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The Fantastical World Of Hormones With Dr John Wass (Full Biology Documentary) | Spark


How Do Hormones Shape Our Lives? | The Fantastical World of Hormones | | Absolute Science

Hormones shape each and every one of us, affecting almost every aspect of our lives - our height, our weight, our appetites, how we grow and reproduce, and even how we behave and feel.

This documentary tells the wonderful and often weird story of how hormones were discovered.

Presenter John Wass, one the country's leading experts on hormones, relates some amazing stories - how as recently as the 19th century boys were castrated to keep their pure soprano voice, how juices were extracted from testicles in the hope they would rejuvenate old men and how true medical heroes like Frederick Banting discovered a way to make insulin, thus saving the lives of countless diabetes sufferers.

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How The Revolutionary Thunder Boat Was Built | Extreme Constructions | Spark

The Thunder Boat (Tonnerre) is the second largest ship of the Marine Nationale. The structure is fitted with revolutionary equipment, with a range of high technologies, and is able to operate in a range of situations, as it did during Cyclone Irma in 2017 and Beirut in August 2020.

This ship of the future is a true “Swiss knife”, acting simultaneously as an aircraft base, a commandment post and is equipped as a floating hospital, with the ability to shelter troops, helicopters and vehicles.

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Anatomy: The Endocrine System (Part 8)

In this lecture, Mr. Eversole, talks about 3 more endocrine glands, the pancreas, testes, and ovaries, along with the hormones each one produces and their functions. He also discusses how diabetes works and how it can be controlled. This lecture covers Google Slides (77-87) and Notes (Pancreas - Ovaries & Testes).

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