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The esports, Gaming and Blockchain Technology Revolution


The esports, Gaming and Blockchain Technology Revolution

MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge panel of entrepreneurs & innovators in the esports technology community look into the future of esports. Whether the esports expansion opportunities are patenting the technology, tournament awards, gameplay, merchandise sales, sponsorship, or even skin trading, the advent of blockchain technologies has contributed to the eSports technological revolution. The fusion of eSports with emerging blockchain technologies allows for unprecedented access to the management of electronic assets and the monetization of esports.

Blockchain Gaming: Cryptocurrency Mining + Dance Dance Revolution

Gaming on blockchain technology just got a lot more active! This new game mines for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as you dance your way to a high score.

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Blockchain & Smart Contracts as Part of Esports and Gaming Ecosystem | World Blockchain Summit

In the framework of the World Blockchain Summit, Alexander Kokhanovskyy, DreamTeam CEO & Co-Founder, took the floor with his speech on Blockchain & Smart Contracts as Part of Esports and Gaming Ecosystem. And now you can view its recording on our YouTube channel and get to know more about DreamTeam from the source. Enjoy!

DreamTeam - infrastructure platform for competitive gaming and payment gateway for #1 sports of the future.

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John Lee discusses how blockchain revolutionizes esports industry

John Lee has seen it all and believes that blockchain technology is revolutionizing the e-sports industry, from fundraising to powering the platforms. He said that Bitcoin SV will be the one blockchain platform that will be the undisputed leader in the space. Lee drew parallels to when Linux first came out. Back then, a lot of companies claimed to be the best Linux platforms, but over time, this number has been drastically trimmed down.

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The Revolutionary Token Sale For eSports Gaming

Esports Cryptocurrency

Kingsley Edwards joins us from BLOCK-CON to discuss the token sale of UnikoinGold. Kingsley talks eSports, token sales, and how to buy UnikoinGold.

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Florafic AI eSport Training

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Florafic is an IT business specializing in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, under the concept that both technologies can be integrated to work together to advance the eSport gaming industry. Florafic’s objective is to create a positive experience through gaming, and to change society’s view on such.

Florafic will apply the AI and blockchain technology to work together via Florafic’s application. Florafic’s application is developed to connect AI and blockchain together for the supreme potentiality of an advanced gaming experience. The AI created, will act as a personal trainer for each gamer, which in return will allow the gamer to improve skills and advance to new levels. Doing such, will result in points and FIC tokens. Tokens and such can be exchanged for different types of currency.

Florafic will revolutionize the eSport gaming industry.
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Bitspawn - Global Esports Advancement Platform

Smarter tournaments, improving competition; Bitspawn is supporting the next-generation of competitive gaming by connecting players on a global network.

InDeep - Gaming Platform Revolution

InDeep the future of blockchain gaming technology

Meet our project!

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Nolan Bushnell Zai Ortiz

eSports loyalty platform integrated with Blockchain technology-eSports tích hợp công nghệ Blockchain

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Xaya - Blockchain Gaming

The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform, the result of several years of research and development into Blockchain gaming by the original pioneers.

The XAYA blockchain is custom built with elements from Bitcoin Core and Namecoin. Much of the technology will be built around Game Channels, an invention by the XAYA team in 2015 for scalable, fast, secure and provably fair game universes that run on the blockchain.

XAYA is an open source project maintained by Autonomous Worlds Ltd (AW). AW is a trading company overseen by holding company Typhon Ltd.

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Fireside Chat during GAMES BEAT 2019 with Dean Takahashi about the Future of Blockchain and Crypto Gaming.

☛ Imagine if you were a developer and had access to the iphone before it was released

☛ We now have a scalable system to build games.

☛ It's still very very early days.

What are your thoughts?

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E-Sports on the blockchain. How cryptocurrencies and the blockchain influence the e-sport ecosystem.

The way e-sports companies are launched and operate is transforming, causing the raise of blockchain technologies, such as smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. As Ethereum gets more and more popular, numerous e-sports platforms are jumping on board to get funding via an ICO and to make use of the blockchain itself. The decentralized structure of a blockchain positively serves e-sports-related services, such as betting, wagering, prediction gaming or anonymously buying and selling digital items and goods. In particular, we will look into four main cases and how they utilize the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This was a Panel talk @ FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 11:30 – 12:00 -
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Modorr Blockchain Gaming Platform

Modorr is a decentralized blockchain gaming platform built for game developers and players. Both Developers and players get rewarded with MDR Token. Be a part of the Biggest Blockchain gaming platform join the Modorr ICO

Fundamentals of Crypto Gaming

Alain Goldman, the Founder of World of Ether, teaches some of the important fundamentals to keep in mind when creating games on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this talk we first examine crypto-gaming 1.0 - showing how CryptoKitties paved the way for a brand new area of innovation.

Next we discuss crypto-gaming 2.0 and the future of blockchain games.

We use World of Ether - which gives players many abilities, including battling, leveling up, and discovering, in addition to CryptoKitties' breeding and selling abilities - to explain how decentralization is allowing for games with deep mechanics and money earning potential to be immune from developer exploitation and manipulation.

Gaming, Gambling, and Sports on Blockchain - How Asura Coin Will Transform Esports

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The new gaming network - The Alterverse | Driven by blockchain

Welcome to the @alterversegame

Forget about Playstation network, here is the future of gaming, an 100% decentralized gaming server, driven by blockchain technology.
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What is the Gaming Multiverse?

Learn more about the gaming multiverse that CryptoFights is a part of.

Gamico | Play Games, Make A Living! | A Revolutionary Addition To The Gaming Industry

With Gamico, players all around the world will be able to make a good living playing their favourite games. The Gamico platform will also introduce a groundbreaking feat for gamers worldwide: game result verification via blockchain technology.

Gamers will be able to compete in high level, high stake tournaments or challenge other players in H2H matches. Most importantly, winners on Gamico will be awarded GMC tokens that can be traded for high-value cryptocurrencies, thus enabling them to monetise their skills and time spent playing video games.

In order to meet the demands of all types of gamers, we will work to integrate the Gamico ecosystem with the widest possible variety of games - with anything from eSports to casual games and mobile console games - so that gamers from all walks of life will be able to enjoy the benefits of playing games to make a living. Furthermore, our platform’s features will allow them to attract new fans/followers, acquire the exposure needed for new sponsorships and endorsements, and open new doors to take their careers further.

eGold - the ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency

eGold is a new cryptocurrency for eSports betting, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

eGold aims to unify eSports betting enthusiast all around the world as offering an easy, quick and secure alternative for betting on their favorite games, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and many others, and provide bets on the leading gaming tournaments worldwide.

eGold allows the eSports betting community to feel the next level of gaming experience and be connected in a unified eSports ecosystem based on а cryptographic security.

eGold is:

eGold mission:
Lower uncertainty and increase transparency
BOOST security by smart contract
Remove troublesome transactions as providing the fastest payment operations



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