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Storms #14 | Another Large Supercell Going By!!


Storms #14 | Another Large Supercell Going By!!

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June 8 & 9 2014 - Strong supercell thunderstorms in France

From June 7 to June 10 2014 France had been hit by many strong thunderstorms - a lot of them were supercell storms accompanied by giant hail of up to 12cm in diameter.
We intercepted one storm north of Paris near Reims in the evening hours of June 8. The strong lightning lit up the updraft like a disco ball and the whole storm displayed so beautiful underneath the stars and the moonlit sky.
The next day another violent supercell storm developed in central France and we were able to catch the big and strongly rotating storm near Troyes in the Champagne.
Enjoy this video!

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Tornadic Supercell - South Hutchinson, KS - May 23, 2008

After nightfall on the evening of May 23, 2008, numerous long-track supercell thunderstorms developed over south-central Kansas, rapidly becoming tornadic. One of these cells produced an ominously well-defined hook echo on radar, headed straight for the tornado ravaged town of Greensburg, Kansas, with another tornadic cell to the east near Medicine Lodge. While the Greensburg cell did initially produce a tornado that impacted Protection, Kansas, luckily that tornado lifted before the cell reached Greensburg and the meso moved over the previously stricken town producing only minor damage.

Meanwhile the eastern cell (which had started west of Medicine Lodge) was headed north-northeast towards Pratt, Kansas. This cyclic cell produced a strong tornado which crossed highway 54 just to the east of Pratt, causing two fatalities. As the cell moved on, it turned towards the northeast, paralleling highway K61 towards Hutchinson, Kansas. As the cell approached the city, spotters frequently reported a large tornado on the ground.

At this time, our chase team (Michael Laca, Jim Leonard, Ray Walker, Eric Baker, Max Hagen and Mike Ratliff) was headed east on highway 50, on an intercept path, that brought us into South Hutchinson a few minutes before midnight, just as the cell arrived. We observed a strong rotational couplet on radar and, as we stopped on the side of the highway, could see a large wall cloud illuminated by the frequent lightning. At this point, sirens began blaring loudly throughout Hutchinson and we decided to move off the highway. We exited on S. Main Street and proceeded north, stopping briefly in the parking lot of a motel where, in the light of increasingly intense lightning, we spotted a very broad conical funnel just to the southwest of highway 50, with an intense precipitation core close behind. With the core rapidly approaching, we continued a few more blocks north and found some minimal shelter in a self-serve car wash. Once inside, the core quickly overtook us producing intense rainfall and winds gusting to 60-65 mph, while sirens wailed eerily in the background. Luckily for Hutchinson, the funnel likely remained aloft, since no significant damage was observed.

On May 25th, our chase team surveyed the tornadic damage path from this cell, just to the east of Pratt, Kansas. Tragically, the fatalities had occurred when the tornado threw a car and its two occupants into an open field about ¼ mile to the north of the road. The mangled remains of the vehicle were still out in the field when we surveyed the area. Based on the severity of the tree damage we observed, and the distance the vehicle was thrown, our team estimated that the tornado was at least a high EF3, possibly EF4, at the time it crossed highway 54.

Severe Storm in Texas with Tornado Sirens

On June 10th, 2009 at about 7:00pm a line of very strong severe storms that were moving east at 50 mph made it's way into our area with a confirmed tornado on the ground directly west of our house. Not sure of the extent of the damage in that area quite yet due to the power going out and not coming back on until after 11pm and by then the news was already over. Although I had to go pick up a friend in Plano and can tell you that there was quite a bit of damage between here and there; street signs bent and broken off, stop lights broken from there metal harness and hanging from the poles, power out pretty much everywhere, several intersections completely blocked off for unknown reasons, large trees broken at base; fences down everywhere. In one area in Plano of about a half mile stretch the trees look like they were snapped by rotating winds and debris all over the road so possible small tornado in that location. You can't hear it very well in the video but at the beginning of the first video clip it sounded like a freight train and was the most eerie sound I've ever heard, that's why we said that's a tornado which is unconfirmed at this time but definitely possible seeing the rotation up and down this line was primarily in the front of the line.

Well, like I mentioned in the video I'll update tornado reports when I find out more information. Hope you enjoyed yet again another very severe storm in North Texas.

Also, I apologize for the excess of conversation in the video. I couldn't get my dad, sister, and her boyfriend to stop chatting like a bunch of school girls.

Supercell, Intense Downburst and Hail in New Jersey. May 28, 2019.

On May 28, 2019, I intercepted a Tornado warned Supercell near Elizabeth New Jersey. I filmed quarter sized hail and a brief period of straight line winds likely over 60 mph within the storm core.
On this day, a warm front was inching northward through northern Pennsylvania. South of this front, significant amounts of heat and instability built through the day. Storms developed along the boundary by 3pm and moved eastward. With mid level winds of over 60kts, and southerly winds at the surface, a significant amount of speed and directional shear was present. Several of these storms would develop rotating updrafts. Several of these Supercells would go on to produce hail, high winds, and even a few brief tornadoes. The northern most Supercell would continue to move eastward into northern New Jersey, where I filmed its passage around 10 pm that night.

Very Large Hail- Piedmont/Tuttle, OK Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorm 5.29.2012

*Not For Re-Broadcast*- Another intense chase day for us in Oklahoma. This storm was producing very large hail through much of it's life cycle and we found ourselves in the path of this hail several times while on the chase. We opted for shelter in the town of Piedmont, OK where we let the hail core briefly over take us. It was at this time the storm, which was still showing strong signs of rotation finally produced a brief tornado just to our west. We could not see the tornado from our vantage point, but did capture the wall cloud right before it was wrapped in rain.

The day ended in the town of Tuttle, OK near the OKC metro where we were treated to one final large hail barrage, this time mostly consisting of quarter to golf ball hail.

Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorm & Wall Cloud- Woodward, OK June 5th, 2001

Another video from my digital 8 archives! This was a very memorable chase for me. The day started out in Salina, KS where after an initial morning analysis of the weather data it became clear that our target area would be in either SW Kansas, or the western Oklahoma area. We decided to go for western OK and hit the road. It was around 4pm when we arrived in the Woodward, OK area and supercell thunderstorms were already beginning to initiate. I set my camera up and began rolling video!

It wasn't long before our target storm began to develop one of the best wall clouds I have ever seen! I rolled video as this feature was taking shape so it made for a nice time lapse segment as you'll see in the video. This supercell quickly became tornado warned and as luck would have it, I was positioned right next to one of the towns sirens, lol. Yes, I hope you heeded the warning on the video and turned your PC volume down! Needless to say, it was deafening!

We repositioned a few times but the storm never could produce a tornado, but boy it sure tried! Still though, I ended up getting some great time lapse of a rotating storm, was up close and personal with a monster wall cloud, and ended the day with an incredible lightning display! A great chase day for sure!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Scott McPartland

©2001 Scott McPartland

Large Tornado- Alda/Aurora, NE June 17th, 2009

This day literally came at the end of our trip to Tornado Alley. And what a way to end it! Dave Lewison, Mark Robinson and I were chasing near Beatrice, NE earlier this day, and we were on an amazing supercell thunderstorm that did in fact produce a tornado. We briefly witnessed this tornado but as the storm began to weaken, our attention soon turned to the storms that were firing west of us...I mean WAY west of us near Grand Island. A decision had to be made, do we pursue the storms in our area, in the hopes that another one would take shape, or perhaps the storm that we were on would re-intensify and possibly produce a tornado again....or do we haul it to the Grand Island storm. Thankfully we made the decision to head to Grand Island!

We skirted the Kansas/Nebraska state line until we hit our north road option which would take us right to I-80 in the town of York, NE. We arrived in York around 6 or 630pm if memory serves me right and immediately got on the 80 heading west towards Grand Island. The storm was right in front of us and it looked amazing! The anvil was spreading out right on top of us, and the updraft base was visible in the distance. At this point we were still a good 50 miles from the storm, and reports began to come in that it had already produced a tornado. We were just hoping that it would still have some left for us by the time we got there. Thankfully the speed limit on I-80 was 75mph, we made good time and arrived near the town of Alda, NE right as the storm was really getting it's act together! A few tornadoes had already been sighted by other chasers before we had arrived, but from the looks of it, our storm was not done quite yet.

We set up our cameras and shot video as a wall cloud took shape literally right on top of us! The clouds were spinning like a top and at this point we felt that we had to readjust our position a litter further east down Route 34. At one point we could see that a funnel was beginning to take shape right on the southern suburbs of Grand Island and we were hoping that it would wait just a little longer before planting itself, as there were many homes and businesses that would have been right in it's path! I believe at this location there was a brief touchdown, but thankfully it lifted and caused only minor damage to some trees.

We drove a little further down Route 34 and then finally it planted itself right behind us! It started as some debris getting kicked up on the ground, and it kept dancing back and fourth across the road as it was strengthening. But it wasn't long before this tornado grew in size and now it was a large, dark, ominous dust bowl heading right in our direction. We felt confident that we could keep ahead of it, and I have to say, with all the chasers that were on the road that day, everyone played nice and at least from my perspective, there were no accidents. The next 15 minutes or so were spent filming, and relocating further down the road as the tornado would get close. We finished off the day back in York, NE where we got ourselves rooms, and had a well deserved steak dinner and a rum and coke (or two) at a local Applebee's. One of my top 10 chase days for sure.



©Scott McPartland

Supercell Variations (Classic and HP) and the Tornado Life Cycle

Types of supercells, and the life cycle of a tornado

Possible supercell 2 with possible wall cloud 27th January 2010 supercell outbreak

This storm developed and interferred with the first classic supercell that I intercepted on the day eventually merging with it and another storm which was a possible supercell. Large hail was likely based on the leaf litter from trees in its path.

Nice Weather #18 | Large Supercell and Anvil Cloud Passing By

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Large Tornadic Supercell approaching Selma NC on 4/16/2011

Large Tornadic Supercell approaching Selma NC on 4/16/2011. I have another video showing a tornado this storm produced just north east of Selma between Micro NC and Kenly NC

None of my videos are for re-use without permission.
David R Mabe ©2011

Large Tornadic Supercell approaching Selma NC on 4/16/2011 PART 2

Large Tornadic Supercell approaching Selma NC on 4/16/2011. I have another video showing a tornado this storm produced just north east of Selma between Micro NC and Kenly NC

None of my videos are for re-use without permission.
David R Mabe ©2011

Severe storms & possible Supercells to hit South East QLD

An extreme risk of SEVERE storms and possible SUPERCELLS are forecast to heavily impact the entire South East of the state including Central districts on Friday. Large Hail up to 8cm in diameter, Damaging Winds over 90kmhr, Heavy Rain with Flash Flooding and Frequent Lightning are all expected within the strongest storms. Major locations under threat include Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Beaudesert, Warwick, Toowoomba, Oakey, Dalby, Kingaroy, Gympie, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Gladstone and Rockhampton

WICKED UFO SUPERCELL - Tornadoes, Intense Lightning & Mammatus

4K video of some of the best supercell storm structure of the year, several tornadoes, Intense cloud to ground lightning and beautiful mammatus clouds produced by this beautiful thunderstorm near Leoti Kansas on May 21, 2016. For licensing 4K video contact

Early in the period on this day forecasts suggested a mainly multicellular event with a small chance of supercells and for a couple hours during the late afternoon, small cells struggled to develop. At 6:35 the struggling cells congealed into a messy multicell storm cluster with two organized rotating updrafts and like most of these scenarios, the tail end updraft strengthened and dominated.

After a couple tornadoes an ITENSE barrage of cloud to ground lightning strikes ensued. During waves of peak activity, lightning was striking the ground about every 2 to 3 seconds.

At one point it appeared there was a large powerful tornado developing but upon closer inspection you'll see that the thick gray mass touching the ground was a burst of rain falling through the mesocyclone rather than a column surging upward. Still, rotating winds sculpted this rain shaft into a wedge shape suggesting that what we were witnessing might have been a tornado by definition, but rather a nebulous weak one.

And then the headliner took the stage! Unreal scyfy structure and a beautiful greenish hue presented an epic wind sculpted masterpiece. The supercell motion was almost stationary and the hovering mesocyclone resembled an alien mothership UFO. During this time another brief tornado touched down.

I remember chatting with a Western Kansas farmer one May afternoon and warned him there was a storm heading his way capable of producing tornadoes. He responded I'll take ten of em... The odds of a tornado striking one's home is extremely small even in Western Kansas. A much more rational threat to a farmer is drought.
Blue skies yield a dark cloud of worry over farmers for a drought induced crop failure can economically ruin a hard working family.
Locals near Leoti Kansas got their rain and as the sun set, they were treated to a magic hour encore of color followed by a psychedelic lightning show. In all, 3 small brief tornadoes were witnessed and no destruction.

Music by Pecos Hank
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Supercells are the most dangerous storms, and are capable of producing strong tornadoes, very large hail, and damaging winds.

Supercell Thunderstorm/Rapidly Rotating Wall Cloud- Amarillo, TX June 11th, 2005

August/September 2013 Update: Ever since YouTube has implemented the 144p default option, many videos here on YouTube look horrible and very pixelated upon buffering. It's also extremely hard to change to a better resolution, many times if you try to change it, it doesn't take and the video still plays at 144p, even if the resolution is already set to 360p or 480p! If you are having this issue with my video here, as some have had, here is the fix for Firefox at least. The plug-in installs in just a few seconds, and then all you have to do is choose what quality you want the videos to default too when you watch them. You even get a few other helpful options too! Hopefully YouTube will address this issue soon which has caused widespread problems with several videos here on my channel, and on many other channels as well.
See link for the fix:

This video was shot during our quick fly out/fly back home spot chase of June 2005. The month prior we completed a successful two weeks on the road, but we still wanted more storms. So, during the second week in June, the pattern started shaping up for another bout of severe weather, and that's when Dave Lewison and I booked a flight out to Denver on Jet Blue, and headed out for another few days of chasing. No tornadoes we spotted during this trip, but we did see some amazing storms none the less. This one being the best of them.

Hope you enjoy the video, and please rate, comment and subscribe if you have a few moments as I will be posting many more videos over the coming days/weeks/months. Thanks!!

Scott McPartland


©2005 Scott McPartland

August 2nd Edmonton Supercell with baseball sized hail! Tornado watch!

On August 2nd, a classic Alberta dryline went through Alberta triggering severe thunderstorms through mid evening. Temperatures were into the mid twenties to 30s in some cases. High dewpoints into the mid teens set up a risk of supercells. Their was also alot of wind shear uping the risk of tornadic supercells. The storms produced had grapefuit sized hail reported in Stony Plain with alot of rotation on velocity maps in Drayton Valley. At 6:10pm, a severe thunderstorm watch was upgraded to a tornado watch for areas west of Edmonton and including the city as a convergence of storms came together as one. My video starts shortly after the tornado watch was put into place. I captured the storms arrival and the two cores that punched its way into the city. Nearly 40 minutes later Spruce Grove and stony plain got pelted with golf ball sized hail to grapefruit sized hail. The storm ended up giving Edmonton a huge hailstorm ranging from egg sized to baseball sized hail in some regions. Some areas in the southwest didn't get much hail at all. It was a beautiful storm that i will never forget. Iam in awe and wonder of natures power and beauty. I'm glad everyone kept safe during the storm.
This is a shorter version showcasing time lapses and highlights. Another video has been uploaded with the full footage if you would like that instead

6/8/2019 Winona to Russell Springs, KS Supercell Timelapse

Booker, TX Supercell - June 3rd, 2013 (4K version)

It's near the 3rd anniversary of this amazing storm that I time-lapsed back in 2013 and I realized the other day that the video I have posted is a low quality, 720p version. Ew.

So I'm re-uploading it in beautiful 4K...because I remember when I first was able to watch this in all its Apple ProRes, 4K mind was blown. So many details and little nuances to the storm.

Hope you enjoy seeing this again. The original story of capturing the storm are below. This footage has been seen all over the world and used in countless commercials, documentaries and even Thor The Dark World:

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Licensing inquiries: mike AT mikeolbinski DOT com


Find more of my work here:

Still print of this storm can be found here if interested:

It took four years but I finally got it.

A rotating supercell. And not just a rotating supercell, but one with insane structure and amazing movement.

I've been visiting the Central Plains since 2010. Usually it's just for a day, or three, or two...but it took until the fourth attempt to actually find what I'd been looking for. And boy did we find it.

No, there was no tornado. But that's not really what I was after. I'm from Arizona. We don't get structure like this. Clouds that rotate and look like alien spacecraft hanging over the Earth.

We chased this storm from the wrong side (north) and it took us going through hail and torrential rains to burst through on the south side. And when we did...this monster cloud was hanging over Texas and rotating like something out of Close Encounters.

The timelapse was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens. It's broken up into four parts. The first section ends because it started pouring on us. We should have been further south when we started filming but you never know how long these things will last, so I started the timelapse as soon as I could.

One thing to note early on in the first part is the way the rain is coming down on the right and actually being sucked back into the rotation. Amazing.

A few miles south is where part two picks up. And I didn't realize how fast it was moving south, so part three is just me panning the camera to the left. During that third part you can see dust along the cornfield being pulled into the storm as well...part of the strong inflow.

The final part is when the storm had started dying out and we shot lightning as it passed over us.

Between the third and fourth portions we drove through Booker, Texas where tornado sirens were going was creepy as all heck. And intense.

I hope you enjoy this. Once thing I've learned about timelapsing is that I always wish it would be longer or wouldn't end. I wish I had been south and been able to record this storm come at me for 45 minutes.

But I love it the way it is. I wasn't ever certain I'd see structure like this even though it's been such a goal of mine. But we did it.

And by we, I mean myself and my buddy Andy Hoeland, who knows his crap and got us into position so we could chase this storm. Without him along I don't know if I get this timelapse.



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