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Should You Join a YouTube Network?


Should You Join a YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to parter your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing, and for some creators they really are. But are they for every creator? Are they for you? It depends on what you need on YouTube and if the YouTube network can give you the benefits that you need. Jason Urgo of SocialBlade and I discuss some things to consider in deciding whether or not you need to join a YouTube network.

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Should You Join A YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to partner your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing. But for most people, I believe that joining an MCN is a money-losing deal. I'll tell you about my experience with an MCN and help you make an INFORMED decision whether joining one is right for you.


TubeBuddy is the tool that I use to manage my channel. I like it so much that I've been subscribed to it for over a year, even though my MCN offered similar (worse) tools. If you're a YouTube creator who wants to try TubeBuddy out, you can use my affiliate link:


Should You Join A YouTube Network (Updated For 2018!)

Should you join a YouTUbe Network in 2018? Watch this video to find out! I talk about if you should join a YouTube network, and if you decide to join a network I give you two recommendations for YouTube networks you should consider joining!

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About this video: This video walks you through the pros and cons of joining a YouTube network in 2018, and it even gives you recommendations of the YouTube networks you should consider joining if you do want to join a network.

The YouTube networks we recommend are Freedom! and Fullscreen. Freedom! is the best network overall as they let you grow your revenue over time. YouTube networks do take a portion of the revenue your channel makes, so be sure to choose carefully and make sure the contract you sign allows for revenue upgrades in the future.

The second network we recommend is Fullscreen. Fullscreen is a very creator-centric network. They focus on helping creators grow as much as they can giving them a partner manager to contact at any time. They also have a direct sales ad team which allows you to earn special sponsorship opportunities and higher CPMs.

Overall, however, I would not recommend joining a YouTube network. They really aren't needed anymore, and if you partner with YouTube directly, you receive 100% of your ad revenue after YouTube takes their cut. With a network, you are splitting that ad revenue.

Nevertheless, I think the answer is pretty clear. Should you join a YouTube network in 2018? In most cases, no, you shouldn't. Feel free to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. It really helps us out, and it means a lot. Thanks in advance.

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YouTube Multi Channel Network (MCN) !! Pro's & Con !! Join or Not ? Explained in Hindi

what is youtube multi channel network , mcn , should you join or not , advantages and disadvantages , best mcn explained in dteails in hindi

How To Leave your YouTube Network MCN

If you're trying to leave your YouTube network, but they won't release your channel or you're stuck in an MCN contract that's not serving you well, here's how to get out of it. They're mostly legal options. They involve hiring a lawyer, which may sound like a big deal, but working with one really isn't that complicated.

Contact Kenneth Kunkle if you need a lawyer. He's who I use.


On Video Creators we discuss how to leverage YouTube as a social platform and use it to build an audience, spread our message, and change lives. If you're a YouTuber or an online video creator, we'd love to have you subscribe and join us!


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Why I'll Never Join Another Youtube Network (MCN)

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Why You Shouldn't Sign with a YouTube Network... (the TRUTH)


This is my raw opinion on youtube networks, my experience signed with one, what they REALLY do to benefit/harm your channel and my personal view on why small youtubers shouldn't sign... thank you for watching!! For further information, check out the videos referenced and listed below:
Jenna & Julien's Podcast:
Pewdiepie's Blog:

ep 1:
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ep 3:

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Should I Join a YouTube Network?

Hank Green of The Vlogbrothers discusses a topic that should really be discussed more often. What value to YouTube networks provide, what do you get out of working with them, and is it worth the money that you will be paying them.

These are really only questions that you can answer yourself, but I'm happy to share some thoughts to help you along on your decision.

YouTube MCN network-multi channel network-कैसे करे Monetize अपना चैनल Mcn के साथ

YouTube mcn network-multi channel network-कैसे करे Monetize अपना चैनल Mcn के साथ..........

This video is about YouTube Mcn network called multi channel network, what is Mcn ,should you join multi channel network or not and how to monetize Mcn network with freedom and fullscreen and media.cube what are requirement for joining and revenue share and contract with YouTube Mcn.

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Joining a YouTube Network in 2017

What's even everyone, today I am going to talk to you guys about youtube networks in 2017. I know that a lot of you have questions about youtube networks and I will hopefully answer most of those in this video. Over the last few days I have been doing research on youtube networks and I have accumulated a decent amount of knowledge that I would like to share with you. We will talk about if joining a network is right for you at the current state of your channel, we will talk about the pros and cons of joining a youtube networks, and we will talk about why I am thinking about joining a YouTube network. In my eye, YouTube networks can be a major help if you are a channel that has issues with copyright strikes or content ID strikes. YouTube networks are basically like a shield for your channel in that sense.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video and I hope that this knowledge proves useful to you sometime in the future, thanks for watching!

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Youtube Networks vs. Youtube Partner: Should You Join a Youtube Network?

Should you join a Youtube Network? Many people have asked me if it is worth it for them to get a Youtube Network Partnership like Machinima, Fullscreen, or Maker Studios rather than just being a straight Youtube Partner. I give you my thoughts on whether to join a youtube network in this video! Enjoy! For more content remember to rate thumbs up, favorite, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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Can I Join YouTube Partnership Network?? Tamil Video

In this video you can find whether you can join in YouTube network, this is a tamil video explains on why you should join in a network and why you should not join in network.

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Business of YouTube #1 - Should you join a multichannel network (MCN) ? Are they scams?

As my channel grows I get more and more solicitations to join multichannel networks, otherwise known as an MCN. For me the math just doesn't work, and in most cases MCNs exist to exploit the hard work of creators rather than create a meaningful partnership.

Creator beware - there are some MCNs that exist for no other purpose than to profit from your hard work.

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YouTube Networks Explained & Exposed

YouTube networks explained and exposed! In this video, I share the good, bad and ugly when it comes to YouTube Networks, also know as MCN's or multi channel networks.

YouTube networks exposed, that's what you''' discover in this video. Not that it's all bad, yes there are some good youtube networks you may want to join. What's important to understand is what you are agreeing too and what you're giving up.

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Is Signing with a YouTube Network Worth It?

YouTube networks are becoming popular with a lot of YouTube video creators, but so are the horor stories of creators who feel like they're being screwed over by their network. So should you even bother to sign a contract to join a YouTube network or should you just stick with the vanilla YouTube partnership?

In this Google+ Hangout On Air we discuss those questions and others with Austin Null of Fullscreen and Benny Luo of NewMediaRockstars:

-- Is signing a contract with a YouTube network worth it?
-- Are most networks just looking to sign as many networks as possible?
-- Is there a site where other YouTube creators who have signed a YouTube network contract are posting about their experiences?
-- Can a YouTube network really help increase my views? If so, how?
-- What's an average high and low for CPMs that YouTube networks offer?



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Should You Join a YOUTUBE NETWORK? ♦️ The Youtube Game - Youtube MCN Tips

Should you join a Youtube Network (or MCN, aka a Multi Channel Network) in 2018? Common question gaming channels have to ask themselves at some point and there are a lot of things to consider. For the most part you shouldn't join an MCN however I wanted to focus on some reason as to why you WOULD want to join an MCN. Hope you find this video helpful!
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Should you Join a YOUTUBE NETWORK? ♦️ The Youtube Game - Youtube Tips


About The Youtube Game:
The Youtube Game is a channel that provides professional advice, tips, tactics, and meta theories for Youtube Gamers (people who upload gaming Youtube videos regularly). With over 1,000 gaming related uploads, over half a million subscribers across multiple gaming channels, and over 6 years experience, this is THE PLACE to get help and advice for your Youtube gaming channel!
From how to get more subscribers, to how to commentate your gameplay videos, even complex SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice will be here! This channel will be uploading these types of videos on a consistent basis in bite sized videos.
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Important For All YouTuber | What is MCN ? Should You Join MCN Network ? Pros and Cons

In this video I have explored you how the MCN network works and whether you should join a MCN or not? I have told you about both the Advantage and disadvantage of multi-channel network. After watching this video you know the reality of MCN. There are some good things in MCN that you will not even get to see in Google AdSense.

Is video me maine apko bataya hai MCN ( MULTI CHANNEL NETWORK ) kya hota hai yeh kis tarha se kam karta hai kya apke YouTube channel ko MCN ke sath link karna sahi hai ya nahi . maine is video me MCN ki achhi aur buri batein dono bataya hai . aur kuch aise features bhi bataya hai jo ki apko google adsense me dekhne ko nahi milega. umeed karta hun apko pasand ayega. thank you

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Joining an your mcn network is an best decision for small youtube channel as they provide many great security and facility for your channel....and even it help to promote your channel to deserving one but choosing right mcn is a problem so here i will show you some of best mcn network which is best to join....

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Qyuki has arrived

George is retiring from freedom!

Should You Join a YouTube Network?

Honest Newfront Trailer – Defy Media

So Goodbye stay cool and be at the top

🔴{HINDI} what is mcn {multi channel network} how it works on youtube || advantages & disadvantages

ask your question #cyberbaba
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Should You Join A YouTube Network With Benny From Comicstorian - YouTube Creators Hub 018

In this episode of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, we chat with Benny Potter from the Comicstorian YouTube channel. Benny has had great success with his channels in growing them into large brands.

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