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The Tragic Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey


Casting JonBenet | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

In 1996, Boulder, Colorado was rocked by the mysterious death of six-year-old pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey. Two decades later, director Kitty Green returns to audition local actors, unpacking how each remembers and relates to the ill-fated Ramsey family. A darkly moving exploration of crime, guilt and personal bias, Casting JonBenet expertly blurs the lines between documentary and drama. Now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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Casting JonBenet | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Through the Looking Glass (The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey)

(Please watch in the highest quality option, because Youtube is lame and ruined the quality.)

On the night of December 25th, 1996 six year old JonBenet Ramsey closed her eyes, ready to get some much needed rest after an eventful day. When she would open her eyes again, she would find that she was hardly the same girl who woke that Christmas morning. JonBenet Ramsey was gone.

A three page note had been left in her place, demanding $118,000 or it would be off with her head. The child would not be recovered until hours later, found by her father in the shadows of the basement. Through that dark tunnel, JonBenet's life had come to an end, and whatever fragments remained would be turned upside down.

The JonBenet once known for her infections smile and giving spirit had disappeared. She was replaced with the image of the tragic, doll like girl with a head of blond curls and painted smile, complete with her own elaborated costumes. This persona, this shard of what was JonBenet, would live on long after her death. It became one of the most beloved and infamous character in tabloid history.

Her case was quickly put in front of the court of the public. Journalists and tabloid writers alike flocked to the scene of the crime, writing down whatever details they could scrap together, whether they be truth or lies. On one side stood the white knights, who shouted a story of foul play in the family's home. The red knights held their ground, claiming there was an intruder to be blamed. From both sides there was much yelling taking place, and even less listening. Before the trial could even take place everyone had given their verdict. The evidence gathered would point in either direction, but no one knew which to be the proper one to take.

As days dragged into months, and months into years, the battle continued on. There seems to be no end to this bizarre tale in sight. Nearly seventeen years after her untimely death there has yet to be answer to the most important question: Who killed JonBenet?

Through the chaos surrounding her death, one element to this story remains true. This is not a cheap crime novel or tabloid story you can buy off the rack at the store. JonBenet is a real little girl. She is an innocent child, who not only lost her life that fateful Christmas night, but she lost her identity as well. There is no headline or pushed verdict worth more than the justice JonBenet so deserves.

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery (Part 2/3) | Investigation Discovery Documentary

The documentary is an unabridged and comprehensive look at the entire case around JonBenét Ramsey’s murder, from top-to-bottom. As headlines and sensational breaking news chronicled the investigation’s every move, the country became transfixed by the child behind the pageant star, and the bizarre circumstances of her death. Featuring rarely-shared police interrogation tapes, unsealed documents and more than 500 family photos, it's the definitive look at every angle of this tragic and controversial murder investigation.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: Coming Soon

In loving memories of Jonbenet Ramsey

Jonbenet Ramsey was born on August 6, 1990. She was a happy and loving child. She had a dream that she would be a vet but that would not happen. On Christmas night 1996 someone killed her. She was buried on new year eve. To this day no Justice for Jonbenet.( Sorry how the music is off a little, I had a different song but that was off to and sorry I had not been posting) Rest in Peace Angel. Ever forgotten.

The Tragic Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

This video is about the tragic murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

*I mistakenly said 750,000 instead of 750 million. I regret this error.

Unsolved Crimes: Infamous Cases That Have Puzzled the Greatest Minds by Sarah Herman JonBenét Ramsey Murder Fast Facts by CNN Editorial Research JonBenét Ramsey Cold Cases JonBenét Ramsey's Brother Settles 750 Million Lawsuit Against CBS

Ransom Note: Expert Handwriting Analysis

JonBenét Picture: Crime Museum

JonBenet Ramsey's Pageant Friend Had Many Dreams About Her Being Grown Up

The girls who once shared the pageant stage with JonBenet Ramsey still think about the tragic beauty queen, even 20 years after her death. Thumper Gosney once competed with JonBenet in 1996. Gosney said, I actually had dreams about [JonBenet]. She was grown up and she was this crazy happy girl it was awesome to see her doing cheerleading and all kinds of stuff. I've had multiple dreams about her. JonBenet was found murdered at her home in 1996. Her case remains open as her killer has never been found.

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey (murdered)

JonBenét Patricia
August 6, 1990 – December 25, 1996) was an American child beauty queen who was killed at the age of 6 in her family's home in Boulder, Colorado. A lengthy handwritten ransom note was found in the house. Her father John found the girl's body in the basement of their house about eight hours after she had been reported missing. She sustained a broken skull from a blow to the head and had been strangled; a garrote was found tied around her neck. The autopsy report stated that the official cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.

I Still Believe in the Good (In Loving Memory of JonBenet)

A person is not defined by one event. There were six wonderful years before that one tragic day. JonBenet is much more than just a murder victim. She is JonBenet Patricia Ramsey- daughter to John and Patsy, and sister to Beth, Melinda, John Andrew, and Burke. She is the little girl who played Rapunzel from the balcony outside of her bedroom, and believed that the smoke rising from candles took her prayers up to Jesus. She loved to sing and dance and stand on her head. She was friendly to all, and made sure that no one was left out. JonBenet loved with the whole of her heart. No one in her presence could deny the joy that radiated from her.

Yes, there is some darkness in this world. Yes, bad things to happen, but there has and always will be far more good. Look at all of the people in your life. Look at JonBenet and everything she stood for. She is not broken. The love and the joy JonBenet left in our world is far too bright to be dimmed by even the cruelest of darkness. The only way world can be broken is if we allow it. No matter how big the darkness may seem, it is nothing compared to all that is good. We cannot give those terrible people any sort of credit. We owe to JonBenet and ourselves to keep pushing. We need to keep believing in the good and the light. We will not be broken.

JonBenet Ramsey- You'll be in my heart

While most families are celebrating on this enjoyable day, for one family it will always be a day of heartbreak. On December 25th 1996 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey was tragically killed in her own home, It has now been 14 years since the little angel was taken from us, and still her killer has not been found. Here is a tribute movie i made of her along with the song You'll be in my heart.


CITC- JonBenet Ramsey

This week, Amanda covers one of the most notorious unsolved cases in American History. Join us as we discuss the tragic case of JonBenet Ramsey and talk theories on who could have committed this heinous crime. Make sure to download this episode then follow us on Instagram @crimeinthecoconut, Twitter @CITCpodcasts, and reach out to us via email at!

JonBenét Ramsey Theories: LET'S DISCUSS!!

In this video I discuss my opinions and theories on the tragic murder of JonBenét Ramsey. All opinions in this video are my own and I do not claim them as facts. I used Wikipedia to brush up on my knowledge of the case. Let me know what you guys think happened in the comments, I can't wait to hear.

Who Will Bring Me Flowers When It's Over? (In Memory of JonBenet)

Requested by Kaylyn (SugarBabyProductions)

On December 25th, 1996 six year old JonBenet Ramsey lost her life due to a vicious crime. This night not only marks the end of her life, but the starting point of when she also began to lose her identity. Soon after her passing the media got a hold of JonBenet's story. It was chopped down into minor, scandalous details and sold to every tabloid and television show that would take it.

JonBenet, who had only competed in a few pageants during her lifetime, went from being the bright, spunky girl that her loved ones knew to the tragic baby beauty queen. For years this would be the only image the public would see. JonBenet became nothing more than a crude caricature of the girl she once was. People began to forget that she was real. Greed came before truth, and sensation before justice. JonBenet became a twisted icon of pop culture, the butt of jokes. Her name was turned into an adjective and it hardly belonged to her anymore.

Fifteen years have passed now, and it is hard to believe that it had ever been different. But behind the name on the headlines and headstone there is a little girl. JonBenet was real. She was only human- a child who loved her life and all of the people in it. She could sing and dance and stand on her head. JonBenet loved to learn. She was so excited to start Kindergarten; real school, as she called it. She had a mother, a father, and four siblings- all of whom adored her. She was six years old and had her whole life ahead of her.

JonBenet deserves justice. She deserves respect and her own identity. She deserves to be remembered as the little girl she fully is; not because of her tragic end or because of her beauty, but because she is human just like everyone else.

Six Times Around The Sun (The Life of JonBenet Ramsey)

This is a look past the media sensation to the girl behind the name on the headlines. This is JonBenet Ramsey as all that she is.

John Ramsey After His Exoneration: The Media was Cruel | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

After living under suspicion for over a decade, John Ramsey, his late wife Patsy and their son Burke were formerly exonerated of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 2008. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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John Ramsey After His Exoneration: The Media was Cruel | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

All Will Turn to Silver Glass (In Honor of JonBenet on her 22nd Birthday)

Many have come to know JonBenet Ramsey through her death on Christmas night, 1996. Many only know her as the child beauty queen, the little girl who had her life cut short. Her death brought yet another story of tragedy, one that would give testament to the saying Life isn't fair. But as it is so with every story, there is much more to JonBenet's than the ending.

Six years earlier, on the sixth of August, JonBenet Patricia Ramsey came into this world, and did so just as she would live all of her life- a rush of energy. She was in such a hurry to join her family that she was nearly born inside the car! Ever since that day, JonBenet continued to be to carry on that spark. Whether it was performing songs on the kitchen counter or splitting her snacks at school to make sure everyone had something, she did her best to make others happy.

To simply refer to JonBenet as a beauty queen would be a misrepresentation to all that she was. She could go from pretending to be Rapunzel on the balcony outside of her bedroom, to playing in the dirt as she tried to keep up with her older brother and his friends. She preferred to walk on the ground barefoot so that she could feel the earth beneath her feet.

With everything she did, JonBenet did it with a fierce energy. She always gave it her all during performances and took great pride in the awards she won for talent. The same amount of energy was put into her education. JonBenet was an avid reader and kept a list of all the books she read to make sure she did not read the same one twice. She also was also very good at doing math and had advanced to a different level in her Kindergarten year.

Most importantly, JonBenet was part of a loving family. She had a mother named Patsy and a father named John. She had two sisters- Beth and Melinda- and two brothers- John Andrew and Burke. She loved all of the very much and they loved her equally. They called her the sparkplug of the family.

That is what JonBenet is. She is a light of love and joy. That tiny spark that began twenty two years ago continues to shine, glowing in all of the hearts that it touched. There is no story without a beginning, middle, and ending. There can be no darkness without light. Even with that darkness, no matter how hopeless and endless it may seem, the light can still be found. The spark of joy that is JonBenet Ramsey will never be lost.

This video was created in honor of what would have been JonBenet's 22nd birthday.

JonBenét Ramsey ~ Who would you be? What would you look alike?

A little tribute for JonniB's 27th birthday.
I know I'm few days later, but I had some problems with the internet connection.

Comes and Goes (Her Name Was JonBenet)

“There is no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never go back to the way they were.” – Dwight Eisenhower.

In a small cemetery in Marietta, Georgia lies the final resting place for the victim of one of the most infamous murders of our time. In the headstone, her name has been carefully etched. JonBenet Patricia Ramsey. The world would come to know her name through her death, but in the chaos that followed that Christmas night, JonBenet became a footnote in her own murder. To many, it was just another story to show up on the nightly news. It was a tragic story, but still a sad story kept at a safe distance. To those who were close to the case, it would become one of the most frustrating chapters in their lives.

For nearly 20 years now, investigators on both sides have worked tirelessly to find answers. No matter where it turns, this story never becomes less heartbreaking. Let us not forget; a six year old girl lost her life Christmas night, 1996. Her name was JonBenet Ramsey, and she deserves justice.

Thank you to Jess9191 ( for creating the opening and ending. You're the best!

JonBenet Ramsey~ Letter to JonBenet (20 years later)

20 years ago little JonBenet tragically gained her angels wings. She was murdered. Sadly, she never had justice and her murder still remains unsolved.


So Start Again (Remembering JonBenet Ramsey)

Emily Dickinson wrote, Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.

Not one life passes untouched by death. It gives us new meaning to our time with each visit it makes. Memories that once held joy turn into thoughts of sorrow. How can it never be again? How can life just end?

But, as it has been told, every ending is a new beginning even if you don't recognize it at the time. Through the tragedy of loss, a new hope rises. The memories we keep - so small, yet so painful -- take on a different meaning. Each bike ride through the park and trip down a snowy hill; every blue sky becomes more than just a moment in time. It is a memory of someone we love, woven into an intricate tapestry of who we are.

This video is also dedicated to my dear friend Danielle ( in honor of her birthday. I could not ask for a kinder, more beautiful person to have in my life. Distance has never been a matter in our friendship. Happy birthday, Danielle!



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