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Remote Controlled Buzzer


Remote Controlled Buzzer

A circuit I made that uses a 434 MHz radio transmitter and receiver to remotely activate a piezo buzzer. Volume is controllable via a potentiometer on the transmitter side.

How to make remote control working buzzer and motor

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How To Make An N64 Rocket Launch Controller

Here's how to hack an N64 game controller, into a remote rocket launch controller ... That'll launch freakin' rockets in real life, and ignite fireworks up to 30 feet away.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Yellow N64 controller:
[✓] Green LED:
[✓] Buzzer:
[✓] Red push button momentary switch:
[✓] Momentary switch for trigger:
[✓] Insulated copper wire:
[✓] 9v batteries:
[✓] 9V Battery Clips:

Endcard Links:

Electric Igniters:
Escaping Handcuffs:
Fire Piston:
Rocket Buzz:

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Music By: Scott & Brendo (“Photographs” - Instrumental)

Project Inspired By:

This was an original idea. (Original to me anyway).

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume responsibility for the results of your actions. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Project History & More Info:

This project was inspired by the old Estes Launch Controllers for small model rockets.

Surprisingly, they are $25 to buy online ( which I thought was a ridiculous price. And that was confirmed when I ordered one, and took it apart to look inside.

Looking inside, I saw that basically all it was, was a simple circuit using 4 AA batteries, with a switch to close the connection and send electricity to two alligator clips at the end. There were a couple of other components, but they aren't really worth mentioning.

For $25 I thought I could do a lot better than that, and perhaps make a controller that looked a lot cooler, and nerdy?, than a square yellow box.

I went online and found a yellow N64 game controller for $10 (free shipping).

I originally had a grey controller that I used to play Mario 64 with my kids, from time to time, but I used that one for my prototype and proof of concept months ago (

I thought the yellow controller would be a nice touch, because of how it matched the rocket and launch-pad color scheme.

I knew that basically all I needed to do was rig the controller with an internal power source, and find a way to re-route the circuits to deliver 2+ amps of electricity when a button was pushed.

Originally I tried soldering and re-routing the existing circuitry, but the internal resistances of the contact pads severely limited the available output current.

I made a trip to Radio Shack to play around with buttons, LED's, and buzzers, and eventually found some that worked for around $5-8 total.

The slot for the controller pack was almost the perfect size for two 9 volt batteries, which is what I was using to ignite the electric matches from a previous project ( however the slot was extremely tight and impractical for the 9 volts, but I couldn't find a way for 4 AA to fit.

I had to modify the slot with a file to shave down the walls enough to hold the batteries firmly in place, but not so tight that they couldn't be removed.

I left the other buttons in the controller for show, and left the circuit board inside even though it doesn't serve any electrical purpose anymore. It just helps hold everything together, and keeps the buttons firm.

I made the lead wires 30 feet long, which reduces the amount of available DC current at the igniter end.

I have measured 2.5 amps at the igniter end, while the controller shows you can get closer to 7 amps of current without the wires connected. I imagine different lengths of wire will produce results between 2.5-7 amps. However, all you need to light an igniter is 2 amps, so it works!

I use this rocket controller for launching the Randomizer” Rockets I made as part of a design collaboration with my friends at and personally, I think it's one of the coolest rocket launch controllers that's ever been made.

But that's just my opinion. :)

Remote controlled display and buzzer


How to make a Simple wireless Doorbell at home

How to make a Simple wireless Doorbell at home use rc car circuit

Required Material-
Plastic switch box
Buzzer 12v
Voltage regulator (7805)
Remote rc circuit

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(4/9) Seriously Pro F3 (SP3) Series - vBat and Buzzer setup

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Happy flying!

How to make Simple Easy IR - Remote Tester with Buzzer

How to make IR remote tester !
Simple Easy IR - Remote Tester with Buzzer

OLED Amiga USB Remote Controlled Floppy Drive Emulator with Buzzer

dji spark remote control - sound buzzer alert

this is about how to turn the 'beep' down from buzzer of DJI spark remote controller , indeed you can find in youtube a tons of video about disassembly the remote itself. Hope that helps

Remote Buzzer : Servo Motor control test

Fabricating a remote buzzer control for crash homing using a servo board. Pot is used to center. Testing the circuit on the video using an Esky Servo Tester.

Remote Buzzer : Servo Output to Buzzer Control via Aileron Channel

Fabricating a remote buzzer control for crash homing using a servo board. Pot is used to center. Testing the circuit on the video using an RX receiver via channel 1. Buzzer is activated at the left endpoint of the aileron curve. Later we will use the aux channel.

Bolt IOT: Control Lights And Buzzer Of Electronic Car Over Internet

Amiga USB Remote Controlled Floppy Drive Emulator with Buzzer

A simple alarm with Arduino IR sensor relay buzzer

A simple alarm with Arduino IR sensor relay buzzer

Kiss Flight Controller Quick Tip: Adding a buzzer

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Li-Po Buzzer/Checkers, a MUST For Your RC Workspace! | OVERVIEW

Remote Buzzer : Servo Output to Buzzer Control via Aux Gyro Channel

Fabricating a remote buzzer control for crash homing using a servo board. Pot is used to center. Testing the circuit on the video using an RX receiver via channel 5. Buzzer is activated at the positive enpoint of the gyro/auxillary channel.

Controlling piezo buzzer loudness with a potentiometer

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Drone Buzzer Quick Fix (AIO Flight Controller)

The buzzer was stuck due to too many crashes in summer and winter-time. A few times it was full of snow inside the flight controller, and it was also submerged in a lake.

Wireless quiz cube buzzer systems

Wireless quiz cube buzzer systems
Wireless Buzzer – Kasdali Buzzer Cubes - No Computer Required - Remote Controlled
Stand-Alone = No computer required

• Are you an educator looking to reinforce specific topics with your students?
• Do you need a wireless buzzer game as easy as possible to set up and use?
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The Kasdali Buzzer Cubes is the system you are looking for!

Wireless Buzzers kasdali Cubes - Cutting Edge Technology

Kasdali Group Canada inc, presents the most innovative, creative and adaptable remote controlled buzzer system on the market created and designed with both the player and the game show host in mind. Hassle free, easy to use and extremely fun to play Trivia Cubes are at the cutting edge of trivia technology – where kasdali buzzers has always been.