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The bridge between suicide and life | Kevin Briggs


Full Frame: Kevin Briggs on the leap not taken

After the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in China, the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, is the second-most used suicide site in the world.  But retired California Highway Patrol Sergeant Kevin Briggs is responsible for saving hundreds from taking that leap.

The Impact of Listening | Kevin Berthia | TEDxUCDavisSF

Kevin talks about how we can impact people's lives just by listening. He uses his own story about how someone just listening helped him stop himself from committing suicide.

Kevin Berthia is a grateful suicide survivor and suicide prevention advocate. Kevin was born with a genetic major depression disorder that he inherited from his biological mother. In 2005 at the age of 22, Kevin attempted to take his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. After jumping the railing, he stood on a 4 inch narrow cord about 220 feet in the air. For 96 minutes, with nothing to stop him from falling except a listening ear, Kevin spoke with a first responder who eventually talked him back over the railing.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

The Bridge Between Suicide and Life by Kevin Briggs

Inspirational speech about suicide by Kevin Briggs.

Kevin Briggs 2015 WINx Talk

Sergeant Kevin Briggs (ret.), California Highway Patrol earned the title Guardian of the Golden Gate by talking more than 200 people out of dying by suicide from the bridge. In this talk, Kevin speaks about mental illness, courageous conversations and how we can help. For more information about WINx and to see a schedule of future events, please visit us at

Kevin Briggs - Golden Gate Bridge Guardian

Kevin Briggs talks to The North Wind before his talk at Northern Michigan University. He was a California Highway Patrolman for 23 years. He's credited with saving hundreds of people from committing suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kevin Briggs - Compassion Fatigue: When Caregivers Lose Sight of What Matters

A former suicide negotiator on the Golden Gate bridge takes his audience to the edge of the bridge itself to stand in the shoes of both the person literally on the verge of suicide and the professional responding to save his or her life. Known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate, Kevin Briggs explores the importance of taking care of the responder with equal focus as the jumper, revealing the amazing impact this will have on the lives of those who have yet to walk out on the bridge.

Kevin Briggs
Owner, Pivotal Points

Man Who Survived Jump From Golden Gate Bridge Shares His Story

Kevin Hines attempted suicide when he jumped from The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and survived. He now dedicates his life to spread the message that there is hope for those suffering from mental illness.

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Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

Video about an officer that helps people who think about ending their lives while on the Golden Gate Bridge. Suicide is NOT a permanent answer to temporary problems!
If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255.
I do not in any way own this video.

Snow College Convocation: Sgt. Kevin Briggs 11-20-2014

Briggs originally applied to the California Highway Patrol for employment when his friend applied and he wanted to see what it was about. During his career, he estimates that he dissuaded people from committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge about twice a month, and had done so since 1994, the year he started patrolling the bridge. By his estimates, he has dissuaded two hundred people from jumping, with only two people deciding to jump after he interceded.

According to Briggs in 2003, a typical conversation starts by asking how are they doing, followed by asking them what their plan is for the following day. If they do not have a plan, he would attempt to make them one, inviting them to come back to the bridge if the plan does not work out at the end of the day. In 2013, he would ask people, Are you here to hurt yourself?

In May 2013, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention recognized the California Highway Patrol with a public service award in suicide prevention. Briggs accepted the award on behalf of the California Highway Patrol. In November 2013, NBC News chronicled Briggs and reported on his impending retirement. After his retirement from the California Highway Patrol, he plans on focusing his work on suicide prevention. He is also a veteran of the United States Army.

Keynote Speaker: Kevin Briggs Presented By Suicide Speaker

SERGEANT KEVIN BRIGGS—Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Expert. As an international Crisis Management, Suicide Prevention, and Leadership Skills presenter, Sergeant Kevin Briggs’ story and experiences have been featured at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design 2014 Conference as a TED Talk, Ciudad de Las Ideas (Mexico), NBC’s Access Live, Yahoo News, The New Yorker Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, NPR’s Bob Edwards Radio Show ,People Magazine, USA Today, as well as other magazines, newspapers, radio, and podcasts across the world. His first book, Guardian of the Golden Gate: Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair, was released in July 2015. Briggs, a retired California Highway Patrol sergeant, spent many years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge. Briggs, through his compassion, gentle voice, eye contact, and his innate ability of “listening to understand” encouraged more than 200 individuals over his career to either not go over the bridge’s rail or come back to solid ground and start a new chapter in their life. These challenging, but rewarding efforts earned him the nickname “Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge.” After a 23-year career with the California Highway Patrol, Briggs retired to dedicate his life to promote mental health awareness across the globe through Pivotal Points, an organization he founded. He shares his “Listening to Understand” skills followed up with key active listening points; his personal triad for healthy living; his RELEASE model to assist in communicating with someone in crisis and his crisis safety plan for those who may be struggling. He also discusses in depth his own personal mental health struggles. Book Kevin Briggs at today!

KPIX Jefferson Award - Kevin Briggs, Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

Kevin Briggs, Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge, receives the Jefferson Award for his work in suicide prevention. Briggs was a California Highway Patrol officer for 23 years, many of those years patrolling the GGB.

Kevin Briggs

The Golden Gate Guardian speaks to us about his life experiences while in the police force.

Kevin Briggs Shares His Health Tip

Smile and smile often!

2017 Voice Awards: Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs accepts a 2017 Consumer/Peer/Family Leadership Award for educating the public about mental illness and addiction and promoting the positive journey of recovery from these conditions. Learn more about SAMHSA’s Voice Awards program at

Guardian of the Golden Gate

Kevin Briggs, author of Guardian of the Golden Gate, joins Paul and Kelly to talk about his new book.

Access Hollywood Studio - Kevin Briggs, Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

Thank you to hosts Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover for having Kevin Briggs on NBC's show Access talking about Suicide Prevention. We have to keep the dialogue running, caring for each other, and most of all eliminating the stigma for people to seek help and treatment for mental illness.

NatCon19: Believe in Second Chances - Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines is a multiple award-winning filmmaker, bestselling author and award-winning global suicide prevention and mental health advocate. Two years after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he attempted to take his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Hines's story is now the only evidence-based story of a suicide attempt survived. He has become a bridge between people who have made similar attempts and their parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends, helping them work through their questions and pain.

Former CHP officer Kevin Briggs and one of the people he saved from jumping off GGBridge Kevin Berth

Former CHP officer Kevin Briggs and one of the people he saved from jumping off GGBridge Kevin Berthia #mercnews

By: John Green - Photojournalist in San Francisco Bay Area
Published on: August 21, 2015

NatCon16 - Awards Honoree - Kevin Briggs

Visionary Leadership Award supported by Janssen

Recipient: Kevin Briggs, Sergeant (Ret.), California Highway Patrol and owner, Pivotal Points

Kevin Briggs’ spent 23 years as a Sergeant (Ret.) for the California Highway Patrol where his patrol on the Golden Gate Bridge led him to encounter numerous individuals who were in crisis. Briggs, through compassion, active listening and negotiating skills was responsible for saving more than 200 individuals, earning the nickname the “Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge.” He was instrumental in teaching these skills to other officers and securing additional training so officers were better prepared. Since retiring in 2013 from the California Highway Patrol, he has dedicated his life to promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention across the country.

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Starting To Show Its Age

The Golden Gate Bridge is in need of some love and its rust is causing concern. Jeffrey Schaub reports. (11/22/16)