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Simon Game - Made with an Arduino Nano, 4 buttons, 4 LEDs and a piezo sounder


Simon Game - Made with an Arduino Nano, 4 buttons, 4 LEDs and a piezo sounder

Simon Game - Made with an Arduino Nano, 4 buttons, 4 LEDs and a piezo sounder

Code and circuit available on my GitHub:

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Arduino

Simple Game with basic components. Uses a passive piezo buzzer, an i2c 16x2 LCD display, three LEDs and 3 buttons.

More projects and lessons at:

Arduino Lcd oyun/test

test by CAN ONUR

Arduino Says - Simon Says On Arduino Board

First project I made on an Arduino Uno board. Plays just like the old Simon Says game.
GitHub Page:

Arduino Dice

Randomly created dice roll using an Arduino and a handful of LEDs
This only a video of it working.
There is an Instructable at

Arduino uno memory game

Arduino Pong

This is a project I made with the Arduino Uno and Nootropic Design Video Experimenter. The video has been recorded from TV with iPhone's camera so it is a little bit tilted, but there is nothing wrong with the code :)

Code available at

Music: Alan Walker - Force, NoCopyrightSounds, YouTube

Arduino Simon Says The Game

Arduino Simon Says The Game

Material utilizado:

Uses the Tone Arduino library by

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Arduino Project 8

Arduino Project 8

NES-Arduino Carnival Game

Stop The Light reaction game. Stop the light at the arrow to advance to the next level. The LED will change color and move faster. Complete the red level to uncover the rainbow! This is based on the LPD8806 RGB strip and Adafruit's ATMega32U4.

First Game made with Arduino


Josh and Bryce Arduino Tic Tac Toe


Arduino Game - Bouncy Boy

Bouncy Boy is a Handheld gaming device built using an Arduino, a breadboard, and some buttons. It was programmed using the C++ program language. The objective of the game is to fly around and shoot down asteroids coming towards you. Once you die, the game ends and gives you a score based on how long you survived.
The specific wiring is described below.

Red - 7
Green - 6

Y - A1X - A0
5V - 5V

LED - 3.5V
SCK - 13
SDA - 12
A0 - 9
Reset - 10

Arduino Hangman Game

Based on:

Arduino Tone Library Demo

Quick and easy demonstration of the Tone library for Arduino

DEMO - Tone Keyboard with Button - Arduino Uno

Source from

Automated Castlevania (part 2)

Continuous sword attack... With a servo button.

Arduino project "Memory game"

Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace Shrimp Kit for Brighton Mini-Maker Faire 2013

A very quick and rough video of the functionality of the Arduino Shrimp kit that the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace ( will have at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire ( on the 7th September 2013

The Shrimp is a breadboard Arduino compatible design. (
There are others to be found using the power of Google.
We took the Shrimp layout and modified it slightly to make it easier to build on a bigger breadboard.

As an Arduino compatible kit it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. You just have to watch the pin assignment in your code as they are not the same as the pins on the ATmega328 IC.
A great diagram/pin assignment can be found on Pighixxx site

The kit comes pre-programmed with 3 activities build in.

1) use a potentiometer to change the tone played and also the brightness of the middle LED. This is also the 'menu' to select the other 2 activities.

2) Press Button1 (left button) and enter the no touch player. Using 3 Light dependent resistors play 3 notes. The 3 notes are G, C and D

3) Press Button2 (right button) and enter the 2 player reactions game. Wait for the middle LED to light up and then press your button before the other player.

Return to activity 1/menu by pressing the reset button on the Shrimp

At the Brighton Mini Maker Faire we will have a small number of the kits available to buy, with the instructioins and parts list free to take away. We will be posting the parts list, build instructions and code after the event. Gives us the chance to make things as perfect as possible for the event. We already found some silly problems that have now been fixed.

Here's looking forward to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire on the 7th September. I'll be on the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace stall. Hopefully, see you there.

In case you're wondering. The Hello Kitty paper cup is being used as an amplifier. There is a battery inside it to weight it down. If you look carefully you will see the piezo buzzer is under it. Also, I can't play music

Zajęcia z Arduino w Kombinat Warszawa

Już minął pierwszy tydzień zajęć, i są widoczne postępy! Zapraszamy zapisanych uczestników na dalszy ciąg zajęć.

Piosenka Stereofloat wykonana przez Crashed (



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