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Spain's Abandoned Villages


CREEPIEST Abandoned Places In Europe!

Check out the CREEPIEST Abandoned Places In Europe! From paranormal activity in haunted houses to some of the most mysterious ghost buildings, this top 10 list of strangest deserted places in the world will amaze you!

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There are two identical decommissioned coal power generating stations at the Battersea Power Station in south London, which is located along the Thames River. The first station, known as Battersea A Power Station, was built in the 1930’s; the second, Battersea B Power Station, was constructed during the 1950’s.

The abandoned Warsaw Gasworks, also known as the Wola Gas Company, is one of Europe’s, and perhaps the world’s, most pristine examples of late 19th and early 20th century industrial architecture. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. The neoclassical structures that make up the complex were built in 1888. They were destroyed during World War II, in 1939, and were thereafter immobilized.

On the outskirts of the Old Town of Tallinn on the north coast of Estonia lies Patarei Prison. It was originally built as a sea fortress in 1820, but was used as a high-security prison facility by the Soviets during their occupation of the country from 1944 to 1991, and was considered one of the scariest places in Estonia.

Argentiera was a silver- and lead-mining town on the Italian island of Sardinia that thrived into the 1940’s. Silver had been mined here since the ancient era of the Romans and Phoenicians, and was an important commodity within the Roman economy.

Located near Geamana, the Rosia Poieni mine was once Europe’s second-largest copper mine and employed around 500 people. During the 1970’s, copper was discovered in the hills above the Romanian village of Geamana. In the spring of 1977, the villagers’ lives were turned upside-down, as representatives and prospectors working for the then-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu arrived and essentially told them to pack up and prepare to move elsewhere.

This 35-acre underground property in England was kept a complete secret from the public until it was decommissioned in 2004. Unbeknownst to even the local population, it was located 100 feet underneath the churches, homes, and cobblestone streets of Corsham, a quaint market town in Wiltshire. The already-existing set of limestone caves underneath the small city made it an ideal location for the bunker.

When you think of creepy abandoned places, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is an old, decrepit building. However, that’s not always the case. Located 120 miles (200 km) south of Madrid, Spain, the Ciudad Real Central Airport was in operation for just three years before it closed in 2012.

In the city of Czestochowa (Ches-to-kova) in Poland, there’s an abandoned train depot that was once a bustling transportation hub that connected the Warsaw-Vienna railway with the rest of Europe. The railway opened in 1846 and is one of the reasons the city became one of Russian Poland’s leading industrial centers.

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The World's Largest Abandoned City - Ordos

Ordos The World’s Largest Abandoned City

The development of the city of Ordos is a unique tale. Ordos is a city designed from scratch and built within 10 years. This city came to fruition after private mining companies were given the rights to dig into deposits in the late 90’s and 2000’s. This generated a lot of tax revenue making Ordos the 2nd highest income per capita city in China. Ordos is a city located in Inner Mongolia that has been constantly been burdened with water shortage issues. Instead of trying to revamp the current infrastructure the Chinese government decided to rebuild the city from scratch which is called “New Ordos” just 16 miles or 25 km kilometers away from the existing city now called “Old Ordos”. The people of Old Ordos refer to New Ordos as the Kangbashi district of Ordos, these new and old labels are basically not supported by anyone locally. Two villages built around the Wulan Mulan River were demolished and construction started in 2005. 161 billion dollars in infrastructure was invested to build the Kangbashi District over the first 5 years. Regardless if anyone lives in this new city, this is a major plus to the government of China as it increases China’s GDP. The government gave kickbacks to developers who helped boost GDP so building anything anywhere is promoted.

The old city of Ordos or Dongsheng is home to over ½ a million people, it was expected that many of them would move to the new city as it became completed. As explained by many locals, a working couple only makes $800 a month combined of which ⅓ is taken for rent. The new apartments in New Ordos sell for 70 - 100 thousand dollars making it virtually impossible for locals to live there. Sales were slow at first but eventually investors snapped up many of the units in the new city. This has left New Ordos with a ton of infrastructure and no residents. The city was originally designed to hold 1 million people but was scaled down during construction to 500,000 then to 300,000 after coal prices crashed.

The city features a 5 story shopping mall, impressive monuments and statues, art and city museum, the Ordos Dongsheng Stadium that seats 35,000 people, opera house, a brand new airport and a modern designed mosque. The city streets are lined with skyscraper after skyscraper that are almost completely empty. A toy store is one of the only stores in the massive 5 story mall, the man who runs the store says he sells something every few days and if the government doesn’t step in soon to fix it, he may have to move back to Dongsheng. It is estimated only 2 % of the buildings were ever filled the rest remain abandoned. Outside the mall an elaborate water show is put on every night with only a few people found to be watching it. A water show this size in a normal city would draw thousands of viewers daily. The city has everything it needs to be a great thriving new city like extra wide roads with bike lanes like what is found in Taipei, modern amenities and infrastructure but simply no people. The initial wave of 30,000 people that moved to New Ordos all lived in a 4 to 5 block radius just north of central park. A few years later that grew to 60,000 and now 12 years after the start of construction there are around 150,000 residents in a city that was originally designed for 1 million. The city has been doing many things to attract people to live there like moving the best schools from Dongsheng to Kangbashi. While some areas of Kangbashi aren’t a ghost town at all today, many still are. One abandoned project is the Ordos 100 Project, which is a project that was to have 100 different extreme luxury villas designed. Instead of the government doing it themselves they invited 100 different architects from around the world to each design a luxury villas to be placed on the map. Land sections were given out with the utmost creative freedom except the design was not to look like traditional Mongolian designs such as Yurts. Each architect designed their villa and construction started. Within the Ordos 100 Project site multiple half finished villas can be found. While many lay half finished some have progress going forward.

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Urbex Spain ESCO the abandoned village

One of my first stops on my Europe road trip was a village called ESCO
A very cool village left abandoned since the 60s when a dam meant local farms were flooded

A very cool place to be with great weather and wildlife

Enjoy 😊

Abandoned Finca South Spain

Flying over and around abandoned Finca in South Spain. Very nice location on top of hill with incredible views.

Marmellar: Haunted Abandoned Village (Catalonia, Spain)

¨The village of Marmellar sits in the hills inland from Barcelona, Spain almost hidden by trees.

The first historical mention of the village was back in 1023. By 1970 the population had dwindled to 26 inhabitants. In 1976 a fire struck the area and shortly after the remaining villagers left.

Now it consists of crumbling homes, a church in ruins, and empty tombs which are overgrown with weeds in this isolated village located a half hour hike from the nearest paved road.

It now has a sinister reputation. A few years ago, long after it was abandoned, there were two separate murder victims found here. There have been rumours of rituals and not surprisingly people say there are ghosts.¨ (taken from

Taped in summer 2018.


Exploring the Abandoned village of Pandamonia

Abandoned Castle in Northern Spain | Van Life Europe | Ep.14

In this vlog we explore an abandoned castle, I believe it is called Butrón. I'll leave a link to the google maps location so you can check it out. Such a shame that the beautiful building has been left!

As always we hope you enjoyed the video! Don't forget to leave us a comment if you have any questions. If you enjoyed the video please don't forget to give us a like and subscribe to keep seeing more.

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Spanish ghost town - No Man's Land - Abandoned village

Pépé lives in an abandoned and ruined village in de Pyrenees all alone. He must drive with his jeep about 1 hour to reach other people. He has lived there 10 years with a gilrfriend but now he's all alone. In wintertime it's very cold...(2nd upload - 1st: 820 views)
Spanish gost town.

Spanish Ghost Towns - Legacy of Spain's Housing Crash (CNBC)

© CNBC All Rights Reserved
10 Aug 2012

Julia Chatterley, CNBC Presenter -

It is a wasteland. Apartment blocks in the middle of nowhere. Huge craters where foundations were supposed to be built. A legacy of the housing boom of 2007. House prices have dropped by 25 per cent. They will have to fall another 25 per cent. Santander sold 500 apartments last month below construction cost. A lady paid less than a third of the price three years ago. Price drops of 60 to 70 per cent. It depends on how far the banks are prepared to accept loss provisions. The deals are done in cash.

Acinipo - Abandoned Roman City - Spain

Finding Lost Civilization Series - An Educational Series - Additional Videos At:

Trek with me to the ancient and abandoned Roman City of Acinipo located in the Province of Malaga, Spain.

10 Beautiful Abandoned Ghost Towns

Some Ghost Towns are simply abandoned cities or towns. Here are some beautiful and eerie examples. ►

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Every ghost town has it's own story. Some were small mining settlements that declined with local industry. Times Beach was a small rural community that was evacuated and suddenly quarantined when the entire area was accidentally poisoned with deadly dioxide was very different. It was established in the Amazon rain forest by the industrialist Henry Ford. He wanted a plant to cultivate rubber, but the plant would operate as it's own town with a population in the thousands. But Fordlandia was doomed by Henry Ford's strict rules and swiftly failed.

Kayakoy is among the oldest ghost towns on Earth. It was home to an ethnic Greek population until a war between Turkey and Greece forced the population to abandon kayakoy. It was empty before the war ended. For more abandoned towns, watch the full video



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