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Thermal Predator Hunting | 60 Coyotes Down by O'Neill Ops


4 out of 5 Pigs Recommend Night Vision over Thermal for Hunting at Night

What about that 5th hog? He didn't hear the question. He was too busy practicing his handstands in the woods.

Gen 3 night vision technology is amazing and is something everyone should try, if not own, however when it comes to pure effectiveness for hunting, thermal imaging is king.

Thermal imaging offers far superior detection capabilities over night vision, and when hunting at night, detection is paramount. Despite having lower resolution compared to image intensification (I^2), modern thermal devices are capable of producing extremely detailed images which enable hunters to reliably and consistently identify and distinguish between various types of animals in a wide range of conditions and environments.

Thermal can be used in complete darkness, as compared to image intensification, which requires ambient light or supplemental IR illumination in order to produce an image. Thermal can also be used and sighted in during the daytime without causing damage to the unit, which provides additional convenience and flexibility compared to image intensification, which can only be used in the dark.

This video is one of many examples on our channel which compare image intensification side-by-side with thermal imaging during actual hunts.

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Ultimate Night Vision is an industry leader in night vision, thermal imaging and digital NV devices. Night vision is not just a profession for us, it is our passion. Here in Texas, we are fortunate enough to be able to use NV and thermal scopes for hog hunting, coyote hunting, and hunting other predators and varmints at night. The firsthand knowledge gained through hunting with NVD's on a regular basis allows us to provide accurate and relevant information to our customers.

We carry a wide variety of optics from all major manufacturers including Trijicon, Pulsar, Flir, Armasight, L3, Harris and more. We strive to provide unbiased information to aid customers in the decision-making process. We also have a nationwide rental program which gives customers the unique opportunity to test and compare various devices under real-world conditions before committing to a large purchase.

Our channel features product reviews, instructional videos, comparisons, and plenty of actual hunting footage.

The Kill Box teaser

O'neill Ops doing what they do best in South Dakota. They have created a coyote's worst nightmare out of well stacked hay lot. It's extremely effective, extremely dangerous for a coyote, and extremely bad ass for hunting predators at night with thermal.

T4 Episode:2

Tools, Tactics, Techniques and Training, all are major factors in our work. In this episode we review multiple kills in the same exact set over the span of 5 years.



Ep. #27 | Best Handheld Night Vision Under $1,000

In Episode 27 of The Late Night Vision Show, Hans and Jason discuss their opinions on the best handheld night vision and thermal optic under $1,000!!

Many night hunters use traditional or digital night vision and they are looking to add an affordable handheld night vision or thermal optic to their hunting gear but with so many options, they don’t know where to start. Hans and Jason reduced the list down to the 5 most popular handheld optics under $1,000. The contenders in this race are the Pulsar Digiforce 860VS, ATN Bino-X, Sightmark Signal 320 RT, Leupold LTO Tracker and the FLIR Scout TK. Listen in as the guys list the pros and cons of each optic and reveal which one is their winner in this category.

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