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The True Story Behind The Amityville Horror



Today a fan of ours gave us permission to explore and investigate a haunted house that is alot like the Amityville horror house but most people won't visit this real life Amityville haunted house or even live in it. They said we won't last 10 minutes. We''ll see.

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a guide to visiting the real Amityville Horror house

This video is NOT targeted at kids under the age of 13.

On Ocean Avenue in the town of Amityville, New York, there is a house where some events happened in the early 1970s which caused many people to believe this house is haunted. There are many movies and documentaries which tell the stories of what happened at this house. But this video serves as a guide of tips for actually going to Amityville and seeing the house.

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Ed and Lorraine Warren Amityville Horror Pt 1

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The Amityville Horror - FACT or FICTION (Was There a Curse)


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Inside Amityville: The Story Behind My Amityville Horror

In our video Inside Amityville, Eric Walter discuss his feelings and thoughts about Daniel Lutz stories and revelations made during the filming of My Amityville Horror, as well as infamous facts and pieces of evidence surrounding the case. See more at


This is a video about the infamous Amityville Horror House with REAL RECENT FOOTAGE
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Amityville Horror! Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Most Famous case!

Ed and Lorraine discuss in detail their investigation into the infamous Amityville horror house! One of only a handful of investigators ever allied into the evil home.
She rare, never before seen photos of the house,

The Amityville Horror Phenomenon - The Shocking Truth

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The Amityville Horror | TRUE STORY | Haunted House ?

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The Amityville House of Horror

Around 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 13, 1974, 23-year-old DeFeo entered Henry's Bar in Amityville, Long Island, New York, and declared: You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot![2] DeFeo and a small group of people went to 112 Ocean Avenue, which was located near the bar, and found that DeFeo's parents were indeed dead. One of the group, DeFeo's friend Joe Yeswit, made an emergency call to the Suffolk County Police, who searched the house and found that six members of the same family were dead in their beds.[3]

The victims were Ronald Jr.'s parents: Ronald DeFeo Sr. (44) and Louise DeFeo (42); and his four siblings: Dawn (18), Allison (13), Marc (12), and John Matthew (9). All of the victims had been shot with a .35 caliber lever action Marlin 336C rifle[4] around three o'clock in the morning of that day. The DeFeo parents had both been shot twice, while the children had all been killed with single shots. Physical evidence suggests that Louise DeFeo and her daughter Allison were both awake at the time of their deaths[5] and, according to Suffolk County Police, the victims were all found lying on their stomachs in bed. The DeFeo family had occupied 112 Ocean Avenue since purchasing it in 1965. The deceased were later buried in nearby Saint Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale.[6]

DeFeo, also known as Butch, was the eldest son of the family. He was taken to the local police station for his own protection after suggesting to police officers at the scene of the crime that the killings had been carried out by a mob hit man, Louis Falini. However, an interview at the station soon exposed serious inconsistencies in his version of events. The following day, he confessed to carrying out the killings himself; and Falini, the alleged hitman, had an alibi proving he was out of state at the time of the killings. DeFeo told detectives: Once I started, I just couldn't stop. It went so fast.[2] He admitted that he had taken a bath and redressed, and detailed where he had discarded crucial evidence such as blood-stained clothes and the Marlin rifle and cartridges before arriving to work as usual.

DeFeo's trial began on October 14, 1975. He and his defense lawyer William Weber mounted an affirmative defense of insanity, with DeFeo claiming that he killed his family in self-defense because he heard their voices plotting against him. The insanity plea was supported by the psychiatrist for the defense, Dr. Daniel Schwartz. The psychiatrist for the prosecution, Dr. Harold Zolan, maintained that although DeFeo was an abuser of heroin and LSD, he had antisocial personality disorder and was aware of his actions at the time of the crime.

On November 21, 1975, DeFeo was found guilty on six counts of second-degree murder. On December 4, 1975, Judge Thomas Stark sentenced DeFeo to six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life.[8]

DeFeo is currently held at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in the town of Fallsburg, New York, and all of his appeals and requests to the parole board to date have been denied.

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The REAL Amityville Horror House - 112 Ocean Avenue

#AmityvilleHorror #HauntedHouse
The Horror in Amityville - 112 Ocean Ave. (2012)

A picturesque look at the real life house that inspired the 1977 novel by Jay Anson, and the 1979 horror film The Amityville Horror. 112 Ocean Avenue. The house where the DeFeo murders occurred, and where the Lutz family spawned one of the most infamous hoaxes in history.

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house situated in a suburban neighborhood in Amityville, on the south shore of Long Island, New York. He was convicted of second-degree murder in November 1975.

In December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the house. After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.

This footage was taken on October 28th 2012, two days before Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast. Unseen in the video are all of the houses up and down the street that went all out with their Halloween decorations. I guess this house is already spooky enough and didn't need to be decorated...

112 Ocean Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701

The Amityville Horror MOVIE & REAL Locations Then & Now 1979 | 2020

From Reel to Real, In this video you will see both the filming and actual locations of The Amityville Horror. The three New Jersey towns that created the fictitious version of the South Shore, and Long Island, New York itself. It will start with the house used in the movie and finish with the real life home on Ocean Ave. Other locations include the bars (Witches Brew Bar & Henry's Bar), the Sunken Gardens at Georgian Court University, St Peter’s Church and the Town Hall.

#Amityville #FilmingLocations

'Amityville Horror' House For Sale — With No Mention Of Its Past

The Amityville Horror house is up for sale for $850,000, but the online listing doesn't mention the horrible murders that took place there.  

In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed both his parents and four younger siblings while they were sleeping inside the New York home. 

Residents who moved in after the murders claimed it was haunted, and eventually, several movies were made about the house. 

But despite its reputation, the real estate agent selling the home doesn't actually have to disclose its dark history.

Real estate agents in New York aren't required to inform potential buyers about any deaths that took place on the property — including homicides and suicides. 

That actually seems to be the case for most states. However, California requires sellers to tell buyers if someone died at the home within the past three years. Sellers in Alaska and North Dakota must do the same if someone died at the home in the past year.

So if you are superstitious about that kind of thing, it couldn't hurt to ask, but in most states, it's probably best to do the research yourself. 

And even that could be a challenge considering not every home would be as easy to research as the Amityville Horror house. 

This video includes clips from ABC and images from Getty Images and Coldwell Banker. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.

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The Defeo Family (Amityville) Ghost Box Interview Evp

The Amityville Horror House Is Up For Sale. But When You Know Its Past, You May Not Want to Buy

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The Amityville Horror House Is Up For Sale. But When You Know Its Past, You May Not Want to Buy


The house is instantly recognizable from every angle. With its dormer windows and clapboard walls, it’s been the setting of thousands of nightmares around the world.

Now, though, this famous building has gone up for sale. But it will take a brave owner to see past its spooky appearance and sinister reputation – the result of marabre historical events.
►Article link:
Featuring five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a formal dining room, the property in Amityville, New York, has all the trappings of a dream home. Potential owners can look forward to sailing out across the water from their own boat house and enjoying life at the heart of a pretty vacation town.

The house, at 108 Ocean Avenue, is on the market for $850,000. It’s a sharp drop from 2011, when the price tag was a whopping $1.45 million. But just what is it about this property that’s attracted the attention of the world’s media? Well, behind its Dutch colonial exterior lies a dark past.


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Tour The Real Amityville Horror House At 108-112 Ocean Ave

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In Amityville New York, you can now own the home behind the Amityville Horror: A True Story and the 1979 film The Amityville Horror. 108 Ocean Ave is up for sale again, and can be yours if the price is right.

Read more on the sale here:

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The Real Amityville Horror - (Paranormal Documentary)

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In Real Ghost Stories Online Radio, episode one - We talk with Eric Walter is a writer, director and documentarian and creator of , one of .

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.horror audiobooks Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream .

SHATTERED HOPES: The True Story of the Amityville Murders - Forensic Dive

Over the course of 2011, the producers of Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders endeavored to test their thesis that a second pistol may have been used in the killing of the DeFeo family. It was believed by Ryan Katzenbach, the documentary's writer and producer that the gun may have ended up in the Amityville Canal at Coles Avenue just south of the DeFeo home at 112 Ocean Avenue.

In this first segment, we meet Bill Pfeiffer, a Long Island diver who took on the task of conducting the search for Ryan Katzenbach. Pfeiffer explains the process and logistical challenges to mounting an operation like this one...

Inside the 'Red Room' in the Amityville House

A rare clip of inside the 'Red Room' in the Amityville House.

The real Amityville house

Here I built the real Amityville house from 1975 when the Lutze's lived in the house, I did my best to keep to the floor plans, there is no basement unlike the real house has



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