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The marriage dilemma in China


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Darwin’s Dilemma – Mandarin Chinese 达尔文的困惑

Darwin’s Dilemma explores one of the great mysteries in the history of life: The geologically-sudden appearance of dozens of major complex animal types in the fossil record without any trace of the gradual transitional steps Charles Darwin had predicted. Frequently described as “the Cambrian Explosion,” the development of these new animal types required a massive increase in genetic information. “The big question that the Cambrian Explosion poses is where does all that new information come from?” says Dr. Stephen Meyer, a featured expert in the documentary.

Sexual Dilemma --The Effect of Premarital Sex on Chinese Women’s Marriage (WentingLiu)

RID 355:201:22 Presentation

China and India Face Dilemma as Men Outnumber Women by 70 Million

In the worlds most populous countries there's a gender imbalance where there is now more men compared to women. This problem has caused men to look elsewhere for potential brides and led to an increase in men living at home well into their thirties.



Syaru Shirley Lin Discusses Her Book "Taiwan's China Dilemma"

About the Book

China and Taiwan share one of the world's most complex international relationships. Although their similar cultures and complementary economies promoted an explosion of commercial ties since the late 1980s, they have not led to a stable political relationship, let alone progress toward the unification that both governments once claimed to seek. In addition, Taiwan’s economic policy toward China has alternated between liberalization and restriction. Most recently, Taiwan's Sunflower Movement succeeded in obstructing deeper economic ties with China. Why has Taiwan's policy toward China been so controversial and inconsistent?

Author Syaru Shirley Lin explains the divergence between the development of economic and political relations across the Taiwan Strait and the oscillation of Taiwan’s cross-Strait economic policy through the interplay of national identity and economic interests. She shows how the debate over Taiwanese national identity has been intimately linked to Taiwan’s economic policy during a turbulent time in cross-Strait relations. Using primary sources, opinion surveys, and interviews with Taiwanese opinion leaders, she paints a vivid picture of one of the most unsettled and dangerous relationships in the contemporary world.

As Taiwan grapples with the growing importance of the Chinese economy, it also experiences the uneven socio-economic consequences of globalization. This has produced a reconsideration of the desired degree of further integration with China, especially among the younger generations. Taiwan’s China Dilemma illustrates the growing backlash against economic liberalization and regional economic integration around the world.

About the Author

Syaru Shirley Lin is a member of the founding faculty of the master’s program in global political economy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and teaches political science at the University of Virginia. Her book, Taiwan’s China Dilemma: Contested Identities and Multiple Interests in Taiwan's Cross-Strait Economic Policy, was published by Stanford University Press in 2016. She graduated from Harvard College and earned her masters and Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong. Before starting her academic career, Prof. Lin was a partner at Goldman Sachs, where she was responsible for direct investment in Asia and spearheaded the firm’s investments in many technology start-ups such as Alibaba and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. Previously, she specialized in the privatization of state-owned enterprises in Singapore and China. Prof. Lin’s present board service includes Goldman Sachs Asia Bank, Langham Hospitality Investments and Mercuries Life Insurance. She also advises Crestview Partners and the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and is a member of the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation.

China: married during 2008

New pair Zhao Nan and his bride Dong Fang spend their wedding ceremony in a 4 stars hotel of Beijing during the Chinese Spring festival 2008. The number of couples tying the knot during the first few days of the chinese new year has greatly surpassed that of normal years in many Chinese cities, a stark aspiration for the endorsed year of 2008. With the advent of 2008, the whole nation is witnessing a marriage boom, Lovers choose to marry in this year because it coincides with the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, and the number eight is considered auspicious for success and prosperity in Chinese tradition.The pronunciation of \'eight\' sounds like \'wealth\' in Chinese. The year of 2008 is also the joyous Olympic year, which would bring luck to our marriage,said this couple. Long queues were seen in front of all major marriage registry offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou during the first days of the new year. The marriage boom also provided great spin-off effects to such businesses as catering and real estate, among others. The peak of marriage registrations and wedding banquets has yet to come. It was well known many couples had postponed their weddings to ensure their nuptials in 2008. Another factor of this year\'s boom was the country\'s first generation of the one-child policy had entered into marriage age. The number of couples got married as well as the wedding consumption have both kept soaring in China.

Leftover women in China Final Version

Leftover women, also called Shengnv, it describes a group of women who hasn't get married after their mid-20s. Women got devalued in marriage market just because of their age passed 27.

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【Learn Chinese】Blind date and Pressure to get married

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Turns out China still has traditional markets where parents arrange marriages. I just had to see if I`d make a good salesman..

a marriage Register record video in BeiJing CHINA

china Register Office for marriage

Di Wu Over 25 and unmarried the Leftover Women of China

Di Wu

China Vlog April 2017 | Marriage Market

Hey guys, this video is about Jamie and I accidentally stumbling into Shanghai's Marriage Market haha. Come check it out as we make our way through People's Park to our favorite Barbarossa lounge. I hope you enjoy the video!


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Places we went to:

1. Shanghai's Marriage Market:
2. Barbarossa:


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Di Wu Leftover Women of China

Dr. Di Wu

The life of a single Chinese man is like this

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Danny's Mother: A Caregiver's Dilemma | Facing Dementia | CNA Insider

When that strict, strong mother you know falls prey to dementia, and your roles are reversed - how do you cope with the love-hate strain of being her caregiver? This is Danny's story.

- The story of Galen's mother

- The 5-part series Facing Dementia, up in full at

Chinese culture walking Marriage!

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Chinese sponsored forced marriage with Uyghur girls

In this wechat conversation, the Uyghur man describes the humiliation he felt when an unknown Chinese migrant came to his home to ask his little sister to marriage. Chinese men who could not find a wife go to Vietnam or Thaïland rural areas to buy a girl. Nowadays, with the support of Chinese government, they come to Eastern Turkestan to force Uyghur girls to marry them, if they dont accept, the hole (Uyghur) family will be sent to prison.

Unmarried and Over 27? In China, That Makes You a “Leftover Woman”

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Unmarried and Over 27? In China, That Makes You a “Leftover Woman”




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