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29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ones. It is known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it could also be called the Land of singing toilets, the country of the blue traffic light, or the country of vending machines.

Really, Japan is a unique country, different from the rest of the world. Japanese farmers grow square watermelons, people park and lock their umbrella before going inside a building and there’s a whole chain of restaurants all over the country where they serve only canned food. In short, there are so many things that make Japan a whole other world. Get ready to explore!

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Square watermelons 0:17
Ramen noodles bath 0:35
Bizzare flavors of Kit-kat 0:58
Fake food 1:17
Rabbit island 1:36
Purikura machines 1:53
People pushers 2:22
Umbrella parking lot 2:42
Millions of vending machines 3:00
Tokyo's biggest resident 3:23
Train delays make headlines 3:50
“Silent” Karaoke 4:16
Polite slurping 4:34
Face napkins 4:54
Water-saving sinks 5:13
Strange mayo 5:35
Naps at work 5:55
World’s shortest escalator 6:14
Canned food restaurant 6:32
Doll village 6:53
No 4’s 7:16
Blue traffic light 7:35
Cleaning classes 8:00
Footbath train 8:18
Futuristic toilets 8:41
Crazy ice-cream flavors 9:04
Space-saving parking lots 9:21
Robot-run hotel 9:33
Café companion 9:59

#japan #japaneseculture #brightside

- The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone offers its guests the pretty unique experience of splashing around in a vat of pork soup and ramen noodles.
- Specialists make this kind of food from plastic or wax, and it looks just as delicious as the real one.
- Their photo booths, called purikura, allow you to edit photos right on the spot, adding different backgrounds, funny stickers, or writings.
- Japan has more than 5 million of them! Mostly because they save time for people who work late hours, which is a pretty common thing there.
- In 2015, Godzilla was granted citizenship in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward.
- Punctuality is a really big thing there, and train stations do everything possible to avoid a delay.
- While in many other countries slurping is considered rude, in Japan it’s a way to show your appreciation of the dish.
- Japanese people don't eat mayo with salads, meat, and sandwiches; in Japan, people usually use it as a topping for ice-cream or on pancakes.
- World’s shortest escalator is in the basement of More’s Department Store, which is located in the city of Kawasaki. The escalator has only 5 steps and is only 33 inches tall.
- The village of Nagoro used to have a population of 300 people, but less than 40 residents live there now. A local artist, Tsukimi Ayano, made over 300 life-size dolls, most of which look like former residents; and they’re located in various states of action.
- It’s common for Japanese culture to avoid the number 4 because it’s considered to be very unlucky.
- They use a blue color instead of green for traffic lights. The reason for that hides in their language: historically, there was only one word for both colors.
- Japanese kids learn how to clean in many schools because it’s a part of their education.
- Toilets in Japan are very high-tech. To use one, a person should know what all those buttons are for.
- Since Japan is a densely-populated country, they don’t like to waste space. That’s why their parking lots have a smart system. They’re designed like multi-level garages.

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Being Muslim in Japan

Back in December 2018 I got a message from a viewer asking if I'd be interested in making a video about being a Muslim in Japan. I said yes, and after more than a year, here's what life is like for Muslims who are practicing their Islamic faith in Japan.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters who allow me to work on big projects like this

And of course very special thanks to Barno and Sherzod, who not only let me into their lives to film this video, but who also organized all the film locations and people to interview. It was a big undertaking and they did so much to help. If you're interested in knowing more about life in Japan as a Muslim, Barno has her own channel (Barno Sulaiman) that covers exactly that

Sherzod also has his own channel, Toyful Joyful

Lastly, you might find these links useful if you're a Muslim and visiting or living in Japan:

- Halal Gourmet
- Halal Media
- Gyomu Super

- The Five Pillars of Islam By Xxedcxx - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
- Mobile Mosque

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YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind 2018. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moments that defined 2018. #YouTubeRewind

It wouldn’t be Rewind without the creators:
Explore the videos, music and trends that defined YouTube in 2018:

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Sofia Castro
@StrayRogue and @DitzyFlama (Bongo Cat)
Technical Guruji
The Try Guys
Tiền Zombie v4
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Yes Theory

All comments featured in Rewind inspired by real comments from the YouTube community.

17 Fresh Riddles That Are Easier Than You Think

Are you ready for a new set of tricky riddles? Be careful: by answering yes, you agree to have your intelligence tested! Still on for it? Then get a pen and a piece of paper to write down your correct answers - if you get at least 9 right, you're a true riddle champion!

And remember that our brain is certainly not a muscle, but it also needs constant training in order to be sharp, toned and ready to react quickly to whatever life throws at it. Riddles and puzzles are great for that, they force us to use our imaginations and think outside the box.

Crossing the River 0:22
A Singer's Misfortune 0:47
A Mad Genius 1:56
An Office Thief 2:48
Beautiful Stars 3:39
A Safari Guide 4:23
A Missing Suitcase 5:18
Daughters 6:26
The Value of Things 6:51
Fake Contestants 7:15
A Copied Key 8:25
Brothers and Sisters 9:33
An Elusive Concept 9:59
A Mysterious Object 10:14
Too Big for a Pan 10:35
On a Cold Night 10:52
Only One Hand 11:37

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YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind 2017. Celebrating the videos, people, music and memes that made 2017. #YouTubeRewind

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This Under Water Drone Conquers the Ocean... in 4K!

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Thanos Sings Dame Da Ne (Baka Mitai)

Thanos snaps his fingers, but when he realizes Iron Man has the Infinity Stones, he is overcome with grief and sings Baka Mitai / Dame Dane (ばかみたい) from the Yakuza OST.


Shun Akiyana Baka Mitai lip sync source by Dobbsyrules:

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● Dame Da Ne Deep Fake meme - Thanos Edition
● Thanos sings Baka Mitai in Avengers: Endgame (Damedane)
● Yakuza - Da Me Dane but Thanos lip syncs to it MEME
● Dame da ne dame yo dame na no yo



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Scientists Explain Why Some Guys Can't Grow a Beard

Why can't some men grow a beard? They spend weeks trying to do that, but all they get is some thin and patchy facial hair. At the same time, others have to shave several times a day because they were blessed with fast-growing whiskers.

Traditionally beards are considered to be a sign of masculinity, power, strength, and wisdom. And in case you are one of those guys who is struggling to grow a thick beard, we at Bright Side collected a set of recommendations that can help the brawny half of our planet become the proud owners of sumptuous beards. We'll also tell you why some men can't grow beards.

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Insensitivity to testosterone 0:35
Alopecia 1:46
Lack of physical activity 2:22
Iron deficiency 4:19
How to increase your chances 4:47
Take good care of your face 4:55
Use skin care products that contain eucalyptus 5:27
Add more vitamin B to your diet 5:55
Drink more water 6:39
Leave your beard alone 7:13
Sleep more 7:32
Give up smoking 8:01

#beard #beardgrowth #beardtips

Music by Epidemic Sound

- Most men have similar levels of testosterone. But those who can boast thick beards are typically more responsive to testosterone. That's why the ability to grow a beard is closely linked with genetics and has nothing to do with masculinity.
- Alopecia is an illness that leaves people with bald spots on their heads and other parts of the body. Men who have this condition are usually unable to grow facial hair.
- If the inability to grow a beard is connected with low levels of testosterone, there's one effective way to solve this problem. It is the sport. Most kinds of physical exercises boost testosterone in men.
- One more thing that can prevent men from having a beard of their dreams is anemia or iron deficiency. In this case, there is a lack of healthy red blood cells in the blood.
- Try to exfoliate the skin on your face at least once a week. By doing this, you remove dry and dead skin cells, and this helps your facial hair grow faster and thicker.
- If you don't have an allergy to eucalyptus, these products will effectively speed up the growth of your facial hair. Besides, you can use natural eucalyptus oil.
- Your beard will start to grow faster if there's sufficient amount of vitamins B1, B6, and B12 in your body.
- If you have a lack of water in your body, your beard won't get thick. On top of that, the beard-growing process will take much longer.
- Don't shape and don't groom your beard for the first 4 to 6 weeks after you started to grow it. Trimming your facial hair will NOT make your beard grow darker or thicker.
- When you get enough good sleep, your damaged skin cells have time to repair themselves. This encourages a beard to grow.
- Smoking affects beard growth as much as aging. Just a couple of cigarettes a day can disrupt blood circulation at the hair roots.

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10 Most Attractive Men of 2018 From Around the World

Do you know who is the most handsome man of 2018? Take a look at this list, it's really objective: the most handsome men were suggested by social media users, not by a special jury. At first, everyone suggested a candidate and then voted to choose the participants. Some of the 100 men that got the most “likes” are on this list. Bright Side is going to show you 10 men who were chosen as the most attractive men of 2018.

Michael B. Jordan, actor 0:47
Çagatay Ulusoy, model and actor 1:06
Henry Cavill, actor 1:26
William Levy, actor 1:46
Toni Mahfud, model 2:07
Marlon Teixeira, model 2:28
Maxi Iglesias, actor 2:50
Jamie Dornan, actor 3:07
Zayn Malik, singer 3:27
Kim Taehyung, singer 3:50

#handsomemen #attractivemen #mostattractivemen

Preview photo credit:
Jamie Dornan on the sets of Once Upon a Time, January 2013: By katmtan - CC BY 2.0
In Sept. 20, 2014, file photo, One Direction's Zayn Malik arrives with bandmates to the iHeart Radio Music Festival at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Malik said Wednesday, March 25, 2015, he is leaving chart-topping boy band One Direction to be a normal 22-year-old. Malik's bandmates said they were sad to see him go but we totally respect his decision and send him all our love for the future.: By Andrew Estey/Invision/AP/East News,
Animation is created by Bright Side.
Michael B. Jordan speaking at the 2015, 2016, 2017 San Diego Comic Con International, for Fantastic Four, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Michael B. Jordan, CC BY-SA 2.0
Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Michael B. Jordan promoting the movie Creed at the Philadelphia Art Museum in November 2015. This is immediately adjacent to the Rocky Steps made famous in the original Rocky movie: By 由Patriarca12 - 自己的作品,CC BY 3.0
Toni Mahfud: By Official Instagram account,
V (Kim Tae-hyung):
at The Mood For Love On Stage: Epilogue in Taipei, on June 9, 2016: 由Taehyung's Moment - 160609 花樣年華 ON STAGE EPILOGUE in TAIPEI, CC BY 4.0
at a fanmeeting in Daegu on December 12, 2013: By Taehyun's Moment - 131212 대구 팬사인회, CC BY 4.0
at TTV Red and White in Taipei-Taiwan on January 9, 2016: By Taehyung's Moment - 160109 대만 홍백예능대상, CC BY 4.0
at the 2016 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Red Carpet: By SHAQ Photo - CC BY 4.0
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Kevin Hart Presents - How to get over your fears ( Roller Coasters )

Everybody that knows me knows I HATE roller coasters... Jimmy Fallon challenged me to ride one while I was in Orlando to promote my new movie Think Like A Man Too...of course I accepted the challenge and took on the roller coaster.... check it out and make sure y'all go see Think Like A Man Too which hits theaters this Friday June 20th....

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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Jellied Eels, Anyone?

Now give this one a chance, okay? Jellied eels are one of London’s most traditional pub dishes. Yes, you read that right—jellied eels. You see, back in the 18th century, London’s River Thames was filled to the brim with eels. Not only were these slippery species easy to catch, they were cheap and nutritious. The dish, as it continues to be made today, calls for chopped eels, which are boiled in a spiced stock before being allowed to cool and set to form a jelly. Jellied eels are usually eaten cold. Love them or hate them, jellied eels are here to stay. Mmm … jiggly.


This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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Shave Your Head?! 5 Reasons To Get A Buzz Cut | The StyleJumper Collab

In today's video, we've partnered with Ihsaan from The StyleJumper and we're talking about the 5 reasons every man should consider shaving his head.

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????Click here to read article:

Another great video? What Does A Man's Bald Head Signal? -

Video Summary:
0:52 - Reason #1: Association
1:35 - Reason #2: Boldness
2:19 - Reason #3: The Science
3:18 - Reason #4: Reinvention
4:36 - Reason #5: ???

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We made our rings! BALI VLOG

Sidemen in Bali Indonesia is a place that few people know about but if you are looking for an escape from the usual bali travel scenes, this is an incredible getaway spot with an amazing place to make some jewelry. See you next MONDAY for Bali vlog 2.

Watch the start of our Central Bali trip here:

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