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The Tim Wells Slock Master Blowgun Review


Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun Review and Demonstration

Tim Wells Signature Series

[REVIEW] Testing ColdSteel Blowgun Darts | DAMAGE Tests| Demos





Blow Gunning River Gar

Here's a down the barrel look at a fun way to hunt fish with the blow gun. We caught gar sleeping near the surface then moved in for the shot. To my disbelief it worked! Check this out. Crystal clear shots to the body. This video shows you how to set up a blow gun for shooting fish as well. It's a great video to enjoy. See More @

Jugs!!! Best Way to Catch Big Fish

GIANTS on jugs!! We used big bluegills for bait. It worked! What a blast! A fun way to fill the freezer. Who don't like catfish. Sydnie Wells pulled in some fatties for sure. Watch and see for its simple, fun, and easy to learn how. Monster flat heads and lots of channel cats.


With nothing but a Blowgun and Oneida bow John Paul Morris and the Slockmaster himself, Tim Wells are tasked with feeding their family. So carp it is! Against popular belief, some species of invasive carp are actually great eating.

Bass Pro Shops


Blowgun Fishing

Ya want to win a Blow Gun? Follow me @ Tim Wells_ Slock Master Instagram. Kill after Kill. Unbelievable deadly blowgun shots on multiple species of river fish. Tim uses a blowgun to Slock fish after fish. Tail walkers thrashing at the surface, it's wild. The new way of catching fish has arrived!! Check it out.

Cold Steel 5' Professional Blowgun vs 20 ft lb 2240 with 9 Rat Sniper Blowgun attachment

5' Blowgun vs 14 barreled 2240 with 9 Blowgun attachment

Cold Steel Blowgun Review

Preparedmind 101 takes a look at the Cold Steel 5' Take-Down Big Bore Blowgun, and devastates the side of a poor shed that was just sitting there, minding it's own business...not bothering anyone.

Modded Cold Steel .625 Blowgun

This video is about my Modded Cold Steel .625 Blowgun. While I've been down, with my bum leg, I've been practicing with my blowgun a bit. check out these sweet mods I've done to it. As always thanks for watching.

Blow gunning Giant River Gar, World Record BLOW FISHING RECORD

If you like bow fishing? You'll love BLOWFISHING! The ultimate challenge was to stick a big river gar with nothing more than a blow gun dart, fight the monster without snapping the 12 pound test line, then boat him without a net of gaff. Check it out! If ya think it looks like fun, hop on my website and get your own Fish Hauk blow gun for the time of your life!! I've tested it for years and finally figured out one bad ass blowgun for shooting big fish!! This video shows one of the most exciting means of slocking river dwellers. So all you frogs, carp or even gator gar, if you live in the water, beware!!

A Blow Gun Hunt for Florida's Giant Iguanas

Blow pipe hunting the swamps of Florida proved to be an eye opening adventure. These massive reptiles were everywhere. Captured some cool kill shots and brought home some beautiful skins and white meat. Check it out. If you ever want a cheap but exciting hunt for invasive creatures. This is it!!

Blowgun Lizard Assassin

Amazing blowgun head shots on Texas lizards. Long range blowgun shots using Cold Steel Shotgun Dart

Ducks and geese shot with blow darts in Julia Davis Park

Fish and Game is trying trap the birds and remove the darts.

Tim wells blowgun review

Tim Wells Slock Master Blowgun


Bow Fishing Giant Catfish, 50 in one night!!

Epic 4k video of arrows striking big bluecats in clear water with a drone above the scene. If you ever wanted to chase big cats this video will not leed ya astray. 1000 pounds of big cats slocked with underwater footage to boot.

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun Unboxing

We unbox and review the Cold Steel Big Bore 4ft Professional Blowgun, and a bit of a comparison to the original, not Pro blowgun. We test the various darts that came with the Blowgun.

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Watch Us Hunt:

Blowguns: Cold Steel Big Bore Professional 4ft, Cold Steel Big Bore 4ft
Camera: Sony DSC-HX400v
Music: Blizzards - Riot

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Tim wells bigbore blowgun is awesome.


Foukačka Tim Wells Signature Series Slock Master.625 Blowgun od firmy Cold Steel byla vyvinutá Timem Welsem, specialistou na lov primitivními zbraněmi.
1.52 m dlouhá a 455 g těžká foukačka, má hlaveň vyrobenu z hliníku o síle 1,7 mm. Má skvěle ergonomickou rukojeť, kterou si můžete nastavit dle délky své paže. Pryžový náustek je opatřen chlopní proti zpětnému vdechnutí střely. Naměřená úsťová rychlost pomocí elektronického zařízení zvaného „hradla“ byla 34 m/s. Dostřel této foukačky byl okolo 60 m. Účinný dostřel, s jistotou zásahu, je cca 30-40m.

Cold Steel Blowgun

Shooting a couple of darts out of my Blowgun. This is not a toy and I do not use this on any animals. This is an emergency item only. This Location is in the Uinta Mountains, Utah.



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