bikinis on Holiday Beaches is to be Struck Once Again by How Far Ahead of the Times She Was
• Helping Prince William ride his pony at Highgrove (1986)
• Talking to a Crew Member while Onboard the Nuclear Submarine HMS Trafalgar (1986)
• Visiting the Naval Submarine Base in Scotland (1986)
• Curtseying to King Juan Carlos of Spain while in Toledo for a visit with Prince Charles (1987)
• With Prince William on Her Lap During a Polo match (1987)
• Dancing with Prince Charles in Melbourne, Australia (1988)
• Talking to a Camouflaged Soldier While on a Visit to the Royal Hampshire Regiment (1988)
• Greeting Locals as She Arrived at the Lord Gage Centre for Old People in East London (1990)
• Competing in the 'Mother's Race' on the Annual Sports Day at Prince William's School (1991)
• Sitting with a Local Schoolgirl During Her Visit to Lallapet High School in Hyderabad, India (1992)
• Swimming in the Ocean in a Pink Bikini while on Vacation to the Island of Nevis (1993)
• Diana, Princess of Wales, Giving Her Support to a Number of Children’s Charities
• Landmine Victim Justina Cesar, Who Lost Her Right Leg at 3 Years Old and was 15 When She Crossed Paths with Princess Diana (1997)
• Pictures Like This Reminds That, Just How Much Diana was Loved the World Over
• Princess Diana; The Queen of Hearts

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Royal Family, Sandringham, Christmas 1994

Satellite feed of The Royal Family including The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana, at Sandringham, Christmas 1994.

Princess Diana | Queen Mother | |Royal Film Premier | A Passage to India | 1985

The Stars of A 'Passage to India' greet members of the Royal Family at the films London Premier.
First shown: 10/03/1985
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Queen opens memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales


1. Aerial of memorial fountain in Hyde Park
2. Queen's car arriving
3. Queen Elizabeth ll gets off the car being welcomed by
4. The queen shaking hands with Diana's brother, Earl Spencer
5. Prince Charles arriving, shaking hands with Earl Spencer
6. Princes William and Harry arriving shaking hands with Earl Spencer
7. Members of Royal family and members of government () standing as national anthem being played
8. SOUNDBITE (english) Queen Elizabeth ll:
AUDIO partly overlayed with pictures of Princes William and Harry and Prince Charles
Of course there were difficult times, but memories mellow with the passing of the years.
I remember especially the happiness she gave to my two grandsons,
6. Trucking shot of the fountain
7. Various of Princes Harry and William shaking hands with people
8. Aerial of the fountain


Queen Elizabeth II, who dedicated a fountain in honour of Princess Diana on Tuesday, acknowledged that there had been difficult times with her late daughter-in-law but memories mellow with the passing of the years.

The queen, her husband Prince Philip and Diana's former husband, Prince Charles, joined with Diana's family to formally open the 3.6 million pound (US$6.5 million) oval granite water feature in Hyde Park.

It was the Spencer family's first public appearance with the royal family since Diana's funeral in 1997, when Earl Spencer criticised the royals for their treatment of his sister.

The queen acknowledged that Diana's death gripped the world's attention.

On a personal note, the queen remarked that Diana made such an impact on our lives.

Of course there were difficult times, but memories mellow with the passing of the years.I remember especially the happiness she gave to my two grandsons, the queen said, referring to Princes William and Harry, who also attended the ceremony.

Construction of the fountain, designed by American architect Karen Gustafson and built of 545 blocks of Cornish granite, was delayed by bureaucratic wrangling and arguments within the Memorial Fountain Committee headed by Diana's friend Rosa Monckton.

The fountain is an oval, roughly 80 meters (260 feet) meters by 50 meters (165 feet). Water flows from the highest point down both sides; at some places the flow is agitated, at others calm.

The Royal Parks and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport provided extra funds when the installation ran 600,000 pounds (US$1.1 million) over budget.

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Christopher Hitchens on Diana, Princess of Wales, the Royal Family, Dodi Fayed & Muslim Law (1997)

After the divorce, Diana retained her double apartment on the north side of Kensington Palace, which she had shared with the Prince of Wales since the first year of their marriage, and it remained her home until her death. More Hitchens:

She also continued to use two offices at St. James's Palace.

Diana dated the respected heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, who was called the love of her life after her death by many of her closest friends. In May 1996, Diana visited Lahore upon invitation of Imran Khan, a relative of Hasnat Khan, and she also visited the latter's family in secret. Their relationship lasted almost two years and Khan ended the relationship. Khan was intensely private and the relationship was conducted in secrecy, with Diana lying to members of the press who questioned her about it. According to Khan's testimonial at the inquest for her death, it was Diana herself, not Khan, who ended their relationship in a late-night meeting in Hyde Park, which adjoins the grounds of Kensington Palace, in June 1997.

Within a month Diana had begun seeing Dodi Fayed, son of her host that summer, Mohamed Al-Fayed. Diana had considered taking her sons that summer on a holiday to the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, but security officials had prevented it. After deciding against a trip to Thailand, she accepted Fayed's invitation to join his family in the south of France, where his compound and large security detail would not cause concern to the Royal Protection squad. Mohamed Al-Fayed bought a multi-million-pound yacht, the Jonikal, a 60-metre yacht on which to entertain Diana and her sons.

On 31 August 1997, Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, which also caused the deaths of her companion Dodi Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, acting security manager of the Hôtel Ritz Paris. Millions of people watched her funeral.

The initial French judicial investigation concluded the accident was caused by Henri Paul's drunken loss of control. In February 1998, Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of the Paris Ritz, for whom Paul had worked, publicly maintained that the crash had been planned, accusing MI6 as well as the Duke of Edinburgh. An inquest in London starting in 2004 and continued in 2007--2008 attributed the accident to grossly negligent driving by Henri Paul and to the pursuing paparazzi. On 7 April 2008, the jury returned a verdict of 'unlawful killing'. The day following the final verdict of the inquest, Al-Fayed announced he would end his 10-year campaign to establish that it was murder rather than an accident, stating that he did so for the sake of the princess's children.

The sudden and unexpected death of an extraordinarily popular royal figure brought statements from senior figures worldwide and many tributes by members of the public. People left public offerings of flowers, candles, cards and personal messages outside Kensington Palace for many months. Her coffin, draped with royal flag, was brought to London from Paris by Prince Charles and her two sisters on 31 August 1997. After being taken to a private mortuary it was put at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace.

Diana's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on 6 September. The previous day Queen Elizabeth II had paid tribute to her in a live television broadcast. Her sons walked in the funeral procession behind her coffin, along with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh, and with Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer. Lord Spencer said of his sister, She proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.

Elton John's performance of Candle in the Wind, done as a tribute to Diana became globally famous.

After Diana's Death:Prince Charles Crying(Unseen Public)

19-9-1997:The Prince Of Wales has returned to the public arena to make his first official TX engagement since the funeral of Princess Diana.He talks about his sons' courage after the death of their mummy.

Princess Diana's Funeral Part 22: The Queen leaves the Abbey;The Hearse at Buckingham Palace

The Queen is seen leaving Westminster Abbey. In accordance with protocol, she was the first to leave as well as the last to arrive.

The Hearse makes its way along part of the route Diana's coffin came on the gun carriage a few hours before: up the Mall, past Buckingham Palace, up Constitution Hill then police outriders join it when it passes through the Wellington Arch. It is accompanied by applause all along the way.

I read recently the main concern the police had for the Hearse's journey was someone would try killing themself by jumping in front of it. That's why it was joined by so many police vehicles to escort it; by the time it reaches Althorp, it has the motorcycle outriders, three rangerovers and an unmarked car.

The following parts show the hearse's journey through North London to the M1 motorway.



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