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TD Vlogs 3 - From Minus 20 to 20 Degrees – Changing Weather and Colors of Canada


TD Vlogs 3 - From Minus 20 to 20 Degrees – Changing Weather and Colors of Canada.

This video was shot in Ottawa when we finally saw the sun and warm weather after several days of rain and cold weather and how Canadians enjoy the first sign of summer by getting out of their houses.

I also took my mom to one of the famous Canals of Ottawa and in this video I have shown, how the same place looks in summers and winters both.

TD Vlogs 2 - Visiting The Canadian Parliament - Meeting a Subscriber & Indian Students in Canada

As you saw that in my last video I brought my mother to Ottawa, The capital of Canada on a budget trip to Canada from India and from this video onwards, I started showing her around the beautiful city of Ottawa and we started from the main tourist attraction, the Parliament Hill.

Ottawa is a small beautiful city where a lot of Indians live. It is the capital of Ottawa and we spent a day here and in this video, I will show you Parliament hill and the parliament building of Canada.

I took my mother in my car to Downtown Ottawa where we spent a day and this video includes a full tour of the Canadian Parliament building.

We also meet some Indian students in Canada and I asked them a few questions regarding their experience and life in Canada as Indian students. This video shows you can save a lot of money and plan a budget trip to Canada and is also a part of my everyday vlog series in which I will be putting up chilled out vlogs sharing the life of Traveling Desi.

The videos are a part of vlog series TD Vlogs on the traveling desi channel and these will not be full city guide episodes but also regular everyday vlogs from different countries which I visit.

TD Vlogs 1 - House Rent & Car in Canada & Purchasing Headphones for Mom At Half Price in Canada

This video is about our first few days in Canada and the start of a short vlog series while we are here. My mother and I reached Ottawa, the capital of Canada at my brother’s place who lives and works here with his wife and we wish to spend some time at his place while exploring and enjoying Canada.

In this video, we will show you my brother's house in Canada and show you how much rent he pays and what all is included in the price and also we would like to show you how discounted shopping is done in Canada.

The video also has a tour of best buy Canada when we bought my mother a wireless Bluetooth headphone that she could use in Kitchen.

We came here from New York and plan to stay in Canada for a while and you can be a part of our journey while we are here waiting for summers in Canada on a budget tour from India.

I will be showing you some of the nice Canadian cities in this video series.

In this video, we also did a not so serious unboxing of Beats Solo Wireless headphones which we bought for my mom.

This video is going to be a part of #TDVlogs series of my everyday vlogs which will have some important information about the place I am visiting and also some general everyday life of your traveling desi.

#TDVlogs #TravelingDesi #TravelingDesiCanada

TD Vlogs #5 - Why everyone changes tires after 6 months in Canada - Buying a new mic for Vlogging

After completing the Cambodia series, I decided to put a couple of more of vlogs with mom. Here is a day we spent out while having the wheels of my brother's car replaced in Canada.

In winters different tires are used for cars and for summers they are changed.

I also bought myself a new mic for my miniaturized everyday vlogging setup which includes a go pro.

I got myself a rode video micro.

Weather of Canada throughout the year | Best time to visit Canada | Snowfall in Canada

Check out the weather of Ottawa , Canada for all the months of the year .
Although maximum and minimum temperature changes according to the climate conditions , the temperature mentioned in the video is the average taken of all the temperatures from the past 10 years.
Check more related content at

Canada is also a very vast country hence we have taken average of Ottawa city for the past years .

Check out the Weather of Canada in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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TD Vlog 4 - Factory Outlet Malls in Canada, Discounted Price Shopping and buying mom her shoes.

This video shows the day when I finally took my mom to buy her the chappals and sandles she has been looking for since new york. So finally after setteling down, we went to outlet mall in Ottawa called Tanger as it has a lot of stores from famous brands that provide factory outlet discounted price.

This is a good video for anyone who is looking to check prices of famous brands in the Ottawa region.

In the capital city of Canada, like other major north American cities and also the big cities in Europe, most of them have outlet malls for shopping about 30 kms from the city.

This video is from one of those malls. I also share the price of petrol in Canada in this video and some driving system related rules in Canada as well.

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Toronto to Ottawa: VIA Rail Canada

This video is based on my journey from Toronto to Ottawa on a VIA Rail train. It takes around 4.5 hours between Toronto and Ottawa on a train. I have shared information about the train fare, onboard facilities and other related information in this video. The video shows the Union Station, Toronto from inside. I have shown the procedure of boarding a train in Canada. Also includes GO transit train which operates in and around Toronto.

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(It may not be possible for me to answer every question here, but other group members, travellers, and travel experts can help you)

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Desi Shadi In Canada | Renting sports car | Shooting Toronto city for Canada Series | Canada Vlog 5

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I thought a vlog after a series would be a good idea before starting another series. This video shares some insights about the Indian wedding in Canada, I went to and how a sports car or any other car could be rented in Canada/USA for a minimum possible fee. Because I had just reached Canada from Oslo for a wedding, I decided to share some of my time in Canada before starting the Switzerland series. For a change from the last many episodes like series. I decided to upload a vlog this time. I will be sharing the onwards series to Switzerland shortly on the channel.

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[My first Snowfall in CANADA 2019] | IMPORTANT INFORMATION! shared on CANADIAN weather!

(My First Snowfall in Canada 2019) | Students enjoying first Snow of Winters

In this video, I have shown my first Snowfall experience in Canada. It was an amazing snowfall experience in Brampton.

Put your questions in comments and I will try to answer.

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TD Daily Vlog#3

trucking in Texas

-35 degrees in Canada

Escape the cold and unwind from the pressures of every day

WEEKLY VLOG 22 | Final完在干嘛????DIY给车做spa????仙气早茶 可爱的野餐篮开箱

大家!点向下的箭头可以看到#WeeklyVlog 里出现的餐厅和其他产品信息!这次就跟Jerry一起洗车和打扫车库吧~打扫干净看起来还是挺爽的!Zoella没有出镜的时候几乎都在修改简历 写cover letter,所以就算final完也没有好好的躺尸休息????有好消息的那天会再来跟大家分享的~



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travelling to Alberta (the land of drastic weather change)

Hi, welcome to my travel to Alberta, of course, I didn't really get to film much in Alberta, but I hope you enjoyed the general travel part of this!

I was kinda scared to film in public because people stare at me... lol

I will be posting videos as often as I can, and feel free to stick around and watch them!


- Dreams - Joakim Karud

Summer In Canada | Ottawa

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There is a reason Ottawa is Canada's fastest growing and exciting city. Deemed for decades as a boring government town Ottawa has really spread its wings in recent years. From it's unique and diverse architecture, to plethora of events, ottawa is the place to be! These are also some great locations for wedding photographers.

Model: Jessica Leduc

Snowflake - Longing (Base Mode Chillout Mix)
by Base Mode
CC Attribution (3.0)

#OttawaCanada #OttawaOntario #OttawaTourism

WEATHER IN CANADA .Pakistani youtuber in Canada

The following tables show the average maximum and minimum temperatures of Canada of various cities across Canada, based on the climate period from 1981-2010 for the months of January and July (generally the lowest and highest average temperature months, but not in every case).

The major Canadian city that falls outside the continental climate schema is Vancouver, which experiences an oceanic climate with a marked summer dry season. Of the eight largest Canadian cities, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto have the warmest summers, Winnipeg the coldest winters, while Vancouver's winters are far milder than any other large city in Canada.

In mountainous regions such as British Columbia the variety of elevations creates micro-climates with average temperatures that can vary wildly within relatively small distances. A few small towns in southern BC outside of Vancouver, for example, have a humid continental climate (Dfb) with average winter temperatures and cold snaps comparable to other parts of the country.

Central Canada and northern Canada experiences subarctic and Arctic climates, much of them arid. Those areas are not heavily populated due to the severe climate, where it drops below −20 °C (−4 °F) on most winter days and has a very brief summer season.

Some Mountain passes in southern BC also have a subarctic or subalpine climate, creating extremely dangerous driving conditions, as drivers may be unaware of wintry road conditions when they come from nearby areas like Vancouver and Kamloops that are much warmer[1].

The table can be reordered by clicking on the box in each column. Places in italics are provincial capitals, bold is the national capital.

Indians In Canada At -30 Degree Temp | Weather | Kevin Valani

How Indians are surviving in Canada at -30 degree temperature. Are students able to easily adopt the cold temperature? In this video, we are going to discuss all the details so that you can be prepared as a student before coming to Canada.

Iss video mein hum dekhenge ki kaise India ke students Canada ke itne thande weather mein kaise adjust krte hein.

Be part of the community of International Students:
oyeStudent (

Thank you for watching this video. Do leave your comment if you have questions.

Canadian weather can change in seconds!!!

How weather in Canada can change in seconds:)

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Canada trip part 1

Wee insight into the first 20 days of Canada. Missing a heap of good footage but you get the gist :)

Snowfall In Canada Live II INDIANS -20 degree मे कैसे SURVIVE करते है II Heavy Snow In Canada

आज मै आपको Canada की beautiful snowfall दिखाता हूँ आप देखिये की snowfall मे सब कुछ कैसे routine मे चल रहा है। आप भी मेरे साथ live snow का मज़ा लीजिये and मेरे channel LIFE IN CANADA को LIKE SHARE और SUBSCRIBE जरूर कीजिये। THANK YOU



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