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Thalys Train - Paris to Amsterdam


Thalys Train - Paris to Amsterdam

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Gare Du Nord to Amsterdam Central

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Thalys Ride from Amsterdam to Paris

Origin: Amsterdam, The Kingdom of Netherlands
Destination: Paris, France
Via: Brussels, Belgium

Paris to Amsterdam by Train - THALYS 2018

We did a 1-night excursion to Amsterdam from Paris, and decided to book a Thalys train between the cities...about a 3.5 hour ride with 3 stops before arriving in Amsterdam.

Overall, a great option to travel between the cities (much shorter if you're going from Paris to Brussels). Seats are wide and comfy, there's a food/drink car, & a quiet scenic ride.

Book tickets in advance to find the best deals, that's what we did!

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Thalys Train:
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Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam via Brussels, Antwerp & Rotterdam + station review of Gare du Nord

In this video I'll show you the station of Gare du Nord in Paris and the Thalys trains. Both the station and the trains will be refurbished soon. When everything is new I will make another video on this and I will be sure I link the video up from here.

Trip report # 25

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First High Speed Train: Thalys Premium Class Amsterdam to Paris at 300KPH!

Come along on my first trip by high speed train, with Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris in their Premium Class.


Join us on this seventh episode of “Series 3” on Gilbert Travels, where I will review my remaining flights taken prior to stopping travels for the COVID-19 crisis. Today is not a flight, but rather my first review on the rails for the channels, and one of the longest train journeys I have taken in my life. Thalys offers a high speed (186MPH/300KPH) journey between Amsterdam and Paris, with stops in Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Brussels along the way, in similar timing to taking a direct flight, when you take into account getting to the airport for security, and transit times to and from the airports. For this trip I spent a bit extra to try their Premium class carriage, so find out what it is like to travel between these two iconic cities by train right here.

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Today’s Train: Thalys 9340
Departs: 11:15 AM
Seats: 51, 52, 53 Carriage 11
Route: Amsterdam to Paris
Trip Length: 3 hrs 20 min
Equipment: TGV high speed train
Stations: Depart Amsterdam Centraal, Arrive Paris Nord

Series 3:
Episode 6: Norwegian 787-900 Premium Economy:
Episode 7: Thayls Premium Class Amsterdam to Paris Train (You are Here)
Episode 8: Norwegian 787-900 Economy

Music “Arabian Sand” by E’s Jammy Jams, “Fender Bender” by Bad Snacks, “Game Plan” by Bad Snacks, “Kid SOS” by Noir Et Blanc Vie, “Warm Water” by Underbelly, and “Jessica” by Joey Pecoraro, available on Google Audio Library

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If you want to get from Amsterdam to Paris, the Thalys TGV train is the best way. It takes about three hours and you walk on the train in central Amsterdam and walk off in central Paris in the Gare du Nord. The First Class cars are very nice, with groups of four seats on one side and two on the other. A meal is included, with French wine and the service was excellent. There are outlets at the seats and free Wi-Fi. The food servers were very friendly and the food was delicious. Here's a tour of the seat and a look at the meal served.

We booked our tickets on Rail Europe ( the best way for US residents to buy European train tickets and passes. You can buy everything online and then they send you the physical tickets before your trip so you have everything in hand. They sell individual tickets, tickets between different countries and all kinds of rail passes.

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Thalys PREMIUM FIRST CLASS | European High-Speed Train | Amsterdam - Brussels

Hi in this new travelmentary or trip report you can see my trip in the European Thalys High Speed train from Amsterdam Centraal to Bruxelles-Midi (Amsterdam Central Station to Brussles-Midi/South Station) in Premium Class. Premium is the highest booking class on the Thalys and is the equivalent to a first class ticket.

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Thalys First Class Train Ride from Paris to Amsterdam | Premium First Class | Review

Thalys Train Ride from Paris Nord to Amsterdam | Premium First Class Experience

We recently got an opportunity to experience the European high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam and vice versa. The average travel time is 3.5 hours.

Perks of travelling in Thalys Premium Class -

-- Free Wi-Fi
-- Delicious Food
-- Drinks
-- Magazine and Newspaper at the disposal
-- Access to Lounge

Note: Thalys trains offer a limited number of seats for Eurail Pass Holders. Once these seats are taken, you will need to purchase a full-fare ticket.

The reservation is mandatory.

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Thalys Review! France to the Netherlands by High Speed Train!

A trip aboard a Thalys high speed service from Paris to Rotterdam in 2nd class.

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Date of Travel: 28 July 2020
Class of Travel: 2nd Class
Rolling Stock: PBA/PBKA
Cost of Ticket: €55 (£50.10, $64.96)
Origin: Paris Gare du Nord
Destination: Rotterdam Centraal
*Currency conversions correct as of 16/09/2020


Thalys Amsterdam Brüssel Bruxelles Brussel 2018

Der Thalys die etwas andere TGV-Variante im internationalen Verkehr zwischen Niederlande, Belgien, Deutschland und Frankreich.
Mit dem Thalys PBKA (PBKA steht für Paris, Brüssel, Köln und Amsterdam) beginnen wir unsere Reise in Amsterdam und der nächste Halt ist Amsterdam Schipol Airport ist nicht mehr weit entfernt. Danach fahren wir auf dem direkten Weg auf die HSL-Zuid nach Rotterdam.
Die HSL Zuid ist mit ETCS2 ausgerüstet und hat das Wechselstromsystem 25 kV, im übrigen NL Netz wird allerdings mit Gleichstrom unter 1500V gefahren.
Die HSL Zuid die bis zur Grenze Belgiens reicht, werden Reisegeschwindigkeiten bis zu 300 Km/h gefahren.
Ab der Belgischen Grenze bis Antwerpen ist es die HSL4 mit den gleichen Begebenheiten, wie auf der Niederländischen Seite. In Belgien wird ebenfalls wie in den Niederlanden mit Gleichstrom unter 3 kV gefahren.
Ich wünsche eine gute Reise.
De Thalys - de iets andere TGV-variant - in het internationale verkeer tussen Nederland, België, Duitsland en Frankrijk.
Met de Thalys PBKA (PBKA staat voor Parijs, Brussel, Keulen en Amsterdam), beginnen we onze reis in Amsterdam en het eerstvolgende Station is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, is niet ver weg. Vervolgens rijden we op de directe route met de HSL Zuid naar Rotterdam.
De HSL Zuid is uitgerust met ETCS2 en heeft het AC-systeem 25 kV, in de rest van het NL-netwerk wordt echter wel met een DC onder 1500V gereden.
De HSL Zuid, die reikt tot de grens van België, haalt snelheden tot 300 km / u.
Van de Belgische grens tot Antwerpen is het de HSL4 met dezelfde eigenschappen als die aan de Nederlandse kant.
In België, net als in Nederland, is DC ook minder dan 3 kV.
Ik wens een goede reis.
Le Thalys est une variante légèrement différente du TGV en trafic international entre les Pays-Bas, la Belgique, l'Allemagne et la France.
Avec le Thalys PBKA (PBKA représente Paris, Bruxelles, Cologne et Amsterdam), nous continuons notre voyage vers Amsterdam, et le prochain arrêt est celui de l’aéroport d’Amsterdam - Schipol - ce qui n’est pas trop loin. Ensuite, nous continuons directement par la HSL Zuid à Rotterdam.
La HSL Zuid est équipée de l’ETCS2 ​​et du système de courant alternatif de 25 kV; dans le reste du réseau NL, elle est toutefois alimentée en courant continu au-dessous de 1500V.
La HSL Zuid, qui atteint la frontière Belge, atteint une vitesse de croisière de 300 km / h.
De la frontière belge à Anvers, c'est la HSL4 avec les mêmes caraqteristiques que dans les Pays-Bas. En Belgique, comme aux Pays-Bas, le courant est également inférieur à 3 kV.
Je vous souhaite un bon voyage

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Thalys 2nd class experience ! The best 2nd class in Europe ?

Hi everyone, welcome to this trip report bound to Belgium, Brussels. Home of Waffles and beer:). Don't hesitate to leave a comment
Railway company: Thalys
Train type : PBKA
From : Paris Gare du Nord to Brussels Zuid
N° of train: 9469
Duration : 1h20
- EQUIPMENT - iPhone Xs

Ride aboard the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris!

*Recommended Viewing: Set to 1080p*

Come along for a ride on the famous Thalys high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris. The video begins in Newark, NJ as we ride the monorail from the rail station to the airport. Later, we take off in a United Airlines 767-400, passing over New York City at the start of the journey to Amsterdam. After landing, I headed for Utrecht (not shown) where I would base my trip. Next, we ride a NS train from Utrecht to Amsterdam. After watching some trains at Amsterdam Centraal, we board the Thalys and enjoy a high-speed ride to Paris-Nord. After some brief sightseeing, we return to Paris-Nord and board a different Thalys to head toward Brussels. I hope you enjoy!

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Amsterdam to Paris by Thalys Train

Second destination in our Europe trip was Paris and we used Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris. Here is quick tour of the train and how I got the best price for the ticket. I will also compare the different means of transport to Paris like plane, Bus and Train.

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Thalys Train from Amsterdam to Paris: 12 Things No One Tells You

Travel to Paris by high-speed train. I list 12 things that surprised me about the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris to help you prepare for the journey! For the full story, check:

Thalys Premium (First) Class

Premium Class (First Class) on the Thalys train is a complete delight! Plush seats, lots of room, wonderful meals, and wine are all part of the experience as you jet along the countryside. And the trip is unbelievably fast. The train connects Paris and Brussels in less than 90 minutes, which is just enough time to have a delicious lunch and a glass of wine! Watch this video to see what the whole experience is like from start (in the lounge) to finish! Vlog | Thalys | Premium First-Class | Paris to Brussels | High-Speed Rail | Train Travel

Thalys First Class Paris to Cologne | REVIEW | PARIS TOUR




watch my new video about my journey to Paris with the Thaly in First Class.


Shooted with iPhone 6s in 1080p60.

Thalys Train from Amsterdam to Paris | a Backpack story

#Europe #Thalys #Railway
We traveled from Amsterdam Central to Paris Nord via Thalys for 3hours and 20mins. in this video i will share what happened while we waited the train and the glimpse inside the train.

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Paris to Amsterdam by Train - THALYS ????

The ride from Paris to Amsterdam last about 3 hours.Ticket prices range from ( 70$-175$). Prices vary depending on the season or/and when you book your trip.

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Thalys Ride from Paris to Amsterdam

Paris to Amsterdam via Thalys train (Dec 2019)



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