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Should You Join A YouTube Network?


Should You Join A YouTube Network?

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Should you join an MCN or Partner Network? How do you know what MCN is right for you? What is the The Truth About YouTube Partnership Networks? In this short eBook Benji Travis shares tips, advice, and the pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to deciding to join a MCN or not!

In the eBook you’ll learn:

** The Top Ten Things to Consider before Joining a Network
** The Truth About Contracts
** The Benefits Of Working with an MCN
** The Potential Pitfalls of Working with an MCN

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About This Video:
In this video Benji from Video Influencers talks about if you Should You Join a MCN (Partner Network) or if multichannel networks are scams. In the video you’ll learn the pros and cons of partnership programs, contracts, and youtube networks. If you are asking the question, “Should I Join A YouTube Network” then definitely Check out this video!

Should You Join a YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to parter your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing, and for some creators they really are. But are they for every creator? Are they for you? It depends on what you need on YouTube and if the YouTube network can give you the benefits that you need. Jason Urgo of SocialBlade and I discuss some things to consider in deciding whether or not you need to join a YouTube network.

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Why You Should NOT Join a YouTube NETWORK!!!

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Real Talk | Should you join a YouTube Network?

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Should I Join a YouTube Network?

Hank Green of The Vlogbrothers discusses a topic that should really be discussed more often. What value to YouTube networks provide, what do you get out of working with them, and is it worth the money that you will be paying them.

These are really only questions that you can answer yourself, but I'm happy to share some thoughts to help you along on your decision.

Should You Join a Youtube Network? My Experience | Kasheera Latasha

Hi loves! This is my experience with Multi Channel networks and my thoughts on whether they are worth joining. A lot of networks take a huge cut of revenue from their partners so I've learned that it's very important to choose wisely and do your homework. I didn't want to mention them in the video but I am currently with Collective Digital Studio. Hopefully this will help other Youtubers thinking of joining one! Much love! : )

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YouTube Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) | What You Should Know

Joining a YouTube multi-channel network may have some benefits, or so they claim, like increasing your views, subscribers, and earnings, as well as advanced YouTube settings and better support. But ultimately, whatever the network offers is a service that is paid monthly. If they do not keep up their end of the bargain and provide the services they claim, then it's a scam. Be sure to research and find one you are comfortable with, avoid recruiters, and most importantly, ask yourself if it is worth it.

0:00 - Intro
3:41 - What You Should Know
8:11 - My Opinion & Recruiter Messages
14:30 - Conclusion

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Should You Join a YouTube Multi Channel Network (MCN) in 2020?

Should You Join a YouTube a Multi Channel Network (MCN)? We ask @Shannon Morse about the benefits and pitfalls.

????Full blog article:

0:00 Intro
1:23 Who is Shannon Morse?
2:05 What is an MCN?
4:05 Who controls what in an MCN partnership?
6:59 The Power of Negotiation
8:25 Should smaller channels join an MCN?
11:59 The personal choice to join an MCN
13:00 If there still a place for MCNs?
16:50 Do MCNs help small channels grow?
19:00 Final advice

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Should You Join A YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to partner your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing. But for most people, I believe that joining an MCN is a money-losing deal. I'll tell you about my experience with an MCN and help you make an INFORMED decision whether joining one is right for you.


TubeBuddy is the tool that I use to manage my channel. I like it so much that I've been subscribed to it for over a year, even though my MCN offered similar (worse) tools. If you're a YouTube creator who wants to try TubeBuddy out, you can use my affiliate link:

Should You Join A YouTube Network (Updated For 2018!)

Should you join a YouTUbe Network in 2018? Watch this video to find out! I talk about if you should join a YouTube network, and if you decide to join a network I give you two recommendations for YouTube networks you should consider joining!

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About this video: This video walks you through the pros and cons of joining a YouTube network in 2018, and it even gives you recommendations of the YouTube networks you should consider joining if you do want to join a network.

The YouTube networks we recommend are Freedom! and Fullscreen. Freedom! is the best network overall as they let you grow your revenue over time. YouTube networks do take a portion of the revenue your channel makes, so be sure to choose carefully and make sure the contract you sign allows for revenue upgrades in the future.

The second network we recommend is Fullscreen. Fullscreen is a very creator-centric network. They focus on helping creators grow as much as they can giving them a partner manager to contact at any time. They also have a direct sales ad team which allows you to earn special sponsorship opportunities and higher CPMs.

Overall, however, I would not recommend joining a YouTube network. They really aren't needed anymore, and if you partner with YouTube directly, you receive 100% of your ad revenue after YouTube takes their cut. With a network, you are splitting that ad revenue.

Nevertheless, I think the answer is pretty clear. Should you join a YouTube network in 2018? In most cases, no, you shouldn't. Feel free to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. It really helps us out, and it means a lot. Thanks in advance.

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.

Should You Join a YOUTUBE NETWORK? ♦️ The Youtube Game - Youtube MCN Tips

Should you join a Youtube Network (or MCN, aka a Multi Channel Network) in 2018? Common question gaming channels have to ask themselves at some point and there are a lot of things to consider. For the most part you shouldn't join an MCN however I wanted to focus on some reason as to why you WOULD want to join an MCN. Hope you find this video helpful!
You're Watching:
Should you Join a YOUTUBE NETWORK? ♦️ The Youtube Game - Youtube Tips


About The Youtube Game:
The Youtube Game is a channel that provides professional advice, tips, tactics, and meta theories for Youtube Gamers (people who upload gaming Youtube videos regularly). With over 1,000 gaming related uploads, over half a million subscribers across multiple gaming channels, and over 6 years experience, this is THE PLACE to get help and advice for your Youtube gaming channel!
From how to get more subscribers, to how to commentate your gameplay videos, even complex SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice will be here! This channel will be uploading these types of videos on a consistent basis in bite sized videos.
The principles and advice can be used for any other type of channel as well, business, beauty, vlogging (vlogs), how to channels, whatever! The focus will be on Youtube Gamers, but most of the knowledge and lessons apply to Youtube as a whole.
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Why You Should Join A YouTube Network

Today Steve talks about why you should join a network as a small youtuber.

The TRUTH About YouTube Networks! Should You JOIN a Network? (2016/2017)

Today I talk about the benefits of joining a YouTube network, the Freedom network (why I left) and ScaleLab Gaming. I also talk about why I think you should and shouldn't join a YouTube partnership/multi-channel network. This is all my opinion and experience with youtube networks like Freedom, Machinima, ScaleLab (Gaming), Curse & more.

BEST YouTube Networks Overall:
BEST YouTube Networks for Small Channels:
(1) My Experience with Freedom & ScaleLab Gaming!
There is a lot of false information being spread about YouTube networks, how one is better than the other, how one is a scam when all of them run the same way. All YouTube networks have the same payment process, invitation process and practically do the same.

Freedom is probably the best Youtube network/partnership ever. There is no other MCN that has as many platforms for collaborating, networking and meeting new channels than Freedom. Not only does Freedom have a Discord channel, they have a forum, YouTube channel, and a Twitter support account. They have one of the best support of any network and best utilities.

The only difference between Freedom and every other partnership is that Freedom accepts every single YouTuber that applies. This causes young people and inexperienced channels to make assumptions when they're not given the correct information. Information about payments, the invitation process and everything else.

Take away everything good that Freedom provides and it's basically every other YouTube network. The only thing that I got with ScaleLab that I didn't get with Freedom was help/support from the actual network. ScaleLab RT's my work on their Twitter and the staff helps me out. Freedom lays all the framework and expects people to do the work, which is what they should be doing.

Freedom pays exactly like Curse, Fullscreen, Machinima, ScaleLab, and every other network. They pay two months after you first join, then every month after that, you get paid for the previous month.

You can also increase your revenue share way past what any other network gives, which is 95%. Just ask their support for the requirements.

(2) Should You Join a YouTube Network?
I do not advise you to join a YouTube network unless you absolutely have a reason to. Networks will advertise that they provide free-to-use, non-copyrighted music, a channel dashboard and more but these things can be accessed without signing a contract for a partnership.

The only benefits I can see from joining a network is the promotion from the network on their social media accounts, a manager, no payment threshold, payment options and sponsorships. However, these things are usually only provided to bigger channels with many subscribers & views. I personally have not yet received any sort of sponsorship coming from ScaleLab or Freedom. Payment options like PayPal are convenient but should not be a reason for a network to take 10, 20 or even 30/40 percent of your earnings at the end of each month.

If you find a YouTube network that you believe takes a reasonable amount from you in relation to how much they help you, go for it. I'd only recommend joining a network that has your best interests in mind and is actually trying to help you. I see a lot of YouTube networks that provide nothing and do absolutely nothing and take cuts from a channel for no reason. If you like benefits like no payment threshold, payment options such as Stripe and Paypal and more, I recommend you go for a network that gives you the highest revenue share.

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Should You Join A YouTube Network? - The MoroPack Vlogs! [Nilo]

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Thanks for watching! Congrats on watching one of our old videos! If you have a small youtube channel and are considering joining a network, we made one, and it's pretty cool! Seriously, we made one...specifically for small channels...seriously.

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Youtube Networks vs. Youtube Partner: Should You Join a Youtube Network?

Should you join a Youtube Network? Many people have asked me if it is worth it for them to get a Youtube Network Partnership like Machinima, Fullscreen, or Maker Studios rather than just being a straight Youtube Partner. I give you my thoughts on whether to join a youtube network in this video! Enjoy! For more content remember to rate thumbs up, favorite, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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Why you should never join a Youtube Network!!

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Should you Join a YouTube NETWORK As a Small Channel

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Should You Join a YouTube Network? Scalelab 80%- 90%

Should You Join a YouTube Network? Scalelab 80%- 90%

Should You Join A YouTube Network?

OurStorySoFar recently went to VidCon and attended some really great panels. One being about why should you join a network. Phil Defranco, The Fine Bros, and people from MyDamnChannel, The Collective, and Maker Studios gave their opinions on joining YouTube networks. Some people asked if I could share some of the information I learned in the panel since they were not able to come. Hope you enjoy the vid and the information is helpful.

They LIED to Me?! Should You Really Join a YouTube Network - MCN?

If you guys like these tips on muti-channel networks, or have your own experience with one, definitely leave me a comment below! Or if you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them :) Hope you enjoyed the video!

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