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My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

Popular EFFECTIVE Reality Shifting Methods You Should Know (take some notes)

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Hiya :D Today I'm talking about popular reality shifting methods (that work) and are effective for visualizers AND those with Aphantasia! The shifting methods are: The Hug Method, Lucid Dream Method, Kiyoko and Julia Methods, Cinn's Method, The Eye and The Goddess Method!

In my experience (as someone with partial Aphantasia) the Lucid Dream, Julia, and Eye Methods work well. Don't take my word as fact though! Experiment with methods and mix them to create something that works best for you :)

Happy shifting! You've got this ????????????

Side note: I did not expect this video to take 10 hours to upload LOL so I felt bad when I said it was going to be up yesterday and it wasn't

As always, thanks for watching!
0:00 Introduction
1:52 Hug Method
3:56 Lucid Dream Method
6:40 Kiyoko's Method
8:23 Julia's Method
10:38 Cinn's Method
12:26 The Eye Method
13:16 The Goddess Method
18:03 End stuff (watch if ur cool XD)

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The Science of Reality Shifting - How to Reality Shift

What is the science behind reality shifting (aka quantum jumping / dimension jumping). If you've ever wondered if it's possible to transport yourself into a parallel reality and transform your reality and life, this is the video for you? What is the reality of quantum shifting?

You've probably seen hundreds of reality shift meditations, hypnosis, visualization, scripts, and subliminal suggestions, binaural beats, you may have even experience a reality shift yourself - but what is the science behind reality shifting?

Perhaps you've heard that reality shifting is scientifically proven, that Albert Einstein was a reality shifter, that by using a reality shifting script that you can visit Hogwarts, or that the CIA proved reality shifting. Is this true?

You've probably heard of reality shifting (which is also known as quantum jumping and dimension jumping) on TikTok, Reddit, or an Amino group . But how exactly do you reality shift?

This video looks at the science of reality shifting and will help you to discover the truth behind parallel realities and alternate dimensions. Can you really visit another reality, or is it all in the mind? (aka lucid dreaming).

This video does not contain binaural beats, 6.5 Hz Theta Wave, manifestation spells, cosmic portals, or any other mind altering techniques. This is a genuine exploration of reality shifting from a scientific perspective.

Wake up to reality and learn what it genuinely means to reality shift!

0:00 Introduction
0:27 What is reality shifting?
1:06 Is reality shifting real? Can you reality shift to Hogwarts?
1:51 The core principle behind reality shifting
2:42 What is the multiverse theory?
3:35 Do scientists support reality shifting as a concept?
4:28 Reality shifting experiment
7:48 How do you navigate infinity?
8:49 The science of reality shifting
9:59 But the CIA documents, atheist?!
11:53 What if I had an experience of shifting to another reality?
13:31 Reality shifting, astral projection, or lucid dreaming?
15:38 Occam's Razor used on reality shifting
16:27 What is reality shifting really?
17:29 Summary and outro

#realityshift #hogwarts #multiverse

Learn how to lucid dream with guided lucid dreaming lessons from professional lucid dream specialist and teacher, Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide.

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What is Reality Shifting & How to Shift [Shifting Methods, Scripts, Clones, etc]

What is Reality Shifting and How does Shifting Realities Work? I will give you the Total Recap and Answers to all your Questions about Shifting, Doubts and Worries. #whatisrealityshifting #howtoshift #realityshifting #hogwartsshifting

Welcome to @Ava In the Middle
In this video I will talk about what shifting means. Shifting is when you shift your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality or alternate reality. It used to be called astral projection so it's nothing new. There are many different methods to achieve your shift. You can use one of the existing methods such as the raven method (my recommended method); the alice in wonderland method, the pillow method, the heartbeat method; the train method; the sunrise method (which is my method); the window method (which is another method that I invented and uses a lot of visualisation); or you can just do what you want and not use a method at all or you can combine methods or really do whatever you want. Your desired reality can be anything you want it to be. My desired reality is Hogwarts Harry Potter but you can shift to your favorite anime world or My Hero Academia or even a reality that you made up yourself. It doesnt matter. If you can imagine it, you can go there. Can you shift to __blank___? The answer is yes. Is it safe to shift? Yes, it is safe to shift. You will not get stuck or die in your shift. You will always wake up in your current reality. I will talk about your clone and the idea that when you shift you leave a clone behind in your current reality. I will tell you the symptoms that you feel when you are about to shift such as tingling sensation, heaviness in your arms, dizziness, spinning... I will talk about how to write your script and the sense of time in your alternate reality and current reality. I also have several more videos regarding how to shift, how to write a shifting script and shifting stories and shifting methods. I'll also go over meditation; subliminals; ambience music; positive affirmations, etc. What is astral projection. How long has reality shifting been around?

What is Shifting Realities?
How to Shift?
What is a Script?
What are the Different Methods to Achieve Your Reality Shift?
Is it Safe?
What does it Feel Like?
Can you get stuck in your Alternate Reality?

I will Answer ALL your QUESTIONS...

Also, some people who might not know or understand what shifting is, might be concerned that it is evil or bad. It's not. It's really, in my opinion, just a form of self-hypnosis or meditation in a creative, fun and harmless way.

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Can't Reality Shift?!? Trouble Shifting to Hogwarts? -- You're NOT ALONE (Help)

Why Can't I Shift? I Can't Shift Realities! Are you having trouble shifting to Hogwarts? If so, You're definitely NOT ALONE... Let's Talk because I Can Help.

Welcome back to my channel ** Ava in the Middle **

Lot's of people are trying to Reality Shift to Hogwarts / for a real Harry Potter Shifting Experience and are telling me --
I can't shift!
Why can't I shift?
I'm having trouble shifting. I'm struggling to shift.
It's not working!
I've been trying a whole week and I haven't shifted.
What am I doing wrong?

If you haven't been able to shift--DON'T WORRY-- In this video I'll talk about some NEW SHIFTING STRATEGIES, a NEW Shifting Method that improves on the RAVEN METHOD, what may be preventing you from shifting, trying new methods such as the ALICE IN WONDERLAND METHOD, and don't worry because you are definitely NOT ALONE if you're struggling to reality shift.

Also see my other Videos on Shifting:
1- How to Reality SHIFT ~ My Shifting Experience -- Hogwarts Harry Potter

2- How To Reality Shift ~ Shifting Experience Questions & Answers -- Hogwarts Harry Potter

What is Shifting Realities?
How to Shift
What is a Script
What are the Different Methods to Achieve Your Reality Shift
Is Shifting Safe?
What does Shifting Feel Like?
Can you get stuck in your Alternate Reality?
What is AR?
What is DR?
What if I want to see Harry Potter, Hermoine, Draco Malfoy......

Check me out on TikTok at: newavag_
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Steve Vai's Unbelievable New Joint Shifting Technique

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How to Reality SHIFT ~ My Shifting Experience -- Hogwarts Harry Potter

Hi Friends-- Welcome to * Ava in the Middle *
There's another Hogwarts Express for a REAL Harry Potter Experience...

What is Shifting Realities?
How to Shift?
What is a Script?
What are the Different Methods to Achieve Your Reality Shift?
Is it Safe?
What does it Feel Like?
Can you get stuck in your Alternate Reality?

I will Answer ALL your QUESTIONS...

Also, some people who might not know or understand what shifting is, might be concerned that it is evil or bad. It's not. It's really, in my opinion, just a form of self-hypnosis or meditation in a creative, fun and harmless way.

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***Ava in the Middle***

#Shifting #Reality Shift #Hogwarts

The Shifting Whispering Sands as done by Jim Reeves

The Shifting Whispering Sands as done by Jim Reeves.
V.C. Gilbert and Mary Hadler wrote the lyrics and music for 'Shifting, Whispering Sands' in 1950.

Reality Shifting for Dummies (Everything You Need To Know About Reality Shifting) *most detailed vid

Sorry for the long wait but IT'S FINALLY HERE! Hope y'all enjoyed this detailed video about reality shifting.

If you're here from my TikTok (@jambasmurff), welcome :)

I may not be a total expert on the topic but I'm here to spread my knowledge about it to others who want to learn. If you have any comments or concerns don't be afraid to DM me on Instagram (@jambasmurf) and give me a few days to respond back to you.

For more videos like this, either check out my TikTok or comment down below what other videos you'd like me to go in more detail about... or maybe even a couple of storytimes of my own experiences!

Have a great rest of your day and safe shifting!

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why do i sound so funny in this video- ???? anyways~ i really hope you enjoyed the video!

i love you! drink water, stay happy and healthy. have a good morning/afternoon/evening, happy birthday!

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reality shifting: what to do if you haven’t shifted yet

hey y’all! sorry i took so long to get a video up but i hope this helps!! leave your comments below if you have any. happy shifting!!

insta: @rayan_renison

#shifting #realityshifting #shiftingmethods #shiftinginspo #hogwarts #shiftingtohogwarts

shifting: sunset method | creating my own method to shift to Hogwarts

hi friends!! i wanted to have a bit of fun and experiment a little. in the video, i tried shifting to Hogwarts using a method i created. stay till the end to see if i was successful in creating a method! enjoy xx


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Hey shifters, my comments are on right now! I will be replying to comments and questions. Also, suggest some video ideas for the future!

MY *New* Reality Shifting Method for Hogwarts ~ *Sunrise Method* Easy and it Works! (Harry Potter)

My New, Easy Method for Reality Shifting to Hogwarts * Harry Potter * that Actually Works in order to Shift Realities. *Sunrise Method*

Welcome back to my Channel * Ava in the Middle *

I'm recommending this new shifting method --that I personally came up with-- to you for reality shifting because it's easier, simpler, more natural and it works--at least it worked the first time for me and I think it'll work for you too. It's not as intense or tiring or frustrating and you don't have to worry about falling asleep!

In this video I talk about shifting realities, lucid dreaming, my experience shifting to hogwarts, tips on how to shift, a detailed explanation on how to shift using my new SUNRISE Method, guide to shifting, raven method, alice in wonderland method, the importance of your script, meditation, subliminals, ambience music and...all that stuff!

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*ALSO* I have a New Video coming out in a few days that is ALL About Harry Potter Characters and What is Your School, etc.... While Baking :) :) --In case you need a break from shifting.

I would love it if you say Hi in the comments and let me know if you have any video ideas...

What do you think about a room tour video?

#newshiftingmethod #shiftingtohogwarts #easyshifting #subliminal

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REALITY SHIFTING FOR BEGINNERS: Everything You Need To Know To Shift

THIS video is the best, most effective tutorial on reality shifting on YouTube in 2021. Don't believe me? Watch it. I explain popular reality shifting methods, the pillow method, the raven method, and many more as well as HOW they work. I explain also why you would want to use reality shifting!

???? The Lucid Breakthrough Course I mentioned:

REALITY SHIFTING is something that has the potential to completely change your life and the world. It's also something that most people get wrong, and don't really understand. There are also a few things to be careful of and reality shifting warnings and dangers.

I made this video to help you understand exactly how to shift your reality in just 3 minutes. This is for beginners, and will help especially if you've been left confused by reality shifting tiktok videos.

Reality shifting technique
Reality shift
Instant reality shifting





✅ Lucid Breakthrough Video Course (For if you've tried lucid dreaming techniques but nothing's working) -

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What is Lucid Dreaming, and who am I?

Lucid dreaming (sometimes called astral projection although they're not quite the same) is the ability to become SELF AWARE in your dreams, meaning you can control them.

There are also many benefits to lucid dreaming, such as improved sleep, more energy, more confidence, and more restorative sleep. Not to mention the fact you can become more CONSCIOUS and experience the impossible!

I'm Stef, the guy behind HowToLucid, and I'm dedicated to helping you learn how to lucid dream. I've been lucid dreaming for over 8 years now and I have a passion for dreams and travel. Follow my journey, and leave a comment if you've read all of this letting me know your best lucid dream experience!

#Luciddreaming #LucidDreamingExperience #LucidDreams

shifting: the flow method!! (credits - monique aka shimmey shay)

TWO SHIFTING VIDEOS IN A ROW?! todays video is a shifting method tutorial on how to do the flow method by monique (aka @Shimmey Shay ) as a lot of you have been asking me to do another tutorial for a method! would you guys like to see a specific shifting method tutorial again in the future? (obviously one that i havent done before lmao). leave your opinion in the comments below!
have a great week! xo

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I’m sorry for how gross I look but here’s my experience! It was super whack. Please hit the sub and like button if you enjoyed to show your support so I know to keep making videos :’).

I’m going through major weight changes in recent months so if I look really different through the few videos I post a week apart that’s why haha.

I’m so glad I’m not crazy and other people have experienced this too.


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tips on what to script when shifting realities (with pictures of my script)

thanks for watching!!

skip to 14:12 for the pictures of my script although i recommend watching the full video as i go over why putting certain things is important.

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see you in the next video!!

1 SIMPLE practice to ELIMINATE desire & PURIFY intent | Reality Shifting

In this video, I discuss a shifting principle which is the purification of intention. One simple adjustment to your regular visualization can be done which successfully eliminates desire and helps shift all focus to intention.

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This book outlines every single one of my morning energy exercises, daily activities and night routine that I use to manifest effortlessly every day, hope it benefits you too!
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