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Swimming in a Natural pool ????


Swimming in a Natural pool ????

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Natural Pools - Organic Pools selfbuild

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Swimming in natural water is a delight to our sences. Your skin and hair feels soft and your eyes don't sting. It seems as if, every cell in your body is telling you - this is the way swimming should be. David Pagan Butler
A Natural Swimming Pool is swimming pool that has clear water without using chemicals. These pools rely entirely on the plants and animals to condition the water. This is so effective that this pool has been tested and shown to be of drinking water quality. Also, through the continual natural cleaning process the pool water never needs changing, saving water. Chemical free so it is healthy for people and wildlife. Wild Swimming at home.

BEFORE Building YOUR Natural Swimming Pond...WATCH THIS!! / DIY Pond Build Vid #2 (Pre-Planning)

This video is jam-packed with tips that will help YOU be more prepared as you consider building YOUR OWN DIY Natural Swimming Pond! In this video, I share vital questions You MUST Ask Yourself BEFORE you start building YOUR OWN DIY Natural Swimming Pond. I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to watch the next in the series: Digging and Underlayment!

1. :23 Maximum Swimming Space!
2. 1:01 Save Money!!
3. 1:40 I Wanted A Waterfall!!
4. 3:04 Location..........Trees?
5. 4:25 Location..........Provide Shade?
6. 5:17 Location..........POWER!
7. 5:59 Location..........Choose the Shape of Your Pond
8. 6:18 Location..........Placement of Waterfall!
9. 6:30 Digging!!!
10. 8:27 Digging.............Safety First

how to build a DIY organic pool:natural pool in 3 minutes

How to build an organic pool (natural pool) in 3 minutes. An organic pool uses plants and animals to keep the water clean and healthy without the use of added chemicals. A pool for swimming and a wilderness for wildlife.
This plunge pool is 6m by 8m in total with a 2m deep swimming zone of 4m by 2m.
This is a quick romp through my DIY film to give you a good idea of how to build a small natural pool. Find more info and Free pdf on
and full HD DIY film on:
See David's latest invention:

HOW MUCH does a RECREATION POND COST?? Swimming in a Natural Pool

HOW MUCH does a RECREATION POND COST?? Swimming in a Natural Pool

A question I ALWAYS get, How much does this cost? Today, we are looking at Recreation Ponds, Swim Ponds, Natural Pools and talking about how much they cost. Also, we'll go through what it's like to live with and take care of one of these recreation ponds with our good friend, Alan Decker from Decker's Pondscapes in Pattersonville, NY

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Atlantis Water Gardens is located at 3017 Route 10 in Denville (Morris County), NJ (New Jersey) with a full pond supply store and specializes in the design, maintenance and construction of backyard fish ponds, boulder waterfalls, fountainscapes, decorative water features, natural looking ponds, koi fish ponds and outdoor goldfish ponds for backyard landscapes.

Natural Pools & Swim Ponds in California - No Chlorine or Chemicals - Aquascape System

This video is all about natural swimming pools aka recreation ponds. We have noticed a huge increase in requests from our clients to build natural swimming pools or recreation ponds.

These are a great alternative to traditional chlorinated pools or salt water pools. In our natural pools, we use a biological filtration system paired with a skimmer but on a much larger scale. This is called a Wetland Filter and an Intake Bay when building a larger eco system. We use the Aquascape Inc. method and equipment to build all of our water features.

In addition to the biological filtration system, we added U.V. (ultraviolet) light sterilizers, an automatic dosing system (for water treatments & natural beneficial bacteria) and a IonGen G2 filtration add-on. These boost the filtration and clarity of the water so swimming in a natural pool feels refreshing and clean.


California Waterscapes
(818) 252-0098
8309 Tujunga Ave. Sun Valley, CA 91352

All of the pond water treatments and equipment can be purchased from Pro Ponds West (our supply store in Sun Valley California).
(818) 252-0040

How to build a Natural Pool - DIY Organic Pool build

How to build a Natural Swimming Pool using the most widely copied Natural Pool system - David Pagan Butler's Organic Pools.
Free pdf visit
and full HD DIY film on:
These pools work with nature to provide safe bathing water without the use of chemicals.
Bill made this pool for around £6,000. A fraction (1/10) of the cost of a commercial installation. The decking and paved areas were and additional cost. Bill bought David Pagan Butler's DVD (Natural Swimming Pools - a guide to building and designing your own) and Organic Pools DIY Manual. He also attended one of David's courses.

Build The Most Modern Natural Swimming Pool Underground

Build The Most Modern Natural Swimming Pool Underground.
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2 Amazing SWIM PONDS (Australia Natural Pools)

2 Amazing SWIM PONDS (Australia Natural Pools)

Woodfordia Folk Festival is now the site of the Largest Man-Made Aquascape Swim Pond in Australia! Today we get to visit, along with Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy and Team Aquascape this Amazing Natural Pool, along with another incredible Recreation Pond on the shores of Mission Beach!

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Atlantis Water Gardens is located at 3017 Route 10 in Denville (Morris County), NJ (New Jersey) with a full pond supply store and specializes in the design, maintenance and construction of backyard fish ponds, boulder waterfalls, fountainscapes, decorative water features, natural looking ponds, koi fish ponds and outdoor goldfish ponds for backyard landscapes.

Joe and C’s Natural Swimming Pool

Start to finish construction of a natural swimming pool

How to build a Modern Natural Pool without Mud

Go to to learn more.

I got to experience one of the most divine pristine swimming experiences in what seems to be a modern pool at first. When you look at it closer with it’s rock pool waterfalls and wetlands area, you can see the tiny shrimps cleaning the water hidden away, and small fish hiding in the roots.

Norm vant Hoff from Bali Eco Lodge talks through the 3 main things to think when considering creating your modern natural pool:

1. Aeration
2. Filteration
3. Circulation

He also shares about the ideas of Viktor Schauberger and recommends looking into his ideas and research on water and how it moves and revitalises.

There really is no reason for us to have any pools as chemical pools anymore when we can have modern pools that revitalise our cells and truly are a blessing to swim in!

To contact Norm about Designing a Natural Pool, go to

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BIOTOP Natural Pools - The BIOTOP Swimming-Pool (english, USA)

Pure Pleasure for Body and Soul: The BIOTOP Natural Pool.

The sustainable use of the precious resource water has been a concern to BIOTOP since its establishment 30 years ago. Natural Pools provide crystal clear water without any use of chemicals. The natural pool, which is the image of a natural lake, provides a living space for people, animals and plants and creates the incomparable feeling of swimming in natural water.

DIY-construction of natural pool in 5 days - Schwimmteich selber bauen

We have built our natural pool in march 2017. I have created this video by means of a lot of pictures that we have taken during the construction.
You can see how a natural pool can be built within 5 days, starting with the digging, continuing with the laying of mats of fibers and the plastic foil until the filling with water and ending with designing the surrounding.
As our soil contains quite a lot of clay it was not necessary to support our walls by any means, so that made it easier. But I think the result is quite okay. We are proud of our natural pool.
The video should not be an instruction how to biuld your own pool because it depends on a few components if and how you can build a natural pool in your garden. Every pool hast o planned and built individually.
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How natural swimming pools work – CHOICE

Natural swimming pools (also known as swimming ponds or bio pools) mimic nature to clean the water – no chlorine necessary.

CHOICE looks at how they work and what the costs are if you're thinking of building one or converting your existing chlorine pool. See

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The pools in this video are equipped with gartenART biofilter technology and built in collaboration with gartenART Australia. They were variously designed and constructed by Landforms, Simon Lloyd and Panda Pools & Spas.

DIY Organic Pool vs. Commercial installation

Richard is the guardian of two Natural Swimming Pools: an expensive commercially installed pool and an Organic Pool designed by David Pagan Butler. Which is his clear winner? (As it's my film, you can guess the answer.) These pools are in Cornwall, UK.
All the best,
P.S. If you fancy my DIY Organic Pools Manual, here's the link to my web page:
or my DIY film

How much does a Swimming Pond COST? + other FAQ's!

We built the ultimate swimming pond 6 months ago here on our miniature farm in Phoenix, Arizona. So, what do we think of it now & what would we do differently? Do we hate swimming with fish and does the pond attract snakes? How do we keep it clear without chemicals? Watch today's video ALL about how we maintain our swimming pond, swim in it every day, grow tilapia for food in it, and keep the algae at bay.

Building a swimming pond in the desert was NO easy feat, it took a lot of research, planning, and care to make sure this thing would be able to handle our triple-digit heat waves. Luckily, everything has worked out amazing and it handled it's first summer spectacularly!


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Natural Swimming Pond Start to Finish

Video, commentary and photos of our pool/pond in process.

Natural Swimming Pool

Video about natural pool. Designed by Marcelo Todescan and Frank Siciliano. Made by Ecosys Ornamental Ponds in Brazil.

Natural Swimming Pools created by John's Pools and Ponds - No Chlorine

Natural Swimming Pools - No Chlorine

These images show Natural Swimming Pools created by John's Pools and Ponds.

If you have a sensitivity to the chemicals used in standard pool maintenance, or simply prefer an all-natural approach to life no matter what you do -- a natural swimming pool may be exactly what you need. Keep cool on hot summer days, stay fit with an aquatic exercise regimen, or just relax in your pool full of naturally cleansed and purified water. Natural swimming pools are an exciting new offering from John's Pools and Ponds, and we would love to have you contact us at for more information. We are passionate about natural swimming pools, and we believe you will be too!

We understand that natural swimming pools, like any project, can be a challenge when it comes to minimizing disruptions while work is in progress. At John's Pools and Ponds we take care to protect as much of the surrounding yard and area as possible while working. Our highest priority is maintaining a safe and tidy environment while completing your natural swimming pool.

It's normal to have questions about natural swimming pool, and we are here to answer them! So if you have any special requests or particular concerns about your natural swimming pool, please do not hesitate to discuss them before work begins.

In addition to Natural Swimming Pools, you may be interested in Waterfalls, Natural Stone Work, Retaining Walls, Landscape Construction and Pond Maintenance

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