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Should You Join a YouTube Network?


Should You Join A YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to partner your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing. But for most people, I believe that joining an MCN is a money-losing deal. I'll tell you about my experience with an MCN and help you make an INFORMED decision whether joining one is right for you.


TubeBuddy is the tool that I use to manage my channel. I like it so much that I've been subscribed to it for over a year, even though my MCN offered similar (worse) tools. If you're a YouTube creator who wants to try TubeBuddy out, you can use my affiliate link:

Should You Join a YouTube Network?

When a YouTube Network (or MCN, also known as a Multi-Channel Network) contacts you with an invitation to parter your channel with them, the perks and benefits may sound enticing, and for some creators they really are. But are they for every creator? Are they for you? It depends on what you need on YouTube and if the YouTube network can give you the benefits that you need. Jason Urgo of SocialBlade and I discuss some things to consider in deciding whether or not you need to join a YouTube network.

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Why I'll Never Join Another Youtube Network (MCN)

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Why You Shouldn't Sign with a YouTube Network... (the TRUTH)


This is my raw opinion on youtube networks, my experience signed with one, what they REALLY do to benefit/harm your channel and my personal view on why small youtubers shouldn't sign... thank you for watching!! For further information, check out the videos referenced and listed below:
Jenna & Julien's Podcast:
Pewdiepie's Blog:

ep 1:
ep 2:
ep 3:

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ウームネットワークのその後... Should I Join The UUUM Network?


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YouTube Multi Channel Network (MCN) !! Pro's & Con !! Join or Not ? Explained in Hindi

what is youtube multi channel network , mcn , should you join or not , advantages and disadvantages , best mcn explained in dteails in hindi

What are YouTube Networks and How Do They Work?

In this video we'll be talking about how YouTube networks (MCNs) work and why you would want to partner with one.

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What is Youtube Multi Channel Network | MCN | Why Youtube Creators Should Not Join Any MCN

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What is Youtube Multi Channel Network (MCN) | Why Youtube Creators Should Not Join Any MCN?

Hi Everyone, in this Video we will guide you what is MCN? And Why You Should Not Join MCN?

What is MCN?

Multi Channel Network
MultiChannel Networks (“MCNs” or “networks”) are third party service providers that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels to offer services that may include audience development, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization or sales.

Affiliate channels are managed at scale by their MCN and reside in an Affiliate Content Owner. Owned & Operated (O&O) channels are owned and operated by the MCN. This means the MCN has obtained the rights to the channel’s YouTube content, assumes full liability for the content on YouTube, and manages the O&O channels on a day to day basis. Differentiating between these two types of channels allows YouTube to apply our policies and channel features with clarity and fairness.

MCNs and other third-party service providers are not endorsed by YouTube or Google, but you can view a list of YouTube Certified service providers in the Creator Services Directory.

Key aspects of working with MCNs
Joining an MCN is an important choice for any YouTube creator. Before you join, make sure you understand what services and/or results the MCN will deliver in exchange for your payment. While some creators may choose to partner with an MCN, you don’t need to join an MCN to be successful on YouTube.

Signing a contract with an MCN

MCN contracts are legally binding, so it's important to make an informed decision. You may wish to even consult your own legal counsel.

Before you join an MCN, read through your contract and make sure you understand at least the following:

1. The fees charged by the network
2. The specific services and level of support offered to your channel
3. Your obligations to the network
4. The duration of your contract
5. How to terminate your agreement

Revenue & getting paid
When you join an MCN, all your revenue will flow through your MCN’s AdSense account, and your MCN will have access to your YouTube Analytics revenue data.

Joining an MCN has no impact on your revenue share with YouTube, which is outlined in your Terms of Service. MCNs typically take a percentage of revenue from the creator’s portion before paying them.

Some MCNs also offer additional revenue opportunities, such as brand sponsorships or dedicated sales teams, that may contribute to higher overall earnings for your channel. If a network offers you these services, you may wish to make sure they are specified in your contract.

If you still have any question or issue don't hesitate to comment.

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YouTube Networks are a Scam

Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, Zoomin.TV, Planet Cameo, Grace Network, and Freedom are all a scams. Trying to take ad revenue from people while providing minimal service. Multi-channel Networks (MCN) are mostly a rip off. MCN's like DanceON, Style Haul, and Gaming Networks are necessary. If you're in Dance, Fashion or Gaming, you may want to partner with them for copy right reasons. Maker's Studio is a legit network as well.

Grow Your Channel By Joining: TheGamersVerge - A Powerful YouTube Network

GamersVerge is a YouTube network for all gamers on the YouTube. Along with we provide our partners the best experiences and opportunities. One of our main goals is to help all YouTube gamers grow.

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Joining your mcn network is the best decision for small youtube channel as they provide much great security and facility for your channel and even it helps to promote your channel to deserving one but choosing right #mcn is a problem so here I will show you some of best MCN network which is best to join


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Qyuki has arrived

George is retiring from freedom!

Should You Join a YouTube Network?

Honest Newfront Trailer – Defy Media

So Goodbye stay cool and be at the top

My Experience: Should You Join MCN Networks

Hello all! I know it's been a very long time since I've come onto YT and posted a video. This video is a bit different from the ones I usually post. I wanted to come and give your a brief explanation for my long break in youtube and dealing with MCN networks. To sum everything up I felt ripped off which lead me to not wanting to record for a while. For those who are starting youtube and/or considering joining an MCN... PLEASE BEWARE!

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Partner Networks: Common Misconceptions

Most people join YouTube partner networks for the wrong reasons. They go in with incorrect expectations and then become disappointed. Here is the truth about what MCN partner networks will and won't do for you.
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How to Join a YouTube Network: YouTube Channel Settings and Getting Partnered

Hi guys,
This Video Shows You How to Set Everything Up to Be Able to Join a YouTube Network and How to Get Partnered the Easiest Way!
If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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YouTube Network Partnership! Join Power Up TV MCN

Multi-channel Network Power Up TV is now recruiting channels! Click here: ➜


Broadcast yourself!

Track your channel earnings through the Analytics section of your YouTube video channel. You earn up to 95% of your channel ad earnings, with Power Up TV taking a commission for our services. Our contracts have no lock-in terms. We'll promote your videos throughout our website and social media profile assets. High quality channels have the opportunity to see their videos included in our internet TV station's programming lineup.Become part of an ever expanding group of gamers. Share tips, collaborate, attend events and play games together.

Power Up TV is a brand new YouTube multichannel network focused on providing entertainment for gamers and geek life-stylers. Using our sophisticated internet television scheduling software, we are creating a true internet TV station.

Would you like to earn money by recruiting YouTube channels videos into our network?

Channels that join the Power Up TV network have the opportunity to become a recruiter. Through our dashboard you will receive a special URL code to share with other YouTubers. Any YouTube channel who joins our network using your URL code will be affiliated to your account, and for one year you'll earn 15% of the ad revenue we collect from that channel.

Power Up TV network loves our partners, so we're working hard to put together a bunch of promotional rewards that we offer exclusively to those channels who join our network.


All videos you upload to your channel must meet these requirements. We will reject Claims for any video that does not meet the following criteria:

To become eligible for joining our network we want to see the following things:

No copyright or community guidelines strikes! If your channel has strikes, it won't allow you to have Partner functions. You'll need to make a new channel.

A minimum of five videos uploaded to your channel that demonstrate the type of content you will be uploading to it. These videos should reflect your ability as a film-maker.

All videos must be free of content which could be claimed by third-parties. Examples of content you should not upload are non-royalty free music produced by a third party.

My Youtube Network SCAM! RANT

Youtube Network RANT
Lets get this video to 100 likes!?
Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I am sharing with you my Youtube network experience. I really hope it helps any fellow youtubers who are thinking of joining a Youtube network.

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How to Start a YouTube Network : A Guide

How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider's Guide ➜ Purchase this book to get a detailed walkthrough on how to start your own YouTube network.

Do you have questions about how to start a YouTube MCN (multi-channel network) ? This presentation from Power Up TV MCN founder Carey Martell will provide some answers. More info ➜

There are a number of MCNs currently operating on YouTube. A multi-channel network is an organization that works with YouTube channels, to offer assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development in exchange for a percentage of the AdSense revenue from the channel.

They are also known as Online Video Studios, MCNs, OVSs, YouTube Networks or simply Networks. Sub-networks of MCNs are known as SubMCNs, Virtual Networks, Proprietary Networks, Content Distribution Networks, SMCNs, VNs, PNs, or CDNs

They work by a company setting up an account with YouTube CMS (the system used for ContentID), the company adds anyone who signs a contract with them to their CMS, allowing users (and the CMS account owner) to use monetization, block and track policies. Monetization allows for videos to generate revenue, Block prevents access to videos and Track allows content owners to see the analytics of 'reuploads' and copyright infringing content. Some MCN partners can block videos by country (e.g., if a video is uploaded with a banned or unlicensed logo).

MCNs have been described as a means to negate the hassle involved when seeking out your own advertising opportunities on the site. Advertisers who work with MCNs can pay for services including overlay adverts, product placement and in show sponsorships, aiming to gain repeated exposure, endorsement by YouTube personalities, and increased audience engagement, especially compared with television advertisements which are often ignored or skipped.

The benefits and drawbacks of partnering with a multi-channel network have been discussed by several high profile YouTube creators, including Hank Green, Freddie Wong as well as YouTube itself. The possible benefits can include access to production and editing facilities, higher CPM, access to traditional media projects and celebrities and the option to make money from cover songs of copyrighted music. However, there have been several controversies involving YouTube Networks.


YouTube Monetization history:

Smosh & Barry Blumberg


Next New Networks

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Why should students join Network Marketing



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What is network marketing?
With network marketing the inventor or manufacturer can put the product on the market without spending crores of money. There is no need to give it up to someone else, and pay them to market it for the inventor or manufacturer.

• Network marketing is passionate people working with companies that have products or services that help real human needs, they are excited about their future and the possibility of having more freedom both of time and finances and they are individuals who want balance in their life.

• There are lacks of people in networking marketing and lacks more comings in every year. The most important things for a new person are to understand this business.

• In network marketing you will think the reward is money, but the freedom will far outweigh the money and in the end it will be all about the lives you change.

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Leaving My YouTube Network, Are They Worth It? | Jouelzy

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