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Should the Attic Floor Insulation Be Removed When Doing Spray Foam?


Should the Attic Floor Insulation Be Removed When Doing Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation contractors and homeowners alike have debated this questions over many years and since spray foam first gained popularity in late the 2000’s, we’ve had many case studies to learn from. What is the best practice for homeowners when they are considering spray foaming their attic? In a hot dry climate like Phoenix, spray foam is worth the extra cost and is the ideal insulation method because all of our ductwork and HVAC systems are inside the attic space. Spray foam contractors in Arizona have differed though in their reasoning over if the existing insulation should be removed or kept along the attic floor.
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Attic Condensation Via Spray Foam Flaws and Pot Light

Spray foam is usually sold as The Silver Bullet that promises to fix nearly every building flaw. Spray foam is an amazing material, but it's only as good as the installer. I always say Hire the guy pulling the trigger on the spray gun, not the foam brand or contractor.

In the case above, the attic floor had many holes that leaked air from the living space into the attic space as driven by winter-time stack effect. This moist air then condensed as it hit cold roof sheathing and undersides of roof vents. The fix: Seal the holes!

The guy pulling the trigger controls the manufacturing process and performance of the end product: in situ spray foam. If you're installer treats their equipment well, knows the limitations of the foam and has some building science knowledge your off to a good start.

Attic Air Seal and Insulation Upgrade With Spray Foam

Retrofitting an attic with Closed cell Spray Foam Insulation.

Attic Insulation Cutting Edge Solutions for Hard to Reach Areas

Joann's attic had one impossible to reach crawlspace. Corey and the Sunlight Contractors team used a combination of cutting edge insulation types to seal in her attic.
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What is the Best Attic Insulation? (Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass vs. Cellulose)


Learn more about the best insulation for your attic at

High energy bills...uncomfortable dams…

You know it’s time to upgrade that old attic insulation, but what are the best attic insulation?

In this video we discuss and compare the most common insulation types used in attics today - cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam.

After watching you should have a better understanding of the best attic insulation for your home and situation.

Typically, if you are looking for the cheapest way out, adding more traditional insulation may help for now. However, if you really want to transform your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, spray foam insulation is the better long-term option.

RetroFoam of Michigan is a spray foam insulation contractor serving Michigan’s lower peninsula, helping homeowners who are sick and tired of living in an uncomfortable house or paying high energy bills.

We specialize in insulating existing homes, new homes, and pole barns with foam insulation. We also enjoy educating homeowners about foam insulation through our videos, blog, and other educational resources on our website.



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Spray Foam- Icynene Attic Insulation #4: Installation of spray foam

Attic Insulation Video #4: Installation of spray foam insulation. Once existing insulation is cleared, your attic is ready for spray foam. It’s easy and it’s quick. You’ll feel the difference with improved home comfort and energy efficiency.

Spray Foam Attic Floor

Spray foaming your living space ceiling from the attic is the best way to ensure that no air is leaking into the attic. Never worry about batt insulation not covering all areas.

Removing Old Insulation from Attic Floor

Removing Old, Ineffective insulation to replace using Spray Foam Insulation on the Roof Deck.

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Spray Foam Attic Insulation - Conditioned Attic How & Why

A conditioned attic can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your house. Take a tour with me of this unvented attic on a Slab-On-Grade foundation house.

Building My Own Home: Episode 118 - Spray Foaming the Attic

Today we had the Spray Foam insulation put in to complete the sealed attic.

Spray Foam Insulation: How to tell if you need to upgrade your attic insulation

When you insulate your attic with ICYNENE energy efficient spray foam, you will save on heating & cooling bills, plus it can help to avoid ice damming, detect roof leaks sooner, control rainwater and win-driven moisture intrusion, keep any duct leaks within the conditioned space and allow HVAC equipment to remain cooler to work more efficiently. This video first appeared on our website.

How to Avoid a Spray Foam Insulation Nightmare

You may have heard or seen news stories about spray foam insulation nightmares. In this video, learn how you can avoid a spray foam insulation problem in your home renovation or new home.

Attics/Roofs - Dumb vs. Smart - How to Build Correctly

5 Dumb Ways to Build in the South! Watch this if you’ve not seen it!

Great advice on the details for Building a Conditioned Attic:

Conditioned Attics without Spray Foam

Dropped Ceilings for Ducts in Conditioned Space. Energy Vanguard Blog

Worried about Shingle Durability with a Conditioned Attic? See this article to allay your fears.

Video I showed about Spray Foam and meeting 2014 energy codes:

Perfect Wall Playlist

Coastal Spray Foam Attic Insulation.m4v

Coastal applies open cell spray foam insulation in a home attic.

Spray Foam Insulation By Advanced Attic Solutions

Installing spray foam insulation for attic floor and walls ,
Advanced Attic Solutions is a professional company specialize in attic insulation solutions for all types of attics.

(833) 219-0921

Los Angeles CA.

Spray foam attic in Winnipeg

Spray foam insulation by Red River Spray-On Ltd on 1.5 story house in Winnipeg

Spray foam to attic floor

Unvented Attics Insulated with Spray Foam

Foam Insulation - Great movie segment courtesy of Ted Medford and AirTight Insulation and LaPolla. Ted explains all the reasons why unvented attics insulated with spray foam insulation are much more energy efficient.

Attic spray foam open cell

Icynene Spray Foam -Attic Insulation #3- Removal

Removal of Existing Attic Insulation: On the day of the installation, your spray foam insulation crew will begin to prepare the worksite. Once set up, the crew will begin safely removing your existing attic insulation material.



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