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The Ten Keys to Happier Living | Vanessa King | TEDxStPeterPort


Ten Keys to Happier Living Great Dream

Ten Keys to Happier Living (Great Dream)


Do things for others
Connect with people
Take care of your body
Notice the world around you
Trying out
Keep learning new things

Have goals to look forward to
Find ways to bounce back
Take a positive approach
Be comfortable with who you are
Be part of something bigger

The Ten Keys to Happier Living Vanessa King TED


Vanessa King - 10 Tips to Live Happier Lives

Author & Board Member, Action for Happiness

Vanessa is a Board member of Action for Happiness (AfH), the leading UK-based not-for-profit that focuses on proactively building skills for psychological wellbeing and resilience. She leads the translation of psychological research into practical action for individuals, organisations and communities as well as Action for Happiness’ consulting work with organisations. She is the architect of the 10 keys for Happier Living, which have engaged and inspired people around the world to take action for themselves and others and have been used in a wide variety of ways, including in school curricula.
She is one of a small group people globally to have completed a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, studying under Martin Seligman and with many of the other leaders in this field and building on her previous psychology degree.
She has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Express, Guardian Online, Huffington Post and Financial Times amongst other publications. And on Sky TV and the BBC. She has a regular column in Psychologies magazine, She regularly speaks nationally and internationally on AfH’s behalf, including two TEDx talks and a Guardian Masterclasses.
Vanessa is also an experienced leadership, talent and organisational development consultant and has worked with a wide range of organisations around the world. She now combines in-depth knowledge of the science of well-being and resilience with her consulting experience help people get the most from themselves and from life and organisations bring the best out of their people.

Six Keys To Being Happy - The Bible Answer

The Bible contains practical advice that can help you live a happy life.

3 Simple Keys to Happiness

It's simple really. Once you put these three techniques into practice, you will be amazed at how happy you become in life.

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Happiness: Finding Fulfillment in 2019 for Young People (2 KEYS)

I discuss the key to happiness and fulfillment in 2019 for young people / millennials / Generation Y in this video. It's not what social media and what society leads us to believe. I challenge you to think differently. #ShreddedForLife

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Keys To Happier Living

It took me over 20 years to find keys to sustainable happiness and in this video I reveal them!
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This Is the Key to Living the Happy Life You Deserve

When you acknowledge what you do not want, and then ask yourself, What is it that I do want? you begin a gradual shift into the telling of your new story and into a much-improved point of attraction. You get the essence of what you think about - whether you want it or not - because Law of Attraction is unerringly consistent - therefore, you are never only telling the story of how it is now. You are also telling the future experience that you are creating right now.

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10 Habits of Happy People - How To Be Happy

In this video we will be learning how to be happy by understanding the habits of happy people.

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Habit Harvester is an online video course created by Practical Psychology to help you identify, remove, and create habits in all aspects in your life. In this video, you'll learn 10 habits that all great relationships have!

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10 Keys To A Happier Life - Action For Happiness

Action for Happiness is a movement of likeminded people aiming to make the world a happier place. They have done much research into what makes the human race happy. They have come up with the 10 keys of happiness, all of which are actionable to help make you happier. Pretty much a guide on how to be happier in life.


Hello and welcome to our new channel. This channel will be dedicated to helping you to get all aspects of your 'Life Sorted'. Expect tips on decluttering (using the KonMari method as well as others) and organising your home, planning your days, productivity, positivity, mindfulness, living intentionally and finding happiness in the everyday! But all with a heavy parenting angle!

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16 Keys to Happiness

16 Keys to Happiness

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What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.

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The key to happiness: breaking the rules

The key to happiness: breaking the rules

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3 Ways to Live a Happy Life

Everyone wants to live a happy life, but few know how to do it.

Here are 3 ways that you can become happier in everything you do!

1. Be Thankful
2. Be Yourself
3. Be Truthful


From an embarrassing failure to financially independent before 30, Daniel Ally is a world-leading teacher on personal development. Today, he's dedicated to helping you during your journey to success.

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Five Keys To Happiness

How to be happy? Follow these 5 tricks to become happy!

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Physiological needs. In simple terms, you need these in order not to die. Food, water, Averything videos, sleep, etc. Luckily for you, you are born in a country that has so much food it’s the second largest exporter of food in the world and so much water that we have to pump it into the sea or else we’ll all drown. and you need sleep, because without sleep you will die... so go to bed when your parents tell you to!

Next: safety. While the original theory states you need the first in order to be able to get the next, this isn’t true as you can still be perfectly safe while having nothing to eat.

Third: Love and Belonging. You start off easy with two loving parents. But this changes later in life as you spend less time with your family and more with friends and significant others. So, how do you keep getting this sense of love and belonging? Well, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people who really like you as a person. Sounds simple enough but many people still feel lonely or left out. So how to avoid this?

next is esteem. It is the feeling of accomplishment. Most people want to feel like their life has a meaning, that what they are doing has a purpose. This can mean different things to different people. unlike basic needs such as food and water, which is the same for everyone, accomplishment is a truly personal choice. you can decide what is important to you. For your mother this means managing her own clinic, for me it means making educational videos, what it means for you is up to you! If you like chess, it might mean become a champion chess player. if you're entrepreneurial it might mean running your own business. who knows, perhaps you'll become president someday.

The last key to happiness is self-actualization. Whereas esteem, belonging, safety, and physiological needs come from things outside your body, self-actualization comes from within. It deals with feeling comfortable being yourself and expressing yourself. It is a state of mind where a person will try to become the best they can be, regardless of their social surroundings. Where a person is able to express themselves with every means available to them, be it poetry, art, dance, or anything else. If this seems a bit vague, don’t worry, most people have trouble understanding this concept. I think the best way to explain it is by telling you some ways how to achieve it. Experience life like a child, with full absorption and concentration. avoiding pretense and being honest. and be prepared to be unpopular if your views do not coincide with the norm. A good example of this is Gandhi or Martin Luther King Junior. They went against the norms of racism and subjugation and fighting violence with violence. Their views were unpopular to many, yet they persisted because they fully expressed themselves and felt comfortable doing so. They were in a state of mind to become the best, not only for themselves but for their kin as well. Follow these five rules and you will have achieved happiness.

10 Keys To Happiness

When you give from a place of love without expecting anything in return, you are nourished and fulfilled as much as the receiver of your gift.
Here are 10 Essential keys to True Happiness...
Thanks for watching.

Want to be happier? Stay in the moment | Matt Killingsworth

When are humans most happy? To gather data on this question, Matt Killingsworth built an app, Track Your Happiness, that let people report their feelings in real time. Among the surprising results: We're often happiest when we're lost in the moment. And the flip side: The more our mind wanders, the less happy we can be. (Filmed at TEDxCambridge.)

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Keys to Happiness

All of us want to be happy, but true lasting happiness alludes many. Are you truly happy? Discover 5 biblical keys that promise to lead to true happiness. These keys can give you direction, meaning and purpose. They can also add greater richness to an already happy life.

The key to happiness | Dr Tim Sharp

If today was your last day would you be happy with what you left behind?

People who are already happy are 78% more likely to succeed in life than people who aren’t.

On the show this week, I speak to a renowned leader in the field of positive psychology, Dr. Tim Sharp from The Happiness Institute about how we can cultivate greater states of happiness.

I’m keen to know...what makes you happy? Hit me back in the comments below.

Time Stamps:

7:09 - Positivity in relation to success: positive emotions leads to broaden perspectives and increases your internal strengths, mindset of happiness as a destination, happiness plan
11:59 - Can we measure/increase happiness: what positive psychology is about - meaning and purpose, attitudes, health, relationships, etc. Realistic expectations of happiness, minimalism, microwave mindset (quick 60 sec fix)
20:39 - Mindfulness: Controlling meaning in negative events, post-traumatic growth, duality to life, regulating emotions
36:41 - Physical well-being and mental well-being: sleep, performance, exercise as an anti-depressant, relationship of food and psychology, intermittent fasting


How to be Happy [The Science of Happiness and Feeling Positive in Life]

How to be happy by using the science of happiness. Try these tips to boost your happiness levels instantly and for life.

This knowledge is for students or non-students of any age who want to know how to take control of their feelings and create more fulfillment and satisfaction in their life.

To build skills for a happier life, visit Happify at or grab their iPhone app ( or Android app(

This video is a collaboration between the wonderful team at Happify ( and Memorize Academy (

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