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The History of India: Every Year


The History of South Asia: Every Year

South Asia has a history stretching back over 5000 years. This video details that history and shows how this diverse area changed over time.
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Crusader Kings 2 - Charge of the War Elephants
Crusader Kings 2 - Saladin arrives at Jerusalem

History of Political Parties in India : Every Year


The History of the Mughal Empire: Every Year

See how a Timurid vassal would expand into India to establish its own empire that nearly unified the entire subcontinent.
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Sources used:

D.K. Atlas of World History
A History of South Asia - Ollie Bye (For Marathan expansion)
History of Modern Deccan, 1720/1724-1948: Political and administrative aspects - A. Rā Kulakarṇī, M. A. Nayeem
Past works

5,000 Years History of India documentary

History of India documentary
From the indus valley civilization to modern times.

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The History of India Every Year

The History of India Every Year h

The History of India Every Year


The Beginning of India's History (Hindi/English)....

The Video tries to trace the beginning of 'We the People of India'. It is a bit lengthy lesson but believe me it will worth your time. :-):-)

Kings and Dynasties of India - Rulers of India and More History Videos - Mocomi Kids

presents:Kings and Dynasties of India

One of the cradles of early civilisations, India has a long and glorious history. Several great kings and dynasties have left an indelible mark, bringing great changes, development and growth. Some of them have even spread their empires to neighbouring countries and also established trade with countries as far reaching as European countries, Arab countries, and Chinese territories.

From the late Bronze Age to the Revolt of 1857 and India's Struggle for Freedom, this compilation gives you a rare glimpse into history. Watch them come alive!

The Tamil Dynasty of the Pandyas, who ruled first from Korkai near present day Tuticorin, before shifting to Madurai, from as early as 600 BC BC had a thriving shipping and trading with Greece and Rome to the Greek and Persian invasions from land and sea. To the massive Chola Empire that spread to the neighbouring countries of South East Asia, The Mauryas in Northern India who conquered most of India except the Tamilians and had great Kings like Chandragupta Maurya and Asoka the Great, The Chera Dynasty from the South, Harshavardhana, The Pallavas, The Rajputs from the Central and North Western India, the Mughals, Sivaji Maharaj and the Marathas, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore and Rani of Jhansi , Laxmibai.

00:01 Pandya Dynasty - Indian History | Mocomi Kids
01:39 Persian and Greek Invaders | Mocomi Kids
03:12 Chola Empire History | Mocomi Kids
07:17 Mauryans - Maurya Dynasty History | Mocomi Kids
09:54 Ashoka the Great - Kings of India | Mocomi Kids
12:51 Chera Dynasty - Kingdoms of South India | Mocomi Kids
15:01 Pallavas - Pallava Dynasty History | Mocomi Kids
18:43 Harshavardhana - Kings of India | Mocomi Kids
21:14 Rajput Warriors - Son of King - History India | Mocomi Kids
24:10 Early Mughals in India | Mocomi Kids
28:42 Akbar the Great Mughal Emperor - History India | Mocomi Kids
32:18 Aurangzeb - Mughal Emperor - History India | Mocomi Kids
37:08 Shivaji Maharaj - Kings of India | Mocomi Kids
41:11 Hyder Ali - Kings of India | Mocomi Kids
44:15 Tipu Sultan - Kings of India | Mocomi Kids
47:11 Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai and Her Story | Mocomi Kids

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The History of India Every Year 1080p

History of India - Timelapse (2570 BC - 2016)

Comments and discussion on CoolChannel4 website

History of India - Timelapse (2570BC - 2016)
Thanks to you have the opportunity to see a timelapse of India. As an initial starting point was taken year of 2570 BC. In 7 minutes you can see how India created through history.
Of course, you can call this video as history of India
History of India Timelapse

India: Crash Course History of Science #4

** Re-uploaded because there was an error with a map **

You might have recognized the names of some of the Greek natural philosophers. They were individuals with quirky theories, and we have records about them. But they weren’t the only people making knowledge back in the day. Today, Hank takes us to India to talk Vedas, Maurya Empires, and some really good doctoring.


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The History Of India- From Beginning | Indian Map Evolution

The History Of India- From Beginning:
This video shows the whole history of India and the progression of its states through time. his video shows every year of that story, right from the beginning. History of India, Indian Map evolution
India has a history stretching back over 5000 years. This video details that history and shows how this diverse area changed over time.

History of India In 10 Minutes | The Animated Indian History in a Nutshell

The History of India presented as detailed and as short as possible.
The history of India started from the prehistoric settlements and societies in the Indian subcontinent. Watch this video to learn more about the History of India.

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The History of India every Year

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History of India in 15 minutes

...A must watch for every Indian. This video tells the story of India, from the first human migrations to the first Lunar landing. It showcases the eras of Indian history from the Indus valley to Indira Gandhi and describes the rise and fall of great powers like the Maurya, the Mughals, the Maratha and others. It traces the origin of 4 great religions - Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism as well as the contributions of foreigners like the Greeks and British. In other words, this is India in a nutshell.

The History of India Every Year YouTube

History of India Every year

History Of India in 14 Minutes

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India's History is very long and very interesting so in this 15 minute video (almost) sit back and enjoy in this animated video. From the Indus valley civilisation, to the beginnings of Hinduism, various empires will arise such as the Mauryan, chola, Mughals, Martha. Before Europeans settle along the coast to trade spices. The British would rule India before their independence in 1947.

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Artist and Artwork by PierGiuseppeGiunta

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Sources Used:

John Keay - India a History

Captivating History - History of India

History of India in Countryballs

India is a land of ancient civilization. India's social, economic, and cultural configurations are the products of a long process of regional expansion. Indian history begins with the birth of the Indus Valley Civilization and the coming of the Aryans.The fifth century saw the unification of India under Ashoka.In the eighth century Islam came to India for the first time and by the eleventh century had firmly established itself in India as a political force. It resulted into the formation of the Delhi Sultanate, which was finally succeeded by the Mughal Empire, under which India once again achieved a large measure of political unity. It was in the 17th century that the Europeans came to India. This coincided with the disintegration of the Mughal Empire, paving the way for regional states. In the contest for supremacy, the English emerged 'victors'. The Rebellion of 1857-58, which sought to restore Indian supremacy, was crushed; and with the subsequent crowning of Victoria as Empress of India, the incorporation of India into the empire was complete. It was followed by India's struggle for independence, which we got in the year 1947.

History of India | Every year

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