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THE GERSON THERAPY - Healing the Hopeless


Dr. Stan Gerson

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THE GERSON THERAPY - Healing the Hopeless

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Dr Max Gerson Howard Straus book review

Jensen Holistic Health Book Review
Dr. Max Gerson Healing the Hopeless by Howard Straus with Barbara Marinacci

One of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Gerson Institute | Supporting Health and Healing with the Gerson Therapy

Day 8 Healing reactions

So what exactly is the difference between a healing reaction and a detox reaction?

Natalie-Marie Hart - Howard Straus - Gerson Therapy

Howard Straus is Dr. Max Gerson’s grandson who is the creator of the Gerson therapy. Howard is the son of Charlotte Gerson who found the Gerson Institute. Howard is the author of Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless.

Here is the Gerson Institute’s website:

He runs Gerson Media.

Howard Straus website is:

The Gerson Therapy- Harming the Hopeful or Healing the Hopeless ? Part 1

The Gerson Therapy - Harming the Hopeful or Healing the Hopeless? Part 1. Coffee enemas and juicing of organic fruits and vegetables-- are there any dangers? How much does Gerson therapy cost, and is there a medical-industrial complex profit mechanism at work? There is much controversy among natural and traditional cancer treatment communities regarding the Max Gerson Cancer Treatment Regiment. In part one of our Destroying the Cancer Illusion series, I detail some difficulties with just a couple claims made by Jordan Sather and others in recent videos posted as FACT to the overall youtube community of one billion consumers. I also reference facts claimed by Gerson therapy practitioners and research studies, and raise some important questions that all health consumers have a RIGHT to ask any practitioner.
#GersonTherapy #CriticalThinking #JordanSather

Jordan Sather- THE GERSON THERAPY - Healing the Hopeless
Destroying the Illusion YouTube Channel

Source for claims made about gerson institute: h ttps://gerson . org/gerpress/

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Margaret & Howard Straus on Forsaken Generation talking Gerson Therapy

MARGARET STRAUS is Charlotte Gerson’s daughter and Dr. Max Gerson’s granddaughter. Born in New York, she has lived in Europe since 1967, first in London and presently on Lake Como. In the early 1970s she wrote an article about Dr. Gerson’s work for a large circulation British magazine, “Here’s Health”, specializing in natural medicine. The piece excited great public interest and after that, Ms. Straus was much in demand to write, lecture and hold seminars about the Gerson Therapy throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
In 1979, Margaret’s husband, Giuliano Dego, author and professor at London University, began to research the life and times of Dr. Gerson and in 1997 published his investigative novel, Doctor Max.
The couple moved to Italy in 1982. After a few years, Margaret was contacted by the director of a publishing firm who, with her help and Prof. Dego’s editing and introduction, published the translation of S. J. Haught’s book Has Dr. Max Gerson a True Cancer Cure?
In 1999 the publishing giant Rizzoli published Doctor Max in Italian. It won the Latina National Paperback book award and received 130 reviews. The interest aroused by this gripping and disturbing novel led to the Italian publication of Charlotte Gerson’s books, The Gerson Therapy and Healing the Gerson Way, the latter volume containing the DVD “Dying to Have Known” by award-winning film-maker Stephen Kroschel. Margaret Straus was one of the editors of the text, and later edited the translations of Beata Bishop’s book A Time to Heal and Kathryn Alexander’s Gerson Manual, Nutritional Healing. Margaret continues to write, lecture and give seminars in Italy to an increasing number of interested patients and doctors.

Howard Straus, author of the Gold Medal-winning biography Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless, is the second of Dr. Gerson’s grandchildren and has been immersed in the Gerson Therapy for much of his life. Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sc.B. Physics, 1964), Mr. Straus has spent most of his professional life as a computer systems analyst. He became deeply involved in Gerson’s work during his wife Sally’s successful cancer treatment, serving as a Director of the Gerson Institute, Editor of the Gerson Healing Newsletter, Lecturer, Webmaster and Vice President of Communications. He helped to develop and organize the first Gerson Practitioners’ Training course and eventually served as Founder and President of the Gerson Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona. He is also the founder of Gerson Health Media, which now publishes Dr. Gerson’s biography and Charlotte Gerson’s range of books and booklets on the Gerson Therapy, and founder and president of the Cancer Research Wellness Institute. Charlotte Gerson’s books have now been translated into nearly 20 languages worldwide, and are much sought after by desperate patients. Mr. Straus has overseen and appeared in four Gerson documentaries, all of which are on the list of Food Matters’ “10 Best Cancer Documentaries of All Time.” He has a weekly Internet broadcast on the Health and Wellness channel called “The Power of Natural Healing,” with a monthly listenership of nearly 100,000 unique IP addresses from around the world. He has lectured in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada and the United States, and published articles in numerous scientific and popular publications in several languages.
Mr. Straus’ unique knowledge was gained living with his grandparents, the Gersons, while growing up, and absorbing the family’s oral history, which he has richly augmented from a wide variety of research sources.
Mr. Straus lives in Carmel, California, with his wife Sally. He continues to pursue projects that spread the knowledge of natural healing around the world.

Gerson Health Media:

How to get 10%Discount Code on Your Gerson Supplements!

Because everyone asks...When I was doing the Gerson Therapy I got all my supplements at

Dr. Max Gerson's Therapy and Theories - Toxins & Nutritional Deficiencies Cause All Chronic Disease!

The Gerson Institute -

Links to Gerson Books:
The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses -
Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases -
A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy -

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Cancer Tutor Article on Gerson Therapy -
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Stanton Gerson: Aging and Genomic Instability - Acquisition of DNA Repair Defects in Stem Cells

Hanna Symposium
Aging and Genomic Instability - Acquisition of DNA Repair Defects in Stem Cells
Stanton Gerson, PhD
September 9, 2015
Presented by the CWRU Institute of Origins, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, Cancer Center, Program in Cell Biology

Doing the gerson therapy having healing reactions then STOP

if you are foolish enough to believe the line that its healing reactions then think on this doctors will always tell you if the medicine you take makes you feel worse then stop taking it

the comment from my other video Interesting. I did coffee enemas for about 4 weeks and developed extreme fatigue, heart palpitations and insomnia that still haven't gone away (and I stopped the enemas over a month ago). I am still waiting for a reply from the Gerson Institute on this.

The treatment is based on using natural products (fruit and vegetables) in conjunction with enemas and vitamin supplements. The cost of attending an accredited clinic is $5,500 per week in Tijuana and 5,500 Euros in Hungary. The Gerson Institute receives around $300,000 a year from them. The Tijuana one had to change its name 3/4 years ago (from Baja Nutri Care to Clinica Nutricion y Vida) because of bad patient reviews but is still the same place. And these people aren't motivated by money?

How (Adapted) GERSON THERAPY Was Used to Save My Life! (Juicing + Coffee Enemas)

In this video I share my experience with using an adapted form of Gerson Therapy to heal from life-threatening illness. How and what I did, how coffee enemas and juicing work together, what diet I ate (raw food), and everything else related to using Gerson methods to reverse illness and symptoms.

Welcome to Ariana Jane (AJ) Darby’s channel!
For more information on healing and deliverance, visit my website:

AJ Darby (formerly Tasha Lee): my testimony, story, mission, vision, and passion:
Story of my name change from Tasha Lee to AJ Darby:

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Alkaline Paleo Diet Healing Reactions: Cassie Bond

Cassie Bond, Originator of the Alkaline Paleo Diet talkes about healing reactions you may experience with the diet. To learn more about the diet, alkaline diet and paleo diet synthesized in a way that makes both more effective, go to
Cassie will answer questions about the diet personally.

Catch: Are water Ionizers Obsolete?


The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson📚(Book of the month)📚

The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson📚(Book of the month)📚

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📚Book of the month October📚
📚 The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson 📚

So thankful one of my family members introduced me to this book. Only want to share the knowledge that has been passed down to me.

The Gerson Therapy has introduced me to Coffee enemas and the benefits of juicing daily and the repetition of the pattern to purify the body.

Because I was open-minded I had no problem learning how to do a coffee enema.... have a YouTube video about that on my channel.

Still reading the book more than halfway through as you can tell by my bookmark there's just so much information and evidence of what this therapy can do for your body and what has done for many of people.

The only thing that I found hard to do is juicing that many times a day. Especially in this time and day when our vegetables are not that purified. Going to figure out a better way to get all nutrients.

What's the last book you read? Drop some knowledge 🙏

Sending love n light
love u

#bookofthemonth #October #knowwhatsup #knowledge #dropsomeknowledge #pur3luv #TRILLIONDOLLARAURA

Migraine Awareness Week, Gerson Therapy and Me!

Migraine Awareness Week runs from the 7-13/09/14. I'm currently following a juicing protocol which was developed around helping migraines and headaches, and then has gone on to help hundreds of people with other conditions.

For more info about me and what I do

The Gerson Therapy the Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses by Gerson Charlotte

Alter Your Health #72 | Dr. Patrick Vickers: Gerson Therapy HEALS Cancer with SUGAR!

This episode is pretty sciencey... We dive deep into the Gerson Therapy principles and how this nutritional approach to healing cancer is so powerful!​

Some important highlights... 
- Key principles of the Gerson Therapy
- Why sugar DOES NOT feed cancer
- Acidity vs Alkalinity in the body
- Why low salt intake is critical for healing
- How coffee enemas are the secret weapon for detox

​Enjoy, and be sure to leave some feedback - comments, ratings, reviews, shares, etc - wherever you watch or listen from!

Links to learn more
- Show notes and resources:
- Join the Alter Health Weekly Group Coaching:
- Get a copy of Dr. Benjamin's book: 
- Apply to work with Dr. Benjamin:
- Connect on Facebook:
- Follow Dr. Benjamin on Instagram: 

Fibromyalgia is NOT always hopeless.

Fibromyalgia isn't always the hopeless case that you may have been told. The diagnosis does not mean you're destined to a life of suffering and disability. There's more to do than 'psychotherapy, lyrica, exercise and deal with it'. Many people can heal and live normal lives. Learn the facts and empower your healing!

There are three aspects to your state of health and all three are important to healing and taking back your life from fibromyalgia. They are
1. Mechanical/structural issues
2. Metabolic/biochemical issues, and
3. Mind/Emotion issues.
This video is an intro. Subscribe to see updates as they come out.

You can get a free ebook about healing from difficult pain syndromes, from an MD and expert in pain management and natural medicine.

Cancer - Gerson Therapy Fasting

Cancer in most cases is a metabolic disease, not genetic. Epigenetic switches can be turned on and off. Natural cancer therapies are powerful and non toxic. Gerson therapy and fasting are two powerful therapies to detoxify and replete nutrient deficiencies in Cancer. Here are practical tips on how to do the Gerson Therapy successfully and why fasting shrinks tumors.

Why TannyRaw, Dr Goldner, Gerson Therapy, Dr Morse are my heroes! Healing Scleroderma naturally!

Are you newly diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease? Or are you feeling sluggish, have brain fog and unexplained pain or symptoms? Are you looking to improve your nutrition and heal naturally with foods? Diet is super important when trying to heal. Ditch the dairy, meat and processed foods and allow your body to heal! Here are a few people that have helped me in my journey to health. Please check them out!
*I thought some of the book titles were backwards- but they are not! :)

Tanny Raw Website

Tanny Raw Youtube

Dr Brooke Goldner Website

Dr Brooke Goldner Youtube

Gerson Therapy

Dr Robert Morse

Let's get Raw! Let's talk health and if you are dealing with autoimmune issues, let's talk about getting it back! Yes, it is possible! I am here to prove to you that it is!

I am a wife, mom of 3 children and 3 dogs. I am conquering Scleroderma, Celiac Disease and Asthma through alternative healing. This is my journey! (Broad topics for my channel will include; my healing journey, alternatives to healing, Affirmations/Meditation, Holistic Health Coaching, Reiki, Education, being a mom when dealing with health issues, Raw/Vegan/Gluten Free food and many more! ).

This is my journey! I am here to inspire those that are dealing with Scleroderma or autoimmune disease by inspiring them to look outside the box and know that there are options when trying to heal.
Love and Light

You can follow me on Facebook at

**Comments will be monitored- please only positive and supportive comments- there is enough hate in the world!



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