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Stranger In The Family (Autism Documentary) - Real Stories


The Nurture Room (Child Psychology Documentary) | Real Stories

Filmed over a period of one year, The Nurture Room accesses three schools (three of only five schools in the whole of the UK that agreed to participate in the film), and follows a handful of children as they go on their journey back to full participation in the classroom via the ‘nurture room’. This film provides an insight into the lives of troubled children within schools.

The Nurture Room covers a new approach to helping children with Additional Support Needs in the form of social, emtional and/or behavioural needs which are acting as barriers to the children's learning.

The Nurture Room is a place within the school where children can be given freedom to express themselves. The aim is to effectively address the children's needs and prevent exclusion from the classroom and any distress caused by them not having the coping skills, through no fault of their own. Primarily, these rooms hope to ensure that as few children as possible are excluded from school due to bad behaviour. By taking a proactive approach, these rooms within schools ‘nurture’ children to give them the best possible chance of coping within a mainstream classroom setting alongside their peers.

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Autism: Challenging Behaviour (Controversial Autism Treatment Documentary) | Real Stories

If you thought you knew everything you needed to know about autism, think again.

Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged by this intelligent, moving and gripping BBC exploration of the controversy surrounding Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), an intensive intervention used to treat autism.

Parents who want ABA for their children passionately believe that it is the best way to teach a child new skills and to help them function in mainstream society, but critics of ABA argue that it is dehumanising and abusive to try to eliminate autistic behaviour. Documentary first broadcast in 2013.

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Life with autism | DW Documentary (Autism documentary)

Markus is autistic. The documentary follows him for a year and shows what it’s like to live with autism. He’ll probably never grow up, nor does he want to.

Most people don’t understand that, even my parents think it’s bad, says Markus. He spends a lot of his time playing with toys, while also dealing with the struggle for his father’s acceptance, and the question of what he can contribute to society. The documentary follows Markus for a year.

I don’t want to be normal and part of the herd. I want to live how I want. Markus lives in Duisburg in western Germany. His home is completely cluttered with toys, including noisy motion-activated frogs, a singing Elvis and an angry snowman that tells you to watch it! Markus plays happily with his toys for hours, listening to children’s stories and drinking hot chocolate. Despite his autism, he does allow people to get close. He has an eccentric style, with a Prince Valiant haircut, a laser pointer round his neck and colorful plastic figures clutched in his hand. Markus’s father in particular wants him to grow up. His mother takes good care of him, but she encourages him to go out and meet other people more. She worries he could become lonely. That’s how he discovered his love of people with Down Syndrome, who he calls his Downies. They take me as I am. They don’t question my ways. That’s a nice feeling. This documentary refers to questions as: what is autism? What are signs and symptoms of autism? How do autistic people behave?

DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

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Being Terri: Britain's Youngest Burns Survivor (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

Terri Calvesbert is a fun loving child. She can be naughty and she can be a little angel too. Terri is everything any six-year-old can be. But then she is much, much more, because Terri is the youngest person in Britain to survive 90 per cent burns. Being Terri is far from easy; it means that you have no hair, no nose, no ears, no fingers and face a lifetime of operations. It means you get shocked responses from strangers when you simply go shopping with your grandmother. In this touching Real Life documentary, viewers will see just what life is like for the big-hearted youngster who was horrifically injured in a fire at her Suffolk home in 1998. And they will see exactly why her father, Paul Calvesbert, describes her as 'an inspiration to everybody'.

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Documentary produced by Granada TV.

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Parents' Horror as Adopted Six-Year-Old was Actually an Adult | This Morning

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In 2010, a US couple, Kristine and Michael Barnett thought their family was finally complete when they adopted a six year old Ukrainian child, Natalia who lives with dwarfism. It quickly became clear however that things weren't as they seemed as the parents discovered that their 'six year old' daughter has adult teeth, pubic hair and has started her menstrual cycle. Things got worse when Kristine and Michael say Natalia started to terrorise them daily, allegedly threatening to stab them in their sleep and pour poison in their coffee. After taking her for tests, the court ruled that Natalia wasn't the six year old they thought she was but in fact a 22 year old woman. The parents set her up in her own house away from them, but once police discovered her living alone, Kristine and Michael were charged with neglect. Natalia's mother back in Ukraine claims she is the six year old they adopted, but what is the truth?
Broadcast on 14/10/19

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Dr Zoe and Dr Ranj answer all your health questions, stay stylish with Gok Wan's fabulous fashion, be beautiful with Bryony Blake's top make-up tips, and save money with Martin Lewis.

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The Walton Sextuplets At 30 (Amazing Humans Documentary) | Real Stories

The Walton Sextuplets celebrate their 30th birthday in this new one off documentary. In an hour long special we meet the six girls Hannah, Luci, Jennie, Ruth, Kate and Sarah as they reach this milestone birthday and take a special trip of a lifetime to New York with their parents Janet and Graham - their first holiday together for nearly ten years.

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A father does something drastic when his family become strangers to him //

Closer Apart is a heartwarming short film that highlights the importance of cherishing familial ties through a subtle illustration of our inability to value the little things and people around us in the face of modernity.

As we unravel the story of a father’s increasing drift from his family, ‘Closer Apart’ reveals itself to be an authentic record of the joys, heartaches and frustrations of an ordinary Singaporean family.

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Raising a Non-Verbal, Autistic Child | Your Story

Raising a child with autism can have its own set of complications, but raising a non-verbal, autistic child is a whole different challenge. For the Melo Family, it means raising a son and brother, who can never fully express his pain, needs, or frustrations. To help with Felipe Melo’s complications, his family has built a system of caretakers, who have worked with him to improve his communication skills. But even with this success, there’s no guarantee it will be a lasting solution.

Produced in partnership with students from the University of Miami.

I Believe - Singapore Drama Short Film //

I Believe is a story of an unlikely friendship between an autistic youth and a popular role-model. The relationship between the two teaches us a precious lesson on love and acceptance. The inspiration from this film is taken from the work of Temasek Cares – Autism Support Programme@ITE, which helps autistic students adjust to their environments by developing their social and communicative skills, and providing support to their teachers and peers.

20/20: The Temasek Short Film Project aims to provide students and amateur filmmakers exposure to industry best practices and access to some of Singapore’s most renowned directors, who will share their experience with these young filmmakers. It is commissioned by Singapore investment company, Temasek with the goal of nurturing the next generation of local filmmakers. To watch the films, visit

Directed By Leroy Lim (Singapore)

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When Dogs Grow Old | In Dog Years | (Animal Documentary) | Real Stories Original

Old dogs are celebrated in 10 short stories about love, loss and letting go.

As dogs get old, they can go blind, slow down or grow weak. But in their senior years, these faithful companions are more precious than ever to the people who care for them.

Hard choices loom when a dog nears the end. It’s never easy to say goodbye.

As these 10 true stories of love and friendship show, there’s nothing quite like the connection between a human and their beloved aging dog.

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Two Kids. Two Undiagnosed Disabilities.

Colbie, age 8, and Lleyton, 5, have normal brains. At least, that’s according to the various MRI scans they’ve undergone throughout their short lives. No one can explain why neither child can walk, or why neither child has ever been able to speak a word. Read more:

The Unconditional was directed by Dave Adams ( It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online series of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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Struggling with Severe Mental Illness: The Story of Maisie

Sally Burke is a mother from Hull. But to see her daughter – 13-year-old Maisie – she is forced to make a 118-mile roundtrip to Sheffield, where Maisie is currently sectioned under the Mental Health Act and receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia.

A national shortage of hospital beds means people in crisis are being shunted all over the UK for hospital care. This, tragically, includes children. If troubled young people having to wait for two years for mental health treatment wasn't bad enough, that they can often only be admitted to psychiatric wards that are miles away from their homes and families is even more terrifying.

The figures surrounding the mental health of young Brits are alarming. The number of children being admitted to hospital for self-harm is at a five-year high. Admissions of girls aged 10-14 have increased by 93 percent in the last four years, to 5,953, while there's been a rise of 45 percent in boys. Within this same timeframe, NHS spending on children's mental health services in England has fallen by approximately £50 million.

These have left local services in a desperate position, and the human consequence of this is felt by people like Sally and Maisie. We join the former as she makes the trek to Sheffield, its emotional toll only increased by the knowledge that just a mile away from her home is a unit that could have housed Maisie had its overnight care facility not been shut two years ago.

Maisie is a short film about what happens to a family when a child is hit by severe mental health problems and a government breaks its promises.

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Autistic girl from Oregon kicked off airplane

An Oregon family traveling with a 15-year old girl with autism was kicked of a United airlines flight for what the airline calls “a disruptive situation.” Carter Evans reports.

Family living with Autism: Scruff’s Bunch

Kim Preston (Scruff) lives with her three adult sons with Autism. Jacob and Jackson aren’t verbal, and if the gate is unlocked they’ll escape.

Kim sleeps in the lounge room of their three-bedroom home to give each of her boys their own space. The slightest change in routine can spiral into a full-on melt down. Kim expects her boys will live at home with her till she ‘cark’s-it’ but what if there’s another way?

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Boys Alone (Social Experiment Documentary) | Real Stories

Take ten boys aged 11 and 12. A variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of backgrounds. A variety of experience of being away from home. Put them together in a house, with no adult control. Watch what happens. Check out Girls Alone here:

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Living with a rare skin disorder | The Skin We Wear | Full Episode

**This documentary contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.**

Harlequin Ichthyosis is a rare genetic disorder that causes thick and scaly skin that is prone to cracking and constant infections. In the past, babies born with this condition rarely live beyond the first few days. Today, sufferers are able to lead normal and productive lives - but not without obstacles.

From 2-hour long oil baths and constant moisturising, to stares and judgement from strangers, their struggles are physical, social and emotional.

Enter the lives of four individuals coping with Harlequin Ichthyosis in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Three-year-old Zoe may have lost all her hands due to the condition, but she's not lost her joy for life. Despite being visibly different, 13-year-old Aliya navigates the teenage years with grace. Two-year-old Ngoc Bich is an orphan in Vietnam, waiting for a family to adopt her. And 26-year-old Mui Thomas' achievements are proof that a fulfilling life is possible even with a lifelong condition.

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Stranger In The Family Autism. Real Stories

Autism is a condition that can leave one child mildly impaired and another totally lost in a nether world. It is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system. It affects communication and language skills: speech, touch, and hand-eye coordination… 'Stranger in the Family' looks at the efforts made at a special school in Sydney called Giant Steps. Based on a Canadian model, the school was set up and is maintained by the parents of the students who attend. This documentary looks at the methods of the school, the hopes of the students and parents who have a daily battle with this incurable disease.

A Place in the World (Full Documentary) © Kensington Communications 1996

This film reveals a special place where people with intellectual and physical disabilities find a community of acceptance and are given the tools and freedom to reach their full potential. Producer/director Robert Lang introduces us to Martin Langlois, a severely autistic young man, on his way to his new home at Maison Emmanuel located in the Laurentians, north of Montreal. This is the first time that Martin will be living away from his parents. They are concerned, but they know the time has come to let Martin go.

One of a worldwide network of similar Camphill centres, Maison Emmanuel creates a nurturing environment, providing activities and therapies that help individuals like Martin realize their full potential.

We follow Martin's gradual integration into the community and meet the residents who work alongside staff and volunteers to maintain a busy household and build caring and stable relationships.

Two months after his arrival, Martin's parents come to take part in preparing the Sunday meal. Martin has adjusted well. As he finds a new place in the world, our perceptions of people with mental disabilities are irrevocably changed.

...virtually a must see.
Jim Bawden, Starweek Magazine

A moving one-hour portrait.
Tony Atherton's TV Spotlight, Ottawa Citizen

Vision Humanitarian Award, Hot Docs (1997)

Kensington Communications creates and produces exceptional, award-winning television and interactive media. From high-profile television events to moving personal stories, from ground-breaking science to performing arts and innovative online experiences, our diverse productions share a commitment to imagination, intelligence and passion. Purchase our award-winning documentaries at

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Autism and Conversations with Strangers

Rafael has autism and he has no trouble talking to strangers. We get ready and take the kids out for a surprise weekend trip to the best place you can go when it's been raining all week! Rafael tells you about his dream but his sister keeps getting in the way. Most of the time, this is the extent of his autism meltdown now. He has a lot more control than he used to, and we still work with him on it so he can control his emotions and sensory issues.
Hadar, Andrea, Rafael, baby Abigail & Kitty!
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FoolyLiving - Our Story
Andrea used to live in Florida, until she met Hadar on World of Warcraft. We met for the first time in Israel, but got married in America. Andrea moved to Israel and has been there ever since. We miscarried a baby at 4 months, shortly after we were married. Rafael was born November 2012. Baby Abigail was born July 2016. Both were born in Israel. We film our life every day to show Andrea's family members back in Florida. Andrea also has an adult son, named Zebulin who lives and works in America. Hadar is a soldier in the Air Force in Israel. Our family is trying to make the life changing move to America right now.

We are a fun loving and happy family. We are not fake family vloggers. You will never see us being fake. Views are not as important to us as our integrity. Many of our family and real life friends watch our videos. You can be assured that what you are seeing is 100% truth and reality. You will not only see the best of us, but the worst of us as well. We all have a story to tell and it's not always pretty. For us, it will always be real. I do not make videos just for you. These are my family's memories. There would be no point in making videos if it weren't the truth. We are transparent and honest with everything. Please remember, when leaving a comment, that we are not characters on a tv show. We are real people.

About our son: Rafael was diagnosed with OCD and High Functioning Autism, also known as Asperger's syndrome, on the Autism spectrum (ASD). Our daughter will be evaluated for autism as well. We have a few videos of Rafael so you can understand his diagnosis better:

DAY IN THE LIFE of a 3 year old with Autism (Aspergers Syndrome):

OCD in a 3 year old:


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Taking Autistic twins on a family day out at Woodlands|Autism Family Vlog _036

#Autism #Autistic #autismawareness #autismfamily
Trying to negotiate autistic children on a day out which most people take for granted is a very hard and daunting task for everyone involved, our advice try picking the right time of year to avoid crowds and busy attractions.
We try our best to let the boys enjoy everything any other child gets to do despite the mumbles and stares of strangers when something becomes challenging and they find the situation too much.
Anyway we had a fab day and hopefully created memories so the next visit should become easier now they're familiar with the place.
Its a long vlog but was extremely difficult to edit down about an hour of original footage.
Thanks for watching and don't forget to Subscribe

Channel Description
Welcome to Autism, Twins & Us,

I'm Adam, married to Amy and we're parents of Autistic twins George and Matthew.

Since 2014 its been a rollercoaster, 3 months in NICU, Hernia operation, Extreme reflux!
Getting through year 1 with twins was really hard.
Starting nursery school was a challenge especially the first few months.

After a very short space of time we knew that things didn't seem quite right,
Our initial thoughts we're confirmed with George's diagnosis (September 2017) when he was (3)
followed by Matthew's (September 2018) when he was (4).

We plan to release vlogs normally twice a week covering our lives as a family with autistic twins with complex needs,
the daily challenges about Autism, prematurity and just our family's journey.

Hopefully you will enjoy watching our channel, take time to interact with us , ask questions, subscribe
and help us grow the channel to show Autism from a familys perspective.

This channel is the story of Autism, Twins & Us !

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