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Tell Me About Yourself - Learn This #1 Trick To Impress Hiring Managers ✓


Tell Me About Yourself - Learn This #1 Trick To Impress Hiring Managers ✓

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Learn the best way to answer tell me about yourself job interview question from a PwC Consulting Manager and easily impress the hiring manager.

You will learn how to prepare, pass, and land interviews with multinational companies.

Tell Me About Yourself is one of the most critical questions you will be asked in your interview. In fact, I'll go ahead and say that it's perhaps THE most important question. I'll also say that it's the only one that can allow you to leave a long lasting impression with the hiring managers. And, it's incredibly easy to pull it off.

You need a structure in your pitch. A structure that will allow you to present your background effectively. In this video, I talk in great details as to how you should answer this job interview question.

It's all about having a structure, knowing what to say, knowing what not to say and presenting your background smoothly while making sure mentioning important elements in your background which is also what the hiring managers are looking for. In your 2 minute pitch, you need to make sure you present your background in a way that they clearly get the idea that you are THE candidate they want to hire.

Watch the video until the end to gain a full understanding on the topic.

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How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF interview question

Learn how to prepare for the job interview question tell me about yourself with these top tips.

The TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF question is often the first to be asked at an interview and you need to get the answer right in order to give a good impression right from the start. We've got some general tips and if English is not your first language then we have some advice as to how to answer to make the most of your English level (even if it's not fantastic).

Check out our playlist on how to get a job from A to Z

Your host is Gideon CEO of LetThemTalk in Paris and formerly an IT consultant in London.

Intermediate and advanced English lessons with subtitles on our youtube channel. Brought to you by LetThemTalk language school in Paris.

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Thank You Email After The Interview - Learn This #1 Trick To Double Your Chances ✓

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Learn the best way to send a thank you letter from a PwC Consulting Manager and increase your chances significantly.

You will learn the real ways to achieving a career with multinational companies.

Sending a thank you email or thank you letter after an interview is very important.

However, a simple thank you email with no added value to anyone may not be as effective. You'd need to put in more efforts in to creating the perfect thank you email which includes what I call an ethical bribe. Ethical bribe - as negative as it sounds - will help you create reciprocity. It will help you create trust and increase your likeability in the eyes of the hiring manager.

I talk greatly about these concepts in this video and give you examples as to how best you can create a thank you letter after your interview.

Enjoy the video!

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#1 Trait Hiring Managers Look For In Job Candidates ✓

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Learn from a PwC Consulting Manager an important trait that hiring managers look for in a candidate.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to really know what the hiring manager really wants? It would, right?

So, in this video I will share with you 2 tips that will help you get a better understanding of the kind of things hiring managers look for.
To start with, let me share with you something shocking.
A hiring manager is a human. It’s not some artificial intelligence grading marks based on an algorithm.

Before you get all annoyed me with me, and close this video, let me tell you why I just had to say that.

What Are Your Strengths? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question ✓

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What are your strengths? How To Answer job interview question what are your strengths? What are your strengths job interview question
If you are prepared well enough, this is one question that you can collect so many points.
I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the creator of The Career Mastery. In this video, I will walk you through how to prepare your perfect answer if you stay until the end. Stay tuned.
Essentially, your starting point should be the job description.

Step 1: Take a look at the job description before going to the interview and find out what skills and experiences they are looking for. This should always be the first step. Always start from what is required, then you can look for a match between what is required and what you have.
Step 2: Take a look at the skills and experiences that may be required but not necessarily in the job description. I talk about this a lot in many of my videos. There are so many unwritten requirements that only Hiring Managers know. Most of the time, these unwritten requirements are not even in the job description. This happens a lot of the time when HR prepares the job description without consulting with the hiring manager.
Step 3: Then head over to excel and prepare a list of all those skills and experiences you determined. These should include both written and unwritten requirements.
At Step 4: Go over them and tick those that you think apply to you.
Step 5: Think of examples from your past. Think deep and come up with at least 2 examples your past employment. It could even be from your education.
Step 6: Craft your pitch and practice like crazy. While crafting your pitch and giving examples from the past, there are a couple of important things I need to mention;
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What Are Your Weaknesses? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question With This #1 Tip ✓

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Learn the best way to answer What are your weaknesses from a PwC Consulting Manager and increase your chances to get that job dramatically.

Watch the video to learn how to answer what are your weaknesses job interview question...

One of the biggest difficulties in today's job market is the candidates are unfortunately forced to give fake answers. This is primarily caused by wrong advise. They believe in giving out the best answer. In reality, most general interview questions, including the one I cover in this video what are your weaknesses have no best answer. Your weakness is not your perfectionism, you know that, I know that... So, why do we need to resort to lying? Pressure. Pressure to find jobs as quickly as possible.

However, this very pressure may just be the one causing you the job. Hiring managers want to work with team members who will be honest to them at all times. There are no silly excuses in a perfectly functioning team. So, by giving out fake answers and lies in your interview, do you believe you are giving out the message that you will be honest once the interview is over and once you are hired? Very unlikely. The interviewer asked a very simple question; what is your greatest weakness and you weren't even able to give out an honest answer. Your response to this question is actually your response to a question Are you an honest person?

Enjoy the video!

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What Are Your Salary Expectations? Learn How To Answer This Interview Question ✓

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This is how to answer the dreaded salary expectations/salary requirements interview question. Hope you benefit from it!

This is by far one of the most controversial topics. Everybody seems to have an opinion about that.
Most HR or recruiters say that you should give a range.
I think differently.
As always, before I can give you a straight up answer there are a few things I need to know.
1) Who is asking this question?
Is it a headhunter, HR, or the hiring manager?
So, let’s see the possible scenarios first
Scenario 1: From a headhunter. So, you are just interviewing with a recruiter or headhunter
Scenario 2: From HR or internal recruiter
Scenario 3: From the Hiring Manager
Scenario 4: From the Hiring Manager but you started the process with a headhunter

Top 3 Tough Job Interview Questions And Answers ✓

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What are the most difficult interview questions and answers?
To start with, there is no such a thing as a tough interview question. Everything they ask you can be tough or easy depending on your preparation. That’s why it was very difficult for me to prepare this video.
But there are a couple of questions that are tricky. So, stay tuned to find out what they are.

I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the creator of The Career Mastery. I help unemployed and underemployed find jobs with multinational companies through my blog and my youtube channel.
Alright let’s continue, right, about the trick questions. The first tricky question in my mind is What Are Your Weaknesses?
See, this is tricky not because HR or the hiring manager are trying trick you into making a mistake. This is very tricky because you, right you, have been misguided so far. So, it’s tricky because you are trying to shoot yourself in the foot and that’s why I wanted to list this question at the top of this list.
Let me explain further. You are probably thinking that when you are asked about your weaknesses, you should take your greatest strength and then take it to extreme. For example, your greatest weakness is that you are a perfectionist, you don’t delegate as much as you do, you are not great at work life balance, etc. See, this is very dangerous. What you are doing is called “straight up lying”. I need you to understand something, the interviewer is a person. He or She has a functioning brain. Just as how he can spot a bullshit in his personal life he can spot a bullshit in his corporate life. This is additionally important if you are interviewing with a hiring manager. There were numerous times I heard the classic bullshit answer and was this close to ending the interview. Simply because, I don’t want to work with a liar in my team. I am not a partner at PwC so I don’t have the authority to end interviews like that. But I heard a few stories where partners just kicked the candidates out when the candidates straight up lied or gave bullshit answers. Remember this, if you are interviewing with a successful multinational company, the employees of those firms are pretty smart. And if you are interviewing with a multinational management consulting firm, then you are interviewing with extraordinary talents. People who are pretty much at the top of the food chain when it comes to corporate careers. They don’t deserve to be lied. They gave you an opportunity to present yourself and invested their time, so the least you can do is be honest. If you want to find out what is a good answer, I have a video for it. So, you can click somewhere here and let it open in the new tab. But stick with me because we have 2 more questions to go.
The 2nd tough question is I think “Tell me about yourself”. This is also very tricky because you need to present yourself adequately. You need to understand what the requirements are and then present your background accordingly while making it clear that you possess those skills. But here is the tricky bit. The hiring managers ask this question not necessarily to find out whether you possess the right skills or expedrience. After all, they have seen your resume, they may have even googled you. One of the primary reasons they ask this question is to gauge your presentation skills. Imagine if they asked you to present the company, it would be very unfair to you. You don’t know about the company or its services well enough to deliver an impressive presentation. But what better material is there then your very own background to present? Right? This is definitely very important. Companies want employees who can impressively present in front of the clients.So, that’s your opportunity to showcase your presentation skills. I shot a video about this as well. If you want to know how to answer this question in more detail, then click here and open it in the new tab. But again, don’t go yet. We have one more question.
The 3rd tough question they may ask you is “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”.

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How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview in English | Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

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It is impossible to be completely prepared for an interview but it is possible to be prepared with the best possible answers for the most frequently asked interview questions. We know for sure that you will be asked to introduce yourself in your HR interview round. This question can take many forms, for eg:
Tell us about yourself or Introduce Yourself or something else on these lines.
This will be your best chance to create a lasting impression on the interviewer provided you know the rights thing to say in order to sell yourself as the perfect fit for the job. In this video, we will tell you how to introduce yourself professionally in an interview irrespective of whether you are a fresher or a professional with a few years of experiences. We will also share a few tips and a list of do's and don'ts that you have you keep in mind while introducing yourself in an interview.
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How to Answer: What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Read the full article here:

Top interview coach Pamela Skillings walks you through how to build a strong answer to the most common interview question: What is your greatest weakness?

Gap In Employment? This Is How To Respond In An Interview ✓

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In this video, I answer a common question How To Justify A Gap In Resume or Gap In Employment.

In this video, I will talk about whether this is something important that you should be worried about. And how to justify the gap in your employment.

So, is the gap in your employment really important? The short answer is Yes. In fact, it’s probably more important than you think.
It’s, in fact, a major problem. It’s one of those things that just kill so many opportunities before you even know about it.

Let me explain why I had to say that.

See, in an ideal world Hiring Managers, like myself, wouldn’t really care much about it. For me it’s all about skills, relevant experience, and character traits. Fairly simple. Even if you have a 2 year gap in your resume, as long as you have enough relevant experience and skills that are still fresh, there is no reason why I would care at all. And this is not just my opinion I know most of my colleagues here at PwC Consulting share the same view with me.
But this is what is important; we are hiring managers, we are actual practicing management consultants hiring for the role. We are not HR.
Now, that’s where the problem is. HR, unfortunately, eliminates a lot of resumes if there is a major gap in the employment record.

The reasons are two-fold
1) They want to impress the hiring managers with the profiles they present. Right? So, they don’t want to take a chance on someone who is unemployed and potentially lost all the skills

2) Because you have been unemployed for a long time, they think that you must have attended all these interviews and failed them. So, if you are unemployed for a year, then they think ok you must have had at least 20 interviews and you failed them all. Otherwise, why would you be unemployed? Even if you justify it in your resume somehow, they still most of the time don’t need to take that chance. They actually don’t have to take that chance because your resume is probably 1 in 1,000 resumes received for that role. So, what happen? This is what happens, your resume gets reviewed by the HR and immediately trashed. They won’t have the need to even get in touch with you to ask “hey why is there such a gap”. Immediately, trashed.

Then they make an analogy, and consider you as almost unemployable.

So, what to do then...

Why Should We Hire You? Learn How to Answer This Job Interview Question with this #1 tip ✓

✅You can download the PowerPoint templates here;
✅My Interview Preparation MasterClass is now on YouTube! You can watch it here;

How to answer; Why Should We Hire You?
If they ask you this dreaded question in the interview, you have an incredible opportunity to impress hiring managers. I certainly hope they ask you this question so you can take advantage.

Essentially, when they ask why should we hire you, they are giving you an opportunity to sell them your skillsets and experience. Then go ahead, and give them what they want. You need a bit of practice to pull it off nicely though. Don't you go to that interview thinking you can just present your background and say you are the best candidate.

You need to talk about your unique selling points and differentiators which needs practice.

Enjoy the video!

How To Pass a Job Interview - Interview Preparation MasterClass ✓

✅If you just watch this masterclass entirely, you'll double your chances of passing your interviews. I guarantee you.

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I am really excited to share this video with you and I hope you are too. Because what you will learn over the next 40 minutes will significantly increase your chances of passing an interview.

Some of the MANY topics we will cover today;
- Common Interview Questions
- Interview questions and answers
- Interview preparation techniques
- Interview questions
- Job interview tips
- Questions to ask an interviewer

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One Simple Talk That May Change Your Career and Life ✓

To find out more about LIG visit
This is my very own story of how I came from almost homelessness to eventually reaching massive success in my career. There are so many invaluable lessons in this story. I hope you watch the entire video and never make the mistakes I made. You'll save yourself a decade worth of progress. I hope it inspires you at least a little.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question & Get The Job✓

✅My Interview Preparation MasterClass is now on YouTube! You can watch it here;

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This is one of the stupidest questions that an HR can ask. Let me tell you why.

It sets you up for lying. You probably have no idea where you see yourself in 5 years. You may have dreams to retire in a tropical island, spend more time with your kids, be the CEO of a large company, win the lottery, god knows...

But you know that none of the above are the kind of answers they are looking for when they ask where do you see yourself in 5 years. So, knowing this, you just try to give them what they want.

In this video, I give you 2 approaches to this job interview question. The first approach will be a safe conventional approach. Then, I will share with you my approach. My approached worked great for me so far in my career and I am sure it will work for you to whenever you are asked this job interview question.

Enjoy the video

For more tips and resources;

I'll Make You a Genius (In 30 Minutes) ✓

If you watch the entire video and implement what you learn, something incredible will happen to you over the next 6 months. You'll be amazed by the results!

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That Interview Was Fake ✓

80% of the jobs online are fake...
50% of the job interviews are not real - they never had any intention to hire you.

Please watch this video entirely so I can show you why this is the case.

How To Deal With Failure ✓

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We all fail regularly. But sometimes we go through severe ones. Drastic ones. Life altering ones. Please watch this video entirely to find out how to deal with failure.

How To Be More Assertive At Work ✓

Assertiveness is one skill that will help you excel not just in your career but also in your personal life. The tips I share in this video will help you become more assertive. Hope you enjoy!

How to Stop Procrastinating ✓

This is the only permanent solution to procrastination...
We're all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. Some of us are lucky enough to identify it and look for solutions. Unfortunately for others, it steals dreams and can even destroy careers and lives. Those of you who are aware of its devastating effects and want to stop procrastinating, this is the day. By the end of this video, you'll have learned, in my opinion, the only way to stop procrastinating once and for all.

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