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THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SECRET | What Gregg Braden Found Will Shock You!


What is in these old texts that make them so powerful? | TRY IT TONIGHT!

To unleash the force of the divine matrix we first have to understand how it works.

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The Missing Years of Jesus | National Geographic

Join historians as they attempt to solve one of the world's greatest biblical mysteries -- the missing years of Jesus.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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The Missing Years of Jesus | National Geographic

National Geographic

THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SECRET | What Gregg Braden Found Will Shock You!

Gregg Braden talks about the biggest secret,the force that holds the entire universe together .
✍️ Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton's LIFE CHANGING BOOKS✍️
???? Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice :
????The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief :
???? The Spontaneous Healing of Belief :
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???? Dr. Bruce Lipton | 4 Simple Strategies to Reprogram Your Mind :
???? When You Understand This Your Whole Life Will Change | Dr Bruce Lipton(2019!)

???? SOURCE ????
- Gregg Braden

Meet Gregg Braden, World-Renowned Luminary on How to Thrive Now | The You-est YOU™️ Podcast

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, lecturer and internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging modern science, spirituality, and human potential.

Gregg shares in this episode (and more explicitly in Missing Links on Gaia TV) that human beings go back 200,000 years and contrary to beliefs about evolution, we have had the same physiological makeup over these 200,000 years. We're wired to thrive. This pandemic has forced us to sever ties with distractions and come to terms with ourselves. He explains that if our bodies are given what they need to be their best, we will move through this with wellbeing. He sees it as our having two choices: 1. To succumb to the fear and emerge more powerless and a victim or 2. To take this as an opportunity to take time to honor the human body and master self-care and self-love.

The real question is do we love ourselves enough to find time and take pristine care of ourselves. Gregg shares some of the ways to honor your body and to thrive in times like this:
1. Nutrition: eat the highest forms of food; live earth foods (plants, vegetables, fruit) at every meal
2. Movement: movement is medicine. If you can get in nature that is ideal, if not, find ways to stretch, practice yoga and move in your surroundings
3. Take supplements: taking supplements like Vitamin C (the best kind is ascorbate, such as Emergen-c or trace minerals vs. rose hips or ascorbic acid which is not absorbed well), mushroom supplements (reishi, turkey tail) helps to stop the virus to inject the RNA protrusions in the healthy cell and TCM.

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Join host Julie Reisler, author and multi-time TEDx speaker, each week to learn how you can tap into your best self and become your You-est You®️ to achieve inner peace, happiness and success at a deeper level! Tune in to hear powerful, inspirational stories and expert insights from entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and extraordinary human beings that will help to transform your life. Julie also shares a-ha moments that have shaped her life and career, and discusses key concepts from her book Get a PhD in YOU

Here’s to your being your you-est you!

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Let's Talk About Bridging Science, Spirituality, And The Real World Interview

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, lecturer and internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging modern science, ancient wisdom, and human potential!

From 1979 to 1990 Gregg worked as a problem solver during times of crisis for Fortune 500 companies. He continues problem-solving today as he merges modern science and the wisdom of our past to reveal real-world solutions to the issues that challenge our lives. His research has led to 12 award-winning books now published in over 40 languages.

In this episode we spoke about:

- His quantum leap from logical progression of solving small problems in science to solving the bigger problems in our world

- How we are governed by the concept of Survival of the Fittest when in fact nature shows that we have survived through collaboration

- New scientific discoveries that have the potential to change the world and so much more

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Gregg Braden

Ione Butler



These things contribute to strong and healthy response | Gregg Braden

● A portion of well-maintained truth-based information by Gregg Braden.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during this video are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessary represent those of EI. EI is not responsible and does not verify for accuracy any of this information The primary purpose of this channel is to motivate, educate and inform. This channel does not constitute medical or other professional advice.
-Gregg Braden
'American author & scientist'
Keep you mind fixed on what you want in life: not on what you don't want.-Napoleon Hill
Motivation is the key to success
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Do you believe in “Survival of the fittest?” - Gregg Braden

Do you believe in “survival of the fittest?”

150 years ago we were taught that we needed to compete in order to survive, we now know that's not true.

In this clip from the latest UPLIFTING CONTENT PODCAST episode, the legend Gregg Braden shares why the story of “survival of the fittest” is a flawed belief and is the cause of many of the issues we’re faceing in today's world.

Let’s Talk About Bridging Science, Spirituality, And The Real World with Gregg Braden!

The full interview is available now on iTunes


Gregg Braden Sentiments Energie & Conscience

Gregg Braden Sentiments Energie & Conscience

La science, nous dit Gregg Braden dans cette vidéo, permet dorénavant de vérifier la véracité d'une hypothèse soutenue depuis la nuit des temps par diverses traditions et cultures : à savoir que les humains sont tous liés les uns aux autres par un champ magnétique et qu'ils font partie intégrante de la terre et de ses changements. Et du fait même de ce lien, l'être humain, consciemment ou inconsciemment, agit aussi sur le champ magnétique terrestre par les pensées qu'il entretient et les émotions qu'il ressent comme cela a été démontré, par exemple, par les relevés satellites juste avant la catastrophe du 11 septembre.

A propos de Gregg Braden

Auteur à succès et guide de sites sacrés à travers le monde, Gregg Braden a participé, en tant qu'invité d'honneur, à plusieurs conférences et événements médiatiques portant sur les changements personnels et planétaires. Auparavant chercheur en sciences de la nature et concepteur senior de systèmes informatiques dans l'industrie aérospatiale , Braden est maintenant reconnu dans le monde entier dans les domaines de la philosophie spirituelle et des traditions anciennes et indigènes. Grâce à ses voyages dans des villages de montagnes reculés, dans des monastères et des temples des temps anciens, il réussit à faire le pont entre la sagesse passée et la science moderne, assimilant les bénéfices des traditions perdues à notre vie de tous les jours.

Chaine YouTube Occidentale Méthode :
Notre page FaceBook :
Notre site internet :

Soutenir Notre Association :


Coronavirus: What time is it on the investment clock?

Rod North joins Filip Karinja of Small Caps to discuss the implications of the coronavirus on the global economy and share market, along with what time it is now on the investment clock.

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Recorded: 21st March 2020.


Small Caps is Australia's #1 site for news & information on ASX listed small cap companies.






What do you do when you have unresolved trauma? Two types of orienting

This week I’m sharing a new vlog that covers one of the fundamentals for healing unresolved trauma and restoring regulation and better self-awareness back to the human system:


The capacity to orient to one’s environment in two different modes - exploratory and defensive - as well as effortlessly and unconsciously going back and forth between them should, technically, be just naturally wired into our physiology. However, with untreated trauma in the picture, and a lifetime of being disconnected from the self and the world, our capacity to orient to the here and now suffers.

Orienting can be highly mis-understood (and mis-practiced) because when we (re)teach it in Somatic Experiencing trainings and even in my online programs like SmartBody SmartMind, it’s taught as a very specific neurosensory exercise because, afterall, you have to start somewhere, right?

Orienting is one of the building blocks of healing unresolved trauma.

But if there isn’t adequate integration, continued practice, and extrapolating said practice to weave back in to simple daily life…the practice will often fail to become natural again (because at some point in our life, it most likely was natural, even as infants, but slowly this natural orienting response is shifted and shutdown as a result of scary traumatic experiences).

The ability to restore the orienting response BACK to our nervous system such that it is spontaneously put back into motion, as it might be when we naturally look both ways when crossing the street, or how we might pause in the midst of a work hour to just look up and around as a way to naturally reset (without a device telling us to do so!!) means we are gaining more regulation and health!

Watch the full vlog and suggested resources and get to know the two types of orienting that are must-haves for optimal nervous system health.


Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

- Q&A: What the heck is orienting?

- ARTICLE: Are we going about saving the earth all wrong?

- INTERVIEW: Interview with Kathy Kain. Her origin story, a new book & early trauma

- Understanding highly sensitive people: Nurture or Nature?


Thank you for watching this video and continuing to follow me here on my YouTube channel. I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know how this impacted you and what you have learned.

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Irene Lyon, MSC. and nervous system expert, teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date her online programs have reached people in over 63 countries – but you can often find her teaching with Elia Mrak at their signature Up & Down workshops or hiking in the mountains or along the Pacific ocean in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. She has her Master’s in Biomedical and Health Science and also has a knack for making complex info easy for ALL of us to understand and apply to our lives. She has extensively studied and practices the works of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (founder of Somatic Practice).


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4 steps to calm overwhelm and out of control emotions

Berkeley Conversations - Covid-19: Of Virulent Viruses and Reservoir Hosts

Bats are thought to harbor hundreds of coronaviruses, as well as many other types of viruses that are highly pathogenic in humans. Dr. Cara Brook and Professor Britt Glaunsinger will provide insight into what allows bats to exist with such an array of potentially lethal viruses, how pathogens like the coronavirus jump into the human population and how the coronavirus is able to hijack a human cell to amplify itself and evade the immune system. They will also discuss the coordinated efforts across UC Berkeley to track the virus, discover exactly how it works and develop new therapies.

This talk is part of the Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19 series. Across the UC Berkeley campus, researchers are rising to meet the complex challenges of COVID-19 even as the crisis generates waves of news and information that can be confusing and contradictory at times. In response, the university launched the online video series, “Berkeley Conversations: Covid-19”, to connect our leading experts with the public they serve, and each other. Through Q&A’s, seminars, and panel discussions, faculty from a wide range of disciplines—from epidemiology to economics to the computing and data now undergirding their work—share what they know, and what they are learning.

Car Sales Training: You are not gonna believe what I’m gonna show you during this video!

In this video Andy Elliott talks about getting fired up for a huge month and he also talks about a video he just saw on YouTube that he's blown away by!!
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The SIGNS Someone Was Raised By A NARCISSIST (The Truth About Narcissistic Parents)| Lisa Romano

Were you raised by a narcissistic mother or father? Healing from narcissistic abuse takes time. Listen to these narcissistic abuse stories and heal your past. Life Coach Lisa A. Romano Codependency Recovery and Narcissistic Abuse Expert

In time, this YouTube Viewer was able to understand the truth. Both her parents were narcissists and her pain was valid. It took her many years to unravel the damaging effects of narcissistic abuse. Today, she is working on healing from narcissistic abuse. She is 36 years old and she has decided to LIVE and recover from narcissistic abuse.

8 Key Phrases You Can Use to Shut Down a Narcissist

10 Mind Games Narcissists Play They Hope You Won’t Figure Out

If you would like support as you heal codependency, check out my narcissistic abuse recovery coaching program. I launch this online course twice a year and I moderate it myself. You can take it from anywhere in the world.

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10 Most Influential People

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Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in helping people reclaim their lives through ascending old thought patterns and healing faulty childhood subconscious programs. She is an expert in the fields of codependency, narcissistic abuse, and elevating consciousness. She is also one of the most popular meditation teachers on Insight Timer and is the creator of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. If you feel invisible, unworthy, and lack a sense of self or purpose, Lisa's work in the field of personal development can help you gain the self-awareness required to breakthrough.

Thank you for watching Raised by Narcissistic Mother and Father and Facing the Truth About the Past

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Gregg Braden, Petra Nemcova, Lynne McTaggart, HeartMath & Inspiring Celebrities LiveStream Finale

Gregg Braden, Petra Nemcova, Lynne McTaggart, HearMath & Inspiring Celebrities LiveStream Finale
Join the co-founder of All Hands And Hearts Petra Nemcova and our very own Gregg Braden, in this grand finale live stream fundraising broadcast of the year 2020.
The elected group of scientists, legends and musicians who volunteered their time, will share their wisdom to help you tap into your resiliency during these challenging times and help you co-create and step into the New World that is emerging.
Scientists Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, and Deborah Rozman from HeartMath will provide unique insights into global coherence and celebrate the themes of Life, Community, Imagination and Freedom. Special guests include the legendary Quincy Jones, the biggest surfer of our time 11 times world champion & environmentalist Kelly Slater, the Grammy-award winners Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Richard Bona as well as the incredible Nicole Scherzinger who will be performing her new song with Bo Napoleon named “No Place like home” and more!

About the charity we have selected to support:
On December 26, 2004, the world watched in shock as a 9.1 magnitude earthquake brought the Great Indian Ocean Tsunami to life, changing the lives of millions. As the death-toll sadly rose to more than 250,000 individuals, this disaster was the biggest natural disaster of our lifetime. For Co-founders, David Campbell and Petra Nemcova, this disaster was a turning point in each of their lives, ultimately leading to the creation of All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response -
All of us here at Wisdom Traditions, with and on behalf of the of All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response team, would be truly grateful for your support with Donating however much you can through a dedicated DONATE BUTTON on the side of this video broadcast. 100% of proceeds will go directly to the organization.

Producers: Petra Nemcova, Gregg Braden, Benjamin Larretche
Co-Producers: Emperatriz Rincones, Santiago Yñigo
Creative Director: Benjamin Larretche
All Hands & Hearts Team: David Campbell, Erik Dyson, Emily McKenzie, Olga Nemcova, Heidi Dubreuil, Bruce Linton, Emma Bate, Robin Erler, Joy McKinley, Hannah Farajpanahi, Jen Tucholski, Lauren Muldowney, Eleanor Griffins-Weld, Aakash Khadka, Kevin Irvin
Advisors: The Edge, Livia Firth, Billy Campbell & Bodhi Larretche Nemcova
All Stars, Luminaries and Scientists
Richard Bona
Sheryl Crow / Special Thanks to Tracey, Liz & Pam
Sing Harlem Directed by Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson / Music Ensemble: Kareda, Michael, Samantha, Tiffany, Mekhi, Maniya, Chloe, Javier, Kaiya, Alexa, Leiani / Special thanks to Andrew Chapman & Vy Higginsen's Mama Foundation for the Arts in Harlem

Frank Giustra
Kelly Slater

World LoveStream Leaders:
Blanca Padilla,
Lily Aldridge,
Isabelli Fontana,
Tulin Sahin,
Mike Lewis,
Olga Kurylenko

Gregg Braden - Special thanks to Lauri Willmot, Chelsey Larson
Lynne Mctaggart / Special Thanks to Laura Ortiz
The Hearth Math Experience - Deborah Rozman / Specail thanks to HeartMath, Howard Martin, Luis Rodriguez (Adrenorama)

Production Team:
8Osham Group - Benjamin Larretche, Santiago Ynigo
Production Editor & Video Designer - Julia Neeson
Production Editor & Broadcaster - Shared Wisdom, Sher Safran & Rob Safran
Communications Director - Rita Damiron
Graphic Designer / Music Video Editor - RocketDog, Christian Hosford, Natalia Serur
Sound Curator - Eli Light, Shaun Benjamin, Jeffrey Connors
Special Thanks to Ana De Diego, Patrick Walker, Hassan Salahuddin, Yan Taveras,

Production Company:
8 Osham Group / Benjamin Larretche, Santiago Ynigo
Production Editor & Video Designer Julia Neeson
Production Editor & Broadcaster Shared Wisdom / Sher Safran & Rob Safran
Communications Director Rita Damiron
Graphic Designer / Music Video Editor RocketDog / Christian Hosford, Natalia Serur
Sound Curator Eli Light, Shaun Benjamin, Jeffrey Connors
Special Thanks Ana De Diego, Patrick Walker, Hassan Salahuddin, Yan Taveras

Stay Connected
Official website:

The One Forgotten Key That Can Change Your World: Gregg Braden -Powerful Lost Information (No Music)

NO BACKGROUND MUSIC As requested - Another classic Gregg Braden talk that sheds light on the one forgotten key that could change everything in your world.

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Check out this popular Gregg Braden Video - Don't Pray For It: Choose It...
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✅This video has no negative impact on the original works

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✅It is not transformative in nature. I do not own the rights to this video. It has been downloaded from CC Attribution License (reuse allowed). It has, in accordance with fair use, been re-purposed with the intent of educating, motivating and inspiring others. However, if the owner would like this video removed, please contact me by email.

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La leçon d'un moine de 10 ans !

Jay Shetty – La première leçon donnée aux moines. (en français)
???? S’Abonner aux mails :
???? Voir les Formations :

➤ Beaucoup de personnes construisent leur éducation spirituelle sur internet.

Et ce qui nous intéresse au début est souvent loin de ce dont nous avons vraiment besoin. C’est la raison pour laquelle, il est si important de suivre un processus d’apprentissage.

Alors, dans cette vidéo, je vous propose de découvrir l’anecdote de Jay Shetty à propos de son premier jour à l’école des moines… Ce sera une manière ludique d’introduire une leçon très importante donnée au jeunes moines.

Un indice : Respiration…

Bon visionnage !

✤✤✤ Source Principale :

Jay Shetty's ULTIMATE Advice On How To Find Your PURPOSE & Focus Your MIND

✤ Images d’illustration :

Stranger Things
The big Short
American Psycho
Bohemian Rhapsody


➤ A voir aussi ! :

✩ Là où je pose mon Attention, je place mon Énergie :
✩ Comment rester Concentré plus Longtemps ? :
✩ l'Urgence de gérer nos Émotions ! :
✩ Comment cesse d’être en colère :

@ Hashtags : #Leçon #Moine #Respiration

✤ Cette VIDÉO :


???? Suivre Damien MAYA :

Instagram :
Facebook :

D A M I Ξ N ???? ???? ???? ????


WHAT MOVES ARE TESLA MAKING? The Comparison Between Tesla And Apple - Whitney Tilson On London Real

Whitney's Key Tech Stocks:
Watch the full episode for FREE here:



London Real Academy:

TRIBE: Join a community of high-achievers on a mission to transform themselves and the world!

#LondonReal #Motivation #TransformYourself

Bande Annonce Retour sur Belzagor T2

Ancienne colonie, la planète Belzagor a été rendue à ses deux espèces intelligentes. Des scientifiques décident d'assister à leur rituel secret, la cérémonie de la renaissance...
Dessin : Laura Zuccheri
Oeuvre originale : Robert Silverberg
Scénario : Philippe Thirault

I can predict the future

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