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Stories About Circus Life


Circus Is My Home (Traveling Circus Documentary) | Real Stories

Making this documentary started in 1989, when a chance arose to follow the everyday life of family-owned Circus Finlandia, a young, struggling, travelling troupe. The filming continued over 20 years later.

Back then, Danish-Finnish clown couple Bonbon and Tina were starting their career in Circus Finlandia, and are now back as a celebrated star attraction. Circus Finlandia is now ranked amongst ten of the best European circuses. Bonbon and Tina travel all over the world with their two circus-crazy teenage children. Their son Joakim has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos, and faces different kind of daily struggles. What is it like to lead “normal” family life in circus with a child with special needs?

The founding couple are getting ready to hand the reigns to the next generation. In 1989, their son was only 9 years old. Now he is the director and an internationally known jongleur. At 12, his sister Heidi was performing a hair acrobatics number, and swore never to leave the family circus. Now she has decided to study another profession. What are her reasons for leaving? What kind of future does she hope for, for her own daughter?

Life in circus is often grueling and uncertain. But in what other career does the whole family join in, and the traditions are passed on from one generation to another? That is the strength of traditional circus: it is family friendly entertainment, provided by families, to an audience consisting of all generations.

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CIRCUS OF LIFE - A Heart Touching Story Of Clown Who Followed His Dreams | Short Film

Atul works as a clown at a local circus but his real talents lie in playing the violin. He works hard and shows real grit in actually pursuing his dream to make it big as a violin player some day. However, things don’t work out as planned for Atul. Tears stream down the face painted with a permanent smile…Will Atul be able to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of rejection or will he resign himself to a quite life without his music?

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Life as a Circus Elephant

Most of my time was spent locked in train cars or threatened with metal hooks.

This is the true story of Gypsy, an elephant rescued after 40 brutal years in American circuses. #ProjectEarth

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An Ocean Without Sharks

Walled Off: Animals at the Border

true story. Behind the Life of CIRCUS

दम तोड़ते सर्कस का दर्द , यदि आज नहीं सभाला इन बदहाल और तंगी से झुझते इस सर्कसो को तो आने वाली जनरेशन इन्हे नहीं देख पायेगी - आज टीवी और मोबाइल के दौर में इस सर्कसों अब दो दर्शको का भी आना कम होता जा रहा है Behind the Scenes at an Indian Circus - REAL STORY

The Story Of The Greatest Circus & How It Came To Be

To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at This is a rough cut for the one hour prime time PBS special my team & I produced on PT Barnum and Barnum & Bailey for the series The American Experience. I post in now because some of the footage and still images are wonderful and unique. It took us forever to find these. A rough cut means that it is not a finished film but close to it. #circus #barnum Barnum&Bailey circushistory

SCARY Circus Trip Story... (Roblox)


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Our Life in Sirkus Finlandia | Traveling Circus Documentary | TRACKS

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Danish-Finnish clown couple Bonbon and Tina started their career in Circus Finlandia, and are now a celebrated star attraction. The young and struggling troupe travel all over the world with their two circus-crazy teenage children. Their son Joakim has a rare genetic disorder and faces different kind of daily struggles.

Life in circus is often gruelling and uncertain. But in what other career does the whole family join in, and the traditions are passed on from one generation to another?

TRACKS publishes unique, unexpected and untold stories from across the world every week.

From Circus is My Home


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I Was Bullied For Growing Up In The Circus!

I Was Bullied For Growing Up In The Circus!
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Hello, I’m Matt and I’m 16 years old. To say I have lived a bit of an alternative lifestyle would be an understatement! You see, I didn’t exactly grow up the way other kids did. What seemed weird to other people, was always just the norm for me…until one day when I wished more than anything that I could just have had a normal life!!
When you’re a teenager the last thing you want is to stand out. Everyone just wants to fit in and have friends. Well, I quickly came to realise that I was no different. I was a circus kid. Both my mom and dad worked in the circus and I was even born backstage while the circus was travelling around the country! As a kid it was like the dream life! Every day was full of colour and laughter and my dad’s an actual clown! That’s his job! Most kids only see clowns once a year at their birthday parties, but I saw one every single day and looking back, I can see why I was so care-free and happy! But unfortunately, things began to change the older I got…
When I was 15 my parents decided I needed to attend a proper high school. We circus kids were schooled at the circus by a few different teachers, but my parents felt it was important that I make the transition into the school system before I went off to college. I won’t lie…I was nervous. I had lots of friends and was a fairly popular kid, but they were all circus kids like me! I’d never hung out with someone who wasn’t the son or daughter of an acrobat or clown or ringmaster.
So that’s how I found myself sitting in a classroom full of strangers. I was the new kid and for the first few days everything was fine. I didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with, but I knew it would just take time to make friends. After a few days we had our first physical education class of the year, and I was pretty excited! I’m not the most academic, but when it comes to anything physical, I’m your guy! And believe it or not, that day we were starting a gymnastics class. I don’t know what came over me but before the class even started, I just started doing some backflips on the mats that were laid out. Suddenly the room went silent and everyone was staring at me. Of course, that was the exact moment that our teacher Mr. Sweeny walked into the room and asked me what on earth I was doing. I stopped, brushed my hair out of my eyes, and straightened up.

circus kids our world documentary s01e01

circus kids our world documentary s01e01

17-year-old Peter was born into the circus and loves his life. Two-year-old twins Esmeralda and Scarlett have personalities as big as the big top. Edward makes good money throwing knives at his mother.

Historic Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Says Goodbye After 146 Years | NBC News

As the 146-year-old circus pitches its tent one last time, performers take us behind-the-curtains to peek into life in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and what’s next.
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Historic Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Says Goodbye After 146 Years | NBC News

Real Barnum Circus Artists From The Greatest Showman

Here are real Barnum circus artists and their history from the film the Greatest Showman:
1. Phineas Taylor Barnum (July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891) 00:10
He was an American showman, politician and businessman remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
2. The Cowboy Giant 00:32
Jack Earl was 8’6 and suffered from gigantism and acromegaly. He performed with both the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Circus as The Cowboy Giant.
3. General Tom Thumb 00:51
General Tom Thumb was made famous by working in a circus working under P.T. Barnum, a distant cousin. Over the course of his career, he amassed an incredible fortune and he even met the Prince of Wales.
4. The Bearded Lady 01:19
It has been alleged that Annie Jones started her circus career with P.T. Barnum at the tender age of 9 months. By the age of 5, she had a mustache and sideburns, and by early adulthood, she was the most popular bearded lady in the US.
5. The Living Skeleton 01:46
Isaac W. Sprague was coined as the original living skeleton. He was normal throughout childhood but fell ill at the age of 12 and had been losing weight since then despite a healthy diet. He traveled with P.T. Barnum starting at the age of 24 and died at the age of 46 with at a weight of 46 pounds.
6. The Middlebush Giant 02:15
Arthur James Caley was 7’11 tall and weighed approximately 620 pounds. His biography claimed that he was from Jerusalem but he eventually to the US joining P.T. Barnums circus and later settled down in Middlebush, New Jersey where he gained his nickname.
7. The Wild Men of Borneo 02:48
Hiram and Barney Davis were two mentally disabled brothers from Ohio born 3 years apart. They were very short men about 40 inches tall and weighed 45lbs each. They were part of P. T Barnum as “The Wild Men of Borneo” after their mother sold them to the circus in 1852.
8. The Elastic Skin Man 03:22
Felix Wehrle was born with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome enabling him to be able to stretch his skin as well as being able to bend his fingers backwards and forwards. He later joined the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
9. Jo Jo The Dog Boy 03:50
Fedor Jeftichew was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1868 where he and his father who both had the excessive-hair condition, toured as a sideshow. He eventually moved to the US where he joined P.T. Barnum circus and performed with them until his death from pneumonia.
10. Captain George Costentenus or The Greek Albanian 04:17
He was a circus performer in the late 1800s. A man who
He was tattooed over his entire body, he was a famous traveling attraction who claimed to have been kidnapped by Chinese Tartars and tattooed against his will. He toured with P. T. Barnum's New and Greatest Show on Earth in 1876 and 1877
11. Fijian cannibals 04:36 in PT Barnum's Circus, United States
When one of these men died in York newspapers reported that two other “cannibals” attempted to eat his corpse

Fearless First Kevin MacLeod (
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VLOG 001

The secret life of circus performers and how they live, BEHIND the curtain!

I am an American circus performer currently living and touring in Japan and I catch on the flying trapeze. I am vlogging about my unique life as a foreigner here and want to show the cool, interesting, and weird things in my everyday life.

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Circus Baby's story|Gacha Life Fnaf Sister Location

Audio is not mine
The audio:

Sorry i got tired at the end i stayed up all night working on this :|

Life is a Circus | Inspire Me

We meet Kiarnna Weber - a performer who tours the world with the Weber Bros Circus to chat about growing up in the circus!
Made with the support of NZ On Air.

How the Circus Saved My Life

Every day, Kayla Dyches floats above ground on aerial silks as a circus arts performer. But she almost didn’t make it there. As a gymnast in her late teens and early 20s, she suffered from anorexia. It wasn't until Dyches tried climbing into the air that she realized she had a problem. Now, she's fighting back against the disorder and developing the strength to soar in more ways than one.


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The Last Days Of The Circus | Unique Stories From India

The owner of the Great Golden Circus talks about its glory days and the bleak future of the circus.

Anwar Khan runs the Great Golden Circus, a massive act spanning multiple tents and acts. Once boasting crowds in excess of 2000 people per show, and running as many as 4 shows a day, today, a good show has an audience of 100 people. Anwar fears that the days of the circus are numbered.

101 Traces looks at the last of anything: ethnic communities, folk craftsmen, disappearing trades, forgotten people. It sketches portraits of these unique individuals, locked in a battle they cannot win: a battle against the future. Together, they represent the dying whispers of ancient heritage and traditional individuality. As India moves towards homogenised global pop culture, 101 Traces honours the people, the objects, and the skills that connect us to our ancient identity.

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Life in a circus

Seven generations of the Valla-Bertini family have been performing in circuses across Europe and around the world. Despite the dwindling audience and controversy over animal rights for the last few years, they hope that the age-old circus tradition of clowns, jugglers and performing animals will continue.

Read more on Valla-Bertini family life in the circus

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Under the Big Top: A Life in the Circus

The circus is a labor of love for those who devote their lives to touring.

what it's like to be in the circus! (training, food, costumes, makeup, etc.)

Y'all… when I say this was on the bucket list, I really mean it ???????? From the props, trampoline, makeup, to wardrobe, we really covered it all the Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters here in Montreal, Quebec.

Check out the CirqueWay For A Day video I filmed with Cirque du Soleil ‣

Huge *huge* thank you to the entire Cirque du Soleil team for having me and help bring this video to life. Special thanks to Cirque team members Valérie Desjardins, Ryan Weston, Dominique Loignon, Elise Tellier, Eleni Uranis and Peter McNaughton for being in my video! This was an absolute dream come true.




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MUSIC ▹ by Joakim Karud

Edited by me

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QOTD ‣ What type of acrobat would you want to be in Cirque du Soleil? Comment down below!

The miserable life of animals at Peter Jolly’s Circus

When circuses are touring, animals are forced to live in collapsible, temporary accommodation, and welfare is inevitably compromised. Our investigation of Peter Jolly's Circus winter quarters reveals that life is just as miserable for circus animals when they are not touring. Find out more and how you can help at



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