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From Flight Attendant to Student Pilot. This experience was so surreal. Not in my wildest dream that I get to fly an aircraft. Hope you will enjoy watching this awesome experience of mine.




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Flight Attendant FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS with Sample Answers | Interview tips


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First Ever Flight Lesson| New Student Pilot

It has always been Daniel's dream to fly, and today we made that dream come true in his first ever flight lesson!

The first flight is all about being comfortable in the plane, feeling the controls and learning the fundamentals of flying. Dan did a fantastic job!

Enjoy the flight!

Private Pilot Ground School. Chapter 1.

Private Pilot Ground School by Scott Leach.

Chapter 1. Introduction - how to prepare for the course, books, AC's, etc.

Ground School | A Day In The Life Of An ATPL Student Pilot | Part 1

In this video I show you one full day of my life in Greece, while I'm attending the second semester of the Integrated ATPL program. On this particular day I did not have any flights planned, so this was a full day of theory!

Also check out part 2 to see a day with flying!

This video for entertainment purposes only. Do not use it as an educational video, because the video may be made up of footage from different flights. The video is meant to give an impression of how becoming a pilot may look like, but is not always filmed in chronological order. Furthermore, parts of this video are recorded pre-COVID19 and before social distancing was a thing.

First Flight Ever! Private Pilot Lesson One!

14:10 first landing (Auburn s50)
28:00 second landing (Norman Grier s36)
41:00 last landing back at KPLU.

Long video but it’s pretty much the whole first flight lesson from start to finish.

Lesson 1 Private Pilot! The student flew well, but this is a normal first flight for my students. I don’t always add the second airport landing if they are struggling ,but he was doing great and was still seeing outside (learning ).

So we started out heading for KTIW (Tacoma Narrows airport ) but things got busy over there so I diverted to S50 ( auburn airport ) for a landing and then we took off and headed over to S36 ( Norman Grier airpark , formally known as Crest) for another landing. Crest is fun since its an airpark with private homes lining the runway on both sides.

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Satina Wants a Glass of Water (Pilot)

Satina drives her parents insane, as per usual.
Hi guys! I made this video as a very short student film, but you can all take it as a proof of concept pilot for the webseries that is currently being made. These are the humble origins!

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STUDENT PILOT FOR A DAY EP 2 | Exploring Jomalig Island

Let's explore Jomalig! An Island located in the Quezon Province and it takes approximately 11 hours of travel time from Manila- 7 hours boat ride and 4 hours bus ride. Big thanks to Sir Vince from @Cockpit Chatter in arranging our trip to Jomalig via private plane that took us only 1 hour and 30 minutes of flying time from Pampanga. Check out my vlog and you will surely fall in love with the place.
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Song: Helucze - Weeping Willow [Concordia Recordings]

Song: Helucze - Atoms (Acoustic) [Concordia Recordings]

Song: Jim Yosef & Side-B feat. Q'Aila - On Our Way (Mario Ayuda Remix) [Concordia Recordings]

STUDENT PILOT IN A DAY (Part 1) ft Indiana Aerospace University | Flight Attendant Vlogs

New Year, New Career??
Mga Kalipad nagtry ako maging Student Pilot! Kung pumasa ba ako? Watch til the end tong Vlog na ito.
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Special Thanks to Capt. Tony Stark
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FA Shaine Buhat is a Flight Attendant from the Largest Low-Cost Airline in the Philippines. Join her as she shares experiences from her layovers, thoughts, advices, beliefs, and “KaWALEYan” through this platform.

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Obituary - A Grave Beginning (Cartoon Series Pilot)

To get updates on Obituary - a cartoon series about June Crocker, a girl who was raised by ghosts, and her life among the living and deceased. Comics ►►

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Catie Wayne || Daisy, Violet, June’s Mother
Ari Stidham || Lester Catfield, Coach McKinney
Jordan Stidham || Trulish Gramplin, June’s Father, Student #3, Edmund, Clown Ghost
Michael Barryte || Vince Rasp, Student#1, Dmitri
Greg Wilmot || Protestant ghost/Skipper Ghost
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The TOVG Office
Ryan Finnerty
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Mom & Dad

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1st Solo!!! (Abigail's Private Pilot Journey)

On this episode join Abigail and me as I cut her loose to solo the beautiful Tampico Socata! This is one of our films as we journey through her training from day zero to private pilot! Check out the other videos and subscribe to @All American Aviation channel!
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A Day in The Life of a Student Pilot~ Indigo L3 Cadet Pilot Program!

Welcome back to my Vlog#7# In this Vlog, I will be showing you how I typically spend my day during my pilot training. I hope you would enjoy the insights in the vlog!

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About: I am a Civil Engineer who graduated from TCET Mumbai, currently training for Commercial Pilot under Indigo Cadet Pilot Program.

Ep. 1 - Becoming a pilot

Watch our new video series about student pilots turning their dreams of becoming a pilot into reality.

In the first episode, you will meet the students in our First Officer Program 19-1 when they enter the flight school on their very first day at school.

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This is what a typical training day on a weekend looks like for me. Enjoy!
Music by Lakey Inspired

1 Minute In The Day Of A Life Of A Student Pilot | Episode 1

Episode one of a mini-series of 1 minute extracts of days in the life of a student pilot at LAC Flying School based at Manchester Barton.

Today's episode shows a day getting familiar with a new aircraft type, principles of flight revision as well as some small general things!

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Student Pilot - FIRST Flight in Cessna 172 Over Clearwater Beach Florida | Ep. #1 (2020)

I just started flight training and this is my FIRST flight in Cessna 172 as a student pilot.

Hello, my name is Brandon and I am currently a student pilot working towards going from private pilot for single engine airplanes to eventually flying for the airlines. In this student pilot training series, come ride along as I continue my flight training in Cessna 172 over Clearwater Beach Florida and work towards achieving my private pilot license.

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LPS: Power of Popularity Ep.1 The First Day (Pilot)

Clementine Bridges and her best friend Chelsea go back to school after a fun and long summer vacation. But as they get there, they see Hailey, the most popular girl in Blue Crest High making out with a boy. Before going to class, they meet a girl named Lisa who just moved into Sunlake City. While Clementine and Lisa are busy paying attention to the video in Biology, Kristina gets lazy and starts to sleep. Clementine finds her sleeping and tells the teacher. Kristina goes to the principal's office and gets scolded. after Biology, Clementine goes to east campus and ends up on the ground because of someone....

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Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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MY FIRST FLIGHT | Life of a Student Pilot

All in-flight and preflight videos have been shot without any disturbance to the actual Flight. All the videos have been shot from a safe angle non-hazardous to the operations of a flight with a certified instructor on board.

Hey! Welcome back. This is your Pilot speaking.
We'll be taking off soon so sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
This was my First Flight and I'd not love anything more than sharing this experience with you all.
It was April 10th, 2021, the day I longed for a major part of my life.
A calm morning, and clear skies with a crosswind spiked by excitement every minute till I took off for the first time.
I've flown for about 5 days now, everyday, and I can tell you one thing, that everyday is a better day. I've realized that to fly an aircraft, you need to communicate. No, not the radio communication. I'm talking about the Aircraft. You need to communicate with the aircraft. She is going to tell you what she needs. How much power, how much angle, everything, You will feel her talking to you in a language only you'll hear.

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return. - Leonardo Da Vinci
0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Flight Plan and Preparation
4:48 - Getting the Day started
7:30 - Merritt Island Airport
11:20 - First Flight
16:12 - Final Words

Learning To Fly - Episode 1 - Student Pilot begins his aviation journey

Hello, world! I'm Nate and I'm at the very beginning of my journey into aviation! I've started this brand new YouTube Channel to document my progress, and share the adventures with you!

I will be adding more videos, and improving them as I go along.

Episode 1 is a quick introduction to Galesburg Municipal Airport (KGBG) Where I am a student seeking my Private Pilot's Certificate (commonly referred to as PPL).

Please subscribe to the channel to stay connected as we go forward.

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Student Pilot Flying to Oshkosh: Part 1/7

In this series we'll take you along as Carli racks up some hours flying from Florida to Oshkosh in a Cessna 172. She had about 15-20 hours of flight time going into the trip that was spread out over the course of a year or more (pretty typical for most student pilots trying to fit in flight training with their busy lives). We'll give you a pretty thorough view of how the trip went up to Oshkosh and lots of little tips along the way. This series is a little more long winded than most of our shorter videos, but hopefully you can benefit from these videos as a student or even as a private pilot refreshing on what it is like to take a long cross country flight!
Leave your questions in the coments below!

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Calculating Takeoff Distances - For Student Pilots

This video is a tutorial on how to use the takeoff performance charts to calculate your takeoff groundroll or your takeoff distance to clear a 50 ft obstacle with and without flaps.

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Are you just starting out as a student pilot or a student pilot that is frustrated with your flight club or the amount of flight hours and money you are having to spend on your training? I know i was frustrated and I definitely think I spent way too much money during my training.

That's why I made a 100% FREE course on my website on How to get started and save money as a student pilot. It goes over how to choose the right flight school, how to NOT get ripped off, how to financially plan for flight school, tips to saving time and money while training, how to get started and get your student license and much more:

The first thing a pilot needs to do when calculating takeoff performance is figure out which chart they should be using. For me, the names of the charts were kind of confusing. First, are you planning on using flaps on takeoff? If yes then you need to use a chart that says 25 degrees flaps. If no, then you use the charts that have 0 degrees flaps in the title. Second, do you need to clear a 50 ft obstacle? If so, then you need to use the charts with Takeoff Performance in their title. If not, and you just need to know if you have enough runway to lift off, then you should be using the charts with Takeoff groundroll in the title.

Then, you need to gather the relevant information needed for the calculation which includes some calculations for converting airport elevation to pressure altitude and converting the expected surface winds to a headwind or tailwind component. You will also need things like the surface temperature, aircraft weight, expected altimeter setting, and expected winds.

Finally, follow the steps outlined in the video to work your way through the chart.



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