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The Ellen Degeneres Backlash


Ellen DeGeneres' Former DJ Reveals The Truth About The Show

Things aren't looking good for daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The Emmy Award-winning comedian has faced significant backlash after numerous guests of her show and employees have come forward with personal stories of negative encounters with DeGeneres. Even her former bodyguard shared that DeGeneres isn't what she seems, which is disappointing to fans since she's built her brand on a platform of kindness.

The crew who work on The Ellen DeGeneres Show first spoke up about unfair treatment amid the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020. A few months later in July 2020, Buzzfeed News interviewed DeGeneres' current and former employees, who shed light on what several deemed a, quote, toxic work environment. In response to allegations, WarnerMedia is conducting a workplace investigation, according to Variety.

Despite DeGeneres' attempt at damage control through an apology, information continues to come to light, confirming the toxicity of the daytime talk show. Case in point?

Ellen DeGeneres' former DJ, Tony Okungbowa (a.k.a DJ Tony), who worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for years, came forward on Instagram in August 2020 to detail his personal experience. He wrote,

I have been getting calls asking me about the Ellen Degeneres Show and I would like to address the time I spent there. I was on air talent from 2003-2006 and from 2007-2013. While I am grateful for the opportunity it afforded me, I did experience and feel the toxicity of the environment and I stand with my former colleagues in their quest to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace as the show moves forward.

The comments were full of praise and gratitude for Okungbowa's honesty. One person wrote:

Thank you for speaking up!

While another commented:

You are such a shining soul and I applaud your honesty and strength.

While DeGeneres is definitely dealing with some negative press at the moment, Page Six notes that several celebrities have come forward in defense of DeGeneres, including Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, and of course, DeGeneres' wife, Portia De Rossi.

Longtime viewers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will know that following Tony Okungbowa's exit, Stephen tWitch Boss stepped up to act as the host's DJ. When it comes to his relationship with DeGeneres, she once admitted:

Twitch, you want to know my favorite thing that we've added? It's you.

While she's obviously fond of him, is the feeling mutual? Boss certainly had positive things to say about DeGeneres when he told Medium in 2017:

Here's the truth: she's Ellen DeGeneres and she could have any mindset she wanted to. She could be like, 'Nope, I don't agree with that, this is what I'm going to say about it, and I can be mean about it.' But she is like, 'Nope, with the platform I have, kindness is definitely going to be the best answer.'

That being said, in light of the 2020 backlash, as of this video, the DJ hasn't spoken out about the recent allegations.

Granted, DeGeneres is still Boss' boss, so maybe he doesn't feel comfortable talking publicly about his experiences when it could mean he ends up being fired, that is, if he has something less-than-flattering to say. However, even if he does leave the show, Okungbowa is proof that your career can continue after Ellen.

Okungbowa has done a lot more than just appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the fact that he's established himself as an actor may be why he feels comfortable enough to talk about the problematic issues that he allegedly witnessed.

Okungbowa has appeared in smaller roles on shows like The X-Files, NYPD Blue, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and many more. If you're a fan of soap operas, then you might have seen him pop up on The Bold and the Beautiful for a single episode in 2001 before returning for five additional episodes in 2010.

As of this video, Okungbowa is appearing as Kofo on the CBS sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola. While it seems obvious that he won't be returning to work with DeGeneres any time soon, at least he has new gigs to keep him busy. Watch the video to learn how Ellen DeGeneres' Former DJ Reveals The Truth About The Show!

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Ellen DeGeneres Is Over

Ellen's Reputation Has Officially Been Ruined At This Point

On her talk show, Ellen Degeneres always seems like a cheerful person with tons of celebrity friends. But could her old pals be turning on her in light of some serious allegations? There have always been rumors of trouble on the set of this talk show, and more came to light when comedian Kevin T. Porter kicked off a Twitter thread about it. Now, people like Neil Breen and Nikkie de Jager have come forward with what it’s really like backstage and it’s not as fun as you might think. This goes far beyond mere rumors spread by former employees; Warner Media is investigating claims that the show may have been promoting a toxic work environment for years and things have continued to be terrible even in the light of the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, even some of her on-screen bits seem sinister like when she tried to force Mariah Carey to talk about her pregnancy before this star was comfortable announcing it to the public. There are rumors the show will be canceled but at the very least it seems like changes will have to be made.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think the show will be cleared of any wrongdoing or do you think things are worse behind the scenes than most people realize? Take a moment to share your thoughts, opinions, and predictions with us in the comment section and make sure to click on the subscribe button and check your notification settings so you stay up to date with us here at The Talko.

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Edited by: Steven Sune

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Ellen Degeneres is Officially CANCELLED After This Happened...

Ellen Degeneres is Officially CANCELLED After This Happened...

In today’s video, join us as we show you the reasons why Ellen DeGeneres is cancelled. DeGeneres is no doubt one of the beloved TV hosts who helped pave the way for acceptance of oneself in the LGBTQ community and always ends each episode of her show by reminding her audience to be kind to one another. But behind her beaming smile and contagious energy, there may be a lot of offensive things she has done in the past.

This year, Ellen DeGeneres has faced a lot of backlash including a YouTuber's worst experience as a guest on the show and the way Ellen treats her employees. These are just some of the backlash she has gotten but there are plenty more. Be sure to watch the whole video because your opinion on the talk show host might change you. For the better. In addition, do us a favor and like the video and subscribe and turn on the notification bell. We’ll see you in the next video!


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Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show And This Happens...

Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show

Thanks to her famous afternoon chat show, Ellen DeGeneres is now the Madonna of daytime TV and the Mother Teresa of giving away free stuff to an audience. But that coveted status doesn't shield her from getting the occasional jab from a guest. It's usually all in good fun, but in fact, there have been several big-name celebs who came for her in the form of an awkwardly pointed remark that, in some cases, left Ellen scrambling for a retort. So break out your cringe-o-meters because we're about to reveal the celebs who insulted DeGeneres on her show!
6. Shame on You!

ELLEN DeGeneres named and shamed a light-fingered audience member when she caught them on camera stealing merch from a gift stand. Putting her audience to the test as she kicked off the newest season of her show, Ellen placed a merch table covered in goodies out in the waiting area and told everyone they could take ONE item. However, unknown to the audience they were filmed the entire time, and while nearly everyone stuck to the one item rule, one audience member got a little too greedy for their own good.

Arriving at the table, the woman proceeded to pick up a mug, badges and a t-shirt. When her friend noticed and said something to her, the woman responded: Shh. No. Shut up, before walking away. As the cameras circled in on the pair now sitting embarrassed in the audience as the scenes unfolded, the rest of those watching were shocked as the woman circled back to the desk SEVERAL times to bag more loot. She then encouraged her friend to do the same and insisted Noone will see it.

After watching the video, Ellen smugly scolded the woman for her dishonesty. In one particularly astonishing moment, the woman brought back a mug only to trade it in for a baseball cap. Ellen then began to jokingly scold the woman, who defended her actions by saying they were for her sister who couldn't make it.

Without realising she was being filmed, the woman, Nancy, picked up a tonne of stuff which included t-shirts, shot glasses, badges, mugs and pencils despite being told she could only have one but our smart-mouthed Ellen told her: Oh yeah? A lot of people's sisters couldn't come! Ellen then remarked, You're the kind of person that goes trick or treating and nobody's home, you just take the bowl!

The woman needed to spend the rest of the show in a specially made jail and Ellen then told the thief that she needed to learn to be a good person just because she wanted to be a good person and sent her to Ellen Jail specially made for her in the corner of the studio. As for another audience member who was interested in two items but never chose to steal like Nancy, Ellen gifted her a cap as a souvenir.
5. 'The Battle of the Gays'

The insults slung at DeGeneres by Will & Grace star Sean Hayes were all in good spirit. And yet, it was tough not to have the saying there's truth in jest in mind while watching the verbal arrows fly.

In a conversation DeGeneres dubbed, The Battle of the Gays, she and Hayes, for some reason, decide to one-up each other with pointed barbs about the other's career; Teasing one another about their respective legacies as two of the most prominent LGBTQ stars on mainstream television. Rest assured, however, that it was all in good fun.

It played out like this: Hayes first swiped at DeGeneres inability to smoothly transition from question to question. DeGeneres counterpunched by mentioning the original cancellation of Will & Grace. Hayes joked that the success of his Emmy-winning series, “Will & Grace,” surpassed that of “Ellen.” DeGeneres’ sitcom was cancelled in 1998

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Celebrities That Tried To Warn Us About Ellen...

Celebrities That Tried To Warn Us About Ellen
Ellen degeneres may not be who she seems to be. As of recently a lot of celebrities have come out and exposed Ellen degeneres for some questionable actions she has made . and going back to analyze these celebrities you can clearly see how they were trying to warn us without raising any alarms.

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You may be surprised to see ellen degeneres… yes. Ellen. That talk show host you see with all those funny moments, and happy/positive attitude has been exposed! It has come to light that ellen is mean. She is not at all who you thought and this video may shock you to see how these celebrities expose degeneres on how mean she is. Celebrities like billie eilish kylie jenner justin bieber and even famous tik tok stars have shared their views on this topic giving us more insight on how ellen is a rude person and tell us times ellen loses it and times ellen loses it with audience member. Strap yourself in because what you are about to watch will give you a completely different view on ellen degeneres.

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Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen

Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen // Subscribe:

Her interviews are usually so much fun, but there have been several times celebs clapped back at Ellen. We’ll be looking at times when a celebrity fired a comeback or a witty retort towards Ellen or something she had said. Things can get pretty heated on daytime talk TV! MsMojo ranks the times celebs clapped back at Ellen. Are there any other celebs who clapped back at Ellen? Let us know in the comments!

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Ellen DeGeneres Is 2020's Villain Of The Year

From A Toxic Work Environment To Jokes That Are Tone-Deaf, Ellen Has Had Quite The Year

Since the Ellen Degeneres show began in 2003, comedian Ellen Degeneres has made it her full time job making people laugh. With her “Be Kind” slogan, the host has been praised for her feel-good day time TV content as well as her philanthropy and good deeds. Recently however, the internet has turned against this star, calling for her show to be cancelled.

Since 2020 began, fans, former guests, colleagues and even her staff members have been coming forward with allegations of mistreatment from the star. People have claimed that Ellen is not the happy face she appears to be on TV. They say that in real life, Ellen Degeneres can be mean and even a bully. Ellen has been accused of many things including trying to get servers fired, being controlling of her wife Portia de Rossi, underpaying and mistreating her set crew, and even refusing to acknowledge people she believes are beneath her such as bloggers and bodyguards. During the covid-19 pandemic, crew’s pay was reportedly cut by 60%.

Are these allegations against the tv star true? Or is she the victim of the internet’s latest craze of cancel culture. #RIPEllen is trending on twitter. Whether or not the allegations are true, Ellen’s show, and reputation, is now in jeopardy as she loses more and more loyal fans by the day.

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Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: Ieva L

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Bodyguard Reveals Ellen DeGeneres Is Nothing Like She Seems

As the coronavirus pandemic leaves America's workforce in limbo, comedian Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire for allegedly mistreating her crew in these uncertain times. According to Variety, more than 30 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show's employees are, quote, outraged over their treatment from top producers, as they claim they have been kept in the dark regarding their pay, hours, and other health-related concerns for more than a month.

Now, her former bodyguard, Tom Majercak, has stepped up to reveal that she's, quote, cold and demeaning. Majercak told Fox News,

Ellen is the one person that I've been assigned to and I've been assigned to quite a few celebrities that has never taken the time to say hi to me.

Majercak had been assigned to escort DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi at the 2014 Oscars, and although De Rossi was, quote, very pleasant and carried on a conversation, everything went south when she introduced him to DeGeneres. Majercak said,

It started going negatively when [De Rossi] introduced me to Ellen and Ellen pretty much just gave me a side glance out of her eye and didn't even say 'hello' or 'thank you for protecting my mother, my wife and me.'

And now, as the talk show host faces backlash from her crew, Majercak knew it was time to speak up. With DeGeneres now at the mercy of her staff's complaints, her former bodyguard knew this was his chance to share an experience that's bugged him for years.

I see this person come across as being very enlightened and positive and awesome and everybody loves her and is in awe and that's really not the case when you meet her in person. When you see her on TV, people fall in love with her but it is a false facade and bravado. You start hearing these stories and I was like, 'Man, there's got to be more to this.' She's not the person she portrays to be that she's playing off of society. That's my opinion.

Furthermore, Majercak claimed that DeGeneres, quote, doesn't care about anybody else as long as she's getting what she wants. He added,

People are starting to see her true self and that really lends to the support of what my initial thoughts of her have been over the last six years.

Majercak's claims about how he was treated by DeGeneres while acting as her bodyguard don't seem to cast the star in the best light. Despite that, there were plenty of mixed reactions to what could be seen as an example of bad behavior or, frankly, totally normal actions by someone who just happens to be famous. One unimpressed Twitter user wrote in response to Majercak's accusations,

Ellen has done a lot of good. However, she does a lot of mean passive-aggressive stuff that just rubs me the wrong way (like the way she enjoys frightening her guests and even her own staff).

However, not everyone thought that the talk show host was in the wrong, like this person, who tweeted,

He's [crying] because she did not speak to him. Why do people expect her to be like she is on her show 24hrs a day. She's human. Damn.

Someone else agreed, writing, quote, He's paid to protect her, not be her bestie.

Whether DeGeneres' actions were acceptable or not, some people simply weren't surprised, as one person tweeted,

Everyone knows she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

When Majercak accused DeGeneres of being less than friendly during their encounter, his claim came not long after she faced accusations of being cold to one of the cheeriest YouTube stars around: NikkieTutorials.

The popular online makeup guru opened up about appearing on Ellen's show after coming out as transgender. On a Dutch talk show, Nikkie admitted the American host wasn't as nice as others she's met in the industry. When she was then asked if DeGeneres was distant and cold, the YouTuber confirmed that, saying,

Just a little...It was a huge honor to be on that stage with Ellen, but it wasn't as nice as I thought.

Nikkie has also said that she may have been naive when going into the experience, explaining that:

[I] kind of expected to be welcomed with confetti cannons: 'Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!' But instead [I] was greeted by an angry intern who was a bit overworked...I was expecting a Disney show, but got Teletubbies after dark.

It sounds like DeGeneres may need to work on her people skills if she wants these kinds of stories to stop popping up. Watch the video to learn how this Bodyguard Reveals Ellen DeGeneres Is Nothing Like She Seems!

#Ellen #EllenDeGeneres

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The Double Life Of Ellen DeGeneres

She's America's Sweetheart On The Ellen Show, But Off She's Something Else

Ellen Degeneres has been at the heart of primetime TV ever since The Ellen Show debuted in 2007. Since then, the star has gone from strength to strength, interviewing everyone from reality TV stars to A-list celebrities. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi even appear on the show side by side on occasion. Despite her status, the star is often at the center of a lot of rumors that claim she isn’t as nice as she appears. Could Ellen’s demeanour be a smokescreen, or is it all a big misunderstanding?

YouTube sensation Nikkie de Jager has claimed Ellen was cold and rude when she appeared on the show, and she allegedly sacked her cast and crew in favor of new ones during lockdown. As well as this, she didn’t support her writers during the 2007 strike and has butted heads with some big names, like Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers, and Caitlyn Jenner over the years. While we like to believe that The Ellen Show really is the place that dreams are made of, it seems that Ellen is living a little bit of a double life. Let’s not forget that there was also a Twitter movement with thousands of people coming forward to tell their own stories about Degeneres’ behavior, and she defended Kevin Hart over his Oscars controversy when many wanted her to speak out against him. Can Ellen be forgiven for her transgressions, or is all just Hollywood gossip?

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Is Ellen DeGeneres' Show CANCELLED After Rude & Mean Behavior Surfaces?

After MANY people have accused Ellen Degeneres of being two-faced and rude to staff and guests, rumors are spreading that Ellen’s last dance might be quickly approaching. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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Ellen Degeneres and Toxic Work Environments | The Cost of Sensitivity

This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the toxic work environment allegations against the Ellen Degeneres show?
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Dr. Grande’s True Crime Psychology and Personality podcast:

Ellen DeGeneres' Prison Joke Backlash

After people took offence to Ellen DeGeneres' joke about quarantine feeling like prison, Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil react during ET Canada Live.

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Portia De Rossi Breaks Her Silence On Her Wife Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has come under serious fire for allegedly mistreating the crew of her daytime talk show during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Variety, members of the core stage crew, which consists of around 30 employees, are, quote, outraged over their treatment from top producers, and claiming they were kept in the dark on their pay and their hours for weeks. This coincides with BuzzFeed detailing a toxic work culture on the show.

Other peers and insiders are coming out of the woodwork to gripe too, suggesting that Ellen's signature signoff, be kind, may not ring true off-camera. DeGeneres' former bodyguard called her cold and demeaning, telling Fox News,

Ellen is the one person that I've been assigned to, and I've been assigned to quite a few celebrities, that has never taken the time to say hi to me.

And comedian Kevin T. Porter called DeGeneres, quote, notoriously one of the meanest people alive in a tweet that attracted tens of thousands of likes.

On July 30, 2020, DeGeneres issued an apology to the staff, and the show is undergoing an internal investigation by WarnerMedia. In the midst of the controversy, DeGeneres does have someone important in her corner, wife Portia de Rossi. The actress, who married DeGeneres in 2008, took to Instagram to break her silence on the mistreatment allegations directed at her spouse.

The Arrested Development star spoke out about the workplace accusations for the first time on August 3, 2020, posting a photo to Instagram that read I stand by Ellen in the show's signature colors. de Rossi captioned her post,

To all our fans....we see you. Thank you for your support.

She added the hashtags Stop Bot Attacks, I Stand With Ellen DeGeneres, I Stand By Ellen, I Stand By Ellen DeGeneres ‬and Be Kind To One Another, the phrase DeGeneres uses to close out her show every day. As People magazine noted, it's unclear why de Rossi added the Stop Bot Attacks hashtag to this particular post, but it is clear that Ellen's one and only is coming to her defense.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen wed in an intimate ceremony in August 2008. The celebs announced that they were tying the knot immediately after California's Supreme Court struck down Proposition 8. In December 2018, DeGeneres told the New York Times that her wife was endlessly supportive of her and that she stopped reading the tabloids because they were rarely accurate. DeGeneres said,

I hear Portia and I are divorcing every other week or having a baby or whatever.

Portia also weighed in during the Times profile, saying,

[Ellen is] just a bit more complicated than she appears on the show. There's more range of emotion.

As the bad press directed against her continued to mount, DeGeneres eventually broke her silence. In a lengthy memo, DeGeneres addressed the backlash she's received over the alleged mistreatment of her employees. According to Variety, members of her staff, from lighting to camera operators to grips, were left in the dark about if and how much they would be paid for weeks.

Sources claimed that when production executives finally did resurface, the crew was told to brace for a 60% reduction in pay. There have also been anonymous accusations about racism, intimidation, unjust termination, and an overall environment of toxicity in the workplace from the top down, accusations underscored by a damning piece published by BuzzFeed in July 2020.

DeGeneres wrote in the memo she issued to her employees on July 30th,

My name is on the show and everything we do and I take responsibility for that. As we've grown exponentially, I've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I'd want them done. Clearly some didn't. That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again.

It's become clear as DeGeneres transitioned to filming remotely, some members of the team were left in the dust. She promised in her statement to learn from this experience and make changes, writing,

I'm glad the issues at our show were brought to my attention. I promise to do my part in continuing to push myself and everyone around me to learn and grow. Watch the video to learn how Portia De Rossi Breaks Her Silence On Her Wife Ellen DeGeneres!

#EllenDeGeneres #PortiaDeRossi

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Ellen Gets Backlash Over Kevin Hart Interview

After Ellen DeGeneres received backlash for her interview with Kevin Hart about the Oscars gig, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil discuss during ET Canada Live.

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#KevinHart #Oscars #Ellen

Ellen RESPONDS To Her Show Being Cancelled

Ellen RESPONDS To Her Show Being Cancelled
After numerous rumors of the Ellen Degeneres Show getting cancelled, Ellen herself personally responds to these claims addressing the reasoning behind the cancellation. With cancel culture becoming stronger than ever, celebrities are constantly being monitored and being put in their place as soon as they make the wrong move. No one is safe and as soon as fans realize, they don’t hesitate to cut them off completely and discontinue their admiration and support. Ellen is no exception, even after becoming a television host for one of the most popular day time shows across the country. Throughout this video we will be breaking down what led to these rumors to run rampant across the internet and how Ellen feels about the situation. Make sure to watch the entire video since you will want to find out what really goes on behind the scenes of one of the most popular television hosts in the country.

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Let us know down in the comments below what you think about Ellens action and if she still might manage to bounce back from these accusations. Do you think what she’s done is justified? Do you know of any other instances where she did something that would lead her into getting cancelled? Can you think of any other celebrities who are just like Ellen? Let us know down in the comments below and don't forget to like and subscribe for more videos!

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Why 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Is Under Fire After Former Employees Speak Out

The executive producers of the daytime talk show expressed their regret over former employees' alleged experience on the set.

Ellen DeGeneres Faces Backlash for Comparing Quarantine to ‘Being in Jail’

Ellen DeGeneres Faces Backlash for Comparing Quarantine to ‘Being in Jail’

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Whoopi, Mark Ruffalo React To Ellen-Bush Friendship

After Whoopi Goldberg and Mark Ruffalo reacted to Ellen DeGeneres' friendship with George W. Bush, Cheryl Hickey and Graeme O'Neil weigh in during ET Canada Live.

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#Ellen #WhoopiGoldberg #MarkRuffalo

Ellen's Wife Portia De Rossi SPEAKS OUT On Ellen's True Colors

Ellen's Wife Portia De Rossi SPEAKS OUT On Ellen's True Colors

Are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi about to get a divorce? The couple has had their issues over the years but the recent backlash against Ellen could be the last straw.

Stay with me to find out the real reason why Portia can’t stand Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres is going through the worst year of her career. Ever since she was exposed as the meanest woman in Hollywood earlier this year, Ellen has been receiving nothing but online backlash and media scrutiny.

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#thishappened #ellendegeneres #theellenshow

Ellen DeGeneres Announces Her Retirement...

Ellen DeGeneres Announces Her Retirement...
Everyone knows that Ellen has had a very tough week. With multiple media platforms addressing the rumors and allegations against her shows producers, as well as the unfriendliness that Ellen herself shows towards not only her guests but her audience as well. With more and more updates on this situation being made public, we have compiled a list of reasons as to why the daytime television star might just end up calling it quits and retiring from her successful show.

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Stay tuned as you'll want to find out everything that's been going on behind the scenes of the Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as the new rumors that have recently been spreading across the internet. Do you think it's time for Ellen DeGeneres to retire? Do you find that the allegations made against her are reasonable and well deserved? Will this die down and we'll all just simply forget about it? Are the hashtags replace ellen too harsh and do you believe she truly is a workplace culture? Let us know what you think down in the comments down below!



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