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Step By Step WordPress Tutorial | Free Lessons For Beginners


How To Make a WordPress Website - In 24 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a website in 24 easy steps. Step by step with no step skipped. With the new template system you will have the most professional website on the most popular platform (WordPress) in the entire world.

Let me build your website for free!

Learn to get your domain name, hosting, install WordPress, create your website, make a logo and the best tips and tricks to make your website #1.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

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1.) Introduction - 00:00:00
2.) Get Domain Name & Hosting - 00:07:08 (use startcode for the biggest discount) If you enter in my coupon code, I will receive commission when you sign up (thank you)
3.) Install WordPress - 00:12:38
4.) Login To WordPress - 00:15:08
5.) Change Password - 00:16:00
6.) Delete Plugins - 00:16:23
7.) Change Permalinks - 00:17:28
8.) Update WordPress - 00:18:53
9.) Install Theme - 00:19:22
10.) Delete Pages & Posts - 00:21:28
11.) Change Title & Tagline - 00:22:33
12.) Add Pages To Website - 00:23:47
13.) Edit Navigation Menu - 00:24:59
14.) Set Homepage To Home - 00:30:12
15.) Add Content The Old Way - 00:31:15
16.) Install Elementor Plugin - 00:32:03
17.) Create Your Home Page - 00:33:16
18.) Create Your About Page - 00:53:20
19.) Create Your Services Page - 00:57:39
20.) Create Your Contact Page - 01:10:28
21.) Create Your Logo - 01:17:01
22.) Create Your Footer - 01:19:50
23.) Create Your FavIcon - 01:25:00
24.) Logout - 01:27:39

Remember, have fun making your website :)

Tutor LMS Tutorial - Create Your First Free Course (Super Simple Wordpress Course)

In this tutorial I'll walk you through the process of creating your first free course on Tutor LMS step by step.

Be sure to check out the full tutorial at

Building online courses is normally a very in-depth process that involves bouncing between tons of screens and putting together content.

Tutor LMS makes creating Wordpress courses more streamlined and allows you to build a full online learning academy directly within Wordpress. Check it out!

How to Create an Online Course with WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you finally ready to create your membership site? In this video, you'll learn how to set up a membership site so you can create a profitable members only area.

We'll walk you through it step by step so you can get up and running quickly.

This video brought to you by WPForms, take a look at their site here:


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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:57 What is Hosting
0:01:53 Get Domain Name, Hosting, and WordPress Installed
0:04:20 Clean up dashboard
0:05:32 Install SSL Certificate
0:08:25 Install Astra
0:09:22 Install Astra Starter Sites
0:13:45 Customize Theme
0:22:06 Edit with Beaver Builder
0:24:08 Edit Menu
0:30:41 Add Form to Contact Page
0:35:08 Set up Blog page
0:36:30 Set Permalinks (URL structure)
0:37:32 Create a Logo Using Canva
0:43:25 Set Up LearnDash
0:50:54 Create Custom Login Screen
0:54:20 Add Courses to Menu
0:56:00 Thank You!

To begin this guide we will be setting up the site using BlueHost who we have negotiated a coupon that you can use by clicking the link below:

Once you've installed the site on BlueHost if it wasn't set up with the SSL certificate you can update the URL using the Really Simple SSL plugin from the repository here:

The plugin will work with your SSL certificate to ensure anyone visiting the site will have the padlock icon next to your URL which confirms the site is secure and using

For setting up this site we will be using the Astra theme found here:

As well as the Beaver Builder page builder to help customize it. If you use a different theme then you may have different customization options available to you. Design the site how you would like it to display for your visitors, with the Astra theme and Beaver Builder you can create almost any design you're looking to add to your site.

To set up the online course, we recommend using LearnDash to set up the course as you'd expect from other e-learning websites. The plugin gives you an easy method to accept/return payments, group lessons, and limit access to the courses. We have a link where you can get a discount for the plugin below:

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Elementor WordPress Tutorial (2019) - A Complete Elementor Page Builder For WordPress Tutorial

This complete Elementor for WordPress tutorial for 2019 covers all the steps needed to create your own Elementor website for free from start to finish with no html, css, javascript, or any other web coding experience. The course shows you how to acquire web hosting, install WordPress for free, install themes for free, then install the best WordPress page builder, Elementor page builder for WordPress plugin. Plus you will create your own professional logo for free. This Elementor tutorial for beginners provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walkthrough of everything you'll need to know to create your own professional Elementor WordPress website from start to finish using the super easy (and free) Elementor page builder WordPress plug-in. We will use most all of the newest Elementor 2.0 widgets as well and some super useful Elementor Pro elements. Below you will also find super discount options, lots of free resources, and timestamps to access specific lessons within this 2019 Elementor WordPress tutorial.

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Step 1 - 00:00:00 Introduction
Step 2 - 00:00:52 Website Project Overview
Step 3 - 00:06:10 Unavoidable Costs
Step 4 - 00:06:36 Please Ask Questions
Step 5 - 00:06:53 Please Pay It Forward
Step 6 - 00:07:05 Let’s Start Our Website
Step 7 - 00:07:24 Choose and Purchase Web Hosting
Step 8 - 00:15:14 Login To Your Control Panel
Step 9 - 00:16:24 Install WordPress Application
Step 10 - 00:19:05 Display Your WordPress Website
Step 11 - 00:19:50 Change WordPress Password
Step 12 - 00:21:20 How To Login To WordPress
Step 13 - 00:21:48 WordPress Tutorial Timestamps
Step 14 - 00:22:29 Install WordPress Theme
Step 15 - 00:24:15 Install WordPress Plugins
Step 16 - 00:29:11 How To Update Plugins
Step 17 - 00:29:33 How To Update Wordpress
Step 18 - 00:31:05 About Your Dashboard
Step 19 - 00:31:51 Creating Empty Pages
Step 20 - 00:36:10 Access Elementor Plugin
Step 21 - 00:37:31 Create A Menu
Step 22 - 00:39:12 Set Menu Colors
Step 23 - 00:42:24 Build A Free Logo
Step 24 - 00:46:56 Make Image Transparent
Step 25 - 00:57:14 Add Logo To Menu Bar
Step 26 - 00:59:11 Choose A Homepage
Step 27 - 01:00:08 Set Website Permalinks
Step 28 - 01:01:01 Remove Search Icon
Step 29 - 01:01:47 Remove Header Spacing
Step 30 - 01:02:51 Set Footer Copyright
Step 31 - 01:03:35 Build The Homepage
Step 32 - 01:05:12 Collecting Website Content
Step 33 - 01:06:07 Royalty Free Images And Videos
Step 34 - 01:06:47 Add YouTube Background
Step 35 - 01:12:02 Add Image Text Combo
Step 36 - 01:16:33 Setting Default Fonts
Step 37 - 01:27:54 Make Call To Action Areas
Step 38 - 01:33:57 Add Accordion Widget
Step 39 - 01:41:54 Add Image Carousel
Step 40 - 01:45:32 Build Testimonials Section
Step 41 - 01:51:41 Add Parallax Background
Step 42 - 01:54:23 Using Contact Form 7
Step 43 - 01:59:32 Insert Join Our Email Form
Step 44 - 02:02:01 Create Website Footer
Step 45 - 02:06:30 Create About Us Page
Step 46 - 02:07:11 YouTube Segment Background
Step 47 - 02:14:27 Create Destination Page
Step 48 - 02:27:41 Using Elementor Templates
Step 49 - 02:36:34 Create Photo Gallery
Step 50 - 02:37:46 How To Set Color Defaults
Step 51 - 02:38:19 Add Gallery Page
Step 52 - 02:41:13 Create Travel Tips Page
Step 53 - 02:41:44 Create Contact Us Page
Step 54 - 02:44:29 Using Icon List Widget
Step 55 - 02:46:45 Insert Contact Us Form
Step 56 - 02:47:25 Using Google Map Widget
Step 57 - 02:48:48 Apply Content Animation
Step 58 - 02:51:40 Headline Animation Widget
Step 59 - 02:53:53 Mobile Friendly Adjustments
Step 60 - 02:59:52 You Finished, Well Done!

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WordPress for Beginners 2017 - The Complete Class!

Complete WordPress for Beginners 2017 - Build Website from Scratch. Go from Beginner to Advance Today! By the end of this course, you will have an amazing professional looking Wordpress website and it will take you less than 1 hour!

Build one professional website from scratch step by step
The goal of this course is to shows you how to setup and create a complete, amazing and professional looking website using WordPress without writing one single line of code! Amazing right?
I'll let you watch over my shoulder as I build a Wordpress website from scratch, we will be going step by step, so you can build your Wordpress website while watching the lessons on this course.
Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a developer, you can easily do it yourself.
This course is for beginners, if you are an expert in Wordpress this course will also help you with amazing Wordpress tip and tricks.
Get access to the FULL COURSE at a huge discount which has 4+ hours of HD video at or get in directly on Udemy at

Here are all the Sections of the Class: (click on the time if you want to jump forward to a specific chapter)

Section 1: Introduction
1:20 Welcome to Wordpress for Beginners 2015!

Section 2: Finding your Domain Name
2:45 What is a Domain?
5:25 What makes a good Domain Name
8:37 Finding the perfect Domain Name
11:34 Purchasing your Domain Name

Section 3: Web Hosting
13:18 What is Web Hosting?
15:01 Signing for Web Hosting

Section 4: Installing Wordpress
20:19 Pointing your Domain to your Hosting
23:14 Wordpress Installation
25:57 Changing some settings

Section 5: Themes
27:18 What are Themes?
28:02 Installing our Theme

Section 6: Customizing your Website
29:13 Customizing our Theme
52:08 Final Thank you!

Get access to the FULL COURSE at a huge discount which has 4+ hours of HD video at or get in directly on Udemy at

You will watch over my shoulder as we cover all this:
1. You will learn some very important points you need to consider to choose the perfect domain name for your website.
2. You will use amazing tools that will help you to find the perfect Domain Name.
3. You will know how to buy a domain name for around $1/year!
4. You will know how to start your Hosting plan for only $0.01 for the first month!
5. You will setup a hosting account to host all of your Wordpress websites.
6. You will learn step by step how easy is to install Wordpress for your website/blog.
7. You will learn how to set up Wordpress settings for perfect performance.
8. You will install a Free Wordpress theme on your website.
9. You will learn step by step how to customize your Wordpress theme to fit all your ideas.
10. You will learn to create Posts in Wordpress.
11. You will learn to create Pages in Wordpress.
12. You will learn Wordpress!

No Coding
No Prior Experience Required

By the end of this course, you will have an amazing professional looking Wordpress website and it will take you less than 1 hour!

The best way to learn something is by doing it! And YOU are in the right place right now!

Let's start this together!

I am ready to start building YOUR website! Are you ready?

See you inside the course…

What are the requirements?

No need to know website design or programming or coding in order to follow this course. We wont be doing any programming in this course, you will build your website without writing one single line of code. Amazing right? :-)
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 31 lectures and 4 hours of content!
Build a professional nice looking website for you or your company.
Sign for a hosting service with the initial investment of only $0.01! Amazing!
Instead of paying $10 to $12 for a Domain Name I'll show you how to pay only around $1/year
Learn the basics of Wordpress
Have access to my list of Amazing Free Plugins that will change the life of your website!
This is one of the Best Wordpress for Beginners course! See you inside!
What is the target audience?

If you want to build a very nice professional looking website for your or your company this is the easiest and cheapest way to do it
You don't need to do any coding or programming.

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How To Make a WordPress Website For Beginners (Updated 2019)


This how to make a WordPress website for beginners tutorial covers all the steps needed to create your own WordPress website from start to finish. This includes the steps for determining a good WordPress web host, purchasing WordPress web hosting, installing WordPress for free, installing themes and plug-ins for your WordPress for free, and then step-by-step walking you through everything you'll need to know to create your website from start to finish.

Host Link:
Coupon #1 : webyoda (Save 60% Everything)
Coupon #2 : webyoda1cent (1st Month is only 1 cent)

Free Logo : (Coupon WEBYODA30OFF)

What's nice is that you will be able to build our fully responsive sample site,, in a little less than two hours of web development time. Then you are ready to start building your own WordPress website where the only thing you'll have to invest is your time and the hosting is going to run anywhere from maybe $5-$10 per a month. Call this WordPress for Dummies if you like, but when you see the results you can create yourself, you will see who the real dummies are. :-)

While building our sample site, we’ll learn how to build a logo online so you won’t have to buy any software, we’ll learn how to create a menu bar, and we’ll learn how to do pull downs in a menu bar. Then we’ll learn how to make a meta slider of images, in this case it's some images that are glowing in and out. We'll also learn how to make call-to-action areas, we'll learn how to make a photo gallery, we'll then learn how to add social media to the bottom of every page. Next we'll build all the interior pages starting with an about us. We'll learn how to add links to a page as well as graphics and then we'll build a courses page which will have the courses with drill downs and then inside of each of the courses page will learn how to add YouTube videos to the page. Then we'll build a testimonials page where we'll learn how to do fancy little boxes around each of the testimonials. On the donations page we'll learn how to make a donation button, add more graphics, and more links. Finally on the contact us page we'll learn how to build a fully functional Contact Us page including a message area that will send an email to you or anybody you choose. Also it'll have a functional google map that will allow us to zoom in zoom out and left and right. You'll then be able to use any combination of these new skills in your current and future projects.

Step 1 - 00:00:00 Introduction
Step 2 - 00:03:07 Choose Web Hosting
Step 3 - 00:06:40 Get Domain & Web Hosting
Step 4 - 00:17:15 Install WordPress Application
Step 5 - 00:20:08 Install WordPress Theme
Step 6 - 00:23:08 Install WordPress Plugins
Step 7 - 00:29:37 WordPress Log In / Log Out
Step 8 - 00:31:47 Create Logo
Step 9 - 00:34:16 About Hex Color
Step 10 - 00:40:43 Add Logo To Menu
Step 11 - 00:42:19 Create Cover Image
Step 12 - 00:52:41 Add Cover Meta Slider
Step 13 - 00:56:46 Build Home Page
Step 14 - 00:57:40 Activate Custom HomePage
Step 15 - 01:11:38 Add Photo Gallery
Step 16 - 01:19:46 Add Social Media To Footer
Step 17 - 01:22:17 Create Blank Pages
Step 18 - 01:38:06 Build About Us Page
Step 19 - 01:34:13 Choose Website Fonts
Step 20 - 01:31:33 Menu Bar Colors
Step 21 - 01:43:07 Build Courses Page
Step 22 - 01:46:17 Build WordPress Hosting Course Page
Step 23 - 01:49:28 Build Beginning WordPress Course Page
Step 24 - 01:49:28 Build Hosting Page (Same as 23)
Step 25 - 01:54:49 Build Donations Page
Step 26 - 02:00:43 Build Contact Page
Step 27 - 02:09:16 Add Contact Us Form
Step 28 - 02:15:56 Add Location Map

About me (Yoda) – (First Certified Webmaster)
WebYoda - (Owner)
WOW Academy - (Online Training Creator)
Web Design Training School - - (YouTube Instructor)

Questions? Comments? Please leave them below, we would love to hear from you.

How to Use Wordpress Beginner Series - Lesson 1 (WP DASHBOARD)

This is a wordpress tutorial beginner series for learning how to use wordpress.

We will walk you through step by step how to use every single function of wordpress so you can create and maintain any type of wordpress website you want.

For more videos, please check out the NYC TECH CLUB youtube channel.

How to Make a Website in 10 mins - Simple & Easy

Start Here ➜

Watch how you can make a website in 10 Mins - with 5 Simple steps.

By following these steps, you can make ANY kind of website, just by using “DRAG & DROP”

Steps you need to follow (with timestamp):

1) Choose a Domain Name - 00:32
2) Buy Hosting & Domain - 00:52
3) Install WordPress - 02:48
4) Add a New Theme - 04:30
5) Edit the Content - 07:10

We’re going to build our website by following these 5 steps.

So, Let’s Start.

Step 1: Pick a name for your website

First, you need to go to: and then pick a name for your website. You can choose anything like -, or .in, or .net, or .org.

This will be the domain name of your website.

So, pick one and check whether it’s available or not! Once you get it, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Get Hosting & Domain

Hosting & Domain are the two things that you need, for launching your website.

Hosting is the place where your website’s files get stored and Domain is the name of your website.

So, get your hosting with free domain (by paying 99 rupees per month) and once you’ve completed the purchase, you can then continue.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

Wordpress is a free tool that can be installed and used to build a website without having any knowledge of programming or coding.

To Install WordPress, go to your hosting account and click “Managed WordPress.” Create a WordPress Login by entering a username and password. (This will be used to logging into WordPress)

After the WordPress Installation is complete, you’ll then be taken to your WordPress Dashboard. Now, this is the place from where you’ll be controlling your website. When you reach this page, your website will be LIVE! So, you can quickly check it, by entering your domain name.

Now, to visit your WordPress Dashboard again, you can just type:

Your website will now have a default WordPress Theme. You can change it, by going to the next step.

Step 4: Adding a New Theme

You can install a new theme by going to ‘Themes.’ You can install the Astra theme (To get pre-made website designs with demo content)

Also, install the Astra Sites Plugin (which comes with the Astra theme) that will make it easy for you to customize your site. You can install this plugin, by going to ‘Plugins.’

Now, this plugin has a set of designs for your website, which you can choose & then apply it to your site.

To choose the designs, you can click ‘See Library.’ Now, before you select a design, make sure you click ‘Elementor’ which will make it easy for you to edit the design.

So, choose the design and import it to your site. Once, you’ve got the design with its demo content, you can then go to the final step.

Step 5: Editing the Demo Content

Editing a page is very very easy. To edit a page, just go into the page that you want to edit and click ‘Elementor.’

You’ll then go to an editing section. Now, to edit any text, just select it, and type anything you want. This process works throughout the website.

This is how, you can edit any page you want, using Elementor. Now, if you want to edit the header and the footer area of your website, you can simply click ‘Customise.’

After you click,’Customise.’ You’ll see some blue icons on the page. To edit anything, like the logo or the menu section, just click the blue icon and make your changes.
The same works-out in the footer area, also.

Now, to create a new page, you can use 2 methods:

1) Create your OWN page by dragging and dropping elements using Elementor.
2) Use pre-made designs using Templates.

That’s it! This is how easily you can launch your website. So just,

- Get your Hosting & Domain
- Import the Demo Content
- & Edit it to make your OWN Website.

Start Here ➜

Get your Business Email Address ➜


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How To Make a Blog - Step by Step for Beginners!

Learn how to create a blog step by step for beginners! In this video I show you how to make a blog website using the same technology as fortune 500 companies. This will show you how to make a wordpress blog from scratch!

This will show you how to learn to blog and how to make money with the blog.

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Lesson-3: How to start a blog (Domain, Hosting , Wordpress Theme)

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Watch Complete Playlist of our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course:
Watch Complete Playlist of our Digital Marketing Mastery Course:

Lesson-1: Introduction to Digital Marketing :
Who is ankur aggarwal?, meet your trainer:
Lesson-2: Digital Marketing Modules:
Lesson-3: How to start your blog.(Hosting,Domain name):
Lesson-4: Set up your blog like a professional blogger:
Lesson-5: Driving traffic to your Blog/Website (Various Channels):
Lesson-6: What is SEO: What is On page SEO and how to write an article:
Lesson-7: Off-page SEO – What are Backlinks? (My working strategies revealed):
Lesson-8: Master the basics of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster:
Lesson-9: Affiliate Marketing (How i make $3-10k/month):
Lesson-10: How to start Social media marketing – (5 essential working tips for beginners):
Lesson-11: Instagram marketing step-by-step : How to get 10,000 followers in 30 days:
Lesson-12: Youtube Marketing explained in 13 minutes (Backed by data):
Lesson-13: Facebook Ads in 2019 : From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT:
Lesson-14: Google Adwords Fundamentals : How to create your first campaign:
Lesson-15: Content Marketing: Hidden tactics and strategies:
Lesson-16: Email Marketing for beginners ($0 to $10,000/month) – Case studies included:
Lesson-17: Landing page: How to Make a Beautiful landing page :
Lesson-18: ORM – What is online reputation management:
Lesson-19: Freelancing: How to make money as a freelancer (Tips and tricks):
Lesson-20: How to get Digital Marketing job? :

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Complete Free Web Development Course: Become A Professional Website Developer Today!

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Everything you need to become a professional web developer is included in this free screen capture HD video tutorial course! Begin with the basics and Learn some of or more Advanced Projects Right away!

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Get Started With Downloading Your Notepad!

4:02 How To Use the Simple Notepad
10:54 Downloading and using Notepad++
21:47 How to Download and use the Sublime Text Editor
27:47 Introduction to Emmett
44:45 Using Emmet in working mode
56:08 Matching with Emmet
1:00:59 Numbering with Emmet
1:09:22 Emmet in CSS

Begin Creating Your Website with HTML and CSS

1:13:32 Introduction To HTML and CSS
1:20:00 Tagging
1:28:18 Attributes
1:31:36 HTML syntax
1:38:32 Comments
1:40:55 White Spaces and Preformatted Tag
1:43:02 HTML Lists
1:50:17 Text Formatting
2:00:04 Description Tag
2:02:01 HTML Entities
2:06:04 Images
2:11:26 Tables
2:18:53 Table Attributes
2:25:58 Nesting Tables
2:28:40 Linking
2:36:44 Back And Sub Directory
2:45:01 Target Attributes And Bookmarking
2:54:28 IFrame
2:57:43 Introduction to CSS & Inline CSS
3:01:18 Inline CSS
3:05:45 Internal and External CSS
3:13:07 CSS Selectors
3:19:36 Anchor States
3:24:09 How To Use the Div and How it Works
3:28:38 Web Page Dimensions
3:35:38 CSS Box models
3:49:43 CSS Background
3:58:04 Float and Clear
4:06:24 CSS Text
4:14:51 CSS Fonts
4:22:29 CSS Tables
4:35:33 CSS Lists
4:44:15 CSS Navigations
4:51:08 HTML Forms
5:06:18 Applying CSS on Forms
5:18:43 A Beautiful Form
5:26:25 The Web Page Layout
5:40:17 The Complete Header
4:49:49 The Middle Area
6:09:19 The Complete Middle Area and Footer
6:12:21 Introduction to HTML5
6:16:02 HTML5 Basic Syntax
6:29:48 Completing The Semantic Layout
6:38:59 HTML5 New Elements
6:54:12 HTML5 Multimedia
7:08:53 Introduction to CSS3
7:13:06 CSS3 Borders and Gradient Background
7:25:02 CSS3 Shadow Effects
7:37:17 CSS3 Text
7:44:10 CSS3 Transformation
7:56:04 Adding Animation to the Project
8:07:45 HTML, CSS, HTML5 and CSS Section Summary & Final Website Project!

Learn How To Use Bootstrap, Bootstrap3, and Bootstrap4

8:15:45 Introduction To Bootstrap
8:22:17 How To Download Bootstrap and jQuery and their CDNs
8:35:46 How Bootstrap Works
8:41:04 The Grid system
8:54:41 Containers
8:58:19 Bootstrap Text Styles
9:10:40 Images
9:13:52 Tables
9:21:49 Bootstrap new Components
9:37:43 Glyphicons and Fontawesomes

Learn A Short Introduction to Node.js

9:51:03 Introduction to Node.JS
9:59:35 Installing Node.JS and How Node.JS Works
10:03:42 Downloading, Installing and configuring the IntelliJ IDEA and setting up
10:16:11 Node.js and JavaScript Elements
10:25:16 JavaScript Practices in Node.js

Learn How To Use PHP From Beginner To Advnaced

10:33:02 Introduction To PHP
10:37:00 PHP Basic Syntax
10:46:49 Integers and Strings
10:50:27 Embeding HTML and PHP Inside Eachother and the PHP Comments
10:58:59 All About Variables and Concatination

Start Using AJAX Techniques when building your website

11:12:42 Introduction to AJAX
11:14:57 How Ajax Works
11:26:24 Retrieving Data From PHP Page
11:36:25 Document Status and HTTP Status
11:39:54 Retrieving An Array

Learn A short Introduction to JavaScript

11:46:41 Introduction to the JavaScript
11:51:55 Creating a Sample File
11:56:43 Adding Comments
12:00:58 JavaScript External File

Finish This Free Preview with AngularJS

12:08:24 Intro To AngularJs
12:10:47 Downloading and Implementing Angularjs
12:16:26 Expressions
12:27:01 Directives
12:35:22 Different Directives

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How to Use Wordpress Beginner Series - Lesson 4 (WP PLUGINS)

This is a wordpress tutorial beginner series for learning how to use wordpress.

We will walk you through step by step how to use every single function of wordpress so you can create and maintain any type of wordpress website you want.

For more videos, please check out the NYC TECH CLUB youtube channel.

WordPress for Beginners - Free 30 Minute Course Preview

Enroll for the full WordPress for Beginners course for just $25:
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Lesson 1 - Intro Video - 1:30

Lesson 2 - Practice for Free with ServerPress - 4:23

Lesson 3 - Install WordPress with Hosting - 10:46

Lesson 4 - Navigate the WordPress Dashboard - 16:48

Lesson 5 - Install a New Theme - 22:58

Lesson 6 - Set Up Your Home Page - 29:36

You're here because you want to create your own WordPress websites, right?

This is the perfect place to start. This complete course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter).

WordPress is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with WordPress.

While WordPress might seem scary from the outside, once you get started, it's fairly intuitive. Everything from hosting to installing a theme, then actually building your first pages can be learned in the first few lessons of this course.

With this course, you don't need to actually pay for hosting to practice with WordPress. I'll show you how to create a free temporary site so you can follow along.

Why learn from me?

I've been building WordPress websites for years. Just like you, there was a time when I was a complete newbie! I was honestly scared of starting a WordPress website because it seemed so daunting.

Now I love WordPress! I wouldn't recommend using any other web-building tool.

I still remember what it is like to be a beginner, and I've kept that in mind while creating this entire course. I walk you through every process step-by-step to make sure you understand things clearly. And if there is ever anything that is confusing, just let me know and I'll create more lessons that explain or walk you through myself.

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How to Use Wordpress Beginner Series - Lesson 3 (WP THEMES)

This is a wordpress tutorial beginner series for learning how to use wordpress.

We will walk you through step by step how to use every single function of wordpress so you can create and maintain any type of wordpress website you want.

For more videos, please check out the NYC TECH CLUB youtube channel.

A Complete WordPress Training in Hindi : Installation and Usage

☀️ Certificate WordPress course for beginners

👉 Follow this link for the certificate

In this one hour course, you will learn the basic steps to design your website in WordPress.

🔸 0:42 Buy a domain and a hosting provider
🔸 8:31 Install WordPress manually and automatically
🔸 21:56 An introduction to WordPress Visual Design
🔸 43:32 Free themes vs premium themes
🔸 48:39 Creating layouts with a free visual builder

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How to Use Wordpress Beginner Series - Lesson 5 (PAGES/POSTS)

This is a wordpress tutorial beginner series for learning how to use wordpress.

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We will walk you through step by step how to use every single function of wordpress so you can create and maintain any type of wordpress website you want.

For more videos, please check out the NYC TECH CLUB youtube channel.

Wordpress Training in Urdu and Hindi [2018] (3 Hours)

Wordpress Training in Urdu and Hindi by Sabtain Ali Saleemi

Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. 75 million websites are running on Wordpress. It is free to install and upgrade. There are thousands of Wordpress plugins and themes with easy to use interface.

Wordpress is open source that means any body can use it either personally or commercially with out any cost. Any newbie with a little knowledge can use it, create a blog or a website.

There is a on going demand of Wordpress Freelancers on Fiverr, Upwork and other Freelancing Websites.

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In this training video, you will learn:

How to create a professional blog in Worpress?
What is Wordpress?
Difference between &
Languages behind Wordpress?
What is a Apache Server?
How to install Wordpress with Bitnami?
Wordpress for Beginners - Introduction
Wordpress Front end and Back end.
What is Wordpress Themes and How to install them?
How to manually install Wordpress Theme?
What are Post Categories?
What is a post and how to write in properly?
How to add pages in Wordpress?
How to handle menus in Wordpress?
What are widgets?
How to add user in Wordpress?
Wordpress Settings

wordpress tutorial for beginners : step by step : Complete wordpress course outlines

wordpress tutorial for beginners

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Things you will learn is

1. WordPress installation and setup
2. Premium Theme Customization
3. I will build website using any recommended Wordpress Theme.
4. Install & customize any plugin that is necessary to make site's Functionality & Layout.
5.You can give me any site's URL that you like & i'll make a complete clone website using Wordpress
6.It includes any corporate, business, education, shop, real-estate etc
7. Premium Theme Demo Install
8. Necessary Plugins Installation
9. 5+Pages (About, Contact, Blog, Gallery, Portfolio, shop)
10. Newsletter signup form
11. Portfolio of past projects
12. Full Responsive Design
13. Woo-Commerce Theme Customization

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