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This presentation explains why search engines now want metadata, how it works, and what you need to know as a dev (as seen in the context of Yandex, Russia's most used search engine, and

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How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website

When it comes to SEO, doing the little things extremely well is often the difference between generating and not generating results. Structure data adds tremendous value to your site by helping search engines better understand your data. was created by the major search players in order to give consistency to structured data on the web.

According to their site, is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. In this video, I share how to leverage this site to find, create and add structured data to your website.

Metadata: mapping to JSON-LD

A look at how to understand the information on and map it to a JSON-LD metadata set.

Code & tutorials:

What Is is a collaboration to help search engines understand the information on you website or blog. Take a look.

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Qué es Schema, por qué usarlo y cómo añadirlo a tu web para mejorar su SEO y visibilidad

En este tutorial os enseñaré qué es y cómo utilizarlo en vuestra web para mejorar vuestra visibilidad en los buscadores.

Más en for Videos

The markup is our recommended method for providing Google with the metadata needed to index your videos. Using it requires only a few non-visible changes to your video web page. You can find the full spec here:

What is and Why is it Important?

In this short video, our co-founder Martha explains how using vocabulary is crucial to the success of your business.

What is

Preston Van Dyke (@prestonvandyke) answers the question What is in the latest installment in our Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions series. is a protocol sponsored by Google, Bing, and Yahoo that allows web pages to be tagged and micro-formatted to reflect an entity, rather than existing as a simple online document. For example, a restaurant can use the schema to represent themselves as a restaurant, mark their address & phone number, label reviews, etc., so that search engines can access and label that information more easily.

How to create Services Schema Markup for Businesses

When you are developing a Schema Markup strategy for a business, often there is a Service ( they offer that is core to the business. In this video we are going to show you how to create awesome Services schema markup, so that Google can understand explicitly what services are offered, to what area, and who is providing them. Services is our co-founder, Mark van Berkel’s favourite schema class, now we will explain why.

How to use Schema markup for basic local SEO

Schema Type Spreadsheet:

Schema Creator: documentation:

In this video, I show you how to start structuring your local business' contact info using the Schema Creator, then perfecting it thanks to the documentation provided on

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How to Add Structured Data to Your Website

In this episode, we're going to be walking through four different stages of adding structured data to your website. We're going to start with defining the type of data that we want to add some structure to. Then we're going to create the JSON-LD that we need to add to our website. Then we're going to walk through how do we actually added to our website. We're going to give two different options. One adding it directly, and another using Tag Manager. And finally, we're going to wrap it all up by validating our code to make sure that it's firing correctly and we can get those rich listings that we're looking for.

Now, if you've watched our schema video before where we talked about the different types of schema, you may have been wondering, okay, how do I actually add this to my website? How do we define the type of schema I want? Well, that's what we're going to cover today. We're going to walk through an example on our website. We're going to show you a couple ways to add that schema to your website and some easy ways to generate it. A lot of times when we get into structured data, it can be overwhelming. But the reality is, once you start doing it, it's not as difficult as it seems.

For access to the template and links to other resources, click here:

Does the use of markup create a ranking benefit?

I know that rich snippets can increase CTR for my mention on a SERP. But is the use of code beneficial for my actual positions on the SERPs as well?
Quincy, Rotterdam

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What is markup / what are Rich Snippets?

This video maybe shows outdated pictures! Go over to the new Structured Training Course to learn everything about Rich Snippets and Structured Data:

Download the Rich Snippets and Structured WordPress plugin at

How to Add Schema Markup

Learn about schema markup, and how adding schema markup to your site's pages can improve your site's SEO and gain more traffic for your site. Test your site's SEO for free at

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:

Hello there in this video I'm gonna show you how to add schema microdata markup to your website's pages in order to help search engine crawlers scan your content more effectively and thus it improves the display of search results and thus makes it easier for people to find your pages assuming the content is relevant to them

now you might be asking yeah what in the heck is schema microdata I'll touch on that more in a second but basically it's descriptive data within your HTML and this is written specifically for search engines to give them better idea of your content better than the content itself can do so you can think of it sort of like the synopsis on the back of a book usually that's the first thing you check out right you don't jump right in and start reading the entire book to get a feel for it you read the back cover first it's sort of like that with the search engines it tells them what's what without them having to guess

Hear more by watching the full video!

Yoast SEO 11.0: - Joost de Valk and Jono Alderson discuss

We’ve made MAJOR improvements to the use of Schema within Yoast SEO. And you want to use Schema too! Schema is metadata for your site, that makes it easily readable for machines like Google and Pinterest. Even if you’re not using it yet, you should! In this video, Joost and Jono explain why you’d want to use Schema and how you can play around with it! Want to read more about this release? Click here:

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محدد البيانات Structured Data باستخدام

شرح طريقة استخدام ترميز في تحديد البيانات لتحسين نتائج البحث وظهور النجوم في النتائج ومعلومات عن الصفحة للبروز في محرك البحث باستخدام محدد البيانات.

رابط المقالة:

Implementing Structured Data on a Website

Learn how to implement structured data on a website through custom coding, i.e. without using any plugins. After a general discussion on structured data, I demonstrate the implementation of structured data in an ASP.NET website that uses a SQL Server database.

Should I add markup on my videos even if they're on YouTube?

Rich snippets are automatically added to SERPs for video results from YouTube. Is it recommended to add schema video markup onsite in order to get your page w/embedded video to rank in SERPs in addition to the YouTube result, or is this redundant?
cliquekaila, Phoenix

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Add to your WordPress website

WordLift helps you add markup to your article, letting search engines index and display your content and chatbots or smart assistents such as Siri, Allo and Alexa.



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