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Spain's Abandoned Villages


Spain's Abandoned Villages

Ghost Village (2014): Hundreds of rural villages around Galicia in Spain are frozen in time, long-abandoned by their residents. But there are hopes that the current financial crisis could actually help revive the ruins.

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It's the biggest sadness you can imagine. It's sad that it's abandoned in this way, says Jose Collazo, the last resident of a ghost village. In recession-hit Spain there are almost 3,000 abandoned villages. With an ageing population and almost 25% unemployment, local governments are desperate for any boost to their economy. Whole villages are now up for sale, and locals hope that foreign buyers might boost the depressed economy. At a time when many Spaniards feel that capitalism has failed them, the rural idyll of self-sufficiency has never seemed so attractive.

Dateline, SBS Australia – Ref. 6161

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Abandoned villages in northern Spain snapped up by foreign investors

1. Wide of abandoned village for sale
2. Close-up of Pepe Rodil, head of opening one of the houses for sale
3. Wide shot of Rodil opening a window in the house
4. Mid of Rodil looking out of window
5. Mid of Rodil walks out of room
6. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Pepe Rodil, head of in the north of Spain:
You have a village with, let's say, 17 owners who want to sell and 3 other who do not agree. In villages people always speak to each other, and this one knows his neighbour is being paid this much, and the other one this much, and the other one that much, and they all consider their own should be the most expensive one. Making all those people to finally agree is the most difficult issue we have to deal with.
7. Wide pan of buyer, Neil Christie's village
8. Wide of one of the houses
9. Wide of Christie's house being built
10. Close up of Christie driving his digger
11. Wide of digger
12. Mid of Christie
13. Wide pan of digger
14. SOUNDBITE (English) Neil Christie, owner of village:
Eventually we came across this one, which is a completely abandoned village and, literally, this house you can see behind me was a hole in the ground and it had a tree growing out of it about 5 metres high. It had been abandoned for 30 years. I said wow, that's a lot of work and thought well, how much is this going to cost? Well, I couldn't believe it. The whole lot� do you want to know how much? 45 thousand. Euros! Not pounds, euros.
15. Wide of one of the houses in Christie's village
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Neil Christie, owner of village:
If you have some skills and you are prepared to get into it yourself, then I would say yes. But you've got to be dedicated because there are times when you think: why am I doing this? And there are times when you come here and look around and think: I know why I'm doing this, now.
17. Wide pan Christie's village
18. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Dario Campos, Pontenova mayor:
I guess every town hall has a way of seeing it, but I would definitely recommend this iniciative, specially in places like Galicia or Asturias where there is one basic problem on rural areas: depopulation, emigration, lack of people. People die and they can not, let's say, generate other people, there are no kids. So this is a good thing for places where this problem exists, also to restore the houses and sustain the environment.
19. Wide of path
An ageing population and dire economic prospects have emptied the remote villages and rough stone houses of the northerly Galicia region in Spain.
After years of negative demographics and constant migration from one of the country's poorest regions hundreds of small hamlets, many country houses are now at the mercy of the elements.
The cycle started to turn slightly during Spain's decade long economic boom: the villages were bought-up buy affluent Spaniards as a property investment, riding on the seemingly never ending property wave.
This however has come to messy end with record unemployment and a stagnant economy.
It is now foreigners who are snapping-up picturesque properties at discount prices.
Pepe Rodil is the sales-representative of one of the most successful websites in Spain selling abandoned villages,
He looks around one the site's most interesting offers, a huge country house with electricity and water with over 20 acres of land, its asking price is approximately 100,000 euros (131,000 US dollars).
It is just north of the major town of Lugo and just 17kms (10.5 miles) from the stunning coastline between Galicia and Asturias.
The principle purchasers of the villages are now foreigners.
He thinks the move is vital to help start repopulating deserted villages.

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Medieval Spanish ghost town becomes self-sufficient ecovillage

It's a utopian fantasy- discover a ghost town and rebuild it in line with your ideals-, but in Spain where there are nearly 3000 abandoned villages (most dating back to the Middle Ages), some big dreamers have spent the past 3 decades doing just that.

There are now a few dozen ecoaldeas - ecovillages - in Spain, most build from the ashes of former Medieval towns. One of the first towns to be rediscovered was a tiny hamlet in the mountains of northern Navarra.

Lakabe was rediscovered in 1980 by a group of people living nearby who had lost their goats and when they found their goats, they found Lakabe, explains Mauge Cañada, one of the early pioneers in the repopulation of the town.

The new inhabitants were all urbanites with no knowledge of country life so no one expected them to stay long. When they first began to rebuild, there was no road up to the town so horses were used to carry construction materials up the mountain. There was no electricity either so they lived with candles and oil lamps.

In the early years, they generated income by selling some of their harvest and working odd jobs like using their newfound construction experience to rebuild roofs outside town. Later they rebuilt the village bakery and sold bread to the outside world.

Their organic sourdough breads now sell so well that today they can get by without looking for work outside town, but it helps that they keep their costs at a minimum as a way of life. There's an austerity that's part of the desire of people who come here, explains Mauge. There's not a desire for consumption to consume. We try to live with what there is.

Today, the town generates all its own energy with the windmill, solar panels and a water turbine. It also has a wait list of people who'd like to move in, but Mauge says the answer is not for people to join what they have created, but to try to emulate them somewhere else.

If you set your mind to it and there's a group of people who want to do it, physically they can do it, economically they can do it. What right now is more difficult is being willing to suffer hardship or difficulties or... these days people have a lot of trouble living in situations of shortage or what is seen as shortage but it isn't.

Original story here:


Guisando is a beautiful small village in the province of Ávila, Castile and León in Spain. The place is famous for the Bulls of Guisando which are actually close by in El Tiemblo, a neighboring village. A natural pool, an adventure park and hiking activities attract tourists mainly in summer. The vernacular architecture of the houses is unique and very instagramable, and the few people I've met were super nice and welcoming.
It was quite deserted when I visited it in autumn but the landscape driving there through the woods up on the mountain, the little white houses and narrow streets were worth the trip!
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Abandoned Spanish Village

Los Allozos Aledo Murcia Spain.

1792 - about 10 families lived here in the village. It’s possible they worked in the mills along the river, not far from the village.
During the 1960s the village emptied until no one lived there. Most of the families moved to Aledo for work.

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Exploring this abandoned village on my own was scary, but damn, it was fun! Just a pity I had some bad luck with my bicycle. But all turned out to be okay in the end! :D

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Spain's Ghost Villages

Hundreds of rural villages around Galicia in Spain are frozen in time; long abandoned by their residents and now decaying and crumbling. But there are hopes that the current financial crisis could actually help revive the ruins. Whole villages are now up for sale, and locals hope that foreign buyers might boost the depressed economy.

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A Barca: Spanish village given away for free! BBC News

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Find out why this 15th Century hamlet of A Barca is being given away for free by its Mayor.
Stop/Start is a series of video features for the BBC News website which follows both new trends that are beginning and old traditions that are coming to an end.

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Spanish ghost town - No Man's Land - Abandoned village

Pépé lives in an abandoned and ruined village in de Pyrenees all alone. He must drive with his jeep about 1 hour to reach other people. He has lived there 10 years with a gilrfriend but now he's all alone. In wintertime it's very cold...(2nd upload - 1st: 820 views)
Spanish gost town.

Slow renaissance of medieval ghost town in Spanish Pyrenees

Fifty or sixty years ago, residents of small rural Spanish towns abandoned their centuries-old villages in search of a new type of life in the city. For years, the couple thousand ghost towns of mostly Northern Spain lay empty, but in the early eighties, the migration happened in reverse. Residents of cities began to move back to these abandoned towns to start a new, slower, simpler life.

The medieval town of Ibort- 75 miles north of Zaragoza- was rediscovered in 1986 when a group of friends, tired of city life, arrived here to start living a slower life in the country.

When they came here, it was to try to return to a type of life closer to nature, closer to certain values that were disappearing from this urban world, explains Ibort resident Ricardo.

They began rebuilding the homes in keeping with the traditional stone style, most often with labor-intensive slate roofs included. The new villagers had little homebuilding experience, but everyone had to build- or rebuild- their own home.

I think it's one of the most beautiful things a person can make, his house, explains Ricardo. In the past nearly everyone had to do it, to live in a home you built, it's a different experience.

Today, Ibort is home to about 60 people. There is still rebuilding going on and there is still space to learn from the past. Our modern world so accelerated, so much rushing around, says Ricardo. I think it's necessary to stop a bit this race to who knows where.

Family fixes home in ghost-town lab & tells others to follow

With 25,000 euros and 1000 hours of work, Maurizio Cesprini and his partner Paola Gardin rebuilt a ruined home in the medieval village of Ghesc, Italy. They hope other young families will consider their example with a plentiful supply of medieval ghost towns. They also feel drawn to save the rich architectural heritage of artisanal stonework dotting villages throughout the Alps, and beyond.

Called “The Village Laboratory”, Ghesc is part-owned by the Canova Association and hosts workshops so college students worldwide can come learn historical stone construction techniques. The public half of the village includes a communal kitchen, pizza oven and concert spaces.

Right now Ghesc (in local dialect; “Ghesio” in Italian) in the commune of Montecrestese near the Swiss border has just 3 inhabitants (Maurizio, Paola and their son Emil), but the four homes that comprise the private side of town are at various stages of being rebuilt.

Canova Association:

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Unforgettable Weekend in a Secret Village in Spain

Discover real rural Spanish culture and Spanish village life! A weekend of incredible Spanish cooking, food and culture in a secret village in Spain!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to life in a magical Spanish village. We'll, this video is all about Spanish food, Spanish village life, and Spanish culture. Thanks to Laura & Esme of Esmetours (, over the course of a weekend we roast a baby goat in a traditional oven, we eat rice with rabbit and quail, we explore the beautiful stone houses and we even get to hear a Spanish bagpipes! All in a gorgeous, dreamlike village called Pozos.

I was invited to Pozos by Laura & Esme of Esme Tours who run gastronomic retreats (including Spanish cooking classes) in a the village in the northern Spanish province of Leon. So if you're planning to travel to Spain anytime soon, definitely check out their experiences at and follow them on Instagram at @esmetours!

Also in this video are my friends and co-founders in Devour Tours Lauren Aloise (Spain blogger at @spanishsabores) and Alejandro Cabrera. They recently bought an old stone house in the village and they're going to do it up. So we explore their ruin as well!

Marmellar: Haunted Abandoned Village (Catalonia, Spain)

¨The village of Marmellar sits in the hills inland from Barcelona, Spain almost hidden by trees.

The first historical mention of the village was back in 1023. By 1970 the population had dwindled to 26 inhabitants. In 1976 a fire struck the area and shortly after the remaining villagers left.

Now it consists of crumbling homes, a church in ruins, and empty tombs which are overgrown with weeds in this isolated village located a half hour hike from the nearest paved road.

It now has a sinister reputation. A few years ago, long after it was abandoned, there were two separate murder victims found here. There have been rumours of rituals and not surprisingly people say there are ghosts.¨ (taken from

Taped in summer 2018.


Shattered dreams haunt life in Spanish ghost towns

When Spain's economic bubble burst, the unsustainable construction frenzy which had widely contributed to financial downfall, came to a juddering halt. Whole towns were abandoned in mid build, apartment blocks lie empty. But some properties are now finding occupants once again. Duration: 02:00

Abandoned Spanish Village #urbexspain #abandonedspain #expatinmazarron

Colonia de Santa Eulalia Alicante Spain (new update 3/01/2020 whole village up for sale).
Its construction began in the late nineteenth century, farming village had two factories, one for flour, a Theater, Casino, chapel, Hostel and a railway station. Over the years the local people left for further work and the buildings became empty.
Looks like it was a tourist place of interest but with the lack of investment it’s been boarded up and keep out signs placed around the village.

I want to thank my friend Valentin Sarabia, who told me about this place and letting me use some of his photographs and video clips.
Please check out his YouTube channel VALENTÍN SARABIA

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Abandoned Castle in Northern Spain | Van Life Europe | Ep.14

In this vlog we explore an abandoned castle, I believe it is called Butrón. I'll leave a link to the google maps location so you can check it out. Such a shame that the beautiful building has been left!

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Spanish GHOST TOWN - a tour in Barrillos

every child of everywhere used to go to a village on summer to visit family and elders... in my case, that little three streets village is Barrillos de Curueño, placed in Leon.
a great place where adventures happened everyday, but now it's kind of dead... NOBODY was seen, no sound heard... nothing!

maybe because it was freaking hot outside in the sun,... yeah, that might have something to do with that...

anywho... here is a tour to my summer town... enjoy!

Spain: Living in a European Slum | European Journal

Cañada Real is the biggest slum in the EU and lies on the outskirts of the Spanish capital Madrid. Tens of thousands of people live in illegally-built huts and shacks.

Many of the residents who have recently moved to the slum are victims of Spain's financial crisis who could no longer afford their rent or mortgage. But the shanty town is a thorn in the eye of local authorities. Nearby communities that own the land want to turn Cañada Real into a recreation area. Bulldozers repeatedly show up to demolish the illegal dwellings. Now work is underway to find a fair and equitable solution.


20% of houses in Spain sit empty

Pioz, Spain has become a ghost town. CNN's Richard Quest reports on the reminder of the country's property crisis.

Exploring abandoned El Torbiscal Village In Spain! ????????

What's up guys! It has been a while since I have uploaded on this channel. The abandoned place was really interesting and I was really happy I explored the place. it used to be a town for farmers in local areas and did have amenities. I am sorry about that but I was extremely busy with coursework and just work in general. I don't know when I will upload next, but I will try to upload more videos soon. I'm going to upload more tech and abandoned video soon.
Recorded: July 2019
How it looked like in 1946:
Extraordinary Demon:
Omar Boss:



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