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Spear Hunting a Grizzly Bear at ground Level


Ethical and humane spear hunts with Mitch yonkman.

This video is for educational purposes to show that spears are just as humane as any other hunting method. To ban spear hunting in Alberta or any other province or state is absurd. Spears have been around since the dawn of man and should be celebrated and not prosecuted. Please help us keep the spear hunting tradition alive!

"Jumping on a bear" Angle #2

This is my first attempt, The bear moved on me at the last second so as you can see I pulled the spear hard to the right so to completely miss him. I did not want to impale the bear in the guts to of wounded him. I made the ethical choice and missed him completely. Please leave any rude comments to yourself. :)

Big bear bumps into traditional archer's arrow

Some of the most exciting black bear footage ever captured! After missing a huge black bear Clay Newcomb takes a big color phase bear at 3 yards after it bumps into the end of his arrow! This is the full episode Pretty Close of Bear Horizon Season 4 by Bear Hunting Magazine

Tim Wells Shoots Grizzly Bear and Morrell?

Tim Wells shows a clip of shooting a massive grizzly bear but how he made such a good shot was all those practice arrows shot into his Yellow Jacket Target. #huntingstartshere #morrelltargets #timwellsbowhunter

Moments of Truth Part 3 Hunting Polar Bear with Recurve Bow!

Montana elk hunter describes moment leading up to killing grizzly bear

Cody Klotz is speaking out because he wants hunters to know this could happen to them.

#3 Pending Pope and Young Brown Bear-Juan Garcia The Wild Outdoors

Join us as we follow, bow hunter Juan Garcia and Master Guide Sam Fejes, into the isolated wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska. They are in pursuit of the largest land predator on earth.

Feel the intensity as Sam uses a predator call to lure a gigantic brown bear to within 12 yards of Juan's PSE Omen Max. Putting themselves into a calculated risk, Sam and Juan maintain their composure as the bear approaches. Producer and cameraman, Jake Latendresse, sits back from 20 yards away capturing the entire event as it unfolds. Its intense, dramatic, rare and fact, its unbelievable!

Special thanks to Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge for allowing us to film, but more importantly, thanks to them for their vision into the management system they have applied to enhance bear conservation. Since the establishment of KNWR, the brown bear population has doubled in size, strongly led by the implementation of hunting as a tool to control the mature male bear density. As a result, young bears thrive and have better opportunity to reach maturity.

This hunt aired in its entirety Jay Gregory's The Wild Outdoors on Outdoor Channel in 2013. It is due to air again in spring of 2014.

Alaskan brown bear hunt in the fall: Conservation Explained

Alaskan Return | Episode 4 | Bear Horizon by Bear Hunting Magazine

Documented in spectacular cinematic fashion, Clay Newcomb heads to Alaska to complete some unfinished business by taking a brown bear off the ground at 35 yards. He discusses the conservation aspect of hunting large predators, bear hunting and why we do it.

Bear Hunting Magazine:

Black bear spear hunting

Young black bear cute and shit! Jk on the spear hunting lol



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