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The Making of a Coat #3 - Striking the Pattern


The Making of a Coat #24 Shaping the Front Edges, Pt 2

Handcraft Tailor Rory Duffy demonstrates the second part to shaping the front edges.

The Making of a Coat #20 The First Fitting

Handcraft Tailor Rory Duffy demonstrates the first fitting.

Making an 1890s walking suit | part I, the jacket and tailoring 101

Hello everyone and welcome to a new video!

As I mention in the video, a couple of years ago I made a half scale 1890s walking suit, and ever since I've wanted to revisit the style. I actually bought this fabric a while back and finally got around to it now. I kept putting it off because I was intimidated by tailoring. I had done most of these things in half scale, but it had been a while back so I didn't really remember anything.

This is going to be a new short video series, as there are a lot of elements and components to the walking suit, so there will be a video shortly for the sleeves, skirt and vest! Again, I would just like to mention that I am not a professional, I am self-taught, and these are just my experiences making things work based on what I knew. I try to refer to the *correct* way of doing things when I know I'm directly going off piste. I'm not sure I explained my materials very well, so here it is again. Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques only mentions adding horsehair canvas directly to to the wool, but as my suiting as very malleable and lightweight, I added a layer of cotton canvas as an interlining. I do think this is tailoring cotton canvas, as it also seemed to contain a little bit of horsehair woven into the fabric, but I cannot remember when, how or why I got it in my stash.

Things mentioned:
Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques
Keystone Jacket and Dress Cutter and freely available online
The Victorian Tailor

If you are interested in seeing some more of my work, here are some links:

Instagram: @katisinthebag


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Today we are excited to share our latest Simplicity Men's pattern 8962. This is a casual suit jacket with great details that will give you the pop of style need for any occasion.

Basic sew video:

Sew It Academy:

Coat full cutting in hindi, // Aj fashion

The Making of a Coat #3 - Striking the Pattern

Master tailor Rory Duffy shinks the cloth, chalks the pattern, and cuts the pieces for a handcraft bespoke suit coat.

[This video, and the accompanying text below, originally appeared on the menswear blog A Suitable Wardrobe.]

Like a blank canvas, uncut cloth is all purity and promise. Bespoke customers know the ancient ritual of having a tailor drape a few yards over their shoulder, luxuriating in the hand and fall of the material itself. It's a simple, primal pleasure recalling the historical role of cloth as treasure: a token and totem of wealth, the artisanal pride of nations.

Cloth today is more precious than it's ever been -- the 11oz wool flannel from Ariston Napoli we're using for the coat in the video costs $150 a yard -- which makes an efficient pattern lay extremely important. Pattern pieces must be laid lengthwise along the doubled cloth's grain, mindful of that grain's direction (more noticeable in highly textured cloth like velvet but always present) and the right (i.e. finished) and wrong sides of the cloth. The generous inlays which allow for bespoke garments to gracefully age with their owners require more cloth, as does good pattern-matching. Finally, a bespoke lay must account for material which will be shrunk away as part of the shaping process.

Once the pattern is laid on the cloth, it is struck by hand with tailor's chalk. Heavy bench shears (so named because the bottom blade never leaves the work surface) are then deployed in a series of deft and decisive motions which begins the cloth's transformation from commodity to clothing.

Shot, edited, and written by Andrew Yamato.

The Making of a Coat - Striking the Pattern

The Making of a Coat #1 - Introduction

An introduction to a video series documenting the making of a handcraft bespoke sportcoat by NYC-based Savile Row-trained master tailor Rory Duffy.

Shot and edited by Andrew Yamato.

The Gents Tailored jacket course - Exercise 3 part 1 - Pattern prep

We take you through the entire process of how to create a gents tailored jacket. This jacket has a shawl collar however you can still use this jacket course to create the jacket with a classic notched collar. An easy to follow step by step guide showing you every part of how to make your own gents tailored jacket. More than 400 sewing videos can be found at
Mens measurement worksheet
Mens jacket worksheet

40 Chest Theory coat pattern making/How to make coat pattern

40 Chest Theory coat pattern making/How to make coat pattern
Hello viewer how you are? I hope you are well
So today I will show you
How to make 40 Chest Theory coat pattern
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Let’s see the measurement
Measures: (Length-28)=(Chest-40)=(waist-36)=(hip-41)=(sldr-18)=(across back-17)=(across front-16”)=(Sleeve-24)=(bicep-18)=(Elbow-16)=(cuff-10)
Chest - loose or easy 6 inch
Waist – loose or easy 6 inch
Hip - loose or easy 6 inch
Let’s go start drafting pattern.
40 Chest Theory coat pattern making/
How to make coat pattern step by step
40 Chest Theory coat pattern making. How to make coat pattern step by step

Chest theory Coat pattern make
Back Part
1, Chest 40/12 part halves back neck width-3 3/8”
2, chest 40 /48 part back neck depth-3/4”
3, chest 40 /24 part shoulder slop-1 5/8”
4, chest 40/4 part arm depth-9 ½”
5, chest 40/24 part back crotch height from arm-1 5/8”
6, shoulder 18 halves 9+1/2”margin
7, half across back 8+1/2” margin
8, chest 40/16 part back cross height fm arm-2 3/8”
9, chest 40/6 part back waist -6 3/8”+1/2” margin
10, Chest 40/6 part back hips-6 3/8”+1/2” margin
Front part theory
(Mark horizontal same back)-(Loose-6”)
1, chest/4 part front chest-10 plus 1/2”margin.
2, chest/4 waist-9 plus 1/2 margin
3, chest/4 hip-10 .25 plus 1/2 margin.
4, chest/48 = minus front crotch line-7/8”
5, chest/24 front crotch width -1 5/8”
6, chest/8 halves front neck width-5”
7, chest/12 front drop-3 3/8 plus 1/2”
7, chest/24 front neck depth at hps-1 7/8”
8, chest/16 front crotch point fm arm-2 3/8”
Sleeve make theory depends on chest
1, chest/4 part bicep-10 plus 3/8”
2, chest/6 part sleeve cap height-6 3/8”
3, bicep middle crease line-5.25”
4, chest/16 sleeve head line fm top arm-2 3/8”
5, chest/24 sleeve curved at front armpit-1 5/8”
6, chest/6 part cuff opening -6 3/8”
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Pattern Drafting and Making
DIY Hello everyone Welcome to RMG Pattern Making 16 (Pattern Drafting and Making) (is Ready Made Garment Pattern Making.)My name is,, Md.Nasir In this channel I will tech you how today made Garments Pattern making designing your own dresses and more suchas. Pant cutting and stitching. Shirt cutting and stitching. suit pattern drafting making, Suit cutting and stitching blouse cutting and stitching. Kurti cutting and stitching. lining kurti. Patiyala . Latest neck design cutting and stitching. Garments Pattern Making all dresses cutting and stitching. And all type swing tutorials with easy methods. To get every new video information first please subscribe my channel. Thanks for visit my channel. RMG Pattern Making 16
Garments pattern making and shirt pant cutting tutorial
apparel Pattern Making
Pattern Making*Cutting Sewing cloth pattern make*How Make Dress cutting Cloth Making*shirt draft*pant draft*jacket pattern*suit pattern*coat pattern making shirt pattern making coat pattern making suit cutting kameez cutting blazer pattern making trouser cutting pants cutting easy shirt pattern making
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How To #Pattern #draft Men #Suit / #Blazer (Block) #1 with WAJU COUTURE

This Video #tutorial will show you #how to #draft a #jacket #shape #convert #measurement #use your #tools.....its a detailed educational tutorial. Click the timestamp to navigate to different parts of the video.

0:00 Start
1:00 Intro to subject and measurement needed
1:30 how to convert Cm to Inches
9:55 Center Back Draft into Center Front
13:50 Side /Armhole location
18:18 Center front
21: 25 Shaping the Armhole/diagonal line/
21:54 Updates/ Thank you.

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The Making of a Coat #10 Darting the Canvas

Handcraft Tailor Rory Duffy demonstrates the process of darting the canvas.

coat pattern making video | coat pattern making | blazer pattern making

coat pattern making video, coat pattern making
First you need think the Measurements.
Length – 28 inches, Chest-34 inches, Waist-30 inches, Hip-34 inches, Shoulder-17 inches, Sleeve Length-24 inches, Sleeve Opening-10 inches,
#coatpatternmakingvideo #coatpatternmaking

RMG Pattern Making 16
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Cutting a bespoke suit part1/ Coupe d'un costume sur mesure 1ere partie

Drawing a bespoke suit, using a pattern of a customer
Tracé d'un costume en utilisant le patronage d'un client.

Music: Kavinsky/ Outrun.

The Making of a Coat #5 Crookening & Markstitching

Handcraft Tailor Rory Duffy demonstrates the process for crookening & markstitching.

paano gumawa ng pattern ng pantalon polo at coat Americana

The Making of a Suit : pattern & cutting

Our Tailors chalk the pattern, and cut the pieces for a handcraft bespoke suit, with great passion!

HKtailor is a famous korean bespoke suit brand, known for high quality products

타협하지 않는 최고의 퀄리티, HK테일러

coat pettarn cutting English version

Hello friend this is English version video and Hindi version video link ye h

Men's Coat Full Pattern Making | Tutorial | Trick 2020 | misterCADmaster|

in this video learn making men,s coat pattern.
i will upload a video of grading of this pattern.
i will upload a video 3d construction on #clo3d
so stay tuned 2020
in the exports company of garment which is india is mostly exporting of garments.i will train you for the future textile industry in cad software becouse we all know that the all exports company installing the cad software which can't use this the old manual pattern that i will teach you how to using a cad software like tuka cad, optitex cad, if you want to being a fully upgraded system using garment cad software, so please i requesting you to watch regularly my tutorials.

DAY How to Drafting Suit Pattern

DAY How to Drafting Suit Pattern - How to Drafting Coat Pattern – How to Drafting Blazer Pattern
The jacket of this lounge suit takes the wide lapel trend with narrow and slight “concave” style of shoulder introduced in a more moderate key, the fronts are button two, deep flaps are favored for the side pockets.
17 ½” natural waists, 30 ½” full Length 7 ¾”half across back 38” chest size
Working scale is 1/3 chest plus 6” = 18 ½” 3/8” seams are allowed at parts of the Draft.
Visit for more video at YouTube Channel-
RMG Pattern Making 16
YouTube Channel URL-
YouTube playlist-

Please watch: DIY | shirt pattern making tutorial | [DETAILED] easy make shirt pattern | Techniques for pattern




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