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Schema Pro Review: Is it Really the Best Schema Markup and Rich Snippets Plugin for WordPress?


Schema Pro Review: Is it Really the Best Schema Markup and Rich Snippets Plugin for WordPress?

In this video, I have reviewed Schema Pro plugin by Brainstorm Force team.

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Why & How To Add Schema To Your WordPress Website For Better SEO & Visibility

Having proper schema on your website should be the top of your priorities, but sadly most don't know what it is. Learn how to implement schema in the tutorial.

Links from the video:
Schema Pro:

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How To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress | What Is Schema Markup | Add Star Rating & Review Tutorial

Adding schema markup to your website is so easy with Rank Math SEO plugin that you don't need an additional plugin. Add Schema markup as per your blog post type, getter better CTR and improve search ranking.

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Free WordPress Plugins for Schema Markup (Limited features)

Premium Plugins for Schema Markup for WordPress
Schema Pro:
WP Review:

As a beginner, you can use Rank Math SEO Plugin and add schema easily on your website. Here are some useful articles about Rank Math SEO Plugin.

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Schema SEO - How To ADD Schema To Your WordPress Website Tutorial 2019

Covered in the Schema for WordPress SEO Video:
- how to inspect competitor schema
- how to implement on your website
- best practices when working with schema

Official Schema website:
Googles Schema Testing Tool (Editor For Schema):

Add Schema in your WordPress header, page by page with this plugin:

How To Add and Use Schema Rich Snippets In WordPress Website

I have given a useful rich snippets WordPress plugin in this video. The free and schema pro versions by rich snippets are very useful. Get the rich snippets WordPress plugin nulled which will work for you surely. Additionally, you can get Yoast schema, which is used my many WordPress users. All in one schema pro is a good WP schema pro plugin that I use. This video schema WordPress explains everything about the topic.
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How to add faq schema in wordpress with plugin

Yoast structured data blocks (block editor) - Yoast SEO for WordPress training

Yoast SEO for WordPress training:
This video is part of the Yoast SEO for WordPress training course by Yoast Academy. Take the full course at learn how to best use Yoast SEO in the new WordPress 5.0 block editor. This training is interesting for you if you:

- want to make sure you take full advantage of Yoast SEO in the block editor;
- don’t want to waste time figuring things out yourself;
- want to stay on top of all new features of the Yoast SEO plugin.

The training features videos, reading materials and quizzes to help you practice actual SEO skills. You’ll receive an official certificate and discounts to our other training courses after completion.

About this video:
If you use the Yoast SEO plugin in the new WordPress block editor, you can add structured data blocks to your post. In the past, it was rather hard to implement these so-called structured data. Now, the Yoast SEO structured data blocks are going to make this a lot easier.

What is structured data?
Structured data is a piece of code that you add to your page to tell Google a little bit more about the content that is on that page. The code will help Google interpret your content. For example, structured data can indicate that a text follows a How-to structure with all kinds of steps, such as steps to bake a cake.

Why should you add structured data?
By adding structured data, you help Google interpret your content better. In return, Google will enrich your snippets. Snippets are the pieces of information that show up if you google something. They point you to sites that are related to your search query. A rich snippet shows more information than a regular snippet. Rich snippets can have pictures, ratings, time indications and much more. Therefore, rich snippets stand out from the crowd. And that could be very valuable if you want people to click on your snippet and lead them to your site.

Why should you add Yoast structured data blocks?
Adding structured data used to be hard. Now, Yoast SEO can add the code automatically for you. At the moment, you can choose between two types of blocks: How-to blocks and FAQ blocks. Just select the block and add the content. The code is then automatically added to the content.

Yoast Academy:
Yoast Academy is the online learning platform for SEO by the makers of the biggest SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast SEO. Our online SEO training courses teach you vital SEO skills you can apply at once. We have training courses on keyword research, SEO copywriting, technical SEO, structured data, site structure, our own Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, and more. They are developed by world-class SEOs and education experts trusted by the world's biggest brands. Whether you're a blogger, developer, online marketeer, or own a business, big or small: we believe in SEO for everyone. #YoastAcademy #YoastSEO #SEOforWordPress

How To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress In 3 Minutes!

Want to make your site REALLY stand out in the search engines? Then make sure that you add rich snippets to all your sites.

Rich snippets allow you to all all kinds of cool graphics to your sites listing in Google including things like your Google+ profile picture, review ratings, product prices, video thumbnails and even things like recipe ingredients!

These rich snippets will show up in the search engines next to your site making your site really POP which will help you to get more visitors and ultimately more sales.

And adding rich snippets to your WordPress website is actually really damn easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

So in this video I'm going to show you exactly how you can eye catching rich snippets to your wordpress sites in just a matter of minutes... enjoy!

If you want to check out my full blog post about rich snippets go here:

And if you are new to affiliate marketing then check out my free crash course here:

SchemaNinja TestImonials & Review : Is it Best WordPress Schema Plugin?

SchemaNinja is a latest plugin which would solve all of the schema issues and rating information display for most of the blogs/websites. SchemaNinja is advanced Schema rating plugin by Jitendra Vaswani.
How Much Does It Cost? Well… the plugin isn’t expensive at all…
You can get the Lite Version of the Unlimited Personal License for $25 and the Pro Version for $27…
The Lite Version includes:
Star rating
Schema integration
Affiliate link integration
The Pro Version includes:
Star rating
Schema integration
Affiliate link integration
Call-to-Actions Button
The price difference is so small that you should definitely get the Pro Version without a doubt.
If have only 1 site you can get the Lite Version of the 1 Site License for $17. This offer will appear on the exit pop up.
There some additional offers:
Agency License (Lite Version) for $37
Agency License (Pro Version) for $47
Reseller 50 Licenses (Pro Version) for $67
Reseller 100 Licenses (Pro Version) for $97
Reseller 200 License (Pro Version) for $197
You don’t need these unless you intend to sell your site or sites, or if you want to resell the plugin.
Watch on to know more! :)

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How FAQ Rich Snippets Increase Your Search Visibility In Near Real Time

Use FAQ Rich Snippets To Instantly Increase Search Visibility (I am serious!)

Once you have watched this video you are going to be breaking my arm off to get the code.
But first I want you to pay attention to how I am using FAQ rich snippets to-

✔️ Instantly increase search visibility
✔️ Win double listings on the same page
✔️ And gently push rankings upwards

All in less than 5 minutes of work with near real time results in Google.

Don't believe me?

Well just watch the video now and I guarantee you will stop everything you are doing to implement it immediately. It is crazy easy to do and and the results are fantastic.

Download the code for FAQ rich snippets @

(you'll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

????️ - Video Chapters
00:42 Adding FAQ Rich Snippet Code
01:03 Google Search Console - Indexing
03:14 The Results

⚙️ - Resources In The Video
FAQ Rich Snippets -
My SEO Blog -

#richsnippets #faqs #seo #matthewwoodward #faqrichsnippets

How To Add Schema Markup To WordPress | Rich Snippet In Google Search | Add Structured Data

Schema markup or structured data is a must to have rich snippet in the google search result. Let's find out how to enable schema markup to a WordPress blog.

#schemamarkup, #richsnippet, #blogbyts

Tools I use


Page Builder:

Blog :

Contact Email

Download BlogByts Android App

Social Media Handles

How to Add FAQ Schema Without Coding or Using Plugins

All In One Rich Snippets Review / Tutorial

A review / tutorial of the All In One Rich Snippets plugin which is used to add rich snippets to WordPress.

It's a free plugin with good reviews, but has limited design / customization options whereas premium plugins like WP Rich Snippets have more options and looks better (marking up pages with rich snippets affects the content on the page). But All In One Rich Snippets does the job for a lot of people so I will show you how to set it up in this video. This involves configure the settings, adding markup to pages/posts, then using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure your rich snippets are working - as it takes a few days for Google to update their search results and show your rich snippets.

What are rich snippets 00:09
Supported data 00:34
Rich snippet plugins comparison 1:15 (WP Rich Snippets tutorial:
Plugin installation 2:29
Settings configuration 2:40
Adding markup to pages 3:15
Testing rich snippets 4:39
Troubleshooting 5:43

All In One Rich Snippets Plugin:
Supported data types:
Google's structured data testing tool:
WP Rich Snippets tutorial:
All In One Rich Snippets support forum:
General Rich Snippet FAQs:
Google's structured data policies:
Article version:

FAQ and HowTo Schema Markup Setup in WordPress 2020

FAQ and HowTo Schema Markup Setup in WordPress 2020

Plugins: Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

How To Add Structured Data in WordPress Website Individual Posts (Manually) - JSON LD Schema MarkUp

This video explains how to add structured data markup in wordpress website manually for better SEO. We won't be using plugins but learn how to add JSON-LD mark up in individual posts step by step.

We are going to use the original Google Schema Markup Generator and Testing Tool for this tutorial and learn how to fix errors.

Link To JSON-LD Article Generator to solve logo and headline error as explained in the video:

We are going to select the schema type as Article. This is one of the most exciting and complex Search Engine Optimization tutorial on my channel because you have to go through some intermediate coding.

If you want to automatically add codes, you need plugins. If you want to check the top 20 best plugins for wordpress, click here:

The problem with plugins is that most of their important features are premium, that not everyone can afford. Especially the bloggers from South Asia and Africa because they lack mastercard at some point.

So this video is for people who want to learn to do actions manually. For more videos like this, subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notifications.

Since you are here, I'm sure that you know what is schema markup or structured data. So, I have not talked about most of the theories above, just practical and actionable works.

Hope this video about how to add schema markup in WordPress helped you. Tell me in the comments if it worked or not, how you feel.

Schema Crash Course - Part2 - Starting Schema Markup with Google Tools & WP Plugins

In the second video of this schema crash course series, we will be using the Google Markup Helper, Structured Data Testing Tool and premium paid WordPress plugins to start adding structured data to our web pages.

Links Mentioned in the Video:

Google Structured Data Markup Helper:

Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

RankMath Wordpress Plugin (Free):

Yoast Wordpress Plugin (Free):

SeoPressor Connect Wordpress Plugin (Paid):

Schema Pro Wordpress Plugin (Paid):

9 Examples of the most Common Used Schema (Json-LD) :

Stay tuned for the next video!

How to add rich snippets to wordpress Website { Hindi | Urdu }

Hello frnds in this video i will teaching you how to add Rich snippet in wordpress website..!

Hello frnds is video mein hum sikh rahe hai ke 5 star system apne wordpress blog pr kaise add karte hai ..!




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How to Configure Different kind of Schema With Schema Pro video

How to Configure Different kind of Schema With Schema Pro video.

Website to Buy Schema

Visit Our Websites:-

Useful Links

How to Generate the local business schema markup

How to add Geotags on your website

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