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SWIFT at Sibos 2019 | Reinventing payments


SWIFT at Sibos 2019 | Reinventing payments

At #Sibos this year, the SWIFT programme took a 360-degree approach to ‘Reinventing payments.'
From richer data and instant #payments to credit confirmations, real-time compliance and much more, here are six key themes that emerged from the 60 expert talks, product demos and panel discussions hosted on the SWIFT stand.


SWIFT at Sibos 2019 | Payments stream | Fabien Depasse

The pace of change in the world of #payments is unrelenting. The proliferation of new technologies, shifting customer expectations, and the availability of new business models are shaping the future of the industry.

In this year’s SWIFT at #Sibos programme, we’ll take a closer look at all these changes and how the payments landscape is being reinvented as a result. The programme brings together experts from across the industry to discuss the innovations ongoing to create a seamless payments experience – from the latest #SWIFTgpi service evolutions to the network value of universal confirmations, new global standards and a lot more.

Discover the programme here:

Sibos TV: SWIFT gpi instant payments panel - 24 Sept 2019

To discuss the launch of SWIFT's global instant payment service Sibos TV is joined by Harry Newman, Head of Banking at SWIFT, Fabrice Denèle, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, at Natixis, Cathy Newcombe, Director of SWIFT Business Management, Business Customer Solutions, at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Matthew Hunt, COO of Pay.UK.

Sibos TV: New SWIFT gpi services to reduce friction - 23 Sept 2019

SWIFT's gpi has been a big success, but some issues remain at the final stage of processing a payment. A panel of experts discusses SWIFT's two pilot initiatives to tackle these pain-points, including Wim Raymaekers, Head of Banking Market at SWIFT, Mark McNulty, Global Clearing & FI Payments Head at Citi, and Graham Standfield, Senior Manager, Product Development at National Australia Bank.

Sibos 2019: Opening Plenary - SWIFT CEO, Javier Pérez-Tasso - 23 Sept 2019

SWIFT’s CEO, Javier Pérez-Tasso, shares his perspectives on the industry challenges ahead and SWIFT’s role in addressing them at Sibos 2019 London.

SWIFT @ Sibos 2019

The 2019 SWIFT at #Sibos programme is now live. What can you expect from the London line-up?

SWIFT’s Head of Marketing Communications, Paul Taylor, gives a sneak peek of the topics, themes, sessions and more fronting this year’s action-packed #SWIFTatSibos experience.

Discover the programme:

Sibos TV: Transformation of the payments marketplace - 26 Sept 2019

Paul Camp, CEO of Treasury services at BNY Mellon, joins Sibos TV to discuss the transformation of the payments marketplace.

Sibos TV: The payments landscape revolution - 26 Sept 2019

John Laurens, Group Head, Global Transaction Banking at DBS, joins Sibos TV to discuss the revolution in the payments landscape.

SWIFT at Sibos Day 1: The drivers of change

The financial industry never stops re-inventing itself in response to change. Chief Marketing Officer, Luc Meurant, and Chief Operations Officer, Marcel Bronmans, examine the drivers behind this change and how SWIFT and its community are harnessing the power of technology, addressing regulatory and compliance requirements, and tackling the cybersecurity threat.

Watch this video for more insight into the topics driving change in our business, and how SWIFT is responding.

FinTech in China - Keynote in London Pascal Coppens at Sibos 2019: (Innotribe/SWIFT) - 24 Sept 2019

My talk on China's New Normal at innotribe, a part of SWIFT

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SWIFT enables payments to be executed in seconds

A new service launched by SWIFT will deliver global instant payments by integrating SWIFT gpi into domestic instant payments systems around the world.

Through a combination of gpi and domestic real-time payments networks, SWIFT, together with gpi banks, will facilitate instant international payments with up-front fee and FX transparency for senders, while also ensuring ubiquitous availability of instant cross-border payments globally.

Read more:

Interview with CEO of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrandt - Chapter 4: Real time payments - Sibos 2015

Many countries have them, many others are planning to follow suit. The Banker's editor Brian Caplen asks Swift CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt about this payments revolution.

SWIFT gpi - Stop & recall payment

Swift's Gottfried Leibbrandt: Australia's New Payments Platform - View from Sibos 2018

Swift helped develop Australia's New Payments Platform. Swift CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, discusses this project and the broader development of faster payments.

Sibos TV: SWIFT gpi for corporates - 25 Sept 2019

Peter Claus-Landi, General Electric, Eddy Jacqmotte, Borealis and Sebastian Rojas, SWIFT, join Sibos TV to discuss how corporates are grasping the benefits from SWIFT gpi.

Innovate Finance Interview with SWIFT SIBOS | IFGS2019 FINTECH

This is the video interview we recorded at Innovate Finance Global Summit 2019 with Chantal Van Es, Head of Sibos at SWIFT.

Sibos is the annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry. This year’s Sibos takes place in London, a leading financial superpower and one of Europe’s largest fintech hubs. The City is home to prestigious financial organisations and top innovators, as well as world-famous cultural attractions. This year it provides the setting for what aims to be the most engaging, innovative and ambitious Sibos yet.

Christophe Langlois, The Fintech Power 50's CMO caught up with former SWIFT colleague Chantal on the second day of IFGS2019, another outstanding event organised by Innovate Finance (April 2019, London).

Our full article on The Fintech Power 50 website: tbc


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This video was hosted, recorded, edited and produced by Christophe Langlois, CMO of The Fintech Power 50.

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Bringing seamless payments to all with SWIFT gpi

Fundamental to our vision for the future of cross-border #payments is openness and ubiquity. The means of transferring value around the world has to be widely adopted to truly revolutionise the experience for all.

That’s exactly what we’re delivering with #SWIFTgpi. By the end of 2020, every single payment on SWIFT will come with the benefits of tracking and final confirmation, enabling seamless payments for our entire community.

Find out more:

Sibos TV: SWIFT gpi adoption and universal confirmations - 24 Sept 2019

In this Sibos TV session, Fabien Depasse, SWIFT, Vugar Sadig, Kapital Bank, and Kristen Hanlon, UMB Bank, discuss gpi adoption and universal confirmations.

Ch 3/4 Benefits of SWIFT gpi - A new era in global payments

Thierry Chilosi, lead for SWIFT gpi go-to-market, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about why it is so important for banks to adopt gpi now and what is in it for them.

SIBOS 2017 Interview: SWIFT - challenges for Instant Payments

Isabelle Olivier, Head of Securities Initiatives & PMIs EMEA, SWIFT talks about the challenges for Instant Payments in Europe and the recipes for success.



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