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Ranger Nick: Improving Wildlife Habitats


Ranger Nick: Improving Wildlife Habitats

Landowners are often interested in the ability of their properties to provide food, water and shelter for specific wildlife species. This month, Ranger Nick shows a few things that landowners can do to evaluate the habitat potential of their land.

Ranger Nick: Improving Habitats For Deer

This month, Ranger Nick spends time with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) to learn what goes into improving habitats to attract and keep more deer.

Ranger Nick: Pond Health & Management

Ponds can be a great source of enjoyment, whether they be used for fishing or contributing to a wildlife habitat. But they require proper care and attention. This month, Ranger Nick gives advice on pond management and where to get expert guidance for water-related issues.

Ranger Nick: Dead Trees and Logs

Dead trees and logs can still provide important components to forests and woods, from habitats for animals to erosion prevention. UGA ag professor Nick Furhman, AKA Ranger Nick, explains that sometimes leaving dead trees and logs can be more beneficial than removing them

Ranger Nick: Owls And Owl Boxes Can Benefit Farmers

Owls can be a valuable addition to barns and farming operations, providing a natural form of pest control. UGA ag professor Nick Furhman, AKA Ranger Nick, shows how building owl boxes and attracting owls can make a big difference for farmers.

Ranger Nick: Keeping Ponds Healthy For Fish

This month, Ranger Nick tells us about ways to check on and ensure the health of ponds, so they can provide reliable, sustainable habitats for fish.

Deer Management Assistance Program - Better Habitat for Wildlife

Bob Nack explains the benefits of the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). In addition to better deer habitat, property owners also report better habitat for all wildlife that inhabit their properties.

SAVE A PLACE FOR WILDLIFE: Create Healthy Backyard Habitats with Native Plants - George Miller

The Taos Chapter of the New Mexico Native Plant Society hosts George Miller, president of the Native Plant Society of Albuquerque, for his presentation on SAVE A PLACE FOR WILDLIFE” that offers advice on creating a backyard habitat with native plants.

May 17, 2017

Create your wildlife habitat plan with DMAP

DMAP is here to help sculpt your land into the environment you've always wanted. With the help of wildlife biologists and foresters, we'll create a customized plan with you to shape your property. Learn more here:

Landowner Assistance to Improve Wildlife Habitat

The Missouri Department of Conservation provides assistance to landowners wanting to improve wildlife habitat on their property. This includes those in the elk restoration zone of southern Missouri.


Ranger Nick: Migrating Birds That Are Helping Farmers

Farmers in Southeast Georgia have some very helpful visitors arriving this time of year. Ranger Nick takes us to Candler County, where migratory birds called Purple Martins spend each summer, providing farmers with valuable, free insect control.

How to Build a Wildlife Habitat Pile

Kirk Hanson with Northwest Natural Resource Group takes you through each step to build a habitat pile in that forest critters will love!

Photography by Worldtree Films and Matt Freeman-Gleason

Partners in Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Through the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee, Arizona Game & Fish is working with other state and federal agencies, sportsmen's groups, public and private land owners, and other interested parties to restore wildlife habitat across the State. This video was created by the Information Branch of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Video Producer: David Majure

noc18-bt26-Lecture 14-Habitat management & improvement

Ranger Nick: Getting Kids More Involved With Nature

With video games, smartphones and television, getting kids outside and more interested in nature is often a tough task for parents. This month, Ranger Nick has a three-step plan to help get young people more involved and interested in their natural surroundings by taking them on a walk through the woods.

Shades of Green: Healthy Fish & Wildlife Habitat

In this second installment on the Tongass NF, listen as the people who manage, conserve, and monitor the wildlife and aquatic habitats of this great place.

Improving Wildlife Habitat

The Quality Deer Management Association is a nation wide group focused on improving wildlife habitats through education. Paula Jasper has the details.

Establishing A Wildlife Habitat: Part 2

Hey guys! In this video we continue to clear more extremely dense small trees (90% Sweetgum trees) to make way for an improved ecosystem where we will be planting tons of vegetation and strategically planting trees that the local wildlife will benefit from.

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Brushpiles with Game Commission biologist Dan Mummert

This video is about creating better habitat on your property and building brushpiles for wildlife, hosted by Game Commission biologist Dan Mummert

Wildlife Habitat - Barnyards & Backyards

Learn about high elevation wildlife habitat in Wyoming on rural properties. Rex Lockman, wildlife habitat specialist, points out which characteristics of this featured property are good for wildlife, why, and what could be done to improve habitat.



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