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SMT LIVES -Nintendo Direct Mini Reaction-


how SMT fans reacted to the Nocturne HD announcement

Me: has never played an SMT game, just started watching a walkthrough of nocturne
Also Me: makes a nocturne meme

I was still super shocked and excited for the news of both a nocturne remake AND smtv! They're finally here :,)

Seasons of SMT Recap - (When Next Plush Vid Is)

Hey Hey Hey! Thank ya'll for 1K Subscribers! I have a special planned but in a meantime, heres a recap video i whipped up of earlier Seasons. This was a good experience for my new video editing software, yeah I know there are some flukes in the video, I'm still getting used to Final Cut...

Also if someone can comment what game trailer this video is based off of.......ur kool in my book! yeah...

9_9_2020 ACT Samples and Updates for Egypt Students

9-9-2020 ACT Samples and Updates for Egypt Students

Paulson Mfg. Corp. Factory Tour feat. Hugh Hoagland

ArcWear® CEO Hugh Hoagland & Paulson Mfg. Corp. CEO Roy Paulson tour the Paulson factory and discuss the technology behind our next-gen arc flash safety products. To learn more please visit

ENA - Extinction Party

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backroom labyrinth by Oliver Buckland

Eternal.Temp by Graham Kartna


Ena (happy) by Gabe V.

Moony and Ena (sad) by Lizzie Freeman

Ena (drunk) and Rubik by Sam Meza

Robert by Hanai Chihaya

Merci by Chobi

3D Maze made in Unity by Utu-Nui

Script Revisionist: Abby F
Special thanks to Mizu Wolf

Animated by Joel G

FF7 Remake - Proof That There Are 2 Different Midgars

Wow. So this was an awesome find. There is clearly multiple Midgars in Final Fantasy VII Remake. But why?


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Doron Zeilberger - An Ultra-Finitistic Foundation of Probability

Doron Zeilberger
Rutgers, Department of Mathematics

Foundations of Probability seminar
November 19, 2018

An Ultra-Finitistic Foundation of Probability

Probability theory started on the right foot with Cardano, Fermat and Pascal when it restricted itself to finite sample spaces, and was reduced to counting finite sets. Then it got ruined by attempts to come to grips with that fictional (and completely superfluous) 'notion' they called 'infinity'.

A lot of probability theory can be done by keeping everything finite, and whatever can't be done that way, is not worth doing. We live in a finite world, and any talk of 'infinite' sample spaces is not even wrong, it is utterly meaningless. The only change needed, when talking about an 'infinite' sequence of sample spaces, say of n coin tosses, {H,T}^n, for 'any' n, tacitly implying that you have an 'infinite' supply of such n, is to replace it by the phrase 'symbolic n'.

This new approach is inspired by the philosophy and ideology behind symbolic computation. Symbolic computation can also redo, ab initio, without any human help, large parts of classical probability theory.

Dharmendra Pradhan Flagged Off The ‘Run for Unity’ In Bhubaneswar

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Improve z OS Storage Operations with Better Operational Intelligence

Focusing on z/OS storage operations and performance, this webinar will demonstrate how to leverage mainframe performance data to provide predictive intelligence that will enhance your availability and bring value to your z/OS ops and performance management teams.

During the webinar, Lee and Burt will demonstrate how you can:

• Deliver a completely new level of insights to outsmart service disruptions by seeing bottlenecks as they develop and eliminate hidden inefficiencies.
• Rate z/OS performance metrics as good, warning, or bad based on the context.
• Track root causes, provide recommendations to find the solution, and accurately predict upcoming problems before they can cause an outage or SLA violation.
• Analyze the data using embedded z/OS specific hardware expertise to provide deeper and faster understanding of the DASD, Replication and Tape infrastructure.
• Visualize the performance risk and optimization opportunities within your environment.

Pet Talks | Alokparna | Interim Managing Director | HSI

We are thrilled to have Alokparna Sengupta, Interim managing director at humane society International on Pet Talks. She has been working in the non- profit organization management industry for the past decade. She is an animal protection advocate and has done tremendous work in the animal space which is truly an inspiration.

Humane Society International (HSI) India is one of the largest non-profit animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all animals—including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife. They have a strong record of program achievements and serve a critical and expanding role in global efforts to reduce animal suffering. Through fieldwork, policy formation, humane education and direct care and services, they have helped advance the cause of animal welfare in dozens of nations worldwide by protecting street dogs, responding to disasters, saving wild animals from abuse, protecting marine mammals, fighting factory farming, and striving to end toxicity testing on animals. They are the leading animal advocacy organization, seeking a humane world for all animals, including people. Their motto is Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty.

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mini t bulb || samar experiment gadgets copy || how to makeT bulb ||samar experiment is my guru G

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mai jo bhi banata hu sab samar samar sir se sikh kar banata hu thanks Samar bhai (Sir)

SANDHAN (AGIC): Cells involve in Humoral immune Response

BJP MP Aparajita Sarangi At Party HQs

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Episode 08 - Challenges of Property Management in the New Normal

Episode 08 - Ikonsulta Mo Kay Doc EG

Episode Topic:
Challenges of Property Management in the New Normal

About the Episode:
Discussion on the role of Property Management in the administration of condo, buildings, and other housing subdivisions in the new normal.

This is an online event streamed via
Facebook Live at
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Join Us
July 12, 2020, 2020 | 3pm to 4pm
via FB & YouTube Live - @konsultdoceg

Hosted By:
Dr. Eduardo Doc EG Ong, Ph.D, DPA, DBA
First Chairman PRBRES

Guest Speakers:
Mr. Nestor Correa
FIRMA Filipino Institute of Real Property Managers & Administrators

Ms. Lory Grace Tirado-Organo
FIRMA Filipino Institute of Real Property Managers & Administrators

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OrgCMF Partner Training Module 2 Beta

Training module 2, introduces Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory (DSMT). It explains its basis in organisation science and describes its structure and rules. DSMT underpins the Organisation Capability Maturity Framework for practical application and capability maturity assessment in any organisation.

Massive Star Birth Through Cosmic Time, Dr. Jonathon Tan at Green Bank Observatory

On Thursday, September 12, 2019, Dr. Jonathan Tan of the University of Virginia and Chalmers University presented A Light in the Dark - Massive Star Birth Through Cosmic Time at the Green Bank Observatory Jansky Auditorium. Massive stars have played a dominant role in shaping our universe since its earliest times, but there is still no consensus on the mechanism by which they form. I review the physics that is important for massive star formation and the connection this process may have with star cluster formation. I then focus on a particular theoretical model, Turbulent Core Accretion, which assumes the initial conditions are massive, turbulent, magnetized cores of gas and dust that are reasonably close to virial equilibrium. Our group has been exploring this scenario via analytic models and numerical simulations of the physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium, ranging from the earliest pre-stellar core phase to protostellar cores being impacted by strong self-feedback. Crucially, these models can now be tested in detail with ALMA, SOFIA and other facilities, and I present the latest results from multiple projects that are zooming in to massive star birth in the darkest shadows of giant molecular clouds. Extension of this work has the potential to also determine how the full stellar initial mass function is established across different Galactic environments. Finally, I discuss an application of massive star formation theory to the early universe: how massive were the first stars and could they have been the progenitors of supermassive black holes?

Daily Current Affairs Quiz (Hindi) for UPPSC (29th May) | Khushboo Chaturvedi | UPPSC | 2020

In this session, our start educator Khushboo Chaturvedi will discuss the daily current affairs MCQ from different newspapers/sources like- The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Patrika. At the end of this session, we will revise all the current affairs of the previous day. These current affairs MCQs are very very important for UPPSC exam after learning all these questions you will be able to solve most of the questions of current affairs in UPPSC exam.
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In this Current Affairs MCQ Series we will cover
- National & International Current Affairs
- GK through Maps
- Current affair rapid revision
- The Hindu current affairs quiz for UPPSC
- Indian Express current affairs quiz for UPPSC
- PIB current affairs quiz for UPPSC
- UPPSC 2020 current affairs
- Daily current affairs for UPPSC 2020
- Daily current affairs for UP Government Exams
- Daily current affairs for UPSSSC
- Daily current affairs for UP SI
- Weekly current affairs for MPPSC, MPSI, Vyapama, and other mp govt exams
- MP specific current affairs in Hindi for MPPSC, MPSI, Vyapama, and other mp govt exams
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Molex Webinar: Antenna design considerations for a Smart Home

Intelligent and integrated smart home systems are bringing next generation connected devices into multiple consumer markets. Molex incorporates the latest innovative technology into its standard antennas with the range including Bluetooth/WI-FI, GNSS, Combo, Cellular, NFC and more.

Hosted by Mathias Goebel, Avnet Abacus' Product Manager, with a 40-minute technical presentation from Savvas Valsamakis, Business Development Manager at Molex Europe, this webinar explores:

• Antenna design for IoT applications
• Wireless protocol fundamentals
• From wireless protocol to antenna selection
• Antenna design with Molex
• Q&A

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Samsung Mobile Assemble in Pakistan | Made in Pakistan Samsung Phone

Samsung Mobile Assemble in pakistan.

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Arduino: DIY Breath Controller Prototype

Using the Arduino to send midi cc data to my daw.

More details and thought on my blog at

Components used for the above project:
MPX2010GSX - Breath Sensor
INA114AP - Instrumentation Amplifier
Si7661 - Voltage Converter

The video has some skips and pops, no idea why :-/



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