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Spongebob's Defbed (feat. Felix the Cat)


Sonic Funeral

Part 3 :
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Sonic and his friends belong to Sega.
Mario belongs to Nintendo.

Cream the Rabbit and Charmy Bee crying was traced from Sonic X.

Powerpuff Girls' Funeral

#PPG #PPG2016 #empowerpuff
Join Astroboy, Dexter, Jenny and many others to say the last goodbye.
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My Little Pony's Defbed (feat. Unico)

#MyLittlePony #anime #hasbro
Who knew the School of Friendship (S.8) could be so lethal?


Sonic's Deathbed (Feat. Mario)

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Music by Alastair Cameron

Mario owned by Nintendo
Sonic and friends owned by Sega.

[Eps. 12] Slendybob's Screaming has a Sparta G.O.D Remix

The 2nd Slendybob Sparta Remix. Trying to Remix his Scream.
Sparta Remix by AjaySR Playlist

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A Knight's Night!
Sparta G.O.D Remix by: G0ATFAC3

I hope you Enjoyed This Sparta Remix


Spongebob's Defbed (feat. Felix the Cat)

Felix drops by to visit Spongebob...

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#spongebob #nickelodeon #nicktoons

Finn and Jake's Defbed DX (feat. Tom Terrific)

DX stands for deluxe. Also, this was supposed to be released in 2018 (after Season 5 and 6 have happened), but I could never finish it until recently.

#adventuretime #simp #Cartoonnetwork
NOTE: LSP is age 18 from Season 6.

Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Chowder, Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack IPs belong to CN.
Loud House IP belongs to Nickelodeon.
Gravity Falls belongs to Disney.
Some poses were traced from the original shows.

Homer Simpson's Defbed (feat. Fred Flinstone)

Maybe I should stop making these.
EDIT: For those asking where Peter Griffin is, well, he couldn't make it due to health issues. Stay tuned to find out more.

Fred Flinstone and Kazoo belong to Hanna-Barbera.
The Simpsons characters are owned by FOX.
Stan from American Dad is owned by Seth MacFarlane

The Spongebobs Defbed #Mttf - Purpleganggang & Antoons ft. Felix The Cat | RaveDj

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Original Videos
Spongebob's Defbed (feat. Felix the Cat) -
The Lost World (Fanmade Island) (UPDATE 1) #MTTF -

RockStar DevinFoxy Watch's Spongebob's Defbed (Feat. Felix the Cat)


Try not to cry challenge Songebob's defbed reaction

There will be new characters coming to the channel. They will be doing reacts and gameplays

Franchise's Defbed

Collab. with Billy Cobb. Check his music here:
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#animation #music #brands

Spongebob Defbed - Deathbed (powfu)

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People Pay Tribute To Stephen Hillenburg The Creator Of SpongeBob - RIP


???? People Pay Tribute To Stephen Hillenburg The Creator Of SpongeBob - RIP

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SpongeBob Squerpants in 4D❤ (Rip stephen hillenburg)


The PowerPuff Girls' Deathbed

Astro Boy visits his distant friends (I'm sorry for the recycled stuff).
Music by -

The PowerPuff girls IP belongs to Cartoon Network
Astro Boy belongs to Tezuka Osamu
My Life as a Teenage Robot belongs to Nickelodeon


Suasana Bikini Bottom di pagi hari tampak tidak seperti biasanya. Seluruh warga di bikini bottom, kini semuanya tertuju kepada spongebob atas apa yang menimpa dirinya. Berawal dari sebuah emergency rumah sakit yang terdapat di sana. Kisah ini bermula dengan adanya Felix si kucing hitam, yang ingin menemui temannya di dalam rumah sakit tersebut. Felix adalah salah satu karakter kartun paling terkenal dalam sejarah film. Felix merupakan karakter pertama dari sebuah animasi yang mencapai tingkat ketenaran dari kalangan audien film. Kedatangan dirinya ke bikini bottom yaitu ingin berkunjung menemui temannya di dalam rumah sakit. Rumah sakit tersebut adalah suatu tempat di mana spongebob selalu mengunjungi teman-temannya yang di rawat di sana. Felix pun sudah menemukan ruangan tujuannya, setelah pintu itu dibuka, ia pun tampak sedih, ketika melihat spongebob yang terbaring di atas tempat tidur, bersama teman-temannya yang mengelilingi dirinya. Ruangan itu adalah suatu tempat di mana kala itu spongebob bersama dokter tengah menguji salah satu pasien dari bikini bottom. Felix yang berada di sana lantas menutup pintu, dan mulai berjalan menghampiri spongebob dan juga teman-temannya. Di satu sisi terdapat beberapa buku cover spongebob, yang merupakan album kenangan dirinya bersama semua temannya. Terlihat di hadapannya, Detektor detak jantung itu masih berjalan dengan normal. Felix si kucing hitam itu mendekati spongebob, di samping gurunya nyonya puff dan juga temannya plankton. Nyonya puff sontak mengingat momen-momen indah ketika bersamanya, yang pada saat itu sedang mengajari spongebob mengemudi. Banyak sekali momen-momen indah yang telah di lewati bersama. Nyonya puff mengakui bahwa dirinya itu merasa bahagia ketika bersama spongebob, tertawa bersamanya adalah suatu hal yang mengesankan. Dan mengajari spongebob mengemudi adalah suatu hal yang tidak akan pernah terlupakan. Nyonya puff lantas bersyukur karena telah mengajari spongebob yaitu tentang bagaimana cara menjadi seorang pengemudi yang hebat. Dan hari ini dia sangatlah sedih, di karenakan spongebob akan pergi untuk selama-lamanya. Wajah spongebob yang terbaring itu akan selalu dia ingat, bersama semua kenangan manis yang pernah di alaminya. Ikuti kisah selengkapnya KISAH SPONGEBOB MENINGGAL DUNIA

Rubber Hose Feud (Who Copied Whom?)

#disney #cuphead #animation
The 100 year old cat deserves more attention.

Note: I only learned that Cuphead could talk after playing the game. It was already too late to change anything.

Spongebob Squarepants Characters In Real Life

Have you ever wondered how Spongebob Squarepants characters would look like in real life? In this video I'll show you, hope you enjoy it.

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#paradizy #spongebobsquarepants #charactersinreallife #patrickstar #cosplay


Bubble Bass:



Dennis Cosplay:


Man Ray Cosplay:

Pearl Krabs:

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Cosplay:



Tobu - Good Times [NCS Release] -

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Spongebob In Real Life Episode 5 - THE MOVIE (part 2/3)

It’s the newest edition to the continuing story of Spongebob in Real Life!! The oceanic group is all back together! With Spongebob cooking krabby patties and many fun games being played soaking in the summer! But meanwhile in the city an evil duo plots the end of the universe...

How will our heroes find out about this evil plot? Will they be able to react before it is unleashed?! We will see in this episode and in episode 6 coming this year.

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