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The Making of a 20' Container Office - BigSteelBox Structures


Workshop dan office container

jual container & sewa container


Framing a 20' shipping container. Insulating & finishing.

In this video I tried to share how I framed and insulated my shipping container. I couldn't find any decent information on Youtube, so I decided to make a video of the entire process and to share. I am not a professional carpenter, neither I am an electrician. But during my life I have learned that most people are full of BS, they try to come up with rules. In reality each and every situation is different, and will require a different set of rules. This project was for myself, it doesn't have to meet any codes or requirements, I will move the container and use it in the bush, probably with a generator. For me it was important that it stays warm and looks good at the same time, and that a person in this tiny building can survive any temperatures, and survive them comfortably.
PS: Part 2 is here
PS2: after a few years the container still serves us very well, we had moved it few times. To all criticists - no, there is no condensation on inside walls, and there is no black mold. I think this is mostly because we live in a very dry climate. And any moisture from inside gets absorbed by the wood, and is then slowly released back, which means it just dries out.

prefab folding shipping container homes house frames office hotel installation video

visit our website as follows to get detailed specification

size W3M*L5.95M*H2.8M
connection all bolt connection,don't need crane for installation
frame 2.3mm thickness galvanized frame+power coating
wall 50mm eps sandwich panel,double skin 0.4mm
roof 50mm eps sandwich panel,double skin 0.4mm
floor 15mm thickness MGO board
window PVC sliding window(each unit with 2 sets) size 930*1200mm
door steel security door (each unit with 1 sets) size 930*1970mm
wind load 170km/h
snow load 60kg/m2
floor load 150-200kg/m2
loading: for only the frame ,1*20ft container can load 20 units,1*40HC container can load 50 units
for full set house,1*20ft container can load 6 units,1*40HC container can load 13 units

10 Awesome Modern Shipping Container Office Buildings around the World.

this Video brings to you 10 Awesome Shipping Container Office Buildings around the World.

Watch this video here:
Number 1: The Box Office.
Number 2: Cantilevered container stack Pavilion.
Number 3: Tony's Farm Welcome Centre.
Number 4: The Shipping Container Terminal.
Number 5: Arcgency’s shipping container offices.
Number 6: The Bharati Antarctic Research Station.
Number 7: Building 01 District 10 Dundee Waterfront.
Number 8: Royal Wolf Offices.
Number 9: Shipping Container Conversion by Building Lab Inc.
Number 10: Sugoroku Shipping Container Office.

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Please watch: Modern Container House Designs with Floor Plans | ECOBOX 160 Studio Cabin


10ftx20ft container house frame assemble video

Container Construction and Parts

Describes 6 major categories of containers in use today, the damage they can sustain and the parts required for repair. Run Length: 10:22.

Shipping container house design project

Hello everyone
in this video I'm going to show you an idea i have for shipping container house design.
I use Shipping Container Home Design Software
here is link from where u can download it from:

I'm very passionate about houses like this first of all is because they are green and is so many containers which no one use in the shipping ports ... I got a lot of ideas and i have make very good research on this subject and i have gotten approximately cost of building a house like this .... the cost of my project is gonna be different in every country but let say in UK about 40 000 with the cost of the containers In US about the same and of course + the cost of the land.. anw if u r interested and need more info please write me and I will be happy to reply :)

I had to make a lot of cuts in the video because it was to long so if somewhere there is no connection btw the subjects i talk about please don't be surprised :)
thanks for watching and reading.

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Rent this 20 FT Shipping Container Office for your Business needs

This is a Portable Shipping Container Office is available for Rent from EMS Houston, Texas. This Shipping Container Office is Pre-wired for data, windows on each side, table and file cabinet already installed, burglar bars standard on windows. Email us at to rent your next portable shipping container office.

You can reach EMS Houston:
You can follow us on Instagram :
Phone: 713-675-4442

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container office design architecture

Kantor unik dari kontainer ini adalah kantor nya Notaris Om Panji.
Terbuat dari kontainer yang di rebuilt kembali menjadi kantor yang unik tidak seperti kantor biasanya.

kalau mau kita liput tempat kalian, silakan komen di bawah ini,
container office design architecture

Railway 8 X 20 Feet Container office || Porta Container Office || KIM

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Framing - Shipping Container Conversion - Container Home Office

In the previous video of the shipping container conversion series I cut we welded the shipping container window and door frames, and this this episode I'm framing the shipping container.

Previously cutting and welding the shipping container:
Next time, installing double glazed windows:

Shipping container framing can be done a number of ways, the method I've chosen is to use 2 x 3 timber in the recesses of the shipping container wall corrogations, accross the container roof, and floor - all pressing outwards. This means the frames are held solidly within the container structure with minimal fixings.

The box section top-rails of the shipping container are one primary fixing point, and the 27mm plywood floor is the other primary fixing point. The top rails on the ends of the container are not box section, so screwing through these is a mistake as it's only a single layer of steel.

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Shipping Container Conversion to Mobile Office

Time lapse video of two technicians installing an office conversion kit on a 20' shipping container. Work was completed in 45 minutes (insulation panels, flooring, door, window). Total install time, including all electrical hookups is around 3 hours.

Call 877-894-3210 for more information or visit

7 reasons why shipping container homes are a SCAM

Check out my latest follow-up video to this one where I elaborate on some of the points and address some comments

Shipping container homes are glamorized all over social media but are they everything they are marketed as? In this video, I uncover 7 reasons why you should stay away from shipping container homes.

Since the early 2000s, shipping containers have captured the imagination of designers and home builders worldwide. They fit in with the very popular tiny house movement that advocates living simpler and in smaller homes. The corrugated metal exterior of shipping containers gives it a trendy, industrial look. Thousands of shipping containers are discarded every year. So, there is a sense of being socially responsible and environmentally conscious when one rescues a shipping container from a junk yard and converts it into a home.

First issue: the size constraints. Standard shipping containers are 20 feet and 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. Most of these containers are 8.5 feet tall but you can order custom ones that are 9.5 feet tall.

Second issue: A metal container works as a system, the idea that every part of this box is structural is false. Every single cut that you make for plumbing, windows, doors, roof openings into its structural frame or corrugated metal siding compromises its strength so you have to reinforce it with metal or wood.

Third issue: the thermal conductivity of steel. It’s not a good insulator, so you can expect the inside of these containers to get very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

Fourth issue: the health risks that come with buying old shipping containers. You can track the locations that the container has been to around the world, but you can’t track exactly what it has carried. It could have carried toxic chemicals such as pesticides or fumigants and the contents might have leaked into the wooden floorboards.

Fifth issue: this type of building is not the best for all locations. It might make sense in coastal regions near port cities where a container is readily available. If you are inland, the cost to transport it all the way to your plot of land is not logical. Also, building with native materials is the most eco-friendly and cost-effective method.

Sixth issue: the idea that you are saving the environment when you use shipping containers and that is a highly sustainable practice. Another important thing to consider is the carbon footprint of your container home. Steel construction is not as environmentally friendly as wood.

Seventh issue: the idea that shipping containers can be the solution to the housing crisis in the world but, this crisis is not a technology problem, it’s far more complex. Purely from a financial aspect, it would be cheaper to build a homeless shelter with wood than build a complex shipping container building. This type of building can maybe be 20% cheaper, not more. The modifications that you need to make a metal box livable aren’t cheap.
CRG Envisions Shipping Container Skyscraper
Building a Shipping Container Home | EP01Permits and Foundation Design
Building a Shipping Container Home | EP02 Moving, Cutting, and Framing a Container House
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Spectacular 40ft Small Shipping Container Home
The Making of a 20' Container Office – BigSteelBox
What size Shipping Containers can you purchase?

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I made a shipping container into an Office / Studio

Steel shipping container / conex converted into an office and video studio. These empty, used containers cost around $2000 in my area (plus delivery). It was a fun project. More details, including plans and material list to come...

How Shipping Containers Are Made (HD) - BigSteelBox (Extended Version)

This is a video we produced from inside a Chinese factory showing the building of an intermodal shipping container. These containers are purpose built for BigSteelBox and are are painted our colours and branded with decals in the factory.

BigSteelBox is a moving and storage company with a network of locations throughout Canada.

Shipping Container Office Conversion

Built Rite Industries Office Kit - Convert shipping containers into offices in less than 3 hours. Kit includes two windows, one man door, man door accessories, all electrical, A/C unit, A/C security cage, R-13 prefabricated insulation panels. Good for 20ft & 40ft containers. Multiple floor plans available. Contact BRI at 562-366-0784 or

The Making of a 20' Container Office - BigSteelBox

This time lapse video shows the making of a 20' BigSteelBox shipping container office. In addition to renting and selling container offices, BigSteelBox also offers a number of shipping container modifications options such as spray foam insulation, heating and lighting, and doors and windows. Learn more here:



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