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Self Worth Theory: The Key to Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination | Nic Voge | TEDxPrincetonU

Nearly 80% of college students report that procrastination is a significant issue for them. Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. Could it be that procrastination is actually a highly effective strategy for self-protection and that’s why we continue to do it? In this talk, Nic unravels the surprising and perplexing motivational dynamics underlying our procrastination that lead so often to disengagement and burnout. Illustrated with examples drawn from two decades of coaching students, he introduces self-worth theory of motivation, a powerful research-based conceptual framework for understanding and overcoming procrastination, avoidance, and over-commitment. Dominic (Nic) Voge is Senior Associate Director of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, and author of “Life Beyond Grades” (Cambridge University Press). His work focuses on helping students truly thrive and achieve a sense of well-being not only academically, but in all realms of their lives. Nic is a founding member of The Resilience Consortium, the Princeton Perspective Project, and Principedia, initiatives designed to deepen engagement and learning among students. He maintains private consulting and coaching practices. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Essay on Covid-19 in English | Short paragraph on COVID-19 in English | Beautiful print handwriting

Essay on Covid-19 in English | Short paragraph on COVID-19 in English | Beautiful print handwriting

In this video I have written a paragraph in Italic calligraphy style. Some of the viewers told me to show them the slower one so I have uploaded the slower version too.
Paragraph source : WHO site

1. Essay on Covid19 in English
2. Short paragraph on Corona virus
3. Essay on Corona Virus in English
4. Beautiful English hand-writing
5. Print hand-writing

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