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Symptoms & Diagnosis of Asthma


Symptoms & Diagnosis of Asthma

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Join us for our lecture on asthma where Zach continues our discussion as we move onto the symptoms & diagnosis of asthma. We go into detail on the hallmark symptoms of asthma as well as the pulmonary function tests (PFTs) included in the criteria used for the diagnosis of asthma.




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Diagnosing Asthma: Mild, Moderate, and Severe


Asthma Explained Clearly: Asthma Symptoms and Diagnosis

Understand asthma with this clear explanation by Dr. Roger Seheult of

Includes discussion on asthma pathophysiology, signs and symptoms of asthma, diagnosis, triggers (GERD, post nasal drip, down feathers, etc.), flow volume loops, samter's triad, and more. This is video 1 of 2 on asthma and treatment.

Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Clinical and Exam Preparation Instructor
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

MedCram: Medical topics explained clearly including: Asthma, COPD, Acute Renal Failure, Mechanical Ventilation, Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve, Hypertension, Shock, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), Medical Acid Base, VQ Mismatch, Hyponatremia, Liver Function Tests, Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), Adrenal Gland, Pneumonia Treatment, any many others. New topics are often added weekly- please subscribe to help support MedCram and become notified when new videos have been uploaded.


Recommended Audience: Health care professionals and medical students: including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, EMT and paramedics, and many others. Review for USMLE, MCAT, PANCE, NCLEX, NAPLEX, NDBE, RN, RT, MD, DO, PA, NP school and board examinations.

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What is Asthma? Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Asthma can be minor or it can interfere with daily activities. In some cases, it may lead to a life-threatening attack.
Asthma may cause difficulty breathing, chest pain, cough and wheezing. The symptoms may sometimes flare up.
Asthma can usually be managed with rescue inhalers to treat symptoms (salbutamol) and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms (steroids). Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open (formoterol, salmeterol, tiotropium), as well as inhalant steroids.

Adult Asthma - Overview (signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, investigations and treatment)

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Asthma - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Bronchial Asthma | Diagnosis and Management

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What Asthma Looks and Feels Like

With Alvin Singh, MD. What happens when you breathe? What does asthma look, feel, and sound like?

Diagnosis and Management of Asthma

Created by world-class clinical faculty, Learning in 10 (LIT) Reviews covers topics in the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 2CK examination.

The collection of ten minutes lectures can be used by medical students to supplement their lecture materials. Each video undergoes a peer-review process to ensure accuracy of information.

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Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Triggers, Diagnose and Prevention

Asthma is a lung condition that can make your airways narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus, which causes breathing difficulties.

1. Track your symptoms:

-Shortness of breath or whistling sounds when you exhale (wheezing).
-Disturbed sleep caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing.
-Chest tightness or pain.
-Quick-relief (rescue) inhaler use — record when you need to use your quick-relief inhaler, such as albuterol (Proventil HFA, Ventolin HFA), and write down how many puffs you take.
-Disruptions to work, school, exercise or other day-to-day activities caused by asthma symptoms.
-Asthma symptoms during exercise.
-Changes in color of phlegm you cough up.
-Hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose.
-Anything that seems to trigger asthma flare-ups.

2. Record how well your lungs are working: Peak Flow, Spirometry.

3. Adjust treatment according to your asthma action plan

If you come into contact with one of your asthma triggers, it can make your symptoms worse and even bring on an asthma attack.

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Bronchial asthma: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. Characterised by reversible airflow limitation, the disease, in addition to having several risk factors may also have several triggers. Clinical features include wheezing, cough and dyspnea. Diagnosis may be establish with bronchodilator reversibility and other tests as described in this presentation. The management of asthma consists of controllers and relievers which are discussed in detail. Newer therapies and special considerations such as aspirin sensitive asthma, refractory asthma and brittle asthma are also discussed. Finally Asthma COPD overlap syndrome is also described briefly.

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How are children diagnosed with asthma?

Asthma UK Nurse Debby Waddell answers your common concerns about children being diagnosed with asthma.
00.47 Diagnosing asthma can take time
01.50 Children under five
02.07 Suspected asthma
02.56 Watch and wait
03.19 Trial of treatment
03.50 Got any questions?
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Spotting asthma symptoms in your child | Asthma UK

If you're worried your child might have asthma, but you're not sure whether to talk to their doctor about it this video can help. In it, specialist asthma nurse Debby explains what symptoms to look for in babies, toddlers and children. And how to tell whether their cough, wheeze, chest tightness or breathlessness could be linked to asthma.

More information about getting your child diagnosed with asthma:

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Diagnosing Asthma: Mild, Moderate and Severe

Child Asthma | Diagnosis and Treatment

As a parent, you probably have questions about childhood asthma. First, what is asthma? In this video, Dr. Katherine Rivera, Pulmonologist, explains what asthma is and goes over how a doctor will arrive at a diagnosis for asthma. Also, find out what factors, including environmental triggers, can cause asthma or an asthma attack. Finally, learn some of the signs that your child might have asthma, and what you should do to seek asthma treatment for your child.

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Confirming the Diagnosis of Asthma

Best of ATS Video Lecture Series Third place 2017

Confirming a diagnosis of asthma.
Amber J. Oberle, MD
Mohamed H. Morad, MD

What is Asthma and How Is it Diagnosed and Treated?

Did you know that the U.S., asthma affects 1 in 13 adults and 1 in 12 children?

Asthma causes swelling and narrowing of the airways that carry air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. Asthma symptoms can include wheezing, tight chest and shortness of breath. With good medical care, the right asthma medications and proper monitoring, you can keep asthma under control.

National Jewish Health asthma expert, Brian Modena, MD, explains how this chronic disease is diagnosed and treated.

What is Asthma?

Asthma Diagnosis

Asthma Treatment

Living with Asthma

Meet Dr. Modena

Asthma Care Program

Asthma: Diagnosing, Treating and Managing this Condition - Mayo Clinic

Arveen Thethi, M.D., an asthma and allergy specialist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., shares information about the chronic condition asthma, which affects more than 235 million people, according to the World Health Organization.

Asthma is a treatable -- but not curable -- condition that causes inflammation, mucus and spasms in the small airway. It affects both children and adults and is characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency from person to person.

Dr. Thethi shares information about diagnosis, management and treatment of the disorder, including when to seek care from a specialist.

More information about asthma and services at Mayo Clinic can be found at

How is asthma diagnosed?

Asthma nurse, Sue explains how asthma is diagnosed by a nurse or GP - including the types of asthma tests that are used and how long it takes to get a diagnosis.

What are the common symptoms of asthma?

In this video, asthma nurse Kathy explains what the common symptoms of asthma are, so you can spot them and cut your risk of an asthma attack.



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