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The 7 Pillars of Holistic Health - Full Session - WGS 2019


045 - The 5 Pillars of Health and Wellness With Dr. Ron Ehrlich

Dr. Ron Ehrlich is a dentist turned holistic health advocate and stress expert and author of A life Less Stressed, the 5 Pillars of Health and Wellness. He is also the host of the Podcast show Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich and I’m excited to hear this thoughts today on a number of topics.

As we get started, Dr. Ron discusses why dental stress is related to digestion, sleep, infections, our breathing and even posture and is now committed to sharing his research with the public.

He discusses the importance of proper breathing and how sleep is such an overlooked aspect of good health.

We talk about why public health messages are so confusing and contradictory and at the role of the food and pharmaceutical industries in all levels of health care.

He then shares his five pillars of health and how they're used to build physical, mental and emotional resilience. His pillars are sleep, breathe, nourish, movement and thought.

We share many of the same beliefs are far as focusing on the basics of health and how the government and food industry doesn't seem to have our health in mind, but rather a deeper interest in making money on cheap, processed foods.

We also talk about intermittent fasting and how beneficial it can be not only for weight loss, but for overall health and wellness as well. We also share a common principle of eating a clean and whole food diet 80% of the time (or more) and that much of the failure in the diet industry can be related to the lack of sustainability.

What Is Holistic Health?

What Is Holistic Health? Learn what it means to have a holistic approach to live and have holistic healing to find true health. Find out how to get holistic health and wellness naturally. Holistic Health is simple and natural. Learn self-care, wellness and healthy living on this channel. Learning how to start a healthy lifestyle and how to start a healthy life is easy when you learn what you need to do. #holistichabits

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The 7 Principles of Health | Holistic Healing

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Health isn't as complicated as it is claimed to be. It can be easily broken down into The 7 Principles of Health :

1. Fresh Air / Breathwork
2. Water
3. Whole Foods / eating foods closest to the earth
4. Sunshine
5. Movement / Exercise
6. Relationships
7. Passion / Fulfillment




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Benefits Of Holistic Wellness || By Lybrate Dr Aneeta Verma

Awareness of holistic wellness is very much required so that patients take the correct guidance and treatment , especially for basic ailments like diabetes , arthritis , chronic backaches and so on. Effective use of pain management , diet management etc leads to a person leading healthy life.
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What Is Holistic Health? | Introduction To Holism


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