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SIGNAL Conference 2019 Day 2 Keynote


SIGNAL 2019 - Day 2 Keynote

At SIGNAL, Twilio’s Annual’s Developer Conference, you’ll find the resources, connections and tech you need to level up customer interactions for your business. From expert speaker sessions, to hands-on workshops, product deep dives, and speaker panels - SIGNAL delivers powerful and practical sessions.

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SIGNAL 2019 - Keynote Day 1

Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO and Co-Founder, kicked off our SIGNAL 2019 keynote sessions with new product announcements including Conversations, Media Streams, Calls Verified By Twilio, Twilio SendGrid Ads & Email Validation, Twilio Command Line Interface (CLI), the Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative, and the premiere of TwilioQuest 3.

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Day 2 Keynote (TF World '19)

O'Reilly and TensorFlow are teaming up to present the first TensorFlow World. It brings together the growing TensorFlow community to learn from each other and explore new ideas, techniques, and approaches in deep and machine learning.

0:01 - TFX: An end-to-end ML platform for everyone by Konstantinos Katsiapis & Anusha Ramesh
12:28 - Personalization of Spotify Home and TensorFlow by Tony Jebara
21:14 - TensorFlow Hub: The platform to share and discover pretrained models for TensorFlow by Mike Liang
28:56 - Accelerating TensorFlow for Research and Deployment by Ujval Kapasi
34:10 - Human Error: How can we help people build models that do what they expect by Anna Roth
43:40 - TensorFlow Lite: ML for mobile and IoT devices by Jared Duke & Sarah Sirajuddin
58:00 - TensorFlow.js: Bringing machine learning to JavaScript by Sandeep Gupta & Joseph Paul Cohen
1:13:48 - MLIR: Accelerating AI by Chris Lattner & Tatiana Shpeisman
1:23:44 - Sticker recommendation and AI-driven Innovations on Hike messaging platform by Ankur Narang

Presented by:
Konstantinos Katsiapis, Google
Anusha Ramesh, Google
Tony Jebara, Spotify
Mike Liang, Google
Ujval Kapasi, NVIDIA
Anna Roth, Microsoft
Jared Duke, Google
Sarah Sirajuddin, Google
Sandeep Gupta, Google
Joseph Paul Cohen, University of Montreal
Chris Lattner, Google
Tatiana Shpeisman, Google
Ankur Narang, Hike

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13 Closing Keynote - Smithsonian Digitization Conference 2019 Day 2

“Specimen Digitization for Bio-Inspired Technology Research”
Christin Murphy, Head of Signal Processing and Algorithm Development Branch; Head of Bio-inspired Research and Development Laboratory, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport, RI

Digitization Conference Playlist:

About the 2019 Smithsonian Digitization Conference - Engagement!

The Smithsonian’s new five-year strategic plan “Smithsonian 2022: Greater Reach, Greater Relevance, Profound Impact” sets an ambitious goal of reaching one billion people a year with a digital first strategy. It calls for the creation of new digital platforms for scholars, educators, and the general public to better access Smithsonian collections, research, and education resources - the increase and diffusion of knowledge in the 21st century. At the 2019 Digitization Conference we will explore what meaningful engagement with those one billion people might look like. We’ll be exploring:

• What constitutes meaningful engagement?
• How can we become better at enabling it?
• What areas offer the most opportunities for engagement? The best opportunities?
• How do we measure engagement?
• What outcomes do we want? What outcomes do our audiences want?

These are the key questions we will explore in the 2019 Digitization Conference. Sponsored by the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office, this three-day event will explore how we can use digitized collections to:

• Spur creativity, innovation, and positive change in some area of human endeavor;
• Explore ways cultural institutions can maximize engagement with their digitized collections; and
• Investigate ways museums, archives and libraries can measure, improve and expand engagement that takes place around their digitized collections.

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Google Cloud Next '19: Day 2 Product Innovation Keynote

Urs Hölzle, SVP, Technical Infastructure, 1:19
Deepti Srivastava, Product Manager, Cloud Databases, 18:45
Justin Arbuckle, Scotiabank, SVP, 25:44
Julie Price, Big Data Specialist, Cloud Customer Engineer, 32:00
Juan Perez, CIO, UPS, 41:40
Rajen Sheth, Director, Product Management, Cloud AI, 47:47
Binu Mathew, SVP, Global Head of Digital Products, Baker Hughes, a GE company, 51:07
Karen Van Kirk, VP, Viewer Experience, 56:26
Amy Lokey, VP, Gsuite, 1:03:55
Mike Heim, Corp VP & CIO, Whirlpool, 1:13:00
Jen Fitzpatrick, SVP, Geo, 1:19:15
Andy Zitney, SVP & CTO, McKesson Technology, 1:27:25
Paul Daugherty, CTIO, Accenture, 1:34:06
David Kline, CTO, Viacom, 1:35:03
Janet Foutty, Chair and CEO, Deloitte Consulting LLP, 1:38:58
Guy Peri, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Procter & Gamble, 1:40:18

Hear about Google Cloud's latest solution innovations across security, infrastructure, Maps, data analytics, ML & AI, G Suite, and more.

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Speaker(s): Justin Arbuckle, Michael Heim, Urs Hölzle, Thomas Kurian, Amy Lokey, Binu Mathew
Moderator: Sarah Patterson
Panelists: Rajen Sheth, Karen Van Kirk

Session ID: GENKEY02
fullname: Urs Hölzle, Thomas Kurian, Amy Lokey, Rajen Sheth;

WWDC 2019 Keynote — Apple

Apple WWDC 2019. One big week. Even bigger announcements. Announcing updates to iOS, watchOS, and macOS. And introducing iPadOS, the all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

New software and technologies. Hands-on labs. Technical and design focused sessions led by Apple engineers. Anything can happen at the Worldwide Developers Conference where coders, creators and crazy ones come together to do the insanely great. Take a look at the latest updates:

12:25 Announcing watchOS 6
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28:05 Introducing iOS 13 in Dark Mode
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1:03:50 Introducing iPadOS
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1:19:30 Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
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1:43:30 Announcing macOS Catalina
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SIGNAL 2018: Day 2

Unlock the magic of communications with Twilio.

Join us at SIGNAL, where you’ll witness how builders are reimagining software applications that power customer engagement experiences and transform every day human interaction.

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SIGNAL 2019 Highlights

SIGNAL is Twilio's annual customer and developer conference that showcases how builders are reimagining software applications that power customer engagement experiences and transform every day human interaction.

Check out highlights from SIGNAL 2019, August 6-7, 2019 at Moscone West in San Francisco, where we were joined by over 4,000 developers and Twilio customers who are building the future of communication.

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AltiumLive 2019 - Live from San Diego - Day 2

AltiumLive 2019: The Annual PCB Design Summit will Live Stream Keynote presentations on Thursday October 10th and Friday, October 11th. Tune in here to watch live! Click Set reminder on the screen to get a notification when the Livestream begins. Click here for Day 1 Livestream:

On Thursday, October 10th:

9:15 am - Eric Bogatin, Dean of Signal Integrity, Teledyne LeCroy presents
Breaking Bad: A Downside of Open Source Designs

3:15 pm - Joe Grand, Product Designer and Founder of Grand Idea Studio presents
When Hacking and Engineering Collide

On Friday, October 11th:

9:00 am - Altium Keynote: Get your first look at Altium Designer 20 and ConcordPro running on Altium365

1:00 pm - Robert Feranec, Founder of FEDEVEL Academy presents
How Other Companies Implement Their Hardware Design Process

4:15 pm - Bob Martin, The Wizard of Make Senior Staff Engineer at Microchip presents
Moving from Prototype to Production with Arduino

Please note all times are in Pacific Time.

Day 2 Keynotes RedisConf 2019


SIGNAL 2018: Day 1

Unlock the magic of communications with Twilio.

Join us at SIGNAL, where you’ll witness how builders are reimagining software applications that power customer engagement experiences and transform every day human interaction.

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ChefConf 2018 Keynote: Adam Jacob Day 2 Opening

Adam was there at the dawn of DevOps, and is now planning what’s next for the future of app delivery and automation. Adam’s Day 2 ChefConf keynote is a personal telling of how this journey unfolded, Adam’s opinions and frank advice for companies making the transition, and his thoughts on how it will continue to evolve in the coming years. Plus bonus flannel and heavy metal.

Adam Jacob, CTO and co-founder of Chef

MBAS 2019 Opening keynote

Take in the keynote, featuring Microsoft executives.

Day 1 Keynote | Oculus Connect 6

The Oculus Connect Day 1 Keynote is streaming live. Watch as Mark and other leaders reveal what's new from Oculus as the next chapter for AR and VR begins.

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Agile Greece Summit - Closing Keynote - Day #2 - Linda Rising

Agile Greece Summit - Closing Keynote - Day #2 - Meeting resistance and moving forward by Linda Rising

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Corenote with Satya Nadella

On stage at Microsoft Inspire on July 17, 2019, CEO Satya Nadella discussed Microsoft's mission, solution areas and the impact our employees and partners can have on the 7 billion people on the planet.

Microsoft Inspire is where partners meet to connect, collaborate and celebrate as one community. Wherever you are in your journey as a partner, Microsoft Inspire can help accelerate your success. Learn more about the annual event:

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Mark Zuckerberg Gives The Keynote Speech At Facebook Developer Conference | TIME

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives the keynote speech at the Facebook developer conference.
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Mark Zuckerberg Gives The Keynote Speech At Facebook Developer Conference

F8: Day 2

Megan Morrone and Nathan Olivarez- Giles talk about day two of the Facebook Developer's Conference in San Jose where the keynote presentation focused on futuristic technologies that are at least a few years off.

Facebook's Building 8 division, which works on experimental and further off technologies said it's in hoping to develop sensor technology that uses your skin to send signals to your brain to possibly let deaf people hear and translate languages. This is something various medical and tech researchers have been working on for decades before Facebook decided to dip into this effort.

The Building 8 group is also theorizing that electrodes in your brain would let you type by thinking rather than moving your fingers around.

In a couple ideas that are a bit more tangible, Facebook demoed a camera that it says uses artificial intelligence to blur photo backgrounds in real time -- something Apple and Google's smartphone camera apps do through software after a photo is taken.

Facebook is also developing a helicopter that could proved internet access in the aftermath of disasters that knockout internet infrastructure.

The head of Facebook's Building 8 group is Regina Dugan, who used to run Google's ATAP group and used to work for the US government's DARPA.

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Vision Keynote with Satya Nadella | Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 kicks off with a keynote from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, starting at 9:00 AM ET/6:00 AM PT on Monday, November 4. Microsoft Ignite is for anyone who is motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and tech. Learn more about the event, watch selected sessions on-demand, and more:

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Holistic Product Design for Electrical Engineers (AltiumLive 2019 Keynote)

In this keynote from AltiumLive 2019 (a PCB Design Conference) I talk about how electrical engineers and PCB designers can take a more holistic approach to PCB design. This keynote is meant to compliment my keynote from AltiumLive 2018, which focused on design thinking for engineers. You can watch my 2018 Keynote here:

Altium is the maker of Altium Designer, the software I use to design the electronics in Shaper Origin. They also produced a great video about Shaper's design process. You can watch it here:

Learn more about Shaper Origin, the world's first Handheld CNC Machine:

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