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Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm w/iPhone App | How My Prosthetic Arm Works

Here are some of the prosthetic arm functions and gestures. I am using the Ossur Corp Touch Bionics iLimb Ultra and the arm was built by hanger clinic. Having a bionic arm takes a little getting used to because I've never had a prosthesis before but it is SWEET!

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The $150,000,000 Lifestyle of Drake

Drake is one of the most successful musical artists of all time and he most definitely lives like it. The Toronto native is reportedly worth over $150,000,000 and with money like that, your bound to have a few fancy things in your life. Drake’s real estate portfolio contains multiple mega-mansions with more than enough square footage to do anything you could ever dream of doing. Drake also is known to have an impressive luxury car collection worth millions and millions of dollars and includes multiple rare cars that only someone of power and wealth can get their hands on. And don’t even get me started on his massive private Boeing 767 valued at $185,000,000. The funny thing about all of this, is that I’m not even close to being finished. Curious on what Drake could possibly be doing with all that money? Well then we got you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the $150,000,000 Lifestyle of Drake.

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The $150,000,000 Lifestyle of Drake
Written By: Pluggy (@Pluggy_)
Narrated By: Randy Virden (@RandyVirdenVO)
Edited By: Pluggy (@Pluggy_)

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How to activate drop down menus in Joomla

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Inside The Cryptocurrency Revolution | VICE on HBO

Bitcoin’s emergence as a global digital currency has been as revolutionary as it has been erratic. But while fledgling investors obsess over every fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market, nation-states are more interested in the underlying blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize how business is done on the internet and beyond. VICE's Michael Moynihan travels to Russia with Vitalik Buterin, inventor of the ethereum blockchain, to get a front-row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.0.

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Most BRILLIANT Robberies Ever!

Check out the most brilliant robberies ever! This list of top 10 intelligent criminals did some mind blowing

bank robberies!

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9: Antwerp Diamond Heist
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7: The Banco Central Tunnel
6: Gardner Museum Art Theft
5: The Harry Winston Heist
4: D.B. Cooper
3: Al Capone
2: Albert Spaggiari
1: Frank William Abagnale Jr.

35C3 - Memsad

why clearing memory is hard.

This presentation will start off with a simple problem (how do you clear memory that holds sensitive content). It explores numerous possible solutions, and presents real live facts and figures. bugs in common applications will be shown.

Ilja van Sprundel

The Solar System: A Brief Glance

I've decided to give the old solar system video a make-over; new effects, better time-management and re-worked script.

Solar system HD video aided with NASA/ESA 3D animations and real footage.

Apologises but you gotta be a quick reader to keep up with the text, but there's always the option of pausing the video if you've missed something.

Video explores: The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Earth, in that order.



Playing Chrome Dinosaur game but every + 1 like = +1 speed FOR 1 YEAR (World Record)

Playing Chrome Dinosaur game but every + 1 like = +1 speed FOR 1 YEAR (World Record)

#live #trex #dinosaur #worldrecord

Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair - She had NO Idea!

Do you want one of these?!:
Watch how we built this Off Road Wheelchair contraption HERE: Building this Off Road Wheel chair out of two electric bikes was a super fun challenge, and ended up being much easier than I anticipated. With a few minor adjustments to the electric bikes, I was able to mount a seat 'chariot style' right between the two e-bike frames.

We need help choosing a name for this electric off road wheelchair! Let me know in the comments.

Ill post all the build details and dimensions in the construction video tomorrow. This off road wheel chair goes 20 miles per hour, and should have a range of 20-30 miles. It cost me about $3,000usd (mostly the price of the bikes). About 50 dollars worth of metal for the seat, and about 3 full days to design and assemble the whole wheelchair.

Splicing two electric bikes together to build a powerful off road wheel chair was super fun, and a sweet surprise for Cambry.

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Cursos de graduação da UFV – Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde – Medicina Veterinária

Esta produção faz parte de uma série de vídeos que tem o objetivo de apresentar os espaços e as atividades da UFV para os futuros graduandos. Confira a série completa no nosso canal:

Para obter mais informações sobre os cursos de graduação da UFV, acesse e

Já os detalhes sobre o processo seletivo de novos estudantes para a Universidade estão disponíveis no site

قصة الخضر الرجل الذى فاق الانبياء علما ! فمن هو ؟ وهل هو حي إلى اليوم حقاً ؟

قصة الخضر الرجل الذى فاق الانبياء علما ! فمن هو ؟ وهل هو حي إلى اليوم حقاً؟
قصة الرجل الذى فاق الانبياء علما ! فمن هو ؟ وهل هو حي إلى اليوم حقاً؟
فى زمـــــــــــــــان غير هذا الزمــــــــــان،
ومــــــــــــــــكان بــــــعيدا عن هذا المكان،
وبالتــــــــــــــحديد عند مــــجمع البحرين،
سطر التاريخ قصة ذكرت فى جميع الاديان ،
وخـــــــــتمت مع خاتــــــم الانـــــــبياء،
قصـــة تجمع بين كليم الله موسى وعبده الله الصالح الخضر،
ذلك الرجل ذو الصمت المبهم،
الذى ،اثار دهشة الانبياء،
بالتاكيد سمعت عن قصة هذا الرجل الصالح ذات يوم،
ولكن هل سالت نفسك يوما من هو الخضر،
ولماذا سافر معه سيدنا موسى فى رحلته القصيرة،
والتى وردت فى القران الكريم،
ولماذا سمى بهذا الاسم، وهل هو نبي ام لا،
وهل هو حقا موجود حتى يومنا هذا،
فمرحبا بكم متابعى قناة سؤال،
سنعرض عليكم اليوم،
قصة الخضر عليه السلام،
لكن قبل ان نبدا لا تنسى الاشتراك بالقناة،
والاعجاب بالفيديو ليصلك كل ماهو جديد،
هيا لنبدا،

سؤال؟ مرشدك الى كل جديد
وقاموسك المعرفى

يمكنك الاشترك من خلال الرابط التالى .

قناة سؤال عالم ما بين الحقيقة والخيال
فهذا عالمك الذى يجمع من شتى علوم الارض
رياضة فنون انميشن ثقافة علوم خيال العاب وفنون قتالية والدفاع عن النفس و غرائب وعجائب علوم الطبيعة والفضاء كل هذا من قناة
سؤال • قناة ثقافية عربية متنوعة تسعى لتشمل جميع العلوم والمعارف الغير معروفة لمعظم البشر و نجعل الويب العربي مكاناً مليئاً بالثقافة والعلم والتسلية .
من معلومات. ستعرفها لاول مرة فى حياتك والمزيد من المعلومات الفيدة والمتنوعة نقدمها لمتابعينا الأوفياء
. أشترك معنا الأن ليصلك كل ما هو جديد من قناة سؤال
. شكرا لكم كونكم معنا في القناة نتمنى أن نكون عند حسن ضنكم بنا.


Guillermo Nielsen, el hombre que suena más fuerte como ministro de Economía de la fórmula FF

Guillermo Nielsen es el hombre que negoció el canje de la deuda con el FMI en 2003.

¿Por qué la política le ganó a la racionalidad económica? ¿Por qué no se sostuvo la estabilidad económica del gobierno de Néstor Kirchner si era tan bueno? Déficit fiscal, deuda, dólar, tasa de interés, retenciones e impuestos. ¿Cuál es la economía que viene según el economista de confianza de los Fernández.

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MEN'S BASKETBALL - Stony Brook Players Postgame

Virginia's players discuss the win over Stony Brook.

Hundreds of Iraqi mourners try to storm US Embassy in Baghdad

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters have tried to storm the US embassy in Baghdad following US airstrikes this week that killed 25 fighters from an Iran-backed Shia group in Iraq.
Shouting Down, Down USA! the crowd tried to push inside the embassy grounds, hurling water bottles and smashing security cameras outside.
The US military carried out the strikes on Sunday against the Iranian-backed Kataeb Hezbollah, calling it retaliation for last week's killing of an American contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base that it blamed on the group.
Tuesday's attempted embassy storming took place after mourners held funerals for the fighters killed in a Baghdad neighbourhood, after which they marched on to the heavily fortified Green Zone and kept walking till they reached the embassy.
Security guards were seen retreating to the inside of the embassy. Protesters also were seen hanging yellow flags belonging to the Kataeb Hezbollah on the walls of the embassy.

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Le film Grande Pyramide K 2019 - Le Debrief

Dans K2019, Fehmi Krasniqi aborde la construction de la Grande Pyramide avec une technique nouvelle basée sur les pierres moulées et coulées. Est-ce la Nouvelle Histoire de l'Humanité enfin dévoilée ?

Pour voir le film Grande Pyramide K 2019

#PlaneteRAW #K2019 #Pamplemousse

Qué hacer ante una infidelidad - Lucy Serrano

La infidelidad es una de las más dolorosas experiencias que se pueden sufrir dentro de las relaciones amorosas. ¿Qué motiva al infiel para engañar a su pareja?, ¿cuántos tipos de infidelidad hay?, ¿cuáles son los errores más frecuentes que se cometen?, ¿cómo entender realmente lo que pasa?, ¿de qué forma reaccionar para superar el problema? En esta videocharla doy respuesta a estas y otras interrogantes más que te serán de utilidad.

Autism: Challenging Behaviour (Controversial Autism Treatment Documentary) | Real Stories

Listen to our podcast episode on the mysterious case behind our Real Stories Original: Vanished: The Surrey Schoolgirl with journalist Martin Bright here:

If you thought you knew everything you needed to know about autism, think again.

Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged by this intelligent, moving and gripping BBC exploration of the controversy surrounding Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), an intensive intervention used to treat autism.

Parents who want ABA for their children passionately believe that it is the best way to teach a child new skills and to help them function in mainstream society, but critics of ABA argue that it is dehumanising and abusive to try to eliminate autistic behaviour. Documentary first broadcast in 2013.

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Ini Orasi Gibran Usai Daftarkan Diri Jadi Calon Wali Kota Solo 2020

Setelah resmi mendaftarkan dirinya sebagai calon Wali Kota Solo 2020, Gibran Rakabuming Raka keluar kantor DPP PDIP Jawa Tengah dan menemui serta menyalami para relawan pendukungnya. Para relawan pun mendoakan Gibran agar sukses dalam Pilkada Solo 2020 nanti. Kemudian, di depan para pendukungnya, Gibran memberikan pidatonya usai pendaftaran diawali dengan pekikan Merdeka!.

Hari ini saya sudah sah mendaftarkan diri sebagai bakal calon Wali Kota Solo untuk tahun 2020-2025! kata Gibran dengan penuh semangat.

Putra Sulung Presiden Joko Widodo ini pun tidak lupa mengucapkan rasa terima kasihnya kepada para pengurus DPP PDIP Jawa Tengah serta para pendukungnya yang ikut mengantarkannya mendaftar.  

Hari ini akan saya catat sebagai utang pertama saya kepada ibu-bapak, lanjut Gibran. Dan utang ini akan saya bayar dengan kebijakan yang mensejahterakan masyarakat Solo!

Dalam pidatonya, Gibran juga menegaskan bahwa dirinya tidak dapat membalas dukungan para relawan dengan materi. Karena yang dibutukan para warga adalah lompatan dan percepatan agar Solo lebih maju lagi. 

#GibranRakabuming #WaliKotaSolo #Pilkada2020

Nino Galloni: la scarsità di denaro? Così ci rendono servi.

Nino Galloni, economista per molti anni direttore generale del Ministero del Lavoro: Dobbiamo rompere la condizione di scarsità artificiosa che è voluta per asservire la gente e rendere un costo la democrazia. Invece, la democrazia deve essere un modo che noi scegliamo per vivere, come è scritto nella nostra Costituzione, ma se noi diciamo che la democrazia non ce la possiamo permettere perché non abbiamo i soldi per gestirla, è chiaro che non c'è soluzione. Noi dobbiamo realizzare i principi, i valori e gli obiettivi della Costituzione, ma per farlo dobbiamo rompere la trappola della scarsa liquidità.
È un Nino Galloni come sempre provvido di ricostruzioni storiche quello che, ai microfoni di Byoblu, commenta le dichiarazioni di ieri, apparse sul Corriere della Sera, di Roberto Napoletano (ex direttore del Messaggero e del Sole 24 Ore), secondo il quale la Francia ha un disegno di conquista strategico e militare sull'Italia: indebolirne le banche, prenderne i gioielli di famiglia, conquistare il nord e ridurre il Sud a una grande tendopoli. Da Mattei a Moro, passando per Berlusconi e Gheddafi, ecco la sua ricostruzione.
Servizio di Eugenio Miccoli da Roma.
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Jimat Kebal dan Perlindung Diri - Ustadz Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal

Jimat Kebal dan Perlindung Diri - Ustadz Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal

Jimat kebal dan pelindung diri yang dipakai oleh seseorang tidak mendatangkan manfaat maupun madharat kecuali dengan izin Allah. Oleh karena itu hadirnya jimat keberuntungan di sisi seseorang tidak membawa kebaikan sama sekali, justru ia semakin jauh dari Allah. Adanya jimat uang menjadikan orang malas bekerja. Simaklah penjelasan dari Ustadz Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal hafizahullah yang memaparkan pengertian syirik dan contohnya di berbagai negeri yang notabene Islam.

Pemateri menyebutkan contoh syirik akbar ini bukan dalam rangka promosi melainkan sebagai bentuk peringatan yang keras (At-Tahdzir). Ini bukan sekedar syirik khafi, atau bukan meremehkan syirik kecil! Akan tetapi, penanggulan atas bahaya syirik yang sudah menjalar di tengah umat. Banyak yang salah kaprah dalam memahami contoh hukum makruh. Padahal kita ketahui hukum makruh artinya sesuatu yang dibenci untuk dilakukan. Sedangkan haram adalah hal yang bila dikerjakan mengundang dosa bagi pelakunya. Dan perkara makruh menjadi alasan tersendiri bagi mereka yang menghalalkan jimat. Sungguh, para ulama telah menjelaskan macam macam haram yang dikenal bentuknya.

Haram dalam Islam telah ditentukan dengan dalil, jika ada yang datang dan menghalalkannya, maka ia harus mendatangkan dalil untuk melegalkannya. Pemateri pun tak luput menyajikan hadits tentang maksiat yang kadang menggoda bani Adam dan memberikan contoh perbuatan maksiat yang sering dilakukan dalam tema kita ini. Memakai rajah termasuk contoh dosa yang gamblang. Dosa manusia yang kasat mata yakni memakai jimat-jimat yang dipakai untuk tolak bala, pengasihan, dan lain-lain. Macam macam dosa tak terhitung jumlahnya dan Ustadz Abduh lebih fokus kepada hukum jimat bagi yang meyakininya dan sedikit banyak mengurai hukum jimat penglaris yang laku di sebagian para pedagang.

Rajah adalah nama lain dari jimat. Adanya rajah kebal tidak menjadikan ia menjadi halal karena telah menyelamatkan nyawa seseorang dari bacokan penjahat. Sungguh, jimat membuat pemakainya tidak beruntung, ia telah mengantarkan dirinya menuju perbuatan syirik yang tidak diampuni Allah Ta'ala.

#jimat #rajah #syirik

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