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The Tim Wells Slock Master Blowgun Review


Tim Wells Slock Master Blowgun Unboxing

Sorry for the bad audio
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Tim wells blowgun review


Response To: Blow gun squirrel hunting vs pellet gun -The Survival Channel -Outdoor Gear Reviews

This is a video response to
I shoot a pair of blowguns (regular .40 and a Cold Steel Big Bore) to test their relative effectiveness on some test analogs.

Cold Steel Blow Gun. 625 Magnum

Target Practice with Cold Steel Blow Gun Love this so much and I am actually getting better at it :)

big bore blowgun reveiw and shooting test

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Graphic ending, beware. Pigeon blowgun hunting

Ducks and geese shot with blow darts in Julia Davis Park

Fish and Game is trying trap the birds and remove the darts.

Cold Steel 5' Professional Blowgun vs 20 ft lb 2240 with 9" Rat Sniper Blowgun attachment

5' Blowgun vs 14 barreled 2240 with 9 Blowgun attachment

Hunting a Turkey by Tim Wills.

Turkey hunt by Tim Wills.



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