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Responding to Christian answers to Atheist Questions!


78 Questions for Christians (Answered!) 78 Answers for Atheists

I make an honest attempt to answer The Atheist Voice's list of 78 questions for Christians. Many of these questions and their answers piggy back on one another and are inter connected.

Just to be clear, I feel no animosity toward The Atheist Voice, so wanted to weigh in on the discussion.

An Ex-Christian And An Ex-Atheist Answer 10 Questions

People have a strong opinions when it comes to religion but what happens when those views change?


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Frank Turek Answers Atheist's 3 Objections to Christianity

At UT Dallas, Christian Apologist Frank Turek from CrossExamined.Org has an enlightening exchange with an atheist named Carter. Frank discusses the following objections:
The moral argument is offensive because it says atheists can't be moral!
Why can't the universe be the uncaused first cause?
If we don't believe in God, He will send us to Hell!

#FrankTurek #Christianity #Atheism

Kids’ questions about God - a Christian and atheist respond. David Robertson & Hannah Timson

Kids ask great questions.

Ahead of the youth stream at Unbelievable? The Conference 2019, Justin interviews young people about their questions for God.

Rev David Robertson and humanist Hannah Timson give their responses.

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Atheist Scientist tries to challenge Ravi Zacharias (unedited with reaction)

Atheist Scientist tries to challenge Ravi Zacharias (unedited with reaction)

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Atheists can't answer this question! ...But We Can



Frank Turek (Cross Examined on youtube) is a Christian apologist who recycles old, tired apologetics like William Paley's watchmaker analogy and the teleological argument when his views are challenged. Here, Turek goes up against Douglas Adams' puddle analogy as a response to claims of intelligent design. Frank thinks DNA is a code or message made by god, as there's no other explanation for it. The issue is, Turek is unfamiliar with the basics evolution, and how DNA evolves. Here, we see apologetics fired out in a rapid patter, creating a concise piece of Christian propaganda. I'm here to debunk it.



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Zircon crystals date 4B y/o:

Rationality Rules | Watchmaker Argument Debunked:

Face on mars:

Eclipse of Thales:

Discovery of pulsars:

Basics of DNA/evolution:

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Atheists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims on Rights | Dirty Data - Ep 6 | Cut

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Atheists, Muslims, Christians, and Jews respond to Yes/No questions.

Atheists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims on Rights | Dirty Data - Ep 6 | Cut


Another Intelligent Atheist Changes His Mind

This atheist says he is an atheist because he believes if God is real then He is either evil or impotent. How would you answer his objections?

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Atheism, Feminism, and the Bible

Ravi Zacharias responds to a student's question about atheism, feminism, and the Bible at Penn State University. Ravi asks, When someone denies the existence of God, what are they affirming in its place? Watch as Ravi exposes how some atheists borrow from a Judeo-Christian worldview to debunk it.

R.C. Sproul: Questions & Answers

A questions and answers session with Dr. R.C. Sproul.

Introduction (0:00)


What was your greatest round of golf? (02:14)
Is worshipping on Sunday biblical? (04:23)
Our church has decided to elect women elders. Is this an issue worth leaving a church? (06:21)
What biblical advice can you give a church pursuing 501(c)(3) status? (10:00)
I was told that if I can’t point to the moment of my conversion, I am not saved. How can I respond? (12:09)
Did Christ have the ability to sin in His humanity? (14:32)
Is theonomy the best way to engage culture? (17:10)
What is the “perfect” in 1 Corinthians 13.10 and do the sign gifts still exist? (20:24)
How were Old Testament believers united to Christ? (26:31)
What are your thoughts on the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification? (30:52)
Do we have free will? (33:29)
Is it biblical to tell unbelievers that God loves them? (37:44)

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Responding to Christian answers to Atheist Questions!

After we posed our questions to Christians on the Non-sequitur show, a dream team was compiled to answer our questions. I take a look at the answers to my questions, and determine how well I think they did.

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Christian answers atheist on origin of God

Answering Atheists 3 | Christian Responding to Atheist

The man featured in this video is The Atheist Voice, he runs a website called
I enjoy this man's videos, there is no malice intended here, just some good old fashion back and forth.

Love you guys!

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TEACHING: Dr. Ravi Zacharias Responds to an Atheist

Responding to a question from an atheist, Ravi gives his response to the young man's view. Worth a watch!

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Discussing Morality w/Atheist; Atheist Gives Surprising Response

An atheist challenges Frank at Southern Illinois University on God, truth, and right and wrong. After a few minutes of discussion you may be surprised how the atheist responds.

TOUGH Bible Questions Atheists Ask Answered by Christian Mike Winger!

Pastor Mike Winger and SJ discuss the contradictory accounts of the empty tomb and Judas' death, God's omniscience and our free will, God's perfect justice and perfect mercy, early secular support for Christianity, and slavery in the Old Testament.

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Answering the Atheists' Unanswerable Questions

Wherein I respond to NonSequitur's atheist collaboration video. Some of my answers simultaneously covered more than one question, so I left out the effective duplicates because there's no sense in repeating myself

Also, as to the first question, it’s been brought to my attention that it was a parody answer.

I actually didn’t see it as a parody at all but it very well could have been. If it was, then obviously I take back certain elements of what I said but even if it was a parody, I think parts of my answer would still account for the point she was trying to make. I didn’t consider any of these as attempts at parody but actual questions we were supposed to answer. TBH, I’ve seen atheists unironically ask that before. But if it was a parody I take back some of the harshness associated with my answer

Original video:
My argument for God's existence:
My argument for Christianity:


Christian Professor DEBUNKS Atheist's Questions

Professor Stephen Taylor answers your hard questions atheists! The atheist community on YouTube and reddit have put some hard questions to a Young Earth Creationist and Christian professor, questions which Joe couldn't answer. Listen to Steve answer questions about evidence, design and the Gospel.

Atheist Apologist Rattled by Simple Question

click here for full debate -

J Warner Wallace Answers Atheist Questions

Watch as all the Atheist claims are debunked and clarified by a retired homicide detective, former Atheist now a born again believer in Jesus who researched the facts behind the Gospels as a cold case.

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