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Rashmi from Sri Lanka-treated at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai by Dr.Sajan Hegde,Spine Surgery


Rashmi from Sri Lanka-treated at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai by Dr.Sajan Hegde,Spine Surgery

Apollo Hospitals in general has provided the best facilities and has helped me a lot. If there is anyone out there who needs any type of surgery even if it regarding spine or any other problem I would recommend Apollo Hospitals because they have changed my life. says Rashmi Jurangpathy.

Bishop Nwezi from Nigeria​-treated at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai by ​Dr.Sajan Hegde,Spine Surgery

Bishop David Nwezi from Nigeria shares his experience at Apollo Hospitals and says Apollo Hospitals is one of the Best. God Bless you.

8 yrs long spinal deformity gets corrected through Apollo hands !!

Ms. Nigarani came to Apollo Hospitals with a severe spinal deformity which she
she had from the age of 13. She was under the observation of Dr.Sajan K Hegde, our Sr. spine surgeon,
who did her surgery using the latest Robotic Guidance system. The 21 yr old Nigarani has now gone back to Sri Lanka,
being assured by the doctor to lead a normal life like any of us.

Dr. Sajan Hegde ( Sr. Consultant Spine Surgeon) Speaks on Renaissance Robotic Spine Surgery.

Dr. Sajan Hegde ( Sr. Consultant Spine Surgeon) Speaks on Renaissance Robotic Spine Surgery.

Listen to Ms. Ayesha Hansani’s experience with Apollo Hospitals

Ms. Ayesha Hansani from Sri Lanka thanks Dr. Sajan Hegde, Senior Consultant, Spine surgeon – Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Nigerian Adolescent's undergo Scoliosis Correction @ Apollo Chennai

Two Nigerian Teenagers underwent complex spinal deformity correction under Dr Sajan Hegde @ Apollo Hospitals-Chennai,India. They are sharing their experience.

Robotic Spine Surgery

On the occasion of 100 successful Robotic Spine Surgery, Dr. Sajan Hegde demystifies the same bringing you all that you need to know.

Disc Prolapse Corrective Surgery @ Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Mr.Salim Pokum from Mauritius had come down to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for an appointment with Dr.Sajan Hegde. Mr.Pokum had come down from Mauritius for a Disc Prolapse Correction Surgery

Salim has been experencing Severe neck pain for more than 2 months and he chose to come to India when it became intolerable.

After careful handling of his MRI, our expert surgeon Dr.Sajan Hegde decided to perform the Disc Prolapse Correction Surgery. Today, Salim is back to normal in 2 days post surgery

Testimonials of young children about the Robotic Spine Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai.

Testimonials of young children about the Robotic Spine Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai.

Vishmi from Sri Lanka ​- treated at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai by Dr.Sajan Hegde,Spine Surgery

Apollo Hospitals services are very good. Doctors are very kind and they understand all your problems which makes you comfortable. I think Dr. Sajan is the best for Scoreosis correction say Vishmi Jurangpathy.

Wahida Rajab from Tanzania was treated by Dr. Sajan Hegde, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

“First of all, I want to thank Apollo for treating me good. I thank Dr. Sajan Hegde for treating me. Now, I feel better, not like before.” This is the testament of Wahida Rajab, who successfully underwent a spinal surgery performed by Dr. Sajan Hegde, Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.​

Ms. Lilian from Kenya - treated at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai by Dr.Sajan K Hegde.

Ms. Lilian from Kenya talks about her stay at Apollo Hospital.
I had an accident three years ago,it had a reflection on my health and I was brought to India by my dad, where I was attended by Dr.Sajan Hegde. After three days I was done with the surgery where in one day I was able to walk. And I thank God and also thank Dr.Sajan who is a good doctor. He has done a good thing, at least I am able to walk. After the surgery, I went back to Kenya. Now we decided to come back for an Implant removal. It was done and the implants were removed and I was able to walk in a day or so. I thank Dr.Sajan and other Doctors who accompanied him.

Dr. Sajan Hegde | Best Scoliosis Surgeon in India | Apollo Hospital Chennai

Dr Sajan K Hedge is one of the most experienced and renowned spine surgeons in India, who has pioneered numerous innovative techniques in the field. He is the Chief Spine surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and has extensive experience both in India and abroad. Dr.Hegde also specializes in Scoliosis Surgery.

Contact Dr. Sajan Hegde Best Scoliosis Surgeon in India. Dr. Sajan K Hegde is an Orthopedician and Top Spine Surgeon at Apollo Hospital Chennai will help you with Scoliosis of Spine.

Visit :-

E-mail & appointment

Number for appointment with Dr. Sajan K Hegde: +91-9325887033


From Tanzania with love: A patient’s story of how robotic surgery changed his life

Mr. Sifuni Ernest Mchome, a professor from Tanzania was suffering from persistent lower back pain. He was advised by his Tanzanian friends and acquaintances to consult the experts at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Once here, Dr. Sajan K. Hegde took up his case and conducted his surgery.

Let’s hear from the patient and his wife about how their experience went.

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Dr. Sajan Hegde - Spine Surgeon India

Dr Sajan Hedge is expert spine surgeon from India. He is well known for revision spine surgeries, cervical disk replacement, lumbar surgery & more. wockhardt hospitals, Apollo Hospital, Keywords: degenerative disc disease , prestige artificial disc , artificial cervical disc, herniated disc, cervical fusion , disc replacement, spinal discectomy, prestige cervical disc , herniated nucleus pulposus, spine surgery to preserve motion, replacing cervical disc

Anterior Non-Scoliosis Correction.

A 14 yr-old patient Ms Kirti Thirumurthy from Malaysia, suffering from scoliosis came to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai where Dr Sajan K Hegde, Senior Spine Surgeon successfully performed the Anterior Non-Scoliosis Correction procedure and the patient recovered well within a week without losing her mobility and flexibility.
#ApolloMainHospitals #Chennai

13 Year Old Indu Can Now Walk Freely

Indu was suffering from 'Severe Spinal deformity' and complete paralysis of both her limbs. But now, with the help of Apollo Hospitals and 'Robotic Guidance' she can live a normal life of a 13 year old child. Watch the video as Dr. Sajan Hegde, her surgeon, explains her case.

Master. Hasim Goolam Hossen from Mauritius treated at Apollo Hospitals by Dr. Sajan K Hegde.

Hasim Goolam Hossen from Mauritius thanking all the staff members at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai - I would like to say thanks to all the staff at Apollo Chennai, I feel better now. Thank You

Free from clutches -- Apollo spine treatment

Sister Martha's testimony of recovery from her severe spine injury after her treatment under Dr Sajan Hegde at Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Spinal Deformity Correction on Agra Dibyajali, a 13yr old Srilankan girl.

Ms. Agra Dibyajali Rajapaksage, a13yr old Srilankan girl, recently had a successful correction to her spinal deformity. World renowned Dr.Sajan Hedge performed the surgery on her. Her family members are glad to see her back on feet and action in less than 2 weeks.
She now stands tall, both in appearance and confidence!



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