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Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt


Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt

25-06-2015 Frankfurt Airport Germany. The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, visited Frankfurt City and look how many vehicles and security they used in a convoy to arrange this visit. Police, Cars, Motorcycles, Limousines, Helicopter, Ambulance. And how they closed the Highway for a while. There's also a McLaren 650 in this video. This is part 2/3 of the visit. TheYottaTube. Copyright.

Queen Elizabeth arrives at Berlin! Koningin Elizabet arriveert in Berlijn

Rick de Haan

Queen Elizabeth II. Frankfurt - VIP-Eskorte

Königin Elisabeth II. und der Bundespräsident eskortiert durch mehrere Einsatzfahrzeuge diverser Polizeieinheiten und einem RTW der Bundeswehr während des Staatsbesuchs in Frankfurt. //

Queen Elizabeth II. and the German Bundespräsident Gauck (President of Germany) escorted by several police units and an emergency ambulance of the Bundeswehr during the state visit in Frankfurt. //

Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland / Germany 06.2015


by Mario40029 - International Emergency Responses

Queen Elizabeth II's Impressive Motorcades

This video features Queen Elizabeth II motorcades when The Queen visit Germany, Paris and Ireland in her Bentley State Limousine and Range Rover.
The enormous and amazing motorcade taking Queen Elizabeth II when The Queen makes public appearance.
If you love The Queen and wanna see how she is escorted with special motorcades, you should watch video.


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Queens Motorcade, Escort and Helicopter Leaving Brompton Barracks, Kent, UK

This is the queen being escorted out of Brompton Barracks after her visit to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Corps of Royal Engineers. In this video you can see bikes from the Kent Police Roads Policing Bike team, several unmarked vehicles from Kent Police and the Metropolitan Police's Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit (S014 + SO1), the State Bentley which the queen is sitting in and finally the queens helicopter taking off.

Some of this footage is a bit bad but I did the best I could with the equipment I had especially with all the people getting in the way and various other things, this video has gone through a rigorous editing process to ensure it is the best quality it can be.

Hope you enjoy the footage, if you have any questions that haven't been answered in the description please feel free to comment below and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks for watching!

Kent Police -
Metropolitan Police -
British Army -
Brompton Barracks -
Medway -
- BMW - R1200RT (Police Bikes)
- Land Rover - Discovery
- BMW - X5
- Bentley - ????
- Volkswagen - Transporter
Force/Service: Kent Police, Metropolitan Police
Vehicle Make/Model: N/A
Role: The Queen!! :D lol
Number plate: N/A
Fleet Number: N/A
Siren: N/A
Camera Used: Cannon SX610 HS + Panasonic Lumix FZ72

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King & Queen of Spain - State Visit to London | Escorts | Main Procession | 12/07/2017

Quick video from Buckingham Palace area earlier today featuring the State Visit of Spanish King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.

Just few emergency vehicles, but an entire ARMY of Queen's Guards, Royal Cavalry, Met's mounted units, some nice tunes from Queens Guard bands, Queen Elizabeth's escort / 'motorcade' and the huge main procession back to the Buckingham Palace.

2:09 - SEG escorting Bentley and Rangie.
2:42 - Unmarked Crafter
2:58 - 1st band
4:33 - Tight SEG formation
4:45 - 2nd band
7:06 - Queen Elizabeth 'motorcade'
9:49 - Main procession to Buckingham Palace.

What the hell is going on with this YouTube compression recently? This video looks like 360p. Nowhere near the rendered version.
Wizyta Króla i Królowej Hiszpanii w Londynie.

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????️ Amazing Police Escorts in West Africa

This is a video showing the highlights of the amazing police escorts that we experienced in West Africa. The police escorts shown are in the following areas:

0:20 Benuguela, Angola
0:34 Luanda, Angola
1:33 Cotonou, Bénin
2:19 Lomé, Togo
3:10 Accra, Ghana
3:44 Takoradi, Ghana
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Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt

Queen Elizabeth II cleared

Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt

Queen Elizabeth II. zum Botschafterempfang, 25.06.2015

Hallo liebe Videofreunde,
dies ist mal wieder ein Glücksfall.
Nach einem Termin in Moabit beschlossen wir noch durch den englischen Garten die Siegessäule zu besuchen. Das hatten wir schon lange vor. Die Aussicht ist phantastisch.
Auf einmal war viel Polizei vor Ort und der Verkehr stand.
Wir dachten natürlich nicht an die Queen.
Was wir sahen seht ihr im Film.
Viel Spass

Queen Elizabeth II enormous convoy in Paris.

Départ d' Elizabeth II Reine d'Angleterre de la Gare du Nord le 5/06/2014
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Queen Elizabeth's Motorcade - Police bikes, unmarked cars and the Queen!

This is some clips from Queen Elizabeth's visit to Aylesford in Kent on the 6th November 2019. Throughout the day the Queen visited the Royal British Legion Village and also opened some new flats, she took part in centenary celebrations and also buried a time capsule. This is the Queen's second visit to Kent since 2016, the last time being when she visited Brompton Barracks in Chatham.

Video edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 16

Country: UK
Force/Service: Kent Police, Metropolitan Police, British Royal Family
Camera Used: Sony FDR-AX53
Recorded in: November 2019
Published in: November 2019

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Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage:

RARE | London Police SEG escorting Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Note the brand new 18 plate Range Rover.
London Metropolitan Police SEG (Special Escort Group) escorting Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman through Trafalgar Square on his way to Clearance House on 7th of March 2018.
Kind regards to all the cops who kicked me out from public areas in Whitehall and made me end up in Trafalgar Square where I met
BlaulichtRheinland & Firescue112 ! :)

- - - - - - - - - - -
[PL] Przejazd kolumny Londyńskiej Metropolitan Police z Księciem Arabii Saudyjskiej przez Trafalgar Square.
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Queen Elizabeth II. Arriving In Germany, Berlin │ With Fighter Escort And Gun Salute

Planespotting @ Germany, Berlin Tegel Airport EDDT/TXL
With: Queen Elizabeth II. // German Air Force Eurofighter Escort // Gun Salute

June 23, 2015

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Queen Elizabeth II. in Frankfurt am 25.06.2015 - Privat Video

Queen Elizabeth II. von England kam am 25.06.2015 mit Ihrem Ehemann Prinz Philip, sowie mit dem deutschen Bundespräsidenten Joachim Gauck und dessen Lebensgefährtin Daniela Schadt nach Frankfurt am Main. Es war ihr 5. Staatsbesuch in Deutschland, genau 50 Jahre nach dem ersten im Jahre 1965.
Queen Elisabeths Herrschaftsdauer ist inzwischen die längste aller britischen Monarchen. Den bisherigen Rekord von Königin Victoria übertraf sie am 9. September 2015 um 17:30 Uhr.



・Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt

・Queen Elizabeth II. zum Botschafterempfang, 25.06.2015

・内閣総理大臣車列 警護車両 安部総理大臣

・要人車列4連発!!警視庁LEXUS LS警護車!!総理大臣警護車列!!都議選遊説 文京 台東 Prime Minister of Japan Motorcade 2017/6/26/28

・総理大臣車列 首都高合流 Japanese prime minister's motorcad


・国賓車列!!オバマ大統領 警視庁 白バイ パトカー 警護車 SP President Barack Obama Motorcade Tokyo 2014.4.24

・警視庁白バイ20台!!車列回送や準備の様子とか 祝賀御列の儀パレードリハーサル Police Motorcade 2019/10/6


The Queen continues State visit to Germany in Frankfurt

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh travel to Frankfurt as they continue their State visit to Germany.

Emir of Kuwait meets Queen Elizabeth II as part of state visit

(27 Nov 2012)
1. Wide of emir of Kuwait getting out of car
2. Emir walking up stairs alongside Prince Charles, then shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, AUDIO: ceremonial gunshot
3. Wide of horse-drawn carriage proceeding along street, AUDIO: band playing British national anthem
4. Mid of Queen Elizabeth and emir in carriage, zoom out to show carriage proceeding along road towards Windsor Castle
5. Top shot carriage and escort arriving at castle courtyard, with large band playing
6. Various of of emir and Queen Elizabeth in carriage, AUDIO: band playing British national anthem
7. Wide of carriage stopping alongside podium, with soldiers standing to attention in foreground
8. Mid of emir and Duke of Edinburgh getting out of carriage
9. Cutaway of emir's entourage
10. Mid of emir standing with Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, AUDIO: band playing
11. Various of soldiers in courtyard
12. Wide of emir walling with Duke of Edinburgh and soldier, AUDIO: band playing
13. Wide of soldiers in courtyard
14. Emir inspecting soldiers
15. Soldiers on horseback
16. Mid of emir, Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh inspecting soldiers
The emir of Kuwait arrived in Britain on Tuesday morning for a state visit.
Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah was invited by Queen Elizabeth II, who last visited Kuwait with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh in 1979.
The emir's state visit was marked by a carriage procession through the town of Windsor, where the queen has one of her royal residences, Windsor Castle.
The emir will stay at the castle for the duration of his visit, which ends on 29 November.

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Donald Trump Motorcade & Helicopters in London

The Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group (SEG) & United States Secret Service seen escorting President Trump to and from Buckingham Palace as part of his state visit. The first convoy was just vehicles and staff, he arrived in the helicopter seen in the second clip. The second convoy was carrying the President and First Lady, Melania Trump.



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