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Spooky Coincidences?


Spooky Coincidences?

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7 SPOOKY COINCIDENCES That Will Make You Think Twice!

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There are coincidences that have happened in people’s lives that appear to go beyond the norm, where the odds of it happening were a hundred to one. They were an event that happened in a meaningful manner, as if they were meant to happen and were a meaningful coincidence. The following are seven stories that tell of amazing coincidences and incredible odds.







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10 Crazy Coincidences Caught On Camera!

Top 10 Crazy Coincidences Caught On Camera!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Crazy Coincidences Caught On Camera! From real pictures that prove time travel exists to amazing coincidences like a boy finding a 4-leaf clover these pictures of amazing coincidences are hard to believe but they are real and happened all around the world!

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Sometimes life gives people incredible surprises and it's difficult to believe they're real. In today's video, we have collected some amazing coincidences for you that prove how unpredictable and strange our world can be.

Top 10 Scary Coincidences That Changed The World

Top 10 Scary Coincidences That Changed The World
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on The Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Coincidences that changed the world. Coincidences are spooky things in themselves, with many believing that they are signs that fate is real.

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15 Weirdest Coincidences That Actually Happened

From the conspiracy of left-handed presidents to a taxi driver who killed two brothers in two separate incidents, we count fifteen weird coincidences that actually happened
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Of course, coincidences happen all the time: we were just thinking of someone when they call us on the phone, or we have this song in mind when it suddenly plays on the radio. Most of the time they don’t mean much, but every once in awhile there is a coincidence that’s outright spooky, or one that has a major impact on world events. When these coincidences are positive in nature, we call them synchronicity or even serendipity; when they are not, however, we call them catastrophes. So here is my list of the ten most astonishing, remarkable, or just plain eerie coincidences in history and how they impacted the world—or, at very least, left people wondering.

10. Two Finnish Brothers
This one is strange no matter what way one looks at it. In 2002 a pair of 70-year-old identical twin brothers from Raahe, Finland were hit and killed by trucks while riding their bicycles in a snowstorm. The catch? They were killed in separate accidents on the same day along the same stretch of road only about a mile apart. Additionally, as the second accident occurred just two hours after the first, the second brother hadn’t even learned that his brother had been killed earlier (thereby eliminating suicide as a possible explanation) and making this truly one for the record books. Of course, unusual coincidences between identical twins are not unheard of; there are dozens of cases on record of twins separated at birth reuniting years later to discover they possess similar mannerisms, food preferences, work at similar jobs, etc. and, in one case, even married and divorced spouses with the same name, and then remarried another person also with the same name! So why not die the same way, on the same day, on the same road? Makes sense to me.

9. The Kennedy-Lincoln Link
This one is an old story, but worth recounting because it is so unusual. It revolves around an unusual number of coincidences that occurred between Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln in regards to their assassination. For example, both men were elected 100 years apart (Lincoln in 1860, Kennedy in 1960); they were both succeeded by Southerners named Johnson, and the two Johnsons were born 100 years apart (Andrew in 1808, Lyndon in 1908). Both assassins were born 100 years apart (Booth in 1839 and Oswald in 1939) and both died before they could be brought to trial. Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin was cornered in a warehouse, while Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin was captured in a theater. Finally, Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theater, while Kennedy was shot while riding in a Ford Lincoln, and to top it all off, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln (Evelyn Lincoln) while Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. The list goes on from there and has been the source of considerable debate ever since. Of course, mathematicians have been quick to spoil all the fun by trying to show how all these things were bound to happen despite the long odds, which is why most people consider mathematicians poor party conversationalists.

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10. Two Finnish Brothers
9. The Kennedy-Lincoln Link
8. Gavriol Princip and the Archduke
7. Double Homicide -- 157 Years Apart
6. Booth and Lincoln
5. The Saga of the Mark Chapmans
4. The Deaths of Presidents Jefferson and Adams
3. Crossword Puzzle Gives Away D-Day Invasion Codewords
2. Titanic vs. the Titan
1. Lee Harvey Oswald Employed at the Texas School Book Depository

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Coincidences happen in everyone's life, and we're used to treating them as irrelevant incidents. Well, anything can happen, life is quite unpredictable. But sometimes these very coincidences turn out to be so amazing, funny or even shocking that you can't help but wonder if the matrix is failing. Well, anyway, all these examples deserve your attention.


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A Natural History of Ghosts:

Spooks: Science Tackles the Afterlife

The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters

The History of Spiritualism

Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts


Atomic Turnover

The Ghost of V.C. Andrews

Angie Milner


Written, directed, hosted and edited by Jake Roper

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Steadicam operated by James Mills & Scott Surman

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What if We Lived on the Moon?

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Some of my favourite Shane Dawson ‘spooky coincidences’

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Top 10 Strangest Coincidences in History

Welcome to Top10Archive! Do you believe in coincidences? Or perhaps there’s something larger at hand that makes weird things happen the way they do. Whether it’s being there at the right time or even some bizarre events where history repeats itself, sometimes things are just too strange to go unnoticed. We’ve compiled these moments into the top 10 strangest coincidences in history.

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10. Dorothy Fletcher
9. Deus Ex Twin Towers
8. Kamikaze (Typhoon)
7. Hoover Dam Victims
6. Mark Twain Comet
5. Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford
4. Baby Catcher
3. Tecumseh’s Prophecy
2. Lincoln and JFK
1. Edgar Allan Poe Predicts the Future


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8 Scary Coincidences That Happened On Halloween | Creepy Real Life Stories

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Holiday season is upon us, and it officially kicks off with Halloween.

Naturally, scary stories are being posted on social media by the masses. And they aren’t just your run of the mill, all in good fun tales either. If you want to freak yourself out with some truly spellbinding tales, you’ve come to the right place. These eight true scary stories are just skimming the cream of what reality has to offer, and they’re sure to unsettle even the most unflappable of souls.

The rational part of our brain tells us that there is nothing weird about coincidences; when you have all of human history to work with, you're going to find some spooky What are the odds? situations. So whether they are mere coincidences or bad omen, you decide.

Amid all the harmless activities like trick-or-treating, sometimes genuinely frightening and disturbing things can happen. October 31 has been the date of some horrific murders and unexplained disappearances which are far more terrifying than any ghouls, goblins, or witches. Because they happened to take place on Halloween, the following stories have an extra aura of creepiness to them.

So while most of you might be dressing up in your Halloween costumes and attending Halloween parties and some of you might be watching your favorite Halloween movies like Halloween, Scream, Nightmare On Elm Street, Trick Or Treat, Haunting Of Hill House, Friday The 13th, etc... Some people might actually be facing real life horror, which might not be sinister but might most certainly be true.

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10 Mind Blowing Coincidences Caught On Camera!

Top 10 Mind Blowing Coincidences Caught On Camera!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Mind-Blowing Coincidences Caught On Camera! These are the most mysterious, unexplained and amazing coincidences caught on camera and tape that will blow your mind!

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10 Unbelievable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused

Top 10 Unbelievable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Unbelievable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused! These are the most amazing things in history that prove time travel exists and also proves that maybe someone or something is out there writing our reality! From the simpsons predicting the future with trump to Edgar allan poe's premonition of the titanic which may prove that time travel exists and that he owned a time machine!

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